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hi ohmahgoshhh i am drunk and i love you!

Apparently Virgin Mobile in Australia has come up with a way to keep people from drunk dialing. Finally! Now let's get this technology over to the US and pronto (link via Gawker)

posted by n. @ 11/30/2004


Hi. If you read this blog and you are in a band or are a singer/songwriter type person perhaps and you are looking to play shows and you want me to love your band and book you a show and you HAPPEN to really want to play on either December 22nd or December 29th then please send me an email. Send it now. Send it with love.

If you aren't infact IN a band but would like to suggest a band, nominate your friends please!

MP3s or MySpace profiles containing music are also helpful.

Thank you!

posted by n. @ 11/30/2004


this just almost made me pee my pants in excitement

holy crap. Central Village has shared this "preliminary" "possible" lineup for Coachella. I heard, like most people, that U2 and Coldplay were who they were trying to get, but this is pretty fucking sweet without them...

April 30

David Bowie
Nine Inch Nails
Pj Harvey
The Faint
Franz Ferdinand
The Polyphonic Spree
Boards Of Canada
Tv On The Radio
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
French Kicks
Secret Machines
Beep Beep
Dogs Die In Hot Cars
Death From Above 1979
The Helio Sequence

May 1st

Tears For Fears
Modest Mouse
Bright Eyes
Jimmy Eat World
Mos Def
Badly Drawn Boy
The Streets
The Postal Service
The Shins
Rilo Kiley
Radio 4
Iron And Wine
The Arcade Fire
Moving Units

posted by n. @ 11/29/2004

turkey for me, turkey for you

What a long weekend. I ate a ridonculous amount of thanksgiving foods with the wingladies big italiano family. They gave me a lot of wine and called me a lightweight when I couldn't eat nearly half of what they could and tucked me in five glasses of wine later.

When I woke up, we watched serial killer movies. I like watching these movies on video even though I never go to see them in the theater. Mostly the fun is in trying to figure out "whodunit" although towards the end of the film I have pegged everyone outloud as being "THE KILLER" until there are very few remaining characters. Oh well, at least that way I'm never wrong.

Friday night I djed at Rothko again. I played Fine Young Cannibals. And Peaches and Placebo. And probably other bands that start with P that I'm forgetting. All the drinks were two dollars. People called me DJ and it was like an episode of Full House with more booze. Then we went to the Darkroom. The bridge and tunnel crowd was away for the holidays so we drank tequila and all was good. It was Tracy from Violator's birthday. She and I are starting a new Wednesday party @ Pianos next month that I will tell you all the good details about soon!

- Julie Roberts named her kids funny names like all celebrities seem to do. I still like Pilot Inspektor the best though. Then again, I'm naming my kids after Interpol songs (no, not Obstacle 1 and 2), so who am I to judge...

- My friends are all getting mix cds for Christmas, because I can't even afford a partridge in a pear tree. WTF.

- More reasons I love this franchise: Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood AND Jarvis Cocker are reportedly going to be in the next Harry Potter movie? Wha? However, Franz Ferdinand have turned down a cameo to appear as an all-witch rockband called "Wyrd Wizards." This may or may not be the result of fighting in the band because they are tired and stuff. What a shame.

- Get excited indie boys: Jenny Lewis (the one with the "nice legs" as someone recently said), of Rilo Kiley and the Postal Service is releasing a solo album next year. Rilo Kiley are also apparently playing Coachella next year.

- This reporter compares Dutch Kills to the Smashing Pumpkins.

posted by n. @ 11/29/2004


the sweetest thing


- Read Peter's review of the U2 "secret" show yesterday. It almost had me crying at my desk. My second concert ever (after Ringo Starr), was U2's Popmart tour. Brooklyn Vegan also has great pictures.

- I'm djing @ The Skinny tonite. 8-2am. 174 Orchard between Stanton and Houston. Come and drink cheap drinks with me!

