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The Upwelling

opening for VHS or Beta! March 8th!

at Bowery Ballroom!

HUZZAH! get your tickets here!

posted by n. @ 2/28/2005


with the windows down as this is guiding you home

I had a pretty good weekend. Last week and spending so much time thinking about my mom hit me harder than I realized it would I think. Memories are good and they are difficult at times also. So to distract me from dwelling I threw myself into planning a birthday party for Jed and listening to some new music, including Modernage (see entry below), the new Fisherspooner album, "Odyssey", and brits Maximo Park. Of course I have good things to say about all of these things, but I will save them for later.

Tonight I'm watching the Oscars, like most people, and I don't really have anything to offer because I haven't seen even half of the nominate movies. I will say that Cate Blanchett is gorgeous and I like award shows that have good hosts (especially if they have hosts at all, which seems to be kind of rare now) and Chris Rock is just that. And I'm glad there aren't as many hobbits involved this year. And thank god Charlie Kauffman finally won an Oscar.

In other good news, Morning Theft got a spot playing SXSW this year, which completely rules and makes me really happy. Hopefully the lucky people attending this years conference will take notice.

posted by n. @ 2/27/2005


now you're talking!

the walkmen + ben kweller + the features @ irving plaza for FIVE DOLLARS on march 28th.

tickets go on sale tomorrow at 1. i don't know if it's at the venue or on ticketmaster or WHAT, but someone please comment or email me and let me know if you find out.

i met one of the features once and he offered to dance around a bar with a crate on his head to cheer up a friend of mine.

ok that's all for now...

posted by n. @ 2/25/2005

erasing what was safe and sound

I got a package in the mail yesterday from this band from Miami called Modernage. First of all, I love getting stuff in the mail (except for bills and letters from NYU asking me to give them more money). Especially when I get packages from bands. I always listen to everything people send me, and it's especially good if it's stuff I can DJ.

Anyways, back to Modernage. I've been listening to their EP today and so far I really like it. The Stills, but darker, meets Interpol with a little Cure gloom. They hail from Miami, however, where I have never been and don't know much of anything about their music scene. But the band has toured with Elefant and opened for the Walkmen and stacks up pretty well amongst their contemporaries although I'm not sure if they're doing anything that new or exciting. Regardless, it's still good. Thanks for the mail!

Modernage - The Shore

Modernage - Four Eleven

(they sent me a ton of copies so if anyone would like one please let me know)

posted by n. @ 2/25/2005


where do you keep it?

"She asserts that when plaintiff 'delivered' his sperm, it was a gift -- an absolute and irrevocable transfer of title to property from a donor to a donee," the decision said. "There was no agreement that the original deposit would be returned upon request."

Maybe I should go to law school...

posted by n. @ 2/24/2005

little sister involves cowbell. yay!

- Someone got to my blog today by searching on Google for "josh homme groupie." yeah, NO KIDDING! Apparently something hottt involving QOTSA is going down in Union Square on March 21st.

Is Josh going to profess his undying love for me? Or at least perform naked? Too bad the Virgin Megastore is being such a tease. We'll see what happens... for now, I hope he just feels better so they don't have to cancel more shows!

- The Fame are having their CD release party @ Pianos on March 3rd. Everyone who goes to the show gets a copy of their EP, Get On The Beat. The band sent me a copy of it and it is gooooooooooooood. Go to this show if you can, because they are leaving on a US tour after it!

- Elkland are playing a show @ The Delancey tonight, before they go to Europe to open for ERASURE. I picked up a copy of their 7" single for "Apart" and the remix on it is GREAT.

- The GoStation are playing a free show @ Luna Lounge tonight. The Luna Lounge is the first place I ever saw them play. I'm getting sadder and sadder that it is closing every day...

- Benzos are playing March 12th @ Pianos and you can catch the Bravery on March 24th @ Rothko.

posted by n. @ 2/24/2005

c-u-p to the c-a-k-e

I probably should wait to post this, but it has a GIANORMOUS CUPCAKE ON IT and Peter made it for me and I loooooooooooooooove it. It's mesmerizing. So here is the flier for my birthday party in two weeks. Some of my favorite bands are playing, and my favorite DJs are spinning, and there is an open bar from 11-12. I'm trying to get Pat to sing happy birthday to me, but we'll see if that happens or not. Please RSVP and please come.

