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you bitch

oh nicole, the pictures i could post on here of you...

but I'll let this one slide... ugggh. i change my mind i'm never eating hotdogs again...

posted by n. @ 5/29/2004

oscar meyer weiner eater.

she's going to kill me... but... how could i resist after she mentioned hot dogs in her last post? that's right, i couldn't.

hey, at least it's not the REALLY bad photo with the hot dog... i'd never hear the end of it if i posted that one.


posted by Anonymous @ 5/29/2004

saturday night fever

lately everyone i know has been getting sick except for me. and honestly, they all know that *I* am the one who should be sick instead of them. somehow I just pulled my luck card, and just in time for out of town guests. this kind of thing NEVER happens to me, so of course I'm commited to going out every night until Monday comes and I will probably no longer be able to function in any capacity.

but as long as I'm going to be out and debaucherous, I may as well make the most of it right? Tonight Audrey and Jen are DJing at Misshapes. Then tomorrow night is Motherfucker, where I will probably end up making out with Michael T again much to everyone's amusement. ESG is also playing, and that's pretty fucking cool. Then hopefully there will be some kind of Memorial Day BBQ shindig that we can come and pass out at after I eat hotdogs. I like hotdogs, even though the last one I ate was in New Jersey at 5am. That was just wrong wrong wrong.

posted by n. @ 5/29/2004


"they're going to be massive"

That's what my British visitor has to say about The Bravery, who played to a sold out show for the last night of their residency. Woohoo! This band makes me deliriously happy, and the room last night attracted the attention of several scenesters so I would say that if they keep rocking the way that they have been The Bravery is going to be HUGE. I also spotted Chelsea Clinton at Arlene's last night... which I was really excited about for no good reason I guess (three vodka tonics perhaps have that effect?). She was looking very blond and Nicole liked her Marc Jacobs bag.

It's my new goal on nights that I go out to have a Franz Ferdinand song played every time I walk into a bar. Jason Consoli has this down pat, blasting "This Fire" the second I walked onto the dance floor. Belvy said that he would work on it (but he also said he would play FF for two hours straight if I stayed at Happy Endings and while that was really tempting... my head may have exploded first). We gave Brian the Brit a great tour de force of teh LES/East Village last night, stopping off to introduce him to The GoStation who were very excited to have a Brit in the house.

In other news, Carlos D gets ripped...

posted by n. @ 5/28/2004


keep yourself busy

reposted from Ultragrrrl incase you want to go out and shake your ass tonight...

I'm DJing a party tonight, here's the info. please come. Here's an email i got from Michael T about the event, which has all the info you need:

Ladies & Gentlemen-

I'd like to invite each and everyone of you to the 5 Year Anniversary Bash
of Broadcast @Bar 13 this thursday, starting at 10pm. This is definitely a
in my "career" it is...right?. Anyway, come out, be merry and of course get
Michael T & Jess
Thursday, May 27th
@ Bar 13 35 E.13st University Pl [212]979-6677

No Cover/Doors 10pm/21& Over/ID Please!
SUMMER ROOFDECK [Smoking Permitted]

Live Performance bi: Unisex Salon @11pm

Main Floor DJ's:
Michael T & Jess
Special Guest DJ
Ultragrrrl [Spin Magazine]

New Wave, PostPunk, Brit-Pop & 80's...of course!

The Crazy Rhythms DJ Crew
Mike Simonetti [Troublemann Records/Aerosol Burns]
& Dan Selzer [Acute Records/nyhappenings]

Post Old-School Party Jams
for B-Boys & Punks!

*For the OPEN BAR. You MUST mention my name or jess in order to receive
a WRISTBAND for the open bar! [This is a full open bar, btw]

Feel Free to pass this e-mail to all of your friends that are on
Welfare, Food stamps or Jobless. Those "people" can actually
afford to come.

Dress Code:Sassy!

posted by n. @ 5/27/2004

did someone say fishies pond? or wait... open bar?

Just got this in the email box. I'm really happy for them to have found a cool place to do Up! after they left Pianos. Can't wait for next Thursday!

NEW LOCATION: Starting June 3rd UP will move PERMANTLY to new L.E.S./E. Village hotspot, THE DELANCEY (168 Delancy & Clinton) - 3 floors, 3 bars, 3 DJ setups + an amazing roof top w/ palm trees & a koy fish pond - kid you not!!



Performing live:
THE 22's

@ THE DELANCEY, 168 Delancy (& Clinton).

posted by n. @ 5/27/2004


My friend Dom called me last night when he was at some "really dark" bar in Atlanta hanging out with The Secret Machines. I told him that I saw them on TV or maybe in Spin or maybe both, but either way they looked really skinny so tell them Nora has a sandwich for them -- and also that their lead singer has the same name as the Dell Guy (Dude! You're getting a...) who was arrested for drug posession and whose sweater I still have in my closet for no apparent reason. Dom said that they were amused. My work here is done. FYI Dom is down in Hot-lanta with the boys of the Ben Taylor Band, who are recording their new album. Fortunate or not so fortunate? You decide.