<photo from

- last night while I was watching the repeat eposides of Season 2 of the Ali G show on HBO I swear to god Bruno, the gay fashionista character, interviewed Justine D and Thomas the Door Bitch (who is also apparently interviewed in Spin this month). Bruno basically got Justine to say indirectly that people with no individual fashion sense should be bused off to camps and go "bye bye." Not even kidding...

posted by n. @ 11/23/2004


do you love me?

Last night we went to see The Hives at Webster Hall, the second of their recent NYC dates, with openers The Fever. I had their shows at Irving Plaza earlier this year described to me by friends as "the best show of the year," so Jed and I were fully prepared to get rocked. Stuffed into a packed room about fifth row center with a bunch of hygenically challenged high school boys and dolled up high school girls, we waited (sort of) patiently for the band to take the stage. And when they did... holy swedish lord, this band was on fire. The energy that Pelle and his cohorts emit, in their charming matching suits and bowties is unbelieveable. Any time Pelle got anywhere near us, all the high school girls erupted in shrieking hysteria and jumped on top of each other to get close enough to merely touch him.

As much of an ego maniac as he comes off as about his band and how amazing they are (repeatedly asking the audience if they loved him and loved the Hives and loved their album title and loved um... anything he had anything to do with), Pelle is head to toe rockstar (cutest ass ever... or rather cutest everything). He owned the stage, and the highschoolers who made the floor shake, and captivated the entire room for their set. One standout moment of the show was during the song "Diabolic Scheme," in the middle of which the entire band froze in position, and stayed perfectly still (even the roadies were in on this) as the crowd went wild.

Vastly entertaining, this band did not disappoint me at all and at the end of the night as we dined on cheese fries at Roll Roaster, all I could talk about was getting a Hive of my very own to dance around my apartment and make funny faces. They are just too much fun.

Otherwise it felt like I spent the majority of my weekend DJing. Friday night I was spinning at Rothko, the first time I've been there since they remodeled the basement. Now where there was a room, there is a room where there once was a wall... and so on and so forth. Ever since I heard someone spin "I am one" by the Smashing Pumpkins @ Andy Shaw's bday party, I have been obsessed with playing it and it went over really well Friday night. After much free booze, I even found an armchair to curl up in for a 4am powernap and no one shaved off my eyebrows. What a success.

Then on Saturday was Husky G's birthday party @ Eleven, where I got to spin for a little over an hour and finally, after it was requested, I played the new Gwen Stefani single... and it was THE BEST. After hearing it again at Misshapes later that night, it has grown on me 100%. Sometimes hearing a song played to a room packed full of dancing sweaty people is what it takes I guess. Otherwise the night is kind of a blur, but I did eat the best chicken caeser salad ever @ The Waverly and took ANOTHER nap while I was at it. There was lots of free alcohol going on at Eleven so I'm not sure if anyone really remembers anything, but I'm pretty sure no one puked and no one died. Success! High five! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PETER!

I don't think I get enough sleep people...
I'm on my countdown to Turkey. Mmmmmmmmm.

posted by n. @ 11/22/2004

this is the new that like bridge is the new tunnel

There goes that one.

(Karibomb looks like she is having fun though!)

posted by n. @ 11/22/2004

U2 cargo?

(*update: just heard that the band was going down 7th ave and playing "Vertigo.")
(*update 2: stereogum has pictures!)

According to this site, U2 are driving around NYC playing on the back of a flatbed truck?!?!?!?!

Has anyone seen anything?

posted by n. @ 11/22/2004

mysterious concerts

while I would love to call in to work today but can't, you should because U2 are reportedly doing an "MTV Surprise Performance" today at 2:30 pm in Brooklyn, NY. This website has tickets that you have to get ahead of time.

here is the info:
Empire Fulton Ferry State Park
Corner of Plymouth & Washington street
Brooklyn, NY
(btwn the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges)

(You can take the F train from Manhattan to the York St. stop)

They also want you to dress like you are going to a club? Um... whatever. If anyone goes to this I want a full report!

posted by n. @ 11/22/2004


toss it

Hahaha... Peter... look:

"When Garcia touched down in the city, he began to work on putting a band together. There were no magical meetings or fateful partnerships, just a group of musicians who wanted to play the same kind of music with the same attitude.

