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two is better than one anyways

I was recognized last night because of my weblog, by one of the members of the amazing Other Passengers. It was kind of strange to have someone approach me at a bar and say "Excuse me, you have a weblog right?" but also kind of cool. At least I know someone is reading!

Lit has a great open bar from 11-midnight on Tuesdays with my favorite bartender Miss Lola Belle. We partook, and it was good. Met up with Matt GoStation and was introduced to his friend James who is in a band called The Volunteers and lives in my neighborhood, so he's automatically super cool. We made our way over to Niagara after Matt entrusted me with his ATM card (a risky thing to do with a girl who is absolutely flat broke), and then beer was spilled all over me numerous times and I developed a routine of ordering drinks for the DJ who obviously needed TWO vodka tonics instead of one at a time, and then downed the one for myself. Niagara was actually crowded for a Tuesday and people... HIPSTERS... were actually dancing. Lots of fun, and I got a six pack of budweiser at the end of the night.

When I looked in my purse this morning I found that I had acquired a Volunteers CD (thanks James), another Madison Strays EP (because my first one was bah-roken), and a CD by a band called The New Years, which is titled "Sex, Then Breakfast (Scene Politics and Revenge Songs)." I have NO IDEA where this CD came from, but sex before breakfast is always good so... we'll see?

Now back to packing, and dinner at Union Picnic (mmm fried chicken).

posted by n. @ 6/30/2004


it won't get cancelled at least, it's free!

The line-up for Siren 2004 is on the webpage:

Main Stage:
1 - The Ponys
2 - The Fiery Furnaces
3 - Vue
4 - TV on the Radio
5 - Har Mar Superstar
6 - Blonde Redhead
7:30 - Death Cab For Cutie

Stillwell Stage:
1:30 - Your Enemies Friends
2:30 - The Thermals
3:30 - Constantines
4:30 - The Fever
5:30 - Electric Six
6:30 - Mission of Burma
8 - ...And you will know us by the Trail of the Dead

yay free stuff. AND, Dom (who has maybe the best hair of anyone I know) is going to be in town, so I will have someone to get all emo-ed out with when Death Cab plays "Transatlanticism." We can cry together and then go ride the cyclone! Rockin. He also promised that I could go to some chi-chi Hugo Boss party he is working for while he's here...

posted by n. @ 6/29/2004

i'll give you the reason...

"We're like vanilla. We just write good songs. I don't want to compare us to Creed, but it's like meat-and-potatoes music. Nobody will admit to being a Creed fan, but, dude, they sold 5 million records. Somebody likes Creeed. Sometimes people just want to hear a melody and lyrics they can understand." - Hoobastank's manager in Rolling Stone, talking about the band's appeal and how "new-metal bands are having a hard time" (boo hoo)

Good songs? Argh! Seriously, it's people like this and crap like this that is the reason that Lollapalooza and now possibly the Curiosa tour are selling poorly and get cancelled. WTF is wrong with people?! How disappointing.

posted by n. @ 6/29/2004


moving into july

We're moving. A whopping two whole blocks, but this is still an ordeal that requires more attention to boxing up life than going out and seeing bands and getting wasted (fortunately? unfortunately?). By the end of the week we will be relocated into a nicer, higher up apartment with a hot rooftop with a great view that you can look at when you get drunk before you fall off. Rockin.

We still hate moving though.

Also, Surefire, The Bravery, and Elkland (also playing @ Pianos on the 7th) are all playing together at Rothko on the 11th of July. There's something to be excited about now, even if the show is in the middle of the afternoon...

We're still bummed about the cancelled Bastion/Morning Theft show this week, but hopefully something can be reschedueled for next month because July is looking very much awesome for shows and hopefully this hot lineup can be a part of that...

Such as Benzos are playing a *free* (magic words!) showcase at Pianos on the 9th. Still can't believe it's already July.

posted by n. @ 6/28/2004

my pet goat

Today we officially launched the "Nora: the Return To Health Tour," and it was good. We brunched, we drank many mimosas whilst listening to Jay-Z and walked all over the village, bumping into lovely people and soaking up the Sunday sunshine accompanied by a nice breeze. Verdict: healthy Nora is a good good thing!