Also, randomly my itunes played this song by a Seymour Glass called "Abrasion Uncommon" and HELLO I really like it. Anyone know anything about Seymour Glass?

It's really bad when it looks like your desk is going to suddenly collapse from the amount of crap you have piled on it. Where does all this stuff come from? Why do I save all of the stupid wristbands I get at concerts? I mean I don't REALLY do this, but they are all over the damn place.

Anyways, I'm only really posting because I have a visitor coming from LONDON (baby!) and so who knows if I'm going to be posting as often as my boring ass tends to do. But if you see me out and about with a foppish haired boy, say hello and let the accent make you swoon (as it did to me only a few months ago in a crowded pub in Camden). Gotta love it. In closing, here's a funny picture of my roommate's cat. I'm a shit roommate and didn't make it to her going away party -- she's moving to the 617 to eat at one of the many Dunkin Donuts and put a microchip in the brains of her pets and generally leave New York a lot less cool in her absence. Who the fuck am I going to watch all the shit reality TV with and watch eat weird leaves? Leaving New York sucks. So... here's the cat:


posted by n. @ 5/27/2004


learning how to die

My friend Jim sent me a link to this contest by Sound Opinions where you can win a copy of the new Wilco biography written by rock critic Greg Kot.

Greg Kot is one of my absolute favorite people in music and was perhaps my first major influence in my decision to work in the industry. Greg once wrote a short piece for the Trib about reasons why young people shouldn't listen to the Beatles Anthology albums back when they first came out. I got really angry about this and shot off an email to him (I think I was 15 or 16 at the time, maybe younger) about how he shouldn't discourage young people from listening to good music, and that even if the Anthologies were part of a big marketing ploy, they could easily get kids to buy other Beatles albums etc. And Greg was totally fucking cool and wrote me back and then all through high school we emailed back and forth with him sharing all of his great Billy Corgan stories with me as he was a big supporter of the Pumpkins as they suffered through the Adore backlash, and my gushing about even the mere concept of meeting Billy much less interviewing him. Bottom line, Greg is just a great guy and I hope his new book does really really well.

posted by n. @ 5/26/2004

don't look at me that way

It seems that this weblog has finally earned an enemy, in the form of a lame anonymous poster. Whomever you are, whatever your problem is, can't you find something better to do with your time? That said, I appreciate it when people point out factual mistakes that I make and especially enlighten me to things that I just don't know about. I haven't been doing this for very long, so obvs I don't know everyone but I'm all for learning. Heck, I seem to find a new great band on an almost weekly basis lately! So it would be great if people could stop ragging on me and try to actually be nice for two seconds.

Anyways -- last night we only managed to make it to two shows. First was The Thrills at Irving Plaza. We missed Ambulance LTD because we got lost trying to find Teriaki Boy but I have a ticket to see them at Rothko next Friday so that's OK. The crowd at this show was def. older, a lot of people looking like they could be my parents age and a lot of industry folk also. Apparently this sold out show was originally supposed to happen back in March but was cancelled due to illness. Obvs this made the crowd that much more eager for the Thrills, and they didn't disappoint their fans with their brand of sunny California style folk-pop. While I have to admit that the music really isn't my thing, there was something very pretty about it and I think it would be well suited to play in a car driving through the countryside.

Our next stop was to see Asobi Seksu play at Rothko. I've never actually been to Rothko to see a band play, just for parties. It's pretty obvious that they still have some technical and lighting issues to work out there, but Asobi was just fantastic... there is something so gorgeous and dreamlike about their sound. Yuki is the ultimate personification of "little girl, HUGE voice." If you haven't heard the entire album yet I highly suggest you check it out.

We finished our night at Lit, where I met two of the boys from The Bravery, who told me that they are having a loft party after the final show of their month-long residency @ Arlene's Grocery. Please check this band out on Thursday, they are UNBELIEVABLE. Have I said this enough? Well shut me up and go and tell me how much you love them!

posted by n. @ 5/26/2004


don't you want us to manage your band?

nicolaonthepull: yes!!! all members of *** ******* will wear guns in holsters.
nicolaonthepull: they make you look rad even if you arent.
nicolaonthepull: yesssssss ugh
nicolaonthepull: anyways... i think i want mermaids on the OTPM website.. .what do you think???
noraonthepull: huh?
nicolaonthepull: othepullmanagement=OTPM
nicolaonthepull: its too much to type all the time
noraonthepull: i know
noraonthepull: i said huh to the mermaids part
noraonthepull: what are you smoking?
nicolaonthepull: whats wrong with mermaids??
nicolaonthepull: no one else has mermaids on their website!
noraonthepull: um... don't you think there's a reason for that?
nicolaonthepull: oh lord.
nicolaonthepull: ok. what will we have then?? we need to have some sort of theme!??
nicolaonthepull: what about CANDY!!!!
nicolaonthepull: mmmmmmmmm
noraonthepull: what about mermaids with candy wearing gun holsters!?
noraonthepull: NO!

posted by n. @ 5/24/2004

somebody (french) told me... (that mercury lounge is awesome and has four dollar drinks)

that THE BRAVERY is playing at Mercury Lounge with Benzos AND The Sons of Sound!