"I guess it's the same way you get a softball team," mused Garcia of the band's formation. "Being in the circle, you know?"

Everyone's favorite pretty frontman, Diego of Elefant, compares the formation of his band to softball in this article. Now it has all come full circle...

posted by n. @ 11/19/2004

i don't know about you, but i think the fish might need to get a life...

This kind of thing is just another of the many many examples of how writing about your personal life on the internet is a bad idea, stalking girls via the internet will make you crazy, dating a guy (not cute!) you know is dating other girls at the same time is pretty lame, and the internet often provides waaay too much information. Thanks to the New York Times for posting this really inane article that should have been published in Cosmo instead and letting us all know about this.

And of course, it has resulted in a catfight over who is more of a feminist, hipsters or UWS girls. You tell me, ok? I have to take a break and figure out why am I reading about all this stuff to begin with. Thanks a lot, Internet.

posted by n. @ 11/19/2004


all for swinging you around

- Djing at The SKINnY this week was the best ever. Mostly because I got completely drunk, was worshiped by an asian guy dressed like Ali G, and had a tag team of DJ partners who helped me out when I needed a cigarette break or couldn't comprehend trying to mix anymore. If you're a DJ and you ever need to take a serious break from the decks, what was discovered on Tuesday was that playing Green Day's "Jesus of Suburbia" is a great way to make this happen -- all 9 minutes of it.

- Rolling Stone has given the new Gwen Stefani album 4 stars. Rob Sheffield says about the album, entitled Love, Angel, Music, Baby (isn't this printed on a LeSportsac bag?) "It's an irresistible party: trashy, hedonistic and deeply weird." Okay... so I got the "weird" part. But... I'm convinced this stuff will grow on me now. Well... pretty much convinced.

Then again, Rolling Stone also thought that the new U2 album was worthy of four stars. So maybe they don't know jack. I think the U2 Ipod is ten thousand times cooler than this pretty "eh" album. Granted I am due to give it a few more listens, but nothing caught my attention the way old U2 used to instantaneously. Maybe I have a short attention span. Huh? What? And anyways, why don't those crazy people at Apple just start making some black ipods? That's what people really want.

- Ben Kweller, the Flaming Lips, the Raveonettes, Death Cab for Cutie, Cake, AND the Dandy Warhols are covering oldies tunes for the soundtrack of a new VIDEO GAME called Stubbs the Zombie. The game comes out March 15th (or at least the soundtrack does). I don't know if this is necessarily the music I would want to listen to whilst killing Zombies, but what the heck...

Stubbs the Zombie track listing:

"Lollipop," Ben Kweller
"My Boyfriend's Back," the Raveonettes
"Earth Angel" Death Cab for Cutie
"Everyday," Rogue Wave
"Strangers in the Night," Cake
"There Goes My Baby," the Walkmen
"All I Have to Do Is Dream, the Dandy Warhols
"Mr. Sandman," Oranger
"If I Only Had a Brain," the Flaming Lips
"Tears on My Pillow," Clem Snide
"Shakin' All Over," Rose Hill Drive
"Lonesome Town," Milton Mapes
"The Living Dead," Phantom Planet

- look, there is a band called Dear Nora! awwww

- Audrey's fantastique party Atomique has moved to Thursdays from Mondays. As a result, it's happening tonight! Better day of the week, still the best music around. She has all the info on her site that you need.

posted by n. @ 11/18/2004

run run run

The first Benzos/Phoenix/Inouk date has SOLD OUT at Bowery, so they added another one. Get your tickets soon!

Wednesday, December 1st & Thursday, December 2nd(SOLD OUT)
BENZOS + Phoenix + Inouk + Big City Rock
Bowery Ballroom
6 Delancey St.
Benzos hit the stage at

Go here to buy tickets

posted by n. @ 11/18/2004


the coup starts here. or wherever.