Another good good thing that was the number one movie this weekend (take that, "White Chicks"), was Farenheit 9/11. Although I'm sure a ton of people have already told you to go see this movie, just add me to those numbers because it's just that important to view. Though some may be quick to rally behind the notion that Moore's film is very one sided, if our own media and government didn't present us with such a distorted and one sided view themselves, maybe a film like Moore's wouldn't be as necessary as it is. This isn't the case, so more power to him. Go, see, now.

posted by n. @ 6/28/2004


nothing much to report

Perry Ferrel really can't get a break. First Lollapalooza is cancelled and now Jane's Addiction is forming a new band without him in it? It's okay Peretz, you can come over to my apartment and I'll give you a hug. It seems like you need one.

For those of you who aren't taking 2000 mg of antibiotics a day, I say this weekend you should go to Misshapes because there is going to be a $10 open bar from 10-4am. My little alcoholic heart bleeds for this.

So inevitably you are going to have a better weekend than I am, but that's ok because next week Nora will be back (with a vengeance) and will drink you under the table, behind the bar, on top of the bar, and out the door.

In the meantime, read and learn everything you always wanted to know about The GoStation (and probably a little bit more than that).

posted by n. @ 6/25/2004


that's some crazy shit man

I just learned about something by reading my own weblog. Damn. Sucks to all of you who bought Lollapalooza tickets and stuff. I would be pissed, but I couldn't afford that shit to begin with. Look on the bright side, now you can go to Curiosa AND drink your face off there. OR go to Curiosa twice!

Thanks for updating, winglady. Maybe I can persuade her to do that some more, like telling you all about the apparently amazing Wildhearts show she got to attend this weekend while I was downing acetaminophens and watching Nick @ Night.

If anything I'm sure she'll share a charming picture of me at the doctor after they killed me with a giant antibiotic shot.. where you don't ever want to get one. I know you said that everything is better there, Mark Paone, but I have to argue with ya on this one...

Back to my death bed. I love/hate you modern medicine.

posted by n. @ 6/22/2004

lollapalooza: CANCELLED.

not that i was going... but wow, just wow.

Los Angeles, CA - June 22, 2004 -- Even with what has been touted as the best line-up since its inception in 1991, with such eclectic and respected artists as Morrissey, Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey, and The Flaming Lips, among others, and the most competitive ticket prices in the marketplace for a tour this size, it was not enough to counter the weak economic state of this years summer touring season. Therefore, it is with the utmost regret that due to poor ticket sales across the board, the Lollapalooza, 2004 tour has been cancelled. This morning, tour organizers and concert promoters faced with several million dollars of losses, made the very tough decision to pull the tour.

Perry Farrell, tour organizer, stated with his sincerest regrets, "My heart aches along with the bands, and all of our employees, whose hard work developed one of the most exciting and important tours that this nation was to see. My heart is broken."

Fans who have supported the tour and who have bought tickets nationwide will be given full refunds.

posted by Anonymous @ 6/22/2004


mia for the weekend

Hey everyone...
So sadly my weekend full of exciting plans has resulted in Nora with strep throat on the couch with her TiVo and a 100+ degree temperature. Uggh.

I want to thank everyone so so much who came out last night for the Dutch Kills show at Pianos, especially to my friends took the time to actually come downstairs and watch the band. Dutch Kills played perhaps their best show to date to a packed crowd, and Nicole and I could not have been more thrilled. Unfortunately my sick ass had to be carted out of there soon after the Douglas Fir began to play, but I have to say that I really liked what I got to hear, despite my sick-self.

Since I can no longer manage to even speak, I'm going to retreat to the couch now and try my best not to think of all the fun I'm missing out on for the rest of this weekend.

posted by n. @ 6/19/2004


100 degrees and I'm going to die...

