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still in love

can i express my newfound lusty love for those hot canadians The Stills. The 1/29 show at Bowery was fantastic, and i found myself leaning on the stage, mesmerized. The Killers opened, which was perhaps even BETTER, there was much happiness and ass shaking all around. Joana sent me the pictures, and I stole Nicole's camera at one point and filled her memory card with closeups of the Stills lead singer... haven't gotten those yet but you will be seeing them shortly!


i'm so drunk and excited because my ears finally popped.

oh.. and I'm sorry... but I don't really like Ratatat. It was good for five seconds and then I wanted to go take a nap (which I did, four hours later, as i said.. at the bar). Thank god for french canadians, I say.

posted by n. @ 1/31/2004

Got this in my email box today from the Luna Lounge mailing list. So not cool.... read on:

January 30, 2004 -- BAR and nightclub owners are in an uproar over a
proposal that would require a "nightlife license" to stay openafter 1
a.m.City Consumer Affairs Commissioner Gretchen Dykstra is pushing a plan
that would require a special two-year license for any nightspot with
acapacity of 75 or more where the music would be 90 decibels or higher. A place
would be padlocked for up to 10 days after three noise or other license
violations, and would have its license revoked if it was "indicted"
for any two of the following: homicide, assault, rape orattempted
rape,weapons possession, unlicensed sale of liquor, sale of liquor
tominors, overcapacity, disabled sprinkler systems or two Consumer
Affairs padlocks. Nightspots would also be slapped with violations for failing
tosweep the sidewalk and 18 inches of adjacent street by 6 a.m. the
next morning. David Rabin, president of the New York Nightlife Assn. and
co-owner of Lotus, says Dykstra's plan would let the city effectively
shut bars and nightclubs down at 1 a.m. "This bill will end up closing New
York at 1 a.m.," Rabin warned. "It's no longer going to be the city that
never sleeps. We're united on this - everyone from the little bars to the
biggest nightclubs. The best-run bar in the entire universe could not stay open
under the conditions in this proposal."

Please take a moment and go to the link below and send Gretchen Dykstra
a message in regard to this issue:

On behalf of the bands and all the musicians and Luna Lounge, we thank you
very much.

posted by n. @ 1/31/2004

my face got drunk at least...

As heard last night...

"Aww Nora, that's your drunk face. Look at Nora's drunk face! I've seen that face once before... at Lit"

ps: to the asshole ringing my doorbell 89475928357 times at 6am.... you're an asshole.

posted by n. @ 1/31/2004


you hit me high you hit me low


The Sounds + Kill Hannah + IMA ROBOT
Irving Plaza
Feb 24th


posted by n. @ 1/30/2004

hmm.. san diego looks a lot like the jerzee shore, etc.

so i finally spent some quality time with the tivo to find out what I was missing during my UK jaunt. the biggest question I found myself with was when did RW San Diego get so good??? And of course by good I mean good in the standards of reality television (ie: none). But still... I mean... people were getting arrested left and right, and everyone was imbibing and getting bounced and inappropriatly canoodling all in the span of one evening! It actually kind of resembled my study abroad semester in Italy if it had been televised, come to think of it.. except with fewer albanians and more handcuffs.

Hands down favorite cast member has to be Jacquese How did I end up living with these crazy people???. Good times.. good times.

In other hit or miss reality fare:
till death do us part: carmen and dave was a BIG miss (and a mess), if you ask me. Dave Navarro... why why why? You wear too much gucci and you have pubic hair on your face. Just GET OFF THE TV NOW. Image of cool rockstar shattered....

RW/RR Challenge: the Inferno has a def. hit potential, except that there are way way way too many people from Real World Paris (Real YAWN Paris) on it. Did I really need to see CT wearing a pink thong? That's just wicked bad. No matter how it turns out, the preview show was enough to entertain me for weeks, namely the Trashelle/Coral/The Miz triangle. Ouch.

posted by n. @ 1/30/2004

if he can be sober, maybe anyone can....?

nora: anything exciting going on tonight?
a boy: trying to figure that out
a boy: : lets get drunk somewhere
nora: ok
nora: drunk is good i think
a boy: it's always fun drinking with you
a boy: I need to go hom after work
nora: okaay
a boy: where do you want to meet up?
nora:i dunno
a boy: haha
a boy: ok then, where do you feel like going?
nora: hmmmm
nora: booze
nora: :-)
nora: i don't know
a boy: ok, I;ll call you when I get home and we can figure something out

i think i'm becoming a bit limited... vocabulary-wise and possibly all-around. BUT LOOK, i am cleaning the bathroom this weekend! Or I think something bad will happen to me...

posted by n. @ 1/30/2004

somebody told me...