This rediculously hot lineup will make you freak out with musical happiness on June 19th -- which is a Saturday so no excuses!

ps: GEORGE, Devotchka are playing at Mercury on the 2nd of June!!!!!!!!
pps: THE MADISON STRAYS (ooo) are also playing at Mercury on the 24th and you can buy tickets in advance on ticketweb because they are playing with some guy named Jesse Malin and so it will apparently sell out.

posted by n. @ 5/24/2004

and it was tasty

the guy in the middle sold me my guacamole today. and the rest of the guys are in his band... but I don't think they sell mexican food. too bad, because that's the way to my heart. obvs.

posted by n. @ 5/24/2004

we need three seperate pans to prepare veggie/boca burgers

Interpol have a little slideshow about their studio time. go here and click on 4 (all the way on the right) to watch and be facinated... sort of.

Also, Nicole and I are entering this. Expect something in the vein of Spinal Tap. More information to follow.

posted by n. @ 5/24/2004


Morning Theft was the hottness last night. Even if Rob had to scream his heart out to be heard, the band just seemed really on and I think everyone in the audience (and it was a great turnout!) could feel their energy. 283975239857 times better than their last show and I'm sure they will only get better and better.

Misshapes was also the most fun it has ever been, especially with a coughing sneezing yet still very cute Greg the Boyfriend in attendance. I don't think I've ever worn a skirt that short in public and lived to tell about it, but there is nothing more comfortable to get sweaty and dance in so I think it will need to make another appearance soon.

There is so much stuff going on in the next week, and I will have a visitor from the UK for a lot of it. I mean holy shit... the Fame, Trash, Motherfucker!, and then the first night of Up! at the new Delancey Lounge which sounds extremely kickass, and Madison Strays with Ambulence LTD @ Rothko. My head may explode just thinking about it.

Finally... our management site is up. It looks like crap, but a cute boy who I have had bookmarked on Friendster for an eternity said he can redesign it. Sweet.

If you're bored, go here to watch a lot of great videos, including Asobi Seksu!

posted by n. @ 5/23/2004


hard to explain

gotta say...

- i now have bangs
- you can fit a lot of people into the bathrooms at Happy Ending
- i'm really fucking tired
- i'm going to see The Rapture DJ @ Rothko tonight and drink a lot of free Sparks so I don't fall over from exhaustion
- i make boys lie for me, but they're really good at it and it's for a good cause i promise
- The Bravery are SO FUCKING GOOD IT HURTS! "An Honest Mistake" is going to be a huge hit, mmmmmm yes. Go download it NOW.
- i forgot to mention that the Morning Theft show tomorrow @ Orchard Bar is FREE.
- i don't like rats, especially when they are found in apartments that i *almost* rent

posted by n. @ 5/21/2004


an honest mistake

I'm really fucking excited. And not because I didn't get my dream job of going on tour with The Shins (wah!), but because in lieu of going on tour and being rediculously happy I'm going to stay in NYC and go see all the bands I love and still be rediculously happy as a result.

This project, which I will call the "Rediculous Happiness Project" will commence tonight when I finally go check out The Bravery @ Arlene's Grocery. I have been addicted to their EP ever since they played at Plaid and I must must must see them live. They are actually playing a residency all month, so if you can't make it out tonight to party with me, then go NEXT Thursday! Trust me, they are dance-y fun!

Then tomorrow night I really want to go see The Sexy Magazines @ CBGBs, for lead singer in eyeliner oogling (which sort of happened at the Mooney Suzuki afterparty this past week) and because after they have opened at Bowery twice and once for C-Love, I NEED to know what the buzz is about. Curiousity and boys in eyeliner killed the Nora afterall...

Finally we are going to cap this off on Saturday by going to see Morning Theft @ Orchard Bar. And obviously I just can't plug this band enough, but GO TO THIS SHOW BECAUSE THEY ARE FUCKING GREAT. Seriously, just pretend like you are in Boston, and come see a great show by cool guys. Speaking of Boston, I just got a friendster message which was obviously a week late (fuck you Friendster), from Surefire asking me to come to Boston and see them this weekend. I think I may be a little too late on that one, but if you ARE in Boston, make sure you go and check them out at The Middle East (Upstairs) at 9 this Saturday.