(obviously Nicole won't be there, however. see the post below....)

posted by n. @ 2/24/2005

size: medium.

so, nora revealed something VERY big to me last night... and i'm going to reveal it to you because i'm a good friend:

she's in love....

...with sweatpants.

i figured i'd let you all in on the big news so that you can plan your birthday gifts accordingly. her favorite color is hot pink, and i'd estimate she's a size medium.

that's all.


posted by Anonymous @ 2/24/2005


when you're buried under california snow

It was a long weekend, and it has taken me even longer to manage to focus enough in order to write about it. The weekend involved a large combination of things, both good and bad... it marked the four year anniversary of the loss of one of the most important people in my life, which I think will forever be one of the hardest of the 365 days of the year for me. Music, caring friends, and a lot of time to think and reflect are what carried me through. So let's begin...

Friday night was a familiar scene at the Mercury Lounge, where we gathered to watch the Upwelling deliver what, in my opinion, is the best show they have ever graced us with. The last time I saw the band play was on the night of the huge snowstorm in January, and while I enjoyed their performance there, there just wasn't the same energy and spark that typically make Blizzards tend to have that effect I suppose. But regardless, Fridays show wiped away all of those feelings entirely and and the bands put on a positively stellar show.

And the most significant thing about it all is that they chose to not play several tride and true Upwelling fan favorites, including "In Her Arms/Sam" and "American Night." Ok, obviously this isn't like when you go see a band like... Pearl Jam or Radiohead, who have a huge catalog and you don't expect them to play all of their 'hits' because they are a pretty established band (although when they bust out 'Creep' or 'Fake Plastic Trees' or... insert name of any hit Pearl Jam song here, you're obviously kind of psyched). Anyways, you get my point that basically at this stage in the band's exhistence I think fans come to these shows expecting to hear the songs that they love so much, not only because they are fantastic songs but because they have an emotional attachment/expectation to hear them. But the great part was that it didn't really matter at all what songs the band played, because every song is great. And when the band's energy is in top form, they could jam out to "my country tis of thee" or "hit me baby one more time" or whatever and you would say "holy shit that was awesome."

Ok maybe that's a stretch. Maybe.

So the show was great, and now the band is leaving us to take over the world (or at least part of the US and Ireland). Should be pretty sweet.

After the show we went to Lit, where I heard James Iha spin Justin Timberlake almost immediately followed by the Backstreet Boys. Honestly, if any other DJ in the basement of Lit attempted to get away with spinning "Everybody" (rock your boooody, yeaaaah), they would probably have drinks thrown at them. This only proves that James Iha can apparently get away with anything. He even looks good in a dress. Still, I'm not sure what prompted the boy band homage... the rest of the Aktion party was fun, Audrey spun some great tunes upstairs and I stayed there two hours longer than originally intended. Oh well, that's what happens at Lit.

Saturday Jed and I trooped to the Virgin Megastore in Union Square (not for the Jamba Juice, surprisingly) to pick up our copies (in my case one, in his case at least 7 or 8) of the Upwelling's ep, because they are featured on the new Virgin Recommends compilation. This is a pretty big deal because they are the only unsigned band to ever be on this album, and they're now sharing some spotlight with acts like The Arcade Fire, Tegan and Sara, The Dears, and... Queen Latifah! Awesomeness. While we were in the store, the played an Upwelling song over the store PA system, which was such a total rush for me it actually made me a little teary, like when I first heard Dutch Kills on the radio, etc. It's just so exciting for me to see this band progress, and I still can't even really begin to really appreciate what it means to their friends and the band themselves!

So that was pretty happy stuff, and that's a good place to stop this entry now I think (although I did go to see Morning Theft at Luna Lounge also and that was great as always and Pat rocked out and I know you must be tired of me lavishing praise on Morning Theft so I'll shut up now).

posted by n. @ 2/23/2005


is this loud enough for you?

Alright, the weekend isn't coming fast enough, so here's another blog post.

First we have some picture I took at the Saints and Lovers show @ Rothko on Tuesday for Vicious.