I just want to thank Morning Theft for being so fucking awesome and putting on such a great show last night, and putting my broke ass on your list, and to Rothko for having way better sound this time around (even if your tonic was flat...).

Everything after that becomes a bit of a blur, because of an open bar and this 100 degree fever that I've developed. Of course, no time to recoop because I have to go cover the LES with Dutch Kills fliers. Rock and roll will kill me someday.

posted by n. @ 6/16/2004


program your tivo

or your vcr... or stay home and watch...

The Killers on Jimmy Kimmel Live +
Franz Ferdinand on Conan O'brien...

posted by n. @ 6/15/2004


in my world and rocking it.

Please come to this show! I could not be more excited. Somebody told me that I'm Morning Theft's biggest fan, and while I'm sure they have tons of fans, it isn't a bad thing to be at all. So come and join me tomorrow night when Vicious moves from tiny Sin-e to... okay honestly just as tiny and also very very hot Rothko. Sin-e was actually hot too. Hmm.

Anyways, come for Morning Theft and make sure you stay at least to see Other Passengers. I saw them at the Hook a few months ago and I thought that they were amazing despite how fall on my face tired I recall myself being that evening. Hopefully I will be more alert this time, although if I continue to keep my friends out with me until 5 am maybe that won't happen...

Here are all the details that you have seen a billion times, but I'm not letting you forget:

116 Suffolk Street (Corner of Rivington)

8pm - Morning Theft
9pm - Other Passengers
10pm - The Affair
11pm - La Laque

Scout (who according to their website are just taking a "hiadus")+ the always fabulous Jennypenny

posted by n. @ 6/14/2004

the great Delancey debate...

Ok so I'm not too terribly sad that I missed the Vice Party after reading this, but I have to say that I had a really good experience at the Delancey... and you have to see the bathroom with the waterfall walls. It's really mesmerising when you're drunk, I swear!

posted by n. @ 6/14/2004

so much ridiculous

Very reminiscent to last summer's friendster addiction, I now have this awful Myspace habit. Here's a great message I got on this "fantastic" service today:
Ur so Invited

HI, My name is HoustonBernard, Bi Porno ElectroPunk Rapper from Brooklyn, NYC.

Im touring Northamerica promoting huma rights and free speech.

I have songs like 'Lick, Suck, DIck, Fuck' and 'Whores Have more Fun'

Im out west now and have been on tour for a couple months, starting in ITaly, but the pride committee was nice enough to fly me back for a show on June 27th at stagefest for pride.


Please tell me I'm not the only person who has never heard of bi porno electro punk rapping? Too funny/weird.

In other news, this woman has a really unfortunate name...

And has anyone else ever thought that Matt from The GoStation looks like Robert Smith? This was NOT my idea mind you, but the suggestion of someone else. Had to share! (And FYI, the new GoStation EP is going to freak you the fuck out with how good it is. I was speechless. You'll see...)

posted by n. @ 6/14/2004



I don't know about this whole editing Sex and the City so they can show it in syndication on TBS. I mean, what's the big deal about saying "sex buddy" instead of "fuck buddy"? People are just so damn sensitive. Nipples send us into an outrage. So retarded. I say go get the DVDs or better yet... just go have some sex of your own. Such a better way to spend your evening!

Last night was Misshapes prom! So much cheesy fun. Jocelyn and I rocked the 80s lesbian couple thing... whatever that means. It was great to see so many people dressed up. And I "got served" on the dance floor by the boys of Surefire (I personally think they should add their dance stylings to their live performances. They would be unstoppable, no?).

I'm hoping to get some much needed rest this week, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen because of all the great shows coming up... Morning Theft + Other Passengers, Melissa Auf Der Maur (swoon!), and then this weekend's concert bonanza with Benzos, The Bravery, Sons of Sound, The GoStation, Daybreaker, and of course Dutch Kills! More on all this later though, it's a lovely day outside and tonight is Six Feet Under FINALLY! For joy!

posted by n. @ 6/13/2004


I'll drink to that...