Phew.. that's all the plugging I think I can manage for one day. And just a word to everyone.. if you see Carlos D walking around in the east village, don't call him the lead singer from Blink 182 (see the "I miss you" video here). Just trust me on this one.

posted by n. @ 5/20/2004


guess who?!


posted by Anonymous @ 5/20/2004


better late than never

Well, since my readership has at least doubled in the span of a single day (thanks Greg!), I figured this would be a good time to write about my weekend... or what I can actually remember from my weekend. First off, Jocelyn (my future ex-wife) and I went to see Troy. Despite some of the worst writing I have ever heard, and Orlando Bloom evoking more laughter from the audience than there really should have been, this move was filled with loincloth hottness. And while Brad and Orlando were running around topless and acting badly, I fell in lusting with Eric Bana. Oh Eric Bana, where have you been all my life? You saved the show, seriously. I might even have to go rent The Hulk now. Well... maybe not.

After the movie, we move right on along to Saturday where we went to see The GoStation and Surefire play at Tiswas. After Danielle and I had dinner, we ended up running through the torrential downpour to Don Hills for the show. It says a great thing about both of these bands that, despite the horrendous weather, by the time Surefire took the stage the place was full of people, including two members of Stellastarr*. And of course neither band disappointed, both playing solid sets that got their crowd of fans whipped into a happy frenzy. And trust me, as the "mailing list girl" of the evening (this is going on my resume), half the people I talked to were already GoStation devotees and the other half were excited new converts. These boys are really on their way!

Finally I rescued Danielle who had gotten lost in the basement of Don Hills (which I didn't know they actually had but whatever). After Doug GoStation told me a great joke about bulls testicles (it was really funny... even though that sounds REALLY weird), we rushed off to Misshapes, where we danced to two songs and then realized HEY, we're really drunk and really tired! And so we went.... to Lit.

Yeah, that doesn't make any sense. But it was a fun weekend just the same.

thanks to the lovely rockstarhelper for the GoStation photo!

posted by n. @ 5/19/2004

and also...

nicole, i think you get Adam Brody and Adrian Brody confused. i'll straighten it out for you tomorrow ok?

posted by n. @ 5/19/2004

nora and nicole the girlfriends

okay so i know i owe all of you an update and what not, but that's just going to have to wait. because first off, we have a great story! tonight we were at Niagara, for some reason.. because someone was djing and buying drinks and looking hot and jewish and whatever.. anyways...

we walk in, and Alex from the Madison Strays introduces us to his friend, Gregory, who takes my hand and kisses it. I like this, I mean, what's not to like? But then, as he walks away.. I'm thinking to myself.. HEY, that guy looks really familiar.. oh wait... oh my god... it's GREG THE BOYFRIEND!

I grab Nicole and I tell her who it is, and she freaks out. See, we have been reading Greg's weblog since he started it this past week, and we love him. Seriously. He fucking rules, and writes all this great shit about being the modern Lloyd Dobler and sleeping in cars and making out with strippers etc. etc. So finally, after many more drinks and persuasion, I get Nicole to go outside and ask him if it's really him. And it was! Then he had Nicole call the strippers from LA, picked her up and spun her around, and was geniunely stunned that anyone would know who he was. Finally they came back inside and I got to meet Greg myself. I can't believe no one has ever recognized this guy! He's HOT!

So in the end, we love Greg the Boyfriend and scared the shit out of him all at once. Story of our lives.

Goodnight all.

posted by n. @ 5/19/2004


Reading Levels: Ages 9-12

I obviously need this book.

posted by n. @ 5/16/2004


how much morphine does a woman need to be on...

to name her daughter Apple? Well that's what Gwyneth Paltrow did with her husband Chris Martin apparently.

So it's... Apple Blythe Alison Martin. or Apple Martin. You might as well throw an "i" on the end and make it an Apple Martini. Celebrities are so retarded.

posted by n. @ 5/15/2004

mid-90s Manchester to modern day Manhattan

Come. Tiswas! It's going to be so fucking amazing. I'll be the drunk* girl running about with a mailing list, all my favorite boys in one room.

*slightly, in moderation, if that's possible...

posted by n. @ 5/15/2004


can i have a side of loincloth with that?

Ok, is it just me or is Brad making the "blue steel" face from Zoolander in this picture?

Regardless, apparently I'm going to see this hot guy muscle epic tonight in lieu of staying home and eating all the food i ordered from Fresh Direct. That's right, Fresh Direct now delivers to Williamsburg. They're bringing me beer and grated fresh Parmesan cheese. Hell yeah.

posted by n. @ 5/14/2004

99 problems

I'm having a dilemma about Lollapalooza. Part of me just wants to go to day 1 and save money. Another part of me wants to go to both but only because of the Pixies. Is that really worth it? I mean I just saw the Flaming Lips, and unless there is hamster ball promised I don't know if I'm going to be that into it again. Plus I missed Le Tigre @ Coachella and I really really really need to see Morrissey.