This show was great. They played a lot of songs I haven't heard before. OR maybe it was the two bottles of half priced wine from dinner making me forgetful. But regarldess, they were excellent. Unfortunately, we were late and I don't know if they opened with Joy Division's 'Atmosphere', and if they did and I missed it, I am truely sad (if you were there and you saw it, you can feel free to rub it in, but I will be sadder then and you will just be mean). I'm pretty sure they played 'Kiss it Goodbye' into 'December' into 'It's You' which pretty much almost made my head pop off in sheer awe. I don't know when their next show is, but you MUST GO.

Before this show, and before the two bottles of wine, we went to see PS at Sin-e as planned. They broke a bass string, so despite being late from work I was told that I didn't miss much. They sounded fantastic -- I haven't been to a show at Sin-e in a while and for me it has always been hit or miss in terms of sound, but Tuesday it was great.

Song: PS - Plyons (this song seriously rocks out)


This brings us fairly up to speed to this coming weekend --- which will be a great one.

Tonight @ Mercury Lounge features some of my favorite musical boys on the planet, The Upwelling. I'm pretty much convinced that they may never play another venue aside from the Merc (until they headline Radio City, obviously...), but the sound here suits them perfectly so please come check it out.

They are headlining, and one of the openers is Robbers On High Street. Everywhere I turn this band is getting some crazy good press for their new album, "Tree City."

Listen to their song Spanish Teeth. I've always had "ho-hum" feelings about this band when I have seen them live, but in this email I got today this is how a reviwer described them:

"imagine Hot Hot Heat teetering above a pool infested with members of Interpol armed with ugly sticks, that's how tense, danceable and new wavey New York's Robbers On High Street are." (New Musical Express)

Um.. whoa? Apparently this should be my favorite band ever or something. We will see...

The afterparty for this show is going to be at Lit, featuring the DJ talents of Melody Nelson, Greg K, James Iha... etc. etc. etc. and a RED BULL AND VODKA OPEN BAR FROM 12-1am.

Saturday night Morning Theft are playing their last show at the sadly departing Luna Lounge. It's free and starts at 8pm.

And finally, I will be the thousanth person to tell you that Motherfucker @ Roxy w/ Bloc Party is not to be missed.

Then on Monday, you can sleep or something. What a plan!

posted by n. @ 2/18/2005

fork me

Good morning!

My sister site, Fansite of the Month has a track from the new Spoon album, "Sister Jack", that you can download here.

I can't stop listening to this album. It's seriously affecting my productivity. Oh, and cold pizza is the best breakfast ever. Better than baked cooler ranch doritos, that formerly held this top honor. But def. not better than... gay penguins! (thanks anna) Awesome.

Blah blah blah gimme my weekend!

posted by n. @ 2/18/2005


reason is treason

Last night, as expected, I opted out of the probably was totally fantastic Movable Hype show and found time well spent with dominos 3-for=15, Jed, and a new episode of Lost (where they played "I Never".. you know that would have been the FIRST thing I did on a desert island, get drunk and play games like "I never"). I managed to get some ten hours of sleep, so despite missing some great music I feel pretty fantastic today.

Even though I missed Elkland last night, apparently they are on a mission to play as many shows in one week as humanly possible. Everyone wants a piece of the Elkland now? Anyways, you can catch them tonight @ the Delancey, set time is 11pm.

I got a copy of the new Spoon album, Gimme Fiction last night. So far, two listens in, and I'm sort of in love. The opening song, "The Beast and Dragon, Adored" is especially amazing. More to share later...

Tonight, if I had money to spend on shows, I would be torn between seeing French Kicks at Bowery Ballroom or The Music and Kasabian at Irving Plaza. I've been listening to Kasabian's self-titled cd a lot this week at work, and they make me feel gloomy like BRMC and yet I still want to dance around to anthems like "Club Foot" and "Processed Beats" and a lot of their stuff is very hip hop influenced as well it seems. And I've loved the Music since I saw them during CMJ last fall - Breakin' is one of my favorite songs to DJ. Should be a night of a lot of great loud tunes. And if you go to this show, or any show for that matter, make sure you stop by the great afterparty that Audrey is throwing @ her weekly party Atomique. Here's the flier:

Kasabian - Club Foot (live)

posted by n. @ 2/17/2005



There is an amazing show going on tonight, with a line up that reads like someone tapped into my music brain/heart/blog to create it. Unfortuantely I don't know if I'm going to actually make it to this show for monitary/sleep deprivation/lack of ability to speak due to sore throat reasons.