I fell asleep at the bar, and also talked in great detail about someone's member (using hand gestures and all). I think I took enough acitominophen to permanently kill my liver (and enough Sudafed to make me fall asleep at the bar... and have Erik wake me up... so embarassing!)

Otherwise, rockin Thursday night!

ps: Did I start a tab? Fuuuuuuuuuuck.
pps: My ears finally popped! Just in time for The Stills! MORE LATER.

posted by n. @ 1/30/2004



So apparently everyone in the UK, or at least boys in indie rock bands, is obsessed with the Ghostbusters movies, and when you mention that you are from New York, that is all they ever want to talk about. I'm not sure what that is all about, but regardless you should check out hitechjet, if for no other reason than their charming lead singer Brian.

Did I mention that I had a really good time on my vacation?

posted by n. @ 1/29/2004

that's a naf jacket

my ears won't pop. we're back from the UK.

anyways, going to see The Killers and The Stills tonight. i will rock out, even though um.. i can't really hear anything. crap.

in other news, i ate a spider roll from sapporo haru and watched the golden globes on tivo. YAWN.

posted by n. @ 1/29/2004

Back from the UK with pressing questions

Let's see here. Is Billy Corgan's weblog actually written by Billy Corgan, or by a 13 year old girl? You decide....

posted by n. @ 1/29/2004


Can I make a request?

Last night, Ms. Nora was guest DJ @ The Notting Hill Arts Club, spinning The Clash, Hot Hot Heat, Quicksand, etc. etc. etc. I rocked the Kasbah and there are lots of hot pictures of me in headphones. I love saying that shit.

Met cool bands: The Cribs (xoxo Gary), Future X-wives, Minus, and Dave's one man rockshow. I think Nicole and I are going to start managing bands. We certainly meet enough of them and apparently our opinions actually matter to them.

And I'm sure the absynthe shots don't hurt either.

I love the UK. LOVE IT. And I would give my firstborn for a copy of the Franz Ferdinand CD.


posted by n. @ 1/27/2004


So I think I've lost the ability to get drunk. And we also need to dub this vacation "Nora hooks up with the UK"... ok but seriously.

Oh, and I learned that my Shin is/was(?) apparently the boyfriend of the girl from American's Next Top Model. What is that all about? Needless to say, the Shins are very nice boys. Hopefully our paths will cross again.

Other London happenings... I of course befriend a DJ so we were on a guest list for a party tonight, bypassed a line and got a lot of evil glares. Gotta love that. The music was a lot of northern soul which I find hard to shake my ass to, so we drank, and I didn't get drunk, and I met a guy who looked very much like a young Billy Corgan, circa 1990 or so. Lovely... until he got all emo on me. I think I have some kind of emo-dar going on. They are just drawn to me, even the British ones. I told him that Radiohead was probably my favorite band and his response? "Will you marry me?"

posted by n. @ 1/25/2004


Last night, free room @ hotel Carolina (?)
Partied with The Shins and The Icarus Line. Nicole kept calling them "The Shits", felt kind of bad, but not really. A lot of good kissers and free boozing. I wonder why I would even bother going back to New York at this point...?

I made the DJ @ Metro, which is essentially Lit for the London set, play all the songs I want to play if i ever get to DJ ever... and it was good... even though we were basically the only people there to hear it.

Tonight we are going to see Primal Scream and the Icarus Line and... who knows.

posted by n. @ 1/23/2004


i'm so going to the NME Awards Tour.

The Rapture!
Franz Ferdinand!
Von Bondies!


posted by n. @ 1/21/2004

i really need to go to bed. my ipod is killing me i think... sucking out my brain through it's little white earphones. gah.

posted by n. @ 1/21/2004

once again, we have friendster loser of the day:

this is from "Digz". I kid you not.

i just read ur testimonials and as far as i can
c it ur a very cool friend to hav so i was
hoping f i cud one of ur friend 2 plssssss....
f ur not 2 busy or f its ok wid u can u send me
ur e-add so dat i cud invite u pls dont turn me
i really think u wud be the best friend a guy cud
ever had nd i will b really honored 2 b 1f ur
friends ;)

you know, it's all kind of flattering... in a demented kind of way.

posted by n. @ 1/21/2004

my personal favorite song performed at the American Idol auditions:

"baby baby lookin so fine
i don't care that you're ninty nine
your body's so wrinkly
your hair is so white
i think that i'm lovin
a granny tonight"

that's just classic, ok. kelly clarkson should record that shit.

posted by n. @ 1/21/2004


No one is going out tonight. Jerks.