What should Nora do?? HELP! I wish I knew how much $$$ Curefest was going to be.

posted by n. @ 5/14/2004


shock me shock me

So I really like Rothko a lot. Especially the downstairs makeout area (big surprise there...). I heard a rumor about a fully-clothed foursome that went on down there last night. But you didn't hear that from me. Jocelyn and I also discovered raspberry kamikaze shots. Delicious shots, where have you been all my life? Um also... anyone who got a text message last night from me proclaiming my love for you, I'm sorry! I'm sure I think you're great... honest!

I also got to meet Scott Stereogum last night, which was great while I... you know... drukenly told him my URL for this blog and how much I'm obsessed with Best Week Ever and then we ended up mocking our two blogless friends, even though Scott is a way way WAY better blogger than I am. This shit is lame, and I know it, but you're still reading it (I think?).

Musically speaking...
I love Melissa Auf Der Maur'snew song "Following The Waves." I know I kind of missed the boat with this one, but it's really good. And she's my rock and roll idol. If you go to you can download a Morrissey cover by THE KILLERS. Whoa baby. To me it sounds very different from anything the the Killers have done, but I like it!

Oh, and Niagara sucks. A lot. And the bartender wears ugly ugly shirts. That's all for now folks...

posted by n. @ 5/13/2004


i bet you think this song is about you

I think I really started to become annoyed with NYC shows after my Coachella concert experience. I rarely go to concerts outside of the city, except when I'm home in Chicago or when I went to New Jersey Screamo Fest.

But I found myself front and center at the Stills show and the ONLY EXCITED PERSON in a crowd full of lameasses who wouldn't jump around, wouldn't scream, wouldn't dance, wouldn't do anything. Godforbid, because you're just too fucking cool to actually show the band that you paid money to see that you like them. Or if you're all VIP, you didn't even pay money so you get to see an amazing band for FREE and you STILL can't get excited. People are lame, but I still think that The Stills are great. However, I won't be seeing them again any time soon because I've now seen them three times and the show is always the same and.... it's not as exciting anymore. I wish they would debut new songs or something.

Funny moments for Nora... when the drummer said that the name of their last song is Tomorrow Never Knows.... isn't it Yesterday Never Tomorrow? Maybe there are too many songs about Yesterday and Tomorrow and all the shit that's never supposed to happen. That's my guess.

ALSO, when that freak boy got on stage and tried to CROWD SURF. I mean, if the crowd was already as lame as it was, what made this kid think that any of those people standing there with their arms folded across their chests were going to hold him up??? Needless to say, he jumped, the crowd parted, and I hope the kid didn't break anything on his way to the ground. Ouch.

After the show, we hung around outside with Nick and Jacob Surefire for a while, as they were chatted up by some Surefire groupies. These boys are totally on their way. Then we made our way over to Pianos, where some random shit was going on upstairs involving a lot of Brazilians, and I got to meet the San Loco guy, who is so-fucking-cute. And of course he's in a band. I love him. Or maybe I just want a free taco. No, seriously, I love him.

Finally we collected the things we needed to pick up at Pianos and made our way over to Happy Ending for the Stills afterparty. Hello sweaty hipster clusterfuck. I ran into Jen, who was wearing an amazing looking dress, and Rich and Alex from the Madison Strays. Carlos came up to me at one point and asked me how I had recovered after his birthday party a few weeks ago, and said something about drinking a lot of bloody marys. Nicole left, and I talked to a girl named Alison for a while about working at urban outfitters, but then she went to the bathroom and I never saw her again. There were also alot of people wearing bathing suits, which was kind of bizarre but whatever. Then I found myself in a cab going back to the WB to hang out with Big Dave at Alligator Lounge, where he had saved me a free pizza and made me two huge vodka tonics, which caused me to come stumbling home at sunrise and pass out on my living room floor while my roommate watched Pieces of April.

And now it's raining a lot. Tonight I'm going to see Lakota at Acme Underground and then it's over to Rothko for UNISON! You can listen to some of Lakota's hot songs here. Because Lakota loves me times 50 or something. And that's a good thing, I think.

posted by n. @ 5/12/2004

i gave her my heart...

Reading things like this raises two questions.

1. Why doesn't shit like this ever happen to me? I mean it's romantic as hell... kind of insane... but still.
2. How did I manage to miss all the hot oral sex at Motherfucker? I really need to drink less.

posted by n. @ 5/12/2004


get off that 19 year old

In other news... anyone know what the track back feature does on this thing? Does anyone care?

Oh, and why has everyone on MTV's RW/RR Inferno lost their fucking mind? More on this later...

posted by n. @ 5/11/2004

we love jonathan bennett

Mean Girls... so best. I loved this movie, because I have a girl(woman) crush on Tina Fey and Jonathan Bennett is... hottt. He's probably 16 or something right? Also, Lindsay Lohan's breasts should have their own agent. Jesus christ. But the BEST BEST BEST part was that this movie was supposedly set in my home town! Evanston, Illinois, represent! Seriously... all the Evanston name dropping, especially the Walker Brothers Pancake House bit (that place RULES, they have the best german apple pancake evs) was making me so homesick you wouldn't believe.