But please go. All four bands are solid great acts that I talk about here a lot (or at least a little bit).

Gothamist presents:

here's the lineup:

knitting factory - doors 7:30 pm
8:45 the cloud room
9:30 other passengers
10:30 the information
11:30 elkland

if you get there early, there will be free booze + cupcakes. nice!

(if you miss this show, Elkland will also be playing at SHOUT! on Sunday night!)

Last night Nicole and I saw some amazing bands and found the best deal for winos on the LES (shhh we will only tell you if you are good). We did miss one band that we really really like though, The Good North (from Boston!). Check out their song Always Works Out Wrong now though. Rob Holmes testifies that it will make you cream yourself. More on this and other happenings of Tuesday night later...

posted by n. @ 2/16/2005


everyday i love you... more and more.

Everyone loved the Kaiser Chiefs. Seriously, I'm not joking, not even kidding, everyone. The show last night at Mercury Lounge was phenominal, from the very beginning with terribly catchy opener "Na Na Na Na Naa" (maybe not the best name for a song, but who cares).

Lead singer Ricky Wilson, who sort of projects a mix of Luke Skywalker meets Greg The Boyfriend, is amazingly charismatic as a frontman and has a great voice to boot. To me they are what the Killers would be if they were actually British and had double the stage presence- they even have a guy with a giant head of curly hair.

They are going to play Bowery Ballroom in March, date tba.

Song: Kaiser Chiefs - Saturday Night

Kaiser Chiefs - Every Day I Love You Less and Less

Other than the show, and the kamakaze shot incident afterwards, I had a great Valentines Day, thanks to this guy and the rest of my awesome valentine friends (I even got a Buffy the Vampire Slayer valentine, rawk).


Tonight there are two great shows that I'm going to be checking out, and one of them is TOTALLY FREE, so you should do your best to check it out!

PS are playing a free showcase tonight @ Sin-e at 7pm. You can read more about them here.

Also playing after them @ 8:30 is the band Argentine. Check out their song Ender/Beginner and Slumberside. Some nice, mellowed out stuff.

Then later in the night I'm going to Rothko to see Saints + Lovers play Audrey's great music showcase, Vicious.

Saints and Lovers play at 10pm, and the rest of the lineup is here.

Honestly, I can't recommend either of these shows or bands enough to you.

Happy Tuesday!

kaiser chiefs picture courtesy of the amazing brooklyn vegan

posted by n. @ 2/15/2005


my dress matches my livestrong bracelet. um... wow...?

Happy V-Day.

This weekend was relaxing and sanity restoring, at least it was after Friday's Jagerettes explosion and my dj-napping and whatnot. A lot of friends came out, and it was a fun time, and I've never seen a Rick Springfield song make people so happy. Bachlorette party cheesy fun. Saturday we went to Central Park with the daughter of one of my mother's friends to check out Christo's gates. I was sort of underwhelmed by the whole orange spectacle, but we all agreed it would probably be very cool looking from a higher vantage point.

Sunday night we ate a lot of sushi and watched the Grammy Awards, which were eh... eh... okay. I can't believe U2 won for Vertigo, that was stupid, and they seemed to know it too. I suppose the highlight for me was the Janis Joplin tribute featuring Melissa Ethridge performing so soon after finishing her chemo treatments for breast cancer. Seeing someone rock out like that with the amount of spirit that she showed was really inspirational, and somehow I know my mom would have thought so too.

Oh, and Loretta Lynn is fucking awesome.

Tonight, you know the deal, Kaiser Chiefs + Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. My little sister sent me a box of chocolates, so I will go enjoy them now and watch the new Bravery Video for 'Honest Mistake' that is pretty spiffy concept wise and gives Billy Joe Armstrong a run for eyeliner wearing prize.


posted by n. @ 2/14/2005


jagerettes in training

I haven't been DJing much lately because my friends have been throwing great birthday parties and housewarming parties and I hadn't been sleeping a lot. Tonight, however, I'm back and the party is at LES bar The SKINnY and features a JAGERMEISTER promotion from 11pm-1am. The Jagerettes (hot girls with Jager! no foolin) will be handout out stuff like t-shirts, hats, and CHEAP shots of Jagermeister!