Ok just kidding. But in memorium, here's a picture of me apparently eating Erik's face. He seems thrilled too.

posted by n. @ 1/20/2004

sarah from RW/RR The Gauntlet has a website. Sometimes I really related to this girl, on certain levels, but other times while watching the show I couldn't help but wonder why the fuck someone like her would go on a TV show like this when she seems to loathe the exact type of people who ALWAYS are on those Bunim/Murray shows (ie: mostly overly competitive former frat/sorority types who are in dire need of more attention OR really good looking people who have serious problems). She didn't fit in, and then got upset about not fitting in. It's like... if I decided to go back to high school right now just to play a game of dodge ball and then eat lunch in the cafeteria for the fuck of it (or ok... a lot of money and a slice of public televised humiliation) and then complained the whole time about how much it sucked ass.

made no sense, but her website is an interesting read. Thanks Emily.

posted by n. @ 1/20/2004

oh my god. you can play donkey kong with your crotch?

posted by n. @ 1/20/2004

also, just how endlessly amusing is it that there is a profile for the infamous Quarter Guy on friendster? honestly, that guy is legend downtown. and apparently people DO give him quarters, poor saps. i was once accousted by him in the astor place starbucks, where he stared at me read a book and then KISSED my shoulder. i shudder still to think about it.

also, i keep getting a ton of fucking mail from my space. what is this site about? do we all really need such huge profiles to write endlessly about ourselves?

ok, i'll probably fill mine out today.

posted by n. @ 1/20/2004

one more day until i leave for London. there had better be a hook-up gurantee attached to this trip. actually, i would be fine if a gaggle or so of brit boys came back to my hotel room and just talked to me for a couple of hours (well... maybe). read me a book or something. ohh yeah.

and wtf is going on, everyone has a significant other or is getting MARRIED as of late. what is wrong with you people?!?!?!?! stop that.

posted by n. @ 1/20/2004



The Cure for the second night of Coachella?

Spooged myself AGAIN.:


Headlining performances from Radiohead on Saturday and The Cure on Sunday
plus performances from more than 60 acts including
The Pixies, Kraftwerk and The Flaming Lips

Described as "The Best American Festival" (Rolling Stone), "probably the
best festival in the world" (England's NME) and "the most significant annual
pop event in the country" (Los Angeles Times), the Coachella Valley Music
and Arts Festival returns for its fifth year to Empire Polo Field in Indio,
CA Saturday, May 1 and Sunday, May 2.

An unparalleled cutting-edge musicalexperience in a peaceful and breathtakingly
beautiful setting that last yearattracted 68,000 music fans, the
Goldenvoice-promoted extravaganza is beingheadlined by Radiohead (Saturday)
and The Cure (Sunday) and will include performances from
The Pixies, Kraftwerk and The Flaming Lips.

Of last year's festival--which featured headliners Beastie Boys and the
Red Hot Chili Peppers-- ROLLING STONE noted:
"Coachella remains astonishingly comfy and civilized...,"
while Steve Sutherland of the U.K.'s NME lauded:
"One day all festivals will be as cool as Coachella. California's Coachella
festival ranks as one of the best in the has the line-up, the
guest list and the weather other festivals would kill for" (May 10, 2003).
Writing in the Los Angeles Times (April 24, 2003), Robert Hilburn noted:
"Think of this pop-rock showcase as the Kentucky Derby of rock--the
place where the world's most promising new bands and a sampling of worthy old
ones come together in a lovely outdoor setting to test their thoroughbred
credentials...the most significant annual pop event in the country..."

Fans traveling from around the country and overseas will be able to
experience a truly diverse line-up of music in four musical areas spread out
over 78 acres amid gorgeous desert sunsets, towering
palm trees and mountainous views.

Tickets for the festival go on sale February 14th, 2004 at Noon. Tickets
are available through Ticketmaster charge-by-phone lines at (213) 480-3232,
at all Ticketmaster retail ticket centers or via General admission tickets for each day are
priced at $75.00 per day, with a limited amount of 2-day tickets available
for $140.00 plus $1 per day for charity. In the Coachella festival
tradition, there is free parking and the doors to the venue will open at
noon on both days. Parking lots open at 9:00 AM.
For information about nearby hotels, camping facilities, restaurants and
more, check out

posted by n. @ 1/19/2004

nothing better than a sexy magazine. rrarrr.

despite the fact that i will be well on my way to london (!), you should all make an effort to go out to Don Hills to see Udet (featuring one of my favorite bartenders) and The Sexy Magazines this Wednesday.

we actually met two of the guys in The Sexy Magazines on the street while standing on the corner facing the disappointment that El Sombrero (aka The Hat) was not open and there would be no margueritas to go. they were very nice, and sexy also from what i recall. thus it should be a good show... if that makes sense.