Oh look, because Oasis wasn't already tired of trying to be like the Beatles, now Ringo Starr's Son is going to be their drummer. Oh, and to certain people's dismay, apparently Noel is also a Franz Ferdinand fan. LIKE EVERYONE ELSE! How is that news???

Tonight, Stills @ Irving Plaza. Oh and someone please remind me to never ever ever drink the mango vodka @ Pianos ever again. That shit is potent in a bad way. Bad.

posted by n. @ 5/11/2004


pace yourself for me

Tonight I finally get to see Mean Girls. I have to admit Lindsay Lohan is pretty damn hot, even if she's 17 and looks like she's 27.
After the movie Nicole and I will be out on the LES, so give me a call if you want to hang out with us because we haven't been out in force in a while. And while you're at it, go to Snowden's website and download their MP3s, especially "Victim Card." They rock. AND a big thanks to Aubin for fixing my comment things, and getting that pesky permalink to work.

posted by n. @ 5/10/2004

it gets HOTTER (literally too) : coachella day 2

At the beginning of our second day @ Coachella, it was hard to fathom that it was going to be HOTTER out than the day before. But oh... oh it was. We started off, after getting to the grounds early and taking much needed naps in the shade, seeing Pretty Girls Make Graves.

I saw them a long time ago open for Sleater Kinney, and while I like their sound still, everything sounded the same today. And the lead singer said something about the duct tape on their gear melting. Everyone in the crowd seemed pretty dead to, hungover from Saturday nights debauchery and wilting in the midday sun. While the rest of our group went to go relax after their set was done, Greg and I stuck around for !!! (do they have a webpage? because if you type that in on google you don't get anything at all) and I am so glad that they did. Somehow this band managed to bring out some inner energy in me that I didn't even know that I had and soon enough we were dancing around to their kickass songs.

Now everywhere I go people are always talking about Diego from Elefant. And apparently he's everywhere I usually go. But of course Nora is either brain damaged from social drinking or just oblivious to some things, because I had NO IDEA what he looked like. And boy do I know now... as Jocelyn can attest to I was jaw-droppingly blown away by his hottness and um.. really obvious ego-centrism. But whatever. Hot is hot and Elefant was hot and the crowd in California was completely insane for them and their all-in-white outfitted frontman. It's too bad all my pictures came out so super crappy... but "Tonight We'll Dance" is a great song, so whatever. Here, Diego shows an emotion!

Obviously, Nora bolted out of Elefant because Muse was up next and if you know me I have been dying to see Muse ever since Absolution had the highest number of plays on my Itunes EVER. And Muse didn't disappoint AT ALL, and from what I hear their performance at Coachella was much better than their showing at Bowery last month. The only thing that I'm pissed about is that I left early to go see the Killers, and I missed hearing "Apocalypse Please" while the Killers went on 15 minutes late. That sucked.

BUT The Killers owned! Despite going on so late, and some early sound problems, I had nothing but fun during their set. My only confusion here was the bringing on of a full gospel choir during the last.. MINUTE... of their final song... and then you couldn't even hear what the chorus was singing? Yeah.. someone screwed that up big time.

After this I downed some kind of delicious smoothie and then we raced to see Cooper Temple Clause, who were SO GOOD. I know I am saying that everyone was wicked good, but it's TRUE! I mean honestly, no one sucked. If you are waiting for me to say that someone sucked, it's just not going to happen. Anyways, Cooper Temple Clause were intense, and Jocelyn and I called our GoStation friends back in NYC to let them in on all the fun we were having. Once again Nora couldn't take a single good picture in the Mojave Tent (or Mojave Oven)...

Cooper Temple Clause also wins my award for best hair. So best, even.
For the next couple of hours I ran around seeing Bright Eyes and Air, who were both very good, even if their music isn't something I'm super duper into.

Who I AM super duper into is BRMC, and this was perhaps the most disappointing part of my whole weekend. The Outdoor Theatre had so many sound problems and complications that nothing seemed to go right for BRMC. They only managed to play two full songs and then had to do the rest of their set acoustic, including Love Burns which they didn't play when I saw them at Roseland. I felt bad for them, it has to be so frustrating to come to such a great event as Coachella and then not really get to play at all. The good thing about this was that I finally got to meet up with Nicole and hang out with her for a while. The girl and I had been at almost ALL of the same shows and never ran into eachother because there were just too many people there!