So you will get wasted, and I will be on the decks making you dance to the best in indie rock, 80s, 90s, new wave and more (and NO hip hop so don't even ask).

How hot is that? SO hot. Yay.

The SKINnY is located at 174 Orchard b/t Stanton and Houston
10pm til you pass out from all the Jager. We swear.

posted by n. @ 2/11/2005

this entry brought to you by gianormous starbucks drink + the beats of MIA

-- Central Village hates it when they move shows from Bowery Ballroom to Webster Hall. Him and everyone else for that matter. Honestly, the two shows I've seen at Webster Hall (The Music and The Hives/Fever) weren't bad, but the venue is in no way comparable to Bowery Ballroom.

-- Rachel has lunch with the Upwelling and envisions them headlining a sold out show at Hammerstein Ballroom. Although I am not particularly fond of the sound at Hammerstein, I like the way this girl thinks.

The Upwelling are playing Mercury Lounge on February 18th w/ Robbers on High Street.

-- Jay has info on a great show + event happening this Saturday (can someone enlighten me to what is involved in a Staten Island Iced Tea? I'm assuming it's a combination that could kill me, but I'm just curious):


Sam Champion (
w/ Frank Bango
Saturday, Feb 12th (8:30pm)
@ Luna Lounge (Ludlow btwn Houston & Stanton)

Loose Record presents...
Sam Champion and Frank Bango Afterparty
Saturday, Feb 12th (10:30pm-They Shut Us Down)
@ The Hanger Bar (217 E 3rd btwn B/C)
w/ Loose DJ's on Rabid Rotation
Drinks: $2 PBR & 8Balls; $4 PBR + Well Whiskey; $4 Wells; $3 Staton Island Ice Teas (Gross but cheap!).

Loose will be trading email addresses for PBR's and buttons throughout the night.

-- if you are going to see the Kaiser Chiefs @ North Six on Saturday, here is the info on the afterparty for that show which should be a lot of fun, esp. since Appocalypse Chow is DJing. Note the FREE PIZZA part (Capones is owned by the same people who own the Alligator Lounge).

Saturday Feb. 12, 2005 The Kaiser Chiefs and Madison Strays After Party (for their show at NorthSix)

at: Capones 221 N9th, (between Driggs and Roebling) Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 10:00pm-4:00am, NO COVER

Djs: Peanut(Kaiser Chiefs), Oil(KanineRecords), Alex Chow(Madison Strays), Aorta (Crashin' In) playing a mix of Brit/Indie/Post Punk/Nu-wave dance tunes.

Free Pizza and Cheap Drinks All Night Long.

posted by n. @ 2/11/2005


are you clapping yet?

You're going to have to pay me to stop talking about Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (I promise I'll pay for the clothes I wear to Misshapes, however) . We're going to the show on Monday afterall, because while we really like nice flowers (really), we all know the key to my heart is good music (and penguins, vodka, and stuff).

Here is a Clap Your Hands article/interview with The Deli Magazine.

Here's a recording that isn't on their website (the quality isn't fantastic, but the song is fun! but the end just cuts off. hrm....)

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Come Along

and one more:

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Home On Ice

posted by n. @ 2/10/2005

fever sure has got me good

this is hot:

unfortunately my head hurts and i'm pretty sure everyone @ work noticed that i'm wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday. eh.. so it goes.

posted by n. @ 2/10/2005


my mind has changed so much, but my hearts the same

A little over a year ago, Nicole and I went to see Dutch Kills @ Mercury Lounge (before we started managing them), and stuck around afterwards to check out this band from California called Aeon Spoke. And wow, was I glad that we did. Ever since then I have LOVED this band, and ever since then to my knowledge they haven't come back to New York at all. I used to listen to their song "Pablo At The Park" on repeat until my old roommate was ready to kill me if I played it one more time.