Get yer details here.

posted by n. @ 1/19/2004


be on the look out

.... residents of the WB and the LES... these two girls are trouble of the best kind. armed with two slightly retarded cats, a hot pink electric toothbrush, and a love of free imbibing, typically they will be found inhaling asbestos and second hand smoke in the dankest (that's a word right..) of bar basements in often highly successful attempts to lure boys into purchasing them pre-dawn breakfast feasts. sometimes they may fight amongst themselves, but only out of the kind of love two people who once shared a room the size of your bathroom and managed never to kill each other can have. and even in the worst of times, it's never anything a little gatorade and a newlyweds nick and jessica vomit inducing tivoed marathon can't cure.

oh, and did i mention they're hot? don't ask about the "pig face" though. that's only for really special people.

like this fellow. see how she's trying to lick his eyeball in celebration of him turning 23? what a lucky guy!

happy birthday george!

posted by n. @ 1/18/2004


this is so hot. i think i just spooged myself.

Jan. 14, 2004

Ledger, Gyllenhaal May Climb Lee's Mountain

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter)

Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal are in negotiations to play gay cowboys in the next film to be shot by The Hulk director Ang Lee, sources said. Brokeback Mountain revolves around two men who meet one summer in Wyoming and form a bond of love that spans 20 years. The film tracks that time period and their evolving relationship. The start date has yet to be determined. Adapted by Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana from a short story by The Shipping News scribe E. Annie Proulx, the Focus Features project has long been regarded as one of the great screenplays that never got produced, industry sources said. Ledger most recently starred on-screen in The Order. Late last year, he finished up work on The Brothers Grimm opposite Matt Damon, Jonathan Pryce, and Peter Stormare. Gyllenhaal's most recent big-screen appearance was opposite Jennifer Aniston in The Good Girl. His upcoming films include The Day After Tomorrow and Proof.

posted by n. @ 1/17/2004

the shins : bowery ballroom jan. 16th

yay the shins. maybe you aren't super attractive, but your music is damn sexy and sweet. it was a fun show, and we ended up with a great view. the show itself was good, they ended with "girl on the wing" which is probably my favorite shins song. there was, however, a lot of drawn out incoherent babbling and an incident involving a giant star balloon flying around with baby star balloons attacked to all sides, which apparently was far too distracting for EVERYONE. balloon stole the show, hands down.

somehow, i don't think i need to tell you where we ended up. i think i am getting some kind of black lung from too much time spent in the basement at Lit. OK, and smoking five thousand cigarettes probably didn't help much either.

but regardless, it was fun. Joana had a stairs "incident" which means now, of the triple threat, i am the only one who has never managed to wipe out @ Lit. famous last words i think. The crowd was in some kind of flux, and I peed in the men's room that has the saloon doors while some very nice girl kept watch. thank you nice girl, you were very cool.

but i think I should never ever ever ever EVER eat San Loco at 5am EVER again, and then follow it up with sake (or sakaaaaay?) and making out to The Postal Service. Oy. Well maybe that last part wasn't so bad.

i'm glad it's less assbad cold outside today, so that tonight's debauchery won't need to involve quite so many layers.

posted by n. @ 1/17/2004


it's a mad mad world

Donnie Darko, Theatrical Director's Cut

If you never got a chance to see Richard Kelly's weirdly wonderful dark fantasy DONNIE DARKO in theaters—or even if you did—the writer/ director has good news. He just gave Fango the scoop that original distributor Newmarket will bring the movie back to the big screen in a special-edition reissue this spring or summer.

"This will be closer to the version that played Sundance in 2001," Kelly tells Fango. "It will contain a lot of deleted scenes that were included on the DVD, and stuff that people have never seen before. We're adding pop songs that we weren't able to use the first time, and new visual effects we couldn't afford the first time around. This edition will also have more answers to the questions the film raises," he promises.

In the meantime, Kelly is gearing up to direct the Fox Searchlight chiller KNOWING and wrapping up THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET, a horror script he's writing for Jonathan (T3) Mostow to direct. "I'm putting the last revisions on the final draft," he reports. "I'm meeting at Universal this week about it."

posted by n. @ 1/16/2004


Friendster Losers

Quite frequently these days, ever since my new single status took effect, I will get random friendster messages from boys. For some reason they are usually a. asians b. people in the military c. asians in the military or d. guys posed in their friendster pictures with babies.