Hey people! Here is an idea. And you love my ideas, so work with me here. Go to this poll and fill it all out, and then you can vote for this here site (that would be mine) as best blog. HAha, "yeah right, Nora!", I know you're saying. But c'mon now! We can stage a coup and then who knows... next time you see me I'll be doing commentary on I Love The 90s Part Deux and writing a book about how to find the best vodka tonics in NYC.. and cheapest Sparks (because if anyone would know...) and everything I have learned about the best in assymetrical hair, surviving (kinda) on little to no sleep, and perfecting the drunk dial.

Make all my dreams come true people, it's in your hands!

(ps: did anyone else watch Lost tonight? holy craaaaaaaaaap)

posted by n. @ 11/17/2004

work might kill me today, but this kind of makes it all better....

The fanfuckingtastic Madison Strays song "Last Train" won a contest on Radio 1 in the UK called Fresh Meat! hosted by a guy named Zane Lowe. These smarties across the pond voted it best new song (by a landslide!) on Monday night up against two other bands and then the Strays were featured on the same show the next night.

here's a link to the show. Just one more reason that I love the UK!

posted by n. @ 11/17/2004


hey boy, you're a rockstar now

Listening to KEXP at work has some excellent advantages, like finding out that The Futureheads will be live in their studios at noon today (that's noon in Washington I think so um... someone who isn't time zone challenged please tell me what time that is here... 3?). Free hot chocolate also rules.

And while we are on the topic of "things that rule," let's talk about The Upwelling show at Mercury Lounge on Saturday, where these three boys rocked a packed room (especially a very enthusiastic from three rows) with their nothing short of mesmerizing complex wall of sound. I know that I heaped praise on them the last time I saw them, but this was even an improvement on that show, also at Mercury a few months ago. The new material that they played, including the rollicking "Annie on the Rooftop", was as fantastic as crowd favorite (or at least Stu's favorite) and closer "American Night." Personally, I'm sticking with "Diamond Ring" as the song I'd like to have on repeat while I dance around my apartment in my underwear to while no one is watching. Anyone have a recording of this for me? Help a girl out.

And while we're (sort of) on the topic of "underwear," perhaps the highlight of this show had to be when some crazy Upwelling fan threw a bright purple thong on the stage. Nothing says rockstar more than some victoria secret panties flying in your lead singer's face mid-set. Way to go guys.

PS: I swear they weren't mine!

posted by n. @ 11/16/2004

open for business

I have two DJ gigs this week, so please come. We should all have fun together, no?

TONIGHT (Tuesday) I'm back @ The SKINnY from 8-2
174 Orchard b/t Stanton + Houston
$4 well drinks ALL NIGHT (and strooooooong!)

and then on Friday, I'm DJing @ Rothko. Here's all the info for that. There is going to be free alcohol given away too because the club is finally re-opening!

f R I D A Y
N O V E M B E R 19th, 2 0 0 4
S O C I A L ! S M

New Lows 12:00 AM
Stylofone 11:00 PM
My Victoria 10:00 PM
X-Wife 9PM

FREE Red Stripe Beer from 1 - closing
FREE Well Drinks from 3am - closing

please remember to drink responsibly

Julie Stein (Pudding)
Nora K (Popfrenzy! | On the Pull)
Claudia Lake
Alex English
spinning: indie.newwave.rock.electro.postpunk
FREE (Downstairs), $7 To See Bands
21 +
8.30pm - 4am
116 Suffolk Street @ Rivington
2 blocks east of Avenue A / Essex

posted by n. @ 11/16/2004


cue explosions?

Did I totally miss the boat on this one? Apparently the folks over at Pitchfork (or one misguided reviewer?) really REALLY love the new Gwen Stefani single "What You Waiting For?"

While I will agree that the video (windows media) is pretty visually interesting, I still am not sold on this song. Then again, I also hated Beyonce's "Crazy In Love" when it first came out and we all know how that turned out...