The songs are beautiful, their live performances are powerful, and they need to come back to NYC asap. Please?

aeon spoke - pablo at the park
aeon spoke - no answers

Tonight go see Morning Theft rock the house at Lit, the play at 10 and if I said it once I've... actually probably really said it a thousand times: they are great. Husky G is also throwing a party at a new venue I've never been to called 17 home, and all the info is here. They have drink specials, and I highly endorse drink specials.

posted by n. @ 2/09/2005


alive and amplified

Hi. I need to rent a PA system for one night/day whatever. Does anyone know a good place to go for that sort of thing? Please email me and let me know!

posted by n. @ 2/08/2005

i wish i had a cool last name like "scarr"

The past weekend was sort of a blur, so much so that I forgot to talk about it. What did I even do? Oh wait... got drunk and sang karaoke (Bon Jovi... best ever) with Husky and ate greek food in "couples" mode in Astoria, and finally bought Coachella tickets. There was some game on TV involving a ball, tight pants, and commercials featuring awesome monkeys. Unfortunately we didn't even get to see the end because the cable in the bar broke. Damn.

Also saw some great acoustic performances, including a really fantastic set by a girl named Kelli Scarr, who also fronts a band called Moonraker. Kelli sounds very much like Cat Power meets Bjork I think, with more stage presence (than Cat Power) and a wicked cover of Aaliyah's "Are You That Somebody?" (not kidding) that brought down the house. Check out her myspace profile.

Here is a track from her demo also, very mellow and not entirely similiar to what she played on Sunday...
Kelli Scarr - This Is The Time

Matt GoStation also took the Pianos stage that night, performing some great covers including songs by Hope of the States and "Under the Milky Way" by Church which is one of my favorite songs.

Tomorrow night I get to wear an expensive top made of leather to the Vivienne Tam fashion show, followed by what will surely be some sort of hipster cluster fuck afterparty at "NA" (is that like "nah" or "not applicable"? i'm not sure) w/ guest DJ James Iha among others. The last time we went to one of these fashionista parties, there was a champagne open bar so I'm pretty sure it was a good time, even though I slept in the borrowed clothing and didn't feel too hot the next morning.

Anyways... I have work to do so entertain yourselfs with an MP3 from the New York band that I talk about sometimes, The Fame. They are playing a show this Friday @ Mercury Lounge with one of the bands that scare me the most, Bling Kong (John Hughes meets the Polyphonic Spree on more drugs and with cheerleaders or something). But this song by the Fame is awesome, and the Fame are hot. Or hottt. Makes me want to jump around and wear corderoy bellbottoms. Um... I need more coffee.

The Fame - Lost In You

posted by n. @ 2/08/2005


i predict you'll say "yeah" (sorry... couldn't help myself)

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! have been added to the Kaiser Chiefs bill @ Mercury Lounge on Valentines Day. Tickets still on sale here.

here are some Kaiser Chiefs MP3s via You Ain't No Picasso

I Predict A Riot
Oh My God

Unfortunately it appears that I won't be @ this show. But I'll be getting some really really really REALLY nice flowers apparently. Good!

Oh, and a penguin.

posted by n. @ 2/07/2005

wheels! snake! SPIKE!


(this is vastly superior to the Noggin version although i do tivo it mostly to see how many times they say aboot every episode).

posted by n. @ 2/07/2005

a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

Alright, as you already know, last week I finally got to see Arcade Fire live. After months of hype following their CMJ showcase and sold out Bowery Ballroom stint, we were so excited and also worried. Worried because, as has been said a thousand times at least, when a band has that much of a hype machine riding behind them, somehow they are just bound to be a disappointment when you get the chance to see them. Even those who run Arcade Fire fansites were feeling... anxious... and attempting to set themselves up to accept that this band couldn't possibly live up to all of the praise that was being heaped upon them.


And they exceeded it.

And not even because David Byrne came out during their encore, a delight for the audience AND the band as well. Because even if that hadn't happened and Byrne had stayed in the VIP section drinking PBRs with David Bowie, this would have been a fantastic show. From the first bursting "ahhs" of 'Wake Up', it was clear that this band is something truely special. For me a lot of it has to do with the animated way in which they perform and the passion and excitement with which they sing every note and strike every chord and violin string.