I never respond to these messages because... I mean c'mon. Unless they are REALLY clever, which is usually not the case. Did I mention the guidos? Well here:

friendster loser of the day:

All i have to say is your beauityful and seem
very sweet and down to earth which is not
something i have seen in the past few years =-/.
You seem to have a gerneral warmness about you
and it feels good to know there a person like you
out in the world. My name is Josh im 24 from
Queens NyC . I found ya in the profiles and
thought id give you a shout and see what would
come of it hope to hear from you Nora

wow. what is it with me lately and people with little to no spelling ability? poor josh. more to come...

posted by n. @ 1/15/2004

just got this in zee email (vh1 doing a "heartfelt, classy, and upscale" program? I dunno about that. Can I do a relationship story to the tune of Bootylicious? nah... on second thought mine would be some howie day emo crap as of late...):

Casting for New Musical Reality Series "This One's For You"- VH1

A primetime blend of documentary/music video/reality where America is seen at its best and its most sincere.

A major celebrity recording artist will perform in song, the story of a strained relationship between romances (secret crushes, proposals, 2nd chances, lost love), in-laws, friends, co-workers, family hopes of repairing that relationship.

VH1 is searching for true stories from real people. No story is too small or too grand...

The people involved in the relationships will be the STAR of the program.

This is a heartfelt, classy, upscale program - that respects the issues in peoples lives, and will offer a unique and unforgettable opportunity to heal the bonds that mean so much to us.

Everyone has a story of significance - please tell us yours.

Email a summary of your story and your contact information to (VH1 Casting Director)
Or call: (323) 993-6142

posted by n. @ 1/15/2004

no i did not make this website/magazine. but it rules just the same (thanks Peter) modern drunkard magazine. funny funny.

posted by n. @ 1/15/2004

how can i begin to discuss the WRONGNESS of this:

no, but...seriously. where can i get hooked up with a louis vutton swimcap?

posted by n. @ 1/15/2004

someone told me that interpol is featured in the new issue of teen vogue. why does that amuse me so much?

have they put my boyfriend adam brody on the cover yet?


posted by n. @ 1/15/2004


snow you SUCK.

and also, it is George's birthday. happy birthday George. wanna go to Coachella to see Radiohead? yes you doooo

posted by n. @ 1/14/2004


no one wanted to go out tonight.
"it's too cold!"

what they fail to realize is, when you have no heat in your bedroom, the ideal thing to do is go out to bar where it is warm and get a guy to take you home to his apartment that is actually HEATED. i'll have to explain this to them i guess.

i digress.. do you think it would be a good or bad idea to get a t-shirt that says "my girlfriend will kill me" on it. or "your girlfriend will kill you"... seeing as how I don't have a girlfriend.

In other exciting news, Mr. Misty is Dairy Queen's husband. How much longer until I get to go see The Killers?

And finally, Joana got me tickets to see The Shins @ Bowery on Friday before they sold out. Now if only she can remember what day it is today, we are all set.

posted by n. @ 1/13/2004

roommate: i just got spam from 'christian debt management'
nora: jesus will balance my check book?
roommate: woo hoo
roommate: because jesus comes first in my life
nora: uh oh, did you just bust out the "j" word? i might have to run away
roommate: babes in toyland has REMOTE CONTROL VIBRATOR UNDIES
roommate: weeeeeeird
nora: so you can give the remote to someone else?
nora: freaky
roommate: yeah
roommate: like imagine if you were at a party or something
nora: what a pick up line!
nora: here..... vibrate me
roommate: ha
nora: you know, we were talking about jesus like two seconds ago

posted by n. @ 1/13/2004

I applied for a job today! God it was so annoying. I was so bored doing it. So I must stave off my boredom with reality TV.

Average Joe: Adios Fatties

That's right, our girl is not a fan of those with more girth, so Phuc and friends were sent a-packin. Meanwhile she did some portraiture with no-sweat-glands guy. At first I thought "eww" but as an afterthought, would there be benefits to having no sweat glands? Think of the money you would save on deodorant...

Whatever, I say bring on the hotties and the dodgeball match. Fun times.

posted by n. @ 1/13/2004


i have always worshiped Melissa Auf Der Maur. Basically, I wanted to BE her when I was a teenager in the suburbs and she was making music with amazing people. Then she joined my favorite band and was dating Dave Grohl at the same time. It was too much! So now she is releasing her first solo effort. Hottt. I will def. be getting a copy.

posted by n. @ 1/12/2004


Last night my roommate commited the ultimate imbibing faux pas and drunk dialed her mother (note: I have approval to discuss this). I have come to her aid with a gallon or so of orange gatorade to make amends, even though I somehow found myself alone, at Lit, at 4am babbling to some guy about music and taking a CD from him which I then lost. Luckily Seth came to my rescue, got me an avocado sandwich at 7A and let me pass out while we watched The Royal Tenenbaums on his lap top ("this is sooo college"). I told him he had to Friendster me today. We'll see how that happens.