This Sunday she'll be performing the song to open the (craptastic) American Music Awards. So let's see how that goes and work from there... I love Gwen Stefani, but this is going to take some time to grow on me.

posted by n. @ 11/12/2004


hosted by Nora K + Nicola!
Friday, November 12th @ RED & BLACK. 10 - 4

Guest DJs:
Melody Nelson!
and Matt of The GoStation!
spin the best of 80s, dance, hip hop and more!

241 drinks from 10-11!
SHOT & A BEER $5!!

directions: Red and Black 135 N. 5th St. (btw Bedford and Berry)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn 10pm - 4am Directions by subway: Take the L train to
Bedford Ave. (which is one stop away from Manhattan). Walk two blocks south
on Bedford Ave. to N. 5th St. Make a right on N. 5th St. Red and Black is on the north side of N. 5th St.!

The next party will be our holiday blowout, but you have to wait until the 17th of December, so get your frenzy on tonight!

On The Pull

posted by n. @ 11/12/2004


save target as

Rob of Morning Theft has posted three newly recorded Morning Theft songs in his blog, as well as a great story about the evolution of one of my favorite MT songs "Living With Your Ghost."

posted by n. @ 11/11/2004


will be @ the second anniversay of Restricted @ Lit

From the desk of DJ Punk Ass Jason:
"The members Slayer will indeed be spending their post-concert hours at RESTRICTED tonight. And for those dedicated folks who like Slayer and also like Restricted, come present your ticket stub for tonight's concert at the bar and you'll get a FREE vodka drink or Bud bottle. Come hang with the band -- we may even open up the art gallery for them to hang out with their friends and fans. Heck, I may even let Kerry King spin some tunes when they get to the bar - don't worry, he has good taste... See you tonight."

posted by n. @ 11/11/2004


remind me to spend some good time with you

Today I'm going to talk about how much I like the band Phoenix. I was talking about this with someone over the weekend, after I heard "Everything Is Everything" being played throughout the crowded Apple Store in Soho. Phoenix (who are french! we love frenchies), manage to have this perfect combination of sort of rock, sort of pop, but just on the very borderline where you don't think their music is just another brand of cheesy euro-trash schtuff. And it's damn catchy. To the point that, when I started playing one of their songs, one person was like "this is soooo cheesy" and by the time it hit the middle he was dancing around the room singing along.

You've probably already heard Phoenix because their song "Too Young" was in the movie Lost In Translation and appears on the soundtrack. (I'll post an MP3 later, kids)...

Phoenix are playing Bowery Ballroom with Inouk and the fantastic Benzos on December 2nd. Get your tickets here.
Last night I DJd at The Skinny. The owner, Jim, put up this poster with descriptions of all the DJ nights. Mine read something along the lines of "Miss Nora K opens a box of nostalgia playing your favorite pop, indie rock, 80s new wave, etc. etc." Gotta love that nostalgia box... but seriously, remember that song "Standing Outside A Broken Phonebooth With Money In My Hand" (a song title as long and annoying as the title of Fiona Apple's second record?) by Primative Radio Gods? I love playing things like that, that people haven't heard in a long time but remember like it was yesterday the second it hits their ears.

I may or may not be djing at Pianos tomorrow night, but if I'm not, I'll be hitting the Interpol afterparty @ the Delancey or trying to find a way into the Arcade Fire show at Bowery Ballroom. Or maybe I'll be passed out on my couch after watching the OC. The way the weather has been this week has made that just about the only thing I actually want to do, but then I remember that it's going to be like this for the next four months.

That sucks big time.

posted by n. @ 11/09/2004


they broke my sitar

I'm tired, but in a good way. The weather was nice this weekend for perhaps the last time in a while, which allowed for fieldtrips to Guitar Center to check out fun DJ equipment and try on fancy discount shoes at the new DSW in Union Square (it took HOW long to build that thing? geeze), eat a bit too much amazingly tasty mexican food @ Mexican Radio, and check out two great movies, The Incredibles (Pixar can seriously do no wrong, this movie was fucking excellent and then some) and finally a screener copy of Dig!.