Interesting... Alcohol abuse is up, BUT Alcoholism is down.

posted by n. @ 6/11/2004

party crashers

Radio 4 is fucking awesome, rad even. Nicole and I were standing up near the DJ booth at the wonderfully not-so-packed Spirit last night and I pointed at the crowd and said "LOOK! People are REALLY dancing. Not just a little head bobbing and fist pumping mind you, but full on dance floor madness. It was fucking great. And hey... does that guy in the band play THREE cowbells at once? Holy crap! Fever cured...

Big thanks to Craig (we love the hat) at Cityzen for getting us in for free (cuz we love charity too).

Oh... and was Chromeo serious? Because we hope not... but it was amusing no? Sorta?

Everyone ended up practically fleeing Spirit as soon as Radio 4 were done, but we felt bad and stuck around in the DJ booth with Belvy while about five people danced to the kickass songs he was playing. That kind of sucked. And the bouncers at Spirit are also not cool. And apparently they don't give drink tickets to their DJs. WTF Spirit? So we were the last people to leave and by the time the three of us got to Delancey everyone was gone from there too. Leave it to Lit to still be packed, however, and I got my instantaneous Franz Ferdinand and then free San Loco and I found out that the best way to get Nicole to cross a street is to point at the boys standing next to me and scream "THEY ARE IRISH!"

Works every time.

Tonight we are rocking out birthday style for the lovely Joana. Happy happy to ya girl.

posted by n. @ 6/11/2004


Dance like you mean it...

I haven't seen anyone mention this yet, but The Killers are playing at MERCURY LOUNGE on June 23rd, and they aren't even headlining. You can't buy advanced tickets though.. so picture the madhouse outside if you will. Oh my.

Preorder your copy of HOT FUSS here.

I also got a job today. Mwuah.

posted by n. @ 6/10/2004


So best.

Just incase you weren't aware and wanted to save 10 dollars which will be eaten up again by a 9 dollar Ticketbastard surcharge... Curiosa tickets went on pre-sale today. I'll be there, and also at the Boston show for anyone who is going to that one! Hi, it's the Rapture and Interpol playing together WITH MUSE... you knew it was inevitable.

Speaking of annoying surcharges, they're charging a 3 dollar one on Ticketweb for tickets to the Radio 4 show @ Spirit tomorrow. So much for saving five bucks. Alas, you know I'll be there. I just can't say no.

posted by n. @ 6/09/2004

80s/90s TV takes over my so-called life

So while reading about the Who's The Boss Season One DVD (yawn) on Whatevs, I caught him mention that you can actually get Punky Brewster Season 1 on DVD and the 80s child in me let out a little shriek of joy. I LOVED this show when it was on, and despite what little of it I remember, no one ever forgets that episode where her friend got stuck in that freezer in the backyard and they had to do CPR on her. Then I noticed that you can also get all four seasons of Saved By The Bell. Good lord. Now that I'm tivo-ing all the episodes of My So-Called Life that they are showing on the N network (which is a great network for kids/preteens/teens in my opinion), I am getting strangely nostalgic for old TV shows from my childhood (I tivo the Cosby show also, because I am a dork like that).

I want to know when are they going to bring the ORIGINAL Degrassi Junior High to DVD? You know you want it, so where the fuck is it? Although you can throw down 200 dollars for the entire series on VHS...

posted by n. @ 6/09/2004

congrats are in order!

I'm very excited for the boys of Surefire for landing a headling slot at Mercury Lounge that I know they have really wanted for a while. June is shaping up to be so best evs for shows at Mercury, who ever is doing their booking is doing a really great job.

The show is June 28th and here's the lineup:
The Shore 730
Gerling 830
The Pleased 930

Also, there was a song by The Shore on a compilation CD I got at Coachella. If their song The Hard Road is any indication, they are a good band to check out too. They remind me a bit of Starsailor or Coldplay.

posted by n. @ 6/09/2004


i'm a dork and i like pink cupcakes too.