Why did I even end up going out? Not quite sure. I didn't even manage to get anywhere until almost 1 am... and for some reason EVERY time I walk into a bar at the beginning of the night they have to be playing an Interpol song. Niagara is the lamest bar ever. Lit was a complete cluster fuck, and apparently there was some huge brawl outside that I, of course, missed entirely. And how come every bar is insanely packed when it seems like everyone is staying home because it's FREEZING. I don't get it. Still, you can't turn down free drinks (well, at least I can't). I think we took a cab from Sophie's (where I took one and a half - thanks roomie - minty shots which the bartender CLAIMED were lemondrops that made me instantly want to curl up and die) to Lit.. which makes us the ultimate lazy people.

At least there is a good round of teevee on tonight that I can immerse myself in. Ohh but apparently there is also karaoke at Lit on Sundays.

Sweet. Let's go have some SakAAAAYYYYY. Sorry, only my roommate is going to understand that one.

posted by n. @ 1/11/2004


this rules...


Coooooome on down to the M1-5 Bar on Thursday,
January 29, 2004 at 8pm and meet some of our
models and the ladies that put the magazine
together. No cover, live DJ, door prizes!
52 Walker St
New York, NY 10013
Phone: (212) 965-1701

What is Sweet Action™?
Sweet Action is a porn magazine for women who
love men. It features pornography in a non-
stereotypical way, providing a forum for women
that, in our opinion, currently does not exist.
Sweet Action wants to eliminate the notion that
women are physically more visually stimulating
than men, and that women don't want to see naked

We hope to focus on REAL men with REAL
personalities, fantasies, and bodies. You won't
see oversculpted, shaved, "fluid-drenched studs".
You WILL see hot, sweet cuties who look more
like "the guy next door". Don't be shy because
there will be some full frontal nudity (oh MY!)

Today’s Sweet Action sexy guy is the one sitting
across from you on the subway who is so hot you
can’t even look at him... He's the guy at work
who makes you laugh so hard that you can’t wait
to get to work everyday... He's the one you want
to get to know but are too shy to approach. They
are all Sweet Action guys -- the regular,
beautiful ones all around us. Best of all, Sweet
Action guys love us.

Ahem… oh yes, we also have literary content:
Sweet Action is NOT the magazine you read for
beauty tips, cooking advice, or the ever-present
dilemma of "How To Keep Your Man". Sweet Action
is the official guide for the boy-crazy gal.
Contributors include men and women (although male
contributors are encouraged to submit nude

A Sweet Action woman does not want to read
another article on "How To Please Her Man". She
would rather read an article on how to please
herself AND her man. Our goal is to hear this
proclamation, "I read Sweet Action for the
articles!" We want the reader to feel informed,
sexy and happy after reading Sweet Action.

This Issue:
This upcoming issue features 44 full-color,
glossy pages of photos, interviews with Eugene
Hutz of the band Gogol Bordello and Seen from the
movie Style Wars, and other surprises. We're
starting out small but don't let size distract
you. It's the quality that counts (every girl
knows THAT!) We have a link on the FAQ's page
where you can pre-order your issue or find it at
your local outlet for about $8. We hope to have
it to you by Jan 1st 2004!.

Spread the word because once you get Sweet
Action™ you never go back.

posted by n. @ 1/10/2004

new york times article about blogging.

ya like my sardonic inside jokes?

posted by n. @ 1/10/2004

It's TOO FUCKING COLD OUTSIDE. I'm not going anywhere tonight. Me, hot chocolate and the TiVO makes three.

Last night was a good/rediculous time. I have windburn on my face, which is not fun. Carlos did a good set, and as such I have spent most of today dancing around my apartment to "warm leatherette" and cursing my piece of shit internet connection which stays up for two hours and then goes away again, back for five, down again. I need to call Dell later and give them a piece of my mind. Or maybe I could just call Ben Curtis (dude...). Ha! Too bad about him... or maybe not. I think I have a shirt belonging to him. My cat sleeps on it now.

In other not as profound news, I haven't made out with anyone in a while and yet have been going out more than I ever have in my life. My friend Alok actually told me he was envious of my lifestyle, and he has a really well paying job and a sweet apartment all upper east side style. That made me feel somewhat better about myself.

Didn't I say I wasn't going to ramble about my life in here? Oops...

