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thank you thank you thank you

we just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU to all of the bands that played on friday night at fat baby, to all of the people who came out to party with us, and to everyone that made the night possible. our first show at this new venue was a total success (sold out!!!) and we are so excited for all the things we are currently booking. the space is beautiful, the bartenders are nice, the sound is incredible and we have lots of talent to showcase in the coming months!

Boys of THE DIVIDE, MORNING THEFT (aka. Weezer), and THE WALK-UP: you rock our world and we love you, so thanks!

check the fat baby website for upcoming shows... we are putting together quite an exciting calendar of events!!

nicola + nora (aka. good angel vs. bad angel)

posted by Anonymous @ 10/31/2005


sparks, egg salad and scientists

Monday night Nicole and I went out in the rain to a little shindig at the Cornerstone offices to celebrate... Commemorate... pay attention to... whathaveyou... the new AMAZING album by We Are Scientists.

Seeing as how I already love this band, they still managed to somehow make me love them even more (that might have been the six sparks I drank but... whatever). While we were noshing on egg salad sandwiches, the three band members (who actually sort of strangely resemble science teachers that I had in grade school) introduced two of their music videos for "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt" and "The Great Escape." The two clips feature awesome things like them getting chased by a guy in a giant bear costume (they told us the bear was killed in the making of the video... so I hope no one from Peta reads my blog) and the band showering together (HOT).

After the videos we went around and met everyone and they couldn't have been nicer, which is always cool since we were obviously hopped up on the aforementioned sparks and the lovely Aeki Tuesday and her friend Bryan were taking photos like crazy. These are the kind of guys who cuddle kittens and wear argyle sweaters and yet manage to make a fantastic album that will rock you right out of your socks (these are all great things). We also learned that one of the members actually IS a scientist... or at least has a degree in engineering (the drummer).

We Are Scientists - The Great Escape

They are opening for Ambulance Ltd tomorrow night at Bowery Ballroom.

posted by n. @ 10/26/2005


tonight... here. i'm djing too.

posted by n. @ 10/26/2005


rob holmes looks just like buddy holly, but does that make pat mary tyler moore?

So as the new booking person at Fat Baby, it's my responsibility to bring the rock and what better way to do this than with four of my favorite new york boys, Morning Theft, playing as Weezer. Harmonicas included! Does it get better than that?

If they played El Scorcho I would be so so happy too (hint hint... yes I know it's not on the blue album but whatever)....

I just need to get a costume now. I'm good at somethings but costumes are not one of them. Anyone have any castoff ideas that I can use? I spent all weekend in Chicago relaxing and trying to convince Darren from The Changes that he needs to move back to New York because he may be one of the most entertaining people I have ever met. But seriously, happy birthday shoutouts to my Dad who recently discovered the internet and now buys stuff online like it's going out of style. I love you.

posted by n. @ 10/24/2005


profanity equals intensity (that's what I learned from Stars)

Oops, a whole week went by and I wrote what... one blog entry? Sorry! It's not like I'm slacking off or anything, I went to see Death Cab for Cutie not once but twice and then partied last night with the boys of Group Sounds (who are as crazy and fun offstage as they are off). There was less nudity at this show than there was at Crash Mansion.. but not by much.

Group Sounds - Things Fall Apart

Their next show is at Snitch for a battle of the bands on October 24th.

This is the coolest thing:

The Police were my first favorite band. Before I had a stereo in my room I used to have my dad put their tape on the stereo in the living room. If I left my bedroom door wide open, I could lay in bed and hear it from downstairs before I fell asleep every night.

My head hurts. I blame Group Sounds. Instead of trying to write coherently anymore, just watch this video and have a fun weekend!



posted by n. @ 10/21/2005


a love letter to aberdeen city

Sometimes being a music fan is a lot like having a love affair or a serious relationship. When you find a band you cannot live with out, you fall hard and fast. Othertimes your love for a band builds gradually over time until you can't imagine how you ever functioned in life without them. Every album is a turning point, the highs and the lows of your connection, and if a band breaks up, sometimes your heart can break right along with them.