Luckily this was all followed by amazing performances by The Flaming Lips and their lead singer in a plastic hampster ball crowd surfing... even though then they only did four songs and got way too political on us in the meantime. Basement Jaxx were OUT OF CONTROL. So much energy and you could tell how much fun THEY were having on stage, and that kind of thing is infectious. I love love love them, even more so than I did when I worked for them back in college. Finally we all gathered to see The Cure, at which point all of us were so exhausted that we ended up curled up on the ground. I could hardly keep my eyes open for most of their set -- and the sound problems they were having didn't really help either -- but their encore was amazing and I managed to get up and dance around in my sleepy stupor just the same.

So that was it! We dragged ourselves back to the car in a sea of people and I passed out. But we survived the weekend in the desert and I still can't believe that I saw so many amazing bands in such a short period of time. I love you Coachella.

posted by n. @ 5/10/2004


reunited and it feels so good

Audrey sent out an email about a special event she is hosting on Wednesday @ my new favorite place, Rothko. Check it out! (The one night stand of my dreams huh... that's hott) :

This WEDNESDAY MAY 12th, come check out new hot downtown spot ROTHKO
and party like it's 2004!

For one night only, UNISON will be the party you will not want to miss.
Bringing you music from all over the spectrum, including new and old,
rock and electro, dancy and loud, UNISON will be the musical one night
stand of your dreams.

And did i mention that it's FREE?! UNISON Starts at 9pm, you get TWO
well drinks for the price of ONE between 9 and 10pm!

With hot DJs:
Dennis Cahlo (The Sons of Sound)
Greg K. (Misshapes)
Melody Nelson (Vicious)
Rob Sheffield (Rolling Stone)

Rothko :: 116 Suffolk St. between Rivington & Delancey Sts.

Be there!

posted by n. @ 5/09/2004


there goes my social life, all over the place

wow, i just spooged myself looking at all the cool shit going down at Rothko this month. can i just LIVE there please? Nicole, clear your calendar for the 21st, The Rapture are DJing! I will bring the cowbell....

posted by n. @ 5/08/2004

howdy doody

the bravery (go check out their MP3s like NOW! Especially Honest Mistake) and snow patrol need to stop being so damn fucking good. they are making my boring saturday too awesome.

it also totally blows that Smile Empty Soul was the MTV Viewers Pick Video over Stellastarr*... just another reason that MTV is lame!

Ahhh.. just got off the phone with Brian Hitechjet. He sweetly reminded me of why I love British accents so much. I can't wait to show off my hot international visitor to everyone.

posted by n. @ 5/08/2004

i'm a weekday on weekends

so somehow last night I went from being out at The Hook, oogling all the cute boys and listening to this very very kickass band, Other Passengers (formerly Medicine Hat), to being at some retarded bar called The Raccoon on the Upper East Side with my really drunk friends Dave and Alok. I charmed the bartender (who was married, isn't that always the way) into giving me a free drink and cheered my friend Randy and some other guy who I didn't know but who was cute and asian and went to NYU in possibly the worst game of pool I have ever witnessed... sorry guys!

Tonight I think I'm going to Misshapes..or something. Unless I can get someone to go see Mean Girls with me.

posted by n. @ 5/08/2004


holy shit curefest

Main stage: The Cure, Interpol, The Rapture, Mogwai
Second stage: Muse, Thursday, Cursive, Auf der Maur, The Cooper Temple Clause, and Head Automatica.

The dates:
7/24 - West Palm Beach, FL
7/25 - Tampa, FL
7/28 - Nashville, TN
7/29 - Atlanta, GA
7/31 - New York, NY
8/1 - Camden, NJ
8/3 - Cincinnati, OH
8/4 - Cleveland, OH
8/7 - Boston, MA
8/11 - Detroit, MI
8/12 - Chicago, IL
8/14 - Dallas, TX
8/15 - Houston, TX
8/17 - Denver, CO
8/18 - Salt Lake City, UT
8/27 - Los Angeles, CA

Um... ohmyfuckinggod.

posted by n. @ 5/07/2004

110 degrees in the shade

Finally we have reached the time where Nora gets to update all of you on her Coachella experience. While speaking in third person. Okay... just kidding. Anyways, from the documentation below, you would think the heading of this blog entry should be "Nora obviously needs a new digital camera." Yeah well, Nora also needs a money tree or a sugar daddy but these things just aren't happening, now are they?

here we have nora, pre-coachella madness and possible sun stroke. she looks a little greasy i think, but that's because of the 10 lbs of sunscreen probably. she wishes she had been able to get drunk the night before at the Filter party @ Bananaz (what a name for a club...), but alas whomever was DJing was not doing a very good job and since she and her fellow companions Jocelyn, Greg and Audrey had barely slept a wink the night before, the party thing was just not happening.

the first band that was checked out was The Sounds, which Nora had seen back in February at Irving Plaza when she had a raging headcold and couldn't make out anything coherently after Kill Hannah played and she was too far away to appreciate their eyeliner angsty goodness. But Nora likes the Sounds, even though the lead singer seems to be a bit high on herself... but she's Swedish and hot so maybe she's allowed. The Sounds don't really work as well in the middle of the day though...
Next up we had the Stills, who Nora adores but the sound for their set was just awful. Nevertheless, Nora left everyone she knew to get up close to fill up her camera with pictures of their lead singer. Oh my.