Where is my roommate? She's out with her metrosexual friend I think... or maybe she's trying to win a date with that Tad Hamilton....

posted by n. @ 1/10/2004

how embarassing...

posted by n. @ 1/10/2004


Last night at Lit was fun. I think I smoked too much though. I do everything too much probably. Oh well! We are going again tonight! Surprise surprise. I think Carlos is going to be djing maybe and as long as I don't end up trapped in the bathroom again, everything should be fine. If I leave you a funny voicemail from the bathroom at Lit though, please forgive me... I had no choice!

That's all... I have a lean cuisine waiting for me. That's my Joy of Cooking baby.

posted by n. @ 1/09/2004

Last night, when I spent two hours at the Virgin Megastore when I could have been eating Thai food (boo), I went to one of the listening stations and had a sampling of the new Phantom Planet album.

Whoaaah. I mean, quite honestly, is this even the same band that produced the nausea enducing turned OC theme song "California"? All I'm saying is that change is GOOD and I can't wait to go and buy the album tomorrow so I can listen to the rest of it. I've also fallen in love with my New Pornographers cd which I haven't listened to in forever. I think I only bought it because I was at Virgin with my father over the summer and he was like "ho hum i'll buy you a cd if you want" and that's what I grabbed. And he of course said "Pornographers eh? You kids today."

Gotta love Dad. Anyways, check out "blown speakers"... sooo good.

posted by n. @ 1/09/2004

Thanks to my friend Joana for pointing this out to me... Miramax is pushing back the release date of Kill Bill Vol. 2. This completely blows.

I would say more, but I'm still hungover. But still... that sucks.

posted by n. @ 1/09/2004


In every issue of Jane Magazine there is a "Dear Man" section where usually celebrity men answer random questions from readers looking for advice about relationships.

This month it was Ben Lee (that Australian singer and current/former (?) boyfriend of Claire Danes)

As someone from Brooklyn who also has a penchant for skinny scenester boys,I thought this one was good:

Q: I suspect the guy I'm dating has a mild eating disorder, but I think it's cute that he's so skinny. Am I a terrible person?

A: You're not a terrible person, but it sounds like you might be suffering from an indie-rock fetish. Try removing all those pins from you bag, giving away your Death Cab for Cutie albums and getting some sun. Don't worry, there is hope.

Thanks a lot Ben Lee... (who, might I add, is pictured wearing a hoodie under a blazer... ahem).

posted by n. @ 1/08/2004

Post Wednesday-night I always hop over to The Black Saint and check out the OC Moment of the Week. It never fails to make me laugh (although if you don't watch the show, it obviously isn't nearly as funny).

posted by n. @ 1/08/2004

Everybody wants to go to Hollywood...

So have the opportunity to be a celeb escort @ the Grammy Awards, except they are in LA this year and so I need 1. a plane ticket and 2. someone to stay with in LA for two days or so. They aren't going to pay me, but I would actually get to go TO the Grammy Awards and then the Clive Davis afterparty.


Also, for those of you IN LA already and perhaps in a band...

I'm helping cast bands for Michel and Olivier Gondry's music video for The Vines. If you are interested in having your band in the video, or know of anyone who might be interested, please let me know ASAP. hey, you will be seen by record industry people.

Here are the details...

we want you to do it for the fun of it but you will not work for free!

Casting mid January
Video shoots end of January
Looking for all types of bands (Must have 3-5 members) Combination of guitars, bass, drums, singers
Must be able to learn a VINES song
Must have own instruments
Must be at least 18 years old and legal to work in this country.
Please email
or call
(323) 817-7480 for more info.

Thanks, Roz


cool huh. Gotta get crackin on this Grammy thing... or maaaaybe I should do my laundry.

posted by n. @ 1/08/2004

So the other night Lindsay from my old job and I went to check out Monster (not to be confused with Party Monster, a crappy movie that got a my roommate a free gift bag filled with strange clubbing paraphernalia. I think that trucker hat is still around here somewhere).

Anyways... holy crap Charlize. Honestly, I was at first a bit weary of all the headlines buzzing about how Charlize "gained 30 lbs" for this part. Everyone still apparently goes apeshit when beautiful actresses make themselves look what stereotype deems "unattractive" (recent examples... Renee Zelwegger and her Bridget Jones weight gain -- IMHO she has never looked hotter and I am glad her skeleton days are over for a while), Nicole Kidman in The Hours, etc). And I'll admit, the transformation is at first shocking. I mean... she looks awful, but in a larger sense she also looks so REAL. And for the first half an hour at least I kept staring at her and then thinking back to that scene in the cider house in Cider House Rules where she is all naked and hot and then being like HOLY CRAP I can't believe that's the same person. But as a credit to Charlize, who has never really struck me as a great actress before, her performance is incredible. I couldn't't take my eyes off her. Roger Ebert apparently called it "one of the best performances in the history of cinema" (maybe that's a little extreme... I'm not a huge Ebert fan anyways).