For me, the joy of falling love is paralled with my joy of finding and falling for a new band. While there are always bands that I will love the best and above all others, I guess the reason that I go out most every night to one show or another is that the rush of watching a spectacular set or hearing that one song you just cannot get out of your head performed live is one of the best feelings on earth. Right up there with love I'd say. Granted there are certainly bands that I simply lust after and then after giving them more serious listening and thought will look back on in hindsight as a "what on EARTH was I thinking" kind of thing. And so it goes.

This weekend I fell in love with this band Aberdeen City. I knew about them before I went to Mercury Lounge and posted some of their songs on here (see below), but I had never seen them live. First observation? People are crazy for this band. Seriously, the first three rows of the packed room at least were jumping around completely apeshit for most of their set, pumping their fists in the air for these boys from Boston (nope, not from the UK).

Second observation? This band is good. GOOD. They have some really excellent songs, a great sound. Someone recently called them "the band that sounds like what I had hoped Editors would be." And for me to even say that to you knowing my love for Editors is a big deal okay.

Third observation? They're cute. You knew that was coming, and no it's obviously NOT a prerequisite for me to EVER like a band, but it's a fact so there you have it.

and my final observation? They still have a lot of work to do. For instance tightening the reigns on their spastic guitar player who, while amusing to say the least with his crowd surfing and guitar-played-with-teeth antics, proved more distracting than anything else a few songs into their set. Trust me, having the crazy fun to watch character in your band can be a good thing (Marty from Pilot to Gunner or Robbie from CYHSY who jumps around a lot and imo makes the band 3829275892375 times more fun) but there comes a point where that can be detrimental unless you take it down a notch. But I think the more this band tours (they are going across the US now so go check out the tour dates on their webpage so you can see them!) and the more albums they put out the tighter they will get. They have a lot of potential to be something even more amazingly good than they are now.

So I have a bit of a crush on Aberdeen City. Someday I hope to take it to a full blown love affair. Only time will tell.

Here are two more songs, in addition to Sixty Lives (which is still my favorite):

Aberdeen City - God Is Going To Get Sick Of Me

Aberdeen City - In Combat

posted by n. @ 10/19/2005


mind the gap : the subways cross the pond

Back in March I fell in love with this three song EP by a band called The Subways. More recently than that, I fell further in love with their album, Young For Eternity which is basically one of the most solid albums of consistantly great songs that I have heard in a while.

The best news is that they are FINALLY coming to New York to play two local shows, one for Vicious on December 6th and then another at North Six the next day.

NME calls them "the sexiest thing to sweep Rock n' Roll off its feet in years" and I'd call that entirely accurate and then some. This band rocks so hard on their album I can't even fathom what their live shows will be like, but NYC will soon find out.

The Subways - You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (John Lennon cover for Q Magazine tribute compilation)

The Subways - Oh Yeah

posted by n. @ 10/14/2005


no sleep, more bands

This weather is absolutely no good. Even the jokes about Noah's Arc and what not just aren't funny anymore. And yet somehow, as far as I can recall, I have been going to shows every night this week, though everyone around me seems to be dropping like flies with one illness or another. Still... literally every time my friend Rob asks me what I'm doing that night, my response has been "going to see band, obviously..." I'm just a glutton for punishment, so here's my recap.

While Monday escapes me, Tuesday I went to see the much talked about Army of Me at Mercury Lounge. Their EP has been getting some heavy rotation at my work cubicle lately, and while perhaps more straightforward I'd say than a lot of what I listen to most of the time, I can't help but love this band and the seemingly effortless and yet totally engaging performance delivered by frontman Vince (who, according to Josh of the Upwelling is also one of the nicest guys ever... I concur). So yes, I enjoyed.

Yesterday I went to see Panic! at the Disco for work, once again kind of musically uncharacteristic of me. But hey, this band is basically a little hyperactive mini-Killers and the kids LOOOOOOOOOOOVE them. Their frontman (I'm all about the frontmen lately I guess, but honestly having a good one is in many ways a make or break as far as I'm concerned) is Pele from the Hives meets Brandon Flowers, with a really great animated stage presence. I'm mostly just a sucker for a cool band name, and they at the very least have that.

So I guess I've been kind of emo lately? Maybe. With this weather, can you blame me? I even went to see the Diggs last night though I should have been in bed. Their LP is going to be done next month. LP, not EP as previously reported here, so get even MORE excited.