Their set featured all of the great tracks from "Funeral" and also some gems from the "Us Kids Know" ep including the fantastic "No Cars Go" and a beautiful ballad called "My Heart Is An Apple." The best song of the night, aside from "Naive Melody (This Must Be The Place)" was their performance of "Tunnels" which had the audience singing along to every word. I love this song because of the imagery that it creates, beautiful and childlike... I think the entire band has a collective Peter Pan complex. And this lends itself to a fantastic live performance, with jumping around, silly catfights between members, etc. etc. But then, only an adult could write a song as heartbreaking and wonderful as "Crown of Love." Somehow, all of this culminated and made it clear that the Arcade Fire really are as special as everyone says they are. If you ever get the chance to see them live, don't let it pass you by.

posted by n. @ 2/07/2005


although david byrne will probably not be there...

these are some great shows this weekend that you should check out:

Thursday: PS @ Mercury Lounge, 10pm. Lead singer Patrick Savage (besides being a Lloyd Dobbler doppelganger) has one of the most hauntingly beautiful and resonant voices I have ever heard. This fantastic quintet produces a wall of gorgeous sound that doesn't lend itself easily to comparison. Please come see for yourself.

Song: PS - Spelling

Saturday: The Cloud Room @ Tiswas, 11:30pm. I honestly think Jen may have said it best, "The Cloud Room = Awesome." Their song "Hey Hey Now" is so catchy and bouncy for me it just equals happiness. Plus as a bonus the fantastic DJs The Shut The Fuck Up (Michael and Arthur Stellastarr*) will be on the decks that night. Not to be missed!

Song: The Cloud Room - Hey Now Now

Sunday: After some buffalo wing munching and football (semi) observing upstairs @ Pianos on Sunday -- or wherever you watch the game/commercials, come to Pianos downstairs for a fantastic series of acoustic performances, featuring Nicole Atkins and Matt of the GoStation setting out for the first time on his own. Matt has already proven himself an accomplished guitar player on The GoStation's lively rock songs, so it will be interesting to see what he will produce in a more relaxed acoustic performance. Matt performs at 11.

PS, photographed by Jasper

posted by n. @ 2/03/2005

this must be the place

Hear David Byrne performing with the Arcade Fire and singing "Naive Melody (This Must Be The Place)" here.*

Thanks to Jed for recording this @ the show and um... thanks to me for hosting it?
The quality on this is outstanding... it makes me get emotional all over again.

(please please please right click and save as)

* also, if you are someone who will sue me for posting this, please just know that i'm a nice girl and if you email me i will take it down immediately. thanks!

update: here is the live performance of "Rebellion (Lies)" from last night. there are quite a few skips unfortunately (I think Jed was jumping around a lot), but you'll get the idea!

posted by n. @ 2/03/2005

holy fucking shit wow

As forcasted by Jay, for the last song of their encore last night at Irving Plaza, the Arcade Fire were joined onstage by DAVID BYRNE. They performed "Naive Melody." The band was just about as excited by all of this as those of us in the audience were.

It was beyond amazing.

A full review is coming after I get some actual sleep.

posted by n. @ 2/03/2005


take my temperature. it's hottt.

Kaiser Chiefs tickets for Valentines Day @ Mercury Lounge are now on sale for 12 bucks a pop.

(hint hint HINT)

Also, incase you have actual Valentine's Day plans involving something other than seeing a great band at Mercury Lounge, you can see Kaiser Chiefs two days earlier at North Six with openers Prosiacs and.... MADISON STRAYS. Madison Strays have been busy in the studio working on their new three song EP which should be out soon ('Last Train' is being released on March 7th by UK label Eat Sleep Records.


Prosiacs - Teeth
Madison Strays - Last Train

posted by n. @ 2/02/2005

rise and shine

In direct relation to my previous entry, you can now watch The GoStation's video for "Wandering Away" right here.

Apparently David Bowie was spotted at the Arcade Fire show last night. Pretty sure there will be 238957329587 fantastic reviews of the show coming this morning. We CANNOT WAIT. Can we go n o w?

Speaking (sort of) of Arcade Fire, this (right click save as) only goes to further solidify my belief that certain "mash ups" need to NOT happen. EVER. My appologies...

Benzos new LP is the best thing to listen to in the morning ever. It goes well with my apple jacks. Seriously, it will make your head explode with its amazing-ness. Or your vagina. Or whatever you like to explode in music related bliss. Promise.

Next Tuesday, Nicola and I are djing at Lit.

Ok I think that's all for now.

posted by n. @ 2/02/2005

probably drunk

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