It's amazing to me how one person deciding to stop writing a weblog on the internet can incite such anger/emotion in people. Granted, I loved reading Sarah's weblog, and getting a chance to meet her and finding out that she really is a very genuine and cool person (which is honestly rare to find in NYC most of the time). It's just remarkable to me that people have so much time to spend posting stuff in her weblog that is just mean and insulting. Obviously it makes those people feel better about themselves in some way, but it just comes off as immature and petty. Her weblog wasn't about personal attacks or even really making a lot of bold claims or accusations, but that's what she got in return most of the time. Well whatever happened or happens, I'm just going to agree with what one person said because I think he/she said it best:

"Bottom line: if you're here reading a blog and posting, you're just as big of a dork as the rest of us. Get over your badass self."

posted by n. @ 6/08/2004


damn big brother

see, look, text messaging can get you into trouble.

posted by n. @ 6/07/2004

geeky things

Allow me to get all geeked out on you for a second and talk about how much I loved the third Harry Potter movie that came out this weekend. Apparently a lot of people were freaked out about Alfonso Cuaron directing the third installment, mostly because of his previous work, the steamy Y tu mama tambien. Like Ron, Harry and Hermione were about to have some wild threesome before their defense of the dark arts class (see, I'm a geek)? There were def added sexual elements in this movie, but that happens in the books too so it's not anything surprising. And I think a lot of people also forget that Cuaron directed 1995's A Little Princess which is a beautifully done children's film so it's not like he hasn't done this sort of thing before.

Another thing... all the previews for this movie were for movie versions of children's books. I guess that's the new "thing" to do these days. Can I just say that it looks as though the Polar Express movie would be a LOT cooler if it wasn't done with crappy animation?

Other things discovered last night: Black and White is a lot of fun on Sunday nights (after the open mic thing is finally over and they make their drinks rediculously strong. Also, Nora should just have her cell phone taken away from her when a drink is given to her. One should immediately default the other. Text messaging is evil.

posted by n. @ 6/07/2004


point and shoot

taken feb, 2003 by me

Apparently due to "security" issues, photography has been "banned" in NYC subways/underground. because, as john stewart said on the daily show, digital cameras are obviously the worst weapon out there. geeze.

in reaction to this retarded bullshit, the Village Voice is having a forbidden photo contest.

Here's the scoop (go to the website for all the info and an interesting article interviewing nyc photographers):

Submit your own digital photos of the New York City subway for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to the New York Transit Museum Store Online or five $20 Metrocards.

Email digital photos in jpeg format, no wider than 620 pixels and no larger than 100k to by July 9, 2004 for a chance to win.

posted by n. @ 6/06/2004


party all the time

Last night the Madison Strays and Ambulance LTD played to a sold out crowd at Rothko. This is a great thing for the bands, but not so great for the crowd, because Rothko just isn't meant to handle anything of this capacity. This means you end up with a packed in sweaty mess of people, making any chance to get to the bar next to impossible (except for Jocelyn because she's really good at things like this). But I have to say, the Strays were great last night, much better then their last show at Crash Mansion/BLVD a little over a month ago. The song "Grace," which is on their three track EP was a highlight for me, and their new keyboard player blended in seamlessly (musically and hair-wise aswell!).

I have to say... I wasn't really thrilled with Ambulance. I love their single Primative (The Way I Treat You) and seeing them perform it live was great, but very little of the rest of the set stood out to me. Their manager gave me a copy of the LP though so I'm going to try to give it a more thorough listening and maybe I'll be converted. The nice thing about Rothko, as Peter pointed out, is that the audience can keep the band onstage if they really want to because the members have to weed through the dense crowd of people to get on and off the stage. So Ambulence played an encore, and then we bailed out of there asap and headed to a dive bar on Ave A where I got donations from people to play songs on the jukebox and ran into two friends of mine, the fantastic Mark Paone and Rob who I haven't seen in ages and have been meaning to catch up with since I called him from Coachella during Death Cab for Cutie.