I know everyone has been talking about Dig! for months now, so I won't go to the trouble of really explaining any of it (go here for that if need be). Regardless it was an excellent documentary - it's still unbelievable to me how much amazing footage Timoner was able to capture. I believe a lot of people favored the BJM over the Warhols after (or probably even before) viewing this documentary when it came to their "fued", but I don't really think anyone was really right or really wrong. Anton is obviously very much the genius that everyone claimed him to be, but resented (to the point of totally ridiculousness at times) his friend for having a achieved a level of success in the "industry" that he constantly claimed never to want to achieve (and was also extremely self destructive in the meantime).

Courtney on the other hand took the corporate money, found "success" (well... for a little while anyways) and lived out a very glossy rockstar dream, but always obviously felt that he fell short of the talents that Anton posessed. To write it out now, it sort of reminds me of the Lennon/McCartney dynamic, except two guys in seperate bands instead of writing as a team. In the film it just seemed like, in the end, no one really comes out on top in the music industry regardless of what path you take. Pretty disheartening I'd say, but a great film nonetheless.

Oh - I also just really think Joel Gion should get his own movie. I love him and his funny glasses too.

Tonight if you're looking for something to do, the Delancey is having 1/2 priced drinks all night and a new band called Academy are making their debut @ Lit. Academy's bass player is someone who I have encouraged to join a band for a long time, and I'm looking forward to see what direction they take. Also, Karibomb is DJing @ Atomique, and she's hot! Phew, when did Mondays get so busy?

posted by n. @ 11/08/2004


we forgot all the names we used to know

this might be the longest I have gone without blogging. between job training and djing and party planning and going through john kerry withdrawl, and packing for canada i've just been a very busy girl. but i have missed you, dear internet. and i'll probably be on here more now that it's going to be getting retardedly cold in the upcoming weeks. i mean, where would i be if i didn't have the gap to help show me how to wear a scarf. I mean seriously, I have been trying to figure out that whole "over the shoulder" look for YEARS. genius.

okay whatever. when I drive to Canada because our country is still run by a giant douche (not a turd sandwich... haHA), i'm going to listen to "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)" by Arcade Fire over and over again. And maybe something by Frou Frou.

that's all for now.

posted by n. @ 11/06/2004


elefants are cool.

Incase five million other people haven't announced this already, Elefant are playing at Mercury Lounge tonight @ 7pm. Tickets are 8$. I have no idea why this is going on, but who cares. If you're an Elefant fan, it's all good.

posted by n. @ 11/03/2004


sacre bleu and whatever

If you know me at all, you probably have already heard that i finally got a new job that i absolutely love. on my first day (being today), my new boss spent the entire morning and afternoon listening to Antics on repeat. While this may sound as though it would be somewhat annoying, I found this to be very encouraging and also rather awesome.

Tomorrow night, post working, voting, etc. etc. i will be back DJing @ The Skinny. I know I have already mentioned the very VERY strong drinks and cheap prices at this place ($4 for all well drinks). Hopefully we will all have something to celebrate tomorrow (go Kerry), but it is going to be a long and probably nerve wracking day. sooooo when it is all said and done, come on over and relax and have a drink with me. Hopefully it will be a drink for a happier cause. If not, I am packing up my albums and heading to Canada with my little sister. Canada is awesome, they sell poutines at Burger King and the Stills came from Canada and they are cute! I think Jed (aka my own, personal, jesus) told me Arcade Fire are also from Canada? Yeah yeah yeah, I like them too. Yada yada yada hipster bandwagon. They're GOOD.

Whatever, Kerry is going to win and we are going to get drunk. See you tomorrow night!

(just in case, you can practice singing "O, Canada" here in english and francais. ohlala)

Also before I forget, my Halloween was awesome and I got to handcuff a lot of people which was fun. DJing while handcuffed to a dancing person is complicated but workable. And that's all she wrote...

posted by n. @ 11/01/2004

probably drunk

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