Tomorrow we return to our regularly schedued indie rock with a stellar lineup at Mercury Lounge featuring "five bands Nora hasnt' seen but has always meant to" which include Aberdeen City, my obsession of a week or so ago Levy and the Head Set among others.

Have a listen..

Aberdeen City - Sixty Lives

Levy - On The Dance Floor

Ohhh crap. Instead of going straight home after work tonight, you should go to Sin-e at 7pm for a free Beat Radio show. Did I mention that it's FREE? Well, it's FREE.

Beat Radio - Treetops

My bed really misses me I think.

posted by n. @ 10/13/2005


it's just like you say

God this band is so great. The Diggs. I talk about them constantly. If you have never seen them live you are MISSING OUT. And these three boys love a good cause because they are playing another Katrina Benefit @ Sin-e on Wednesday night.

Best news ever? They have a new song from their upcoming demo that is one of my favorites up to download.

The Diggs - It's Just Like You say

On a side note...last night I painted my nails a ridiculous color of PURPLE GLITTER that I'm pretty sure only fourteen year olds can actually get away with. And now it doesn't seem to want to come off... at all. What a way to start the week.

posted by n. @ 10/10/2005


free pat!


have a lovely weekend everyone

posted by n. @ 10/07/2005

don't walk away

Last week when I was at the Spin party listening to Death Cab, I ran into Scott from Saints and Lovers. I was already having a great night filled with great music, but Scott upped the ante and made it that much BETTER by handing me a copy of the new Saints and Lovers EP which was recorded for Stolen Transmission.

What made me the most excited is that the lead off track is their stunning cover of "Atmosphere" which, clocking in at just under eight minutes, is more of an experience than a song really. Check it out here:

Saints and Lovers - Atmosphere

Their next show is on October 13 at Scenic (25 Avenue B, NYC).

posted by n. @ 10/07/2005


hi mr. salad. you have an awesome band.

So apparently this week I forgot that I had a blog. oops! so sorry about the lack of updates, but it's a slow week in music land at least as far as I'm concerned, and I've been pretty thankful for it.

Then again... at the end of the work day Tuesday I was trying to figure out what to do that night after dinner with the girls and Morning Theft, so popped onto On My Rockness (one of the few websites that I could not live without) and saw that Robbers on High Street and King of France were playing @ Mercury Lounge and decided that I immediately had to go. I recently became completely addicted to their album, "Tree City" which is one of those albums that took a while for me to love but now I'm not sure how I ever lived without it. Their live show upped the ante, and I love their vaguely Spoon soundalike key-driven rock and the crowd seemed to agree with me. Not a huge showing for a Tuesday night in their hometown, but this band plays out a lot so be sure to catch them if you have the chance.

Robbers On High Street - Spanish Teeth

King of France... wow. I don't even know. I sent Nicole a text message during their set that read: "I love King of France!" And she wrote back asking me what they sound like. I told her I would figure that out when I was more sober, but even now ... well I still will say that I love this band. I'm going to spend some quality time with their CD that I picked up at the show and get back to you. In the meantime...

King of France - The Beast

Oh, and their lead singer's last name is Salad. Awesome.

Anyways... tonight Stellastarr* sold out (yay!) so go see Surefire for THREE DOLLARS and drink free beer. Here is the info, see you there:

StarTime International presents The Champagne Room
Free Red Stripe between 10pm-11pm
DJ Eucho (Eugene Cho)
DJ Green Lightning (Isaac Green)
DJ Carter Logan (Carter Logan)

Bands! Bands! Bands!
Surefire at 10:30pm
Professor Murder at 11:30pm

There will be a $3 cover for the bands — free thereafter.

Cheap booze, great music, lovely people.

Imbibe at:
169 Bar
169 East Broadway
New York, NY 10002-5543
(212) 473-8866
cross street: Rutgers Street

posted by n. @ 10/06/2005


the darkness return...

If you have any interest in this at all, tune in to K-ROCK (92.3) today in NYC in ten minutes to hear the new Darkness single debut. The album is fantastic. Seriously.

Go listen

posted by n. @ 10/03/2005

probably drunk

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