After the Stills, Nora is pretty sure she went to see one of the absolute highlights of the weekend, Stellastarr. The New York scenesters were out in force, but even better the place was PACKED with people loving this amazing band.

Unfortunately for Stellastarr fans, the Mojave tent was like a goddamn sauna. You could have fried an egg on the ground in there. That and it smelled suspiciously like a barn. By the time we evacuated the tent after Stellastarr's amazing set, we were all frazzled and soaking wet. And while Stellastarr tends to make me wet sometimes, this wasn't really the same at all...

So at this point Nora and Jocelyn decided to pass out on the grass and listen to Death Cab for Cutie, who played "Transatlaticism" so Nora had to call Rob and reminisce about how gorgeous that song is.

Ok... i'm tired of this third person thing. SO.... after this was The Desert Sessions, which Nora could not have been more excited about because of how much I LOVE JOSH HOMME. I mean honestly the man just oozes rock and roll sex appeal and when he shakes his hips back and forth during QOTSA shows, good lord the things it does to me.

Only some of the stuff they played I was really into though, so I ended up running around trying to find everyone before The Pixies started. Okay, so as you tell from this picture:

We were REALLY REALLY REALLY far away from the stage when The Pixies played. But they were great anyways, and the air was just buzzing from the collective excitement to see them reunited. I ended up being able to check out a little but of the Moving Units before we all went to see The Rapture. Now, if you know me and if you ever pay any attention to what I write in this weblog, you know how much I love the Rapture. As in I am totally obsessed with them, and if I'm at a party and someone plays a Rapture song, there is no option but for my to freak out and dance immediately. They are like a drug, but better than drugs and with cowbell. And at Coachella, they just OWNED. AND unlike at their NYC show back in March, in the desert in California people actually DANCE. Oh... it was sweet!

Now normally I get extremely excited when I'm going to a concert where I'm ONLY going to see Radiohead. But after the collective insanity of seeing so many fanfuckingtastic bands on one day, the Radiohead thing was like some unearthly climax. They played "Street Spirit", which is probably my favorite Radiohead song, and also played "Creep", which I had never heard them do live before. Thom's voice seemed to be in full epeletic seizure effect and despite how tired I was at that point from the 100 degree heat, they owned the day for me. I fucking love you Radiohead.

This all ended with one or two Kraftwork songs as we made our way over to the Spin party, which was maybe the highlight of the weekend, after surviving our first day of rediculously hot weather. And ok... there was an open JAEGERMEISTER BAR. So basically I was drunk before I even walked in there. But it was a great time, with 2ManyDJs spinning and Jocelyn and I jumping around to "Take Me Out" and trying in vain to find someone from The OC... we had no luck there (see The Blueprint for all the OC stalking luck and a hilarious recap of the 10 Most Important Lessons of The OC) .

Well, that was day one. And now I'm going to go back to The Hook (which I kind of promised myself I wouldn't do again, but I lied apparently) to see Audrey DJ with Sam from Interpol. Joy! Big big thanks to everyone who came out to our Cinco De Mayo party yesterday. More on that and on Coachella Day 2 later...

posted by n. @ 5/07/2004


Fiesta Forever!!!!!

Incase you somehow missed all the hottt flyers all over the LES, tonight is CINCO DE MAYO. And in honor of my love of tequila, Nicole and I are hosting a party @ Pianos! Here's all the info you need:

It's time to PARTY!

Come on over to Pianos (158 Ludlow @ Stanton) for
our Cinco De Mayo Party from 6-11pm -- that's
right, it's happy hour time so come after work!

Featuring guest DJs:
Ultragrrrl (SPIN Magazine)
Melody Nelson (Vicious!, The Day After)
and your hosts, Nora K and Nicole

Tequila shooters! Free chips and salsa!

PLUS: nachos, pinatas, great movies on the big
screen INCLUDING the OC Finale and MORE!

So be there! It's going to be a craaaaazy time!!


Nora + Nicole

posted by n. @ 5/05/2004


promises promises

Holy shit. I'm home from Coachella. You know, whoever invented the red eye needs to die, but thank god for whomever was supposed to be sitting in my row on the plane because none of them were there. Also thank god for whomever put IM on phones because it kept me from freaking out from the utter boredom of hours spent at airports.

I don't even know where to begin with the Coachella updating... it was just too much, too hot, and too fucking wonderful. But I will write about it soon, after I sleep and sleep and... did I mention sleep? That's right.... zzzzzzz.....

posted by n. @ 5/04/2004

probably drunk

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