I have to admit though, it did bother me a bit the sympathy paid to Aileen Wuornos in this portrayal and the lack of any real acknowledgment of who her victims were or how her actions effected them. Then again, it was very interesting to see the flip-side with a portrayal of a female serial killer and her motivations to commit these murders which are obviously different than what would motivate a male serial killer (at least in terms of the type of abuse if they are motivated by childhood or lifelong abuse). All in all, it was an extremely depressing movie that I will probably never want to watch again but I have a lot of respect for Charlize Theron who up until this point had basically been eye candy (in the vein of Ashley Judd I would say) and not much more.

posted by n. @ 1/08/2004

Tomorrow night we are going to Siberia Lounge (eh? what where?) to see the band that my friend Lucas tour manages for, daybreaker. Then we will go out for drinks, and I have this feeling (oh don't ask me why), that we will end up at Lit. No job=No money+free drinks @ Lit=many nights spent at Lit. That's about the most math I can do. Don't ask me about my long division, ouch.

Anyways, I have to ask their bass player about some strange matrimonial rumor that keeps floating around.

Ohh! and Arbor Day is opening and they are all NYU-tastic. Sweet.

Will I actually send out a resume tomorrow?

Outlook... good?

posted by n. @ 1/08/2004


ok so kate hudson had her baby.

but they named it Ryder Russell Robinson? Geeze! Try saying that 5 times fast.

posted by n. @ 1/07/2004

Whoa-ah. So I think people read this blog now! Nice! Tomorrow my goal is to add links. Swell.

Shit. Went to Lit tonight, post Union Pool, so last minute. Looked like crap. Lit is still my favorite place on earth. Lola zee bartender rocks my socks. It was fun, I'm drunk, it's um.. fuck. 8 am?


posted by n. @ 1/07/2004


The tabloid New York Post brought in a handwriting expert, Taylor Morgan, to analyse Spears's signature on the marriage license and he decided that the marriage was not consumated.

"She wasn't feeling physical," Morgan said, explaining that the "y" in Britney indicated she was "not in a sexy state of mind."

This is some of the funniest shit I have ever read in my life. For more about what they "done did," go here.

posted by n. @ 1/06/2004

How typical... a week after I shell out 400 bucks for a 20gig IPOD, they come out with these

look at the little pink one. mebbe i will get one for mia sorella for her birfday.

posted by n. @ 1/06/2004

oh yeah! the Olsen Twins are "Set to Do NYU."

Is that legal yet? NYU is pretty old you know...

posted by n. @ 1/06/2004

Since becoming a TiVO owner this fall, I have basically started to watch a lot of crap crap crap. One of my personal favorites would have to be cheesy reality TV shows (yes I did view Trista and Ryans pepto bismal nightmare of a wedding...). Tonight the program of choice (after we watched a teaserific episode of the Gauntlet):

Average Joe: Hawaii

Emily and I have our money on Brian, if only because he said "wicked pissah" within the first minute that he was featured on the show. We're suckers for any show (reality especially), which feature guys with boston accents (re: CT, Real World Paris). Phuc is another favorite of ours. I'll give you one guess as to why.

So blah blah blah the girl is all shocked, the guys are not hot (unlike the Jared Leto clone that they first taunt her with). Then they have a dinner party and there is some geeky guy named David who dances around like a spastic monkey and so on and so forth and then she has to send four guys home. Wow what tough choices...

First eliminated: CJ.. who appears to have herpes (or a herpe? what's the singular for herpes? a herpi?) on his lip. Oh well, no big loss there.
Second: Robert, who strongly resembles our friend Seth if he mated with Adam Sandler. Too bad for you Robert.
Third: awww... the reality version of my friend Chris Pompadour (not his real last name). He says he has a good heart. I think he had good hair, but not much more going for him. Ya gotta love a guy who tries to work the pomp.
Fourth: Matt aka: butter teeth. As Emily said "Kid never had any flouride..."

My personal favorite upcoming scene: a dodge ball game between topless abercrombie models and the average joes. reality tv can be so cruel.

posted by n. @ 1/06/2004


now it is better. i rock (this is, obviously, the whole point)

posted by n. @ 1/05/2004

oh good lord, this template is so gay

posted by n. @ 1/05/2004

probably drunk

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