Tonight I'm taking the Brit to his last night at Misshapes. Speaking of which, I have to find a prom dress asap to wear there next week, because it's Prom night. My actual prom dress is in a closet in Chicago so that's not going to work. Anyone have anything I can borrow?

If you live in Williamsburg and your'e hungry, stop by Trash bar tomorrow night because they will be grilling burgers, chicken, veggie burgers, and hot dogs, free with any drink purchase. And wish Big Dave a happy belated birthday while you're there.

posted by n. @ 6/05/2004


he's playing a suitcase

I love the Delancey Lounge. And not just because someone decided to let the San Loco guy bartend there (strongest drinks ever). My only complaint was that there was some "vip blah blah blah party" on the roof and so we couldn't go up and check out the fish pond and palm trees. Maybe next time Delancey Lounge... Anyways, I was conveniently on the "Belvy list" and went in to watch the tail end of the Harlem Shakes, who were actually pretty good from what little we heard of them. I'm now on their mailing list so I'll be sure to check them out again.

They were followed up by the always amazing Benzos, who play songs so beautiful they make some people cry... but generally the just put a huge smile on my face that any group of people can make something that sounds so gorgeous. Go download some songs like now. And come see them play the awesomely hot show at Mercury Lounge June 19th with The Sons of Sound and The Bravery. I'm not going to stop telling you about this until the show actually happens so just deal with it because it's going to be THAT GOOD.

We traveled over to Broadcast for a while and then got a ride to Lit from Brian Molloy (who makes all birthdays fucking awesome and who Pianos should REALLY have throw their Thursday night parties). I love Brians, British or DJs from New Jersey or people who keep diaries and call me emo fag.

And finally, being behind the bar at Lit was a weird experience but a lot of fun. Michael T is the best evs. And for Fabio clone guy: tequila, triple sec and lime juice.

posted by n. @ 6/04/2004

thank god! (no pun intended)

Too bad it happened three albums too late...

Creed has broken up

Stapp's first solo recording will be on a soundtrack of music inspired by the film "The Passion of the Christ." He's working on a solo album with the Canadian band the Tea Party.

posted by n. @ 6/04/2004


we got lost there once trying to find laguardia...

The Cure's summer touring festival thing, Curiosa (which some on the bill can't even say without making a face) will hit New York's Randall's Island on July 31st. Tickets onsale tba...

posted by n. @ 6/02/2004

coney island//my weekend

Since I'm still playing tourist guide, I take the boy to Coney Island in the rain and took some random pictures. It would be nice if it stopped raining, but that won't be happening until... tomorrow? At least I hope it stops!

Tonight we are going out in force to support Lakota, Jimmy's band. I have to admit the music isn't exactly my thing, but they are all great guys and it's important to support the ambitions of people you know who are fucking cool.

This weekend was completely insane, but a lot of fun. Misshapes on Saturday was excellent, with Audrey playing maybe my favorite set of hers yet. I haven't heard anyone spin Daft Punk's "One More Time" since I was a study abroad student in Florence and it brought back so many great memories! Greg also helped illustrate how crazy a room can get when you throw on Hole's "Violet" and everyone starts singing along, fists pumping in the air. The Brit was especially impressed that both Stellastarr's My Coco, the Killers, and Nirvana were all played, as this would apparently never happen in London according to him.

Motherfucker was an entirely different experience. I have to say that I really liked Spirit much more than Centrofly (except for the bathroom attendants). There's something so massive and gothic about the way its set up, with all the stone staircases and windows looking down on the throngs dancing below. However, having the party at a new venue meant that the first hour that we were there was spent getting lost and unlost trying to figure out where the heck everything and EVERYONE was. Luckily I finally found my friends and also ran into everyone else that I've ever met in the process. Everyone looked gorgeous and amazing, although Jocelyn and Jen tie for hottest outfits of the night, hands down. Of course everything ends at a diner in Queens and dancing to Michael Jackson songs in a parking lot at dawn.

posted by n. @ 6/02/2004

probably drunk

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