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would you like a banana?

YAY! Best fucking show ever.

If anything, just come and watch Rachael and I totally geek out to Tally Hall.

posted by n. @ 5/26/2006


get out your hotpants

June 28 @ Bowery Ballroom:

The ARK + Liam & Me

the united states of the amazing.

Can't wait that long to see a great show? Go to this:

ALSO, congrats to The Changes who finished their album on Sunday. I cannot WAIT to hear it. Hopefully soon! In the meantime, you can see the boys perform at RIBFEST in Chicago on June 10th. I love me some ribs.

posted by n. @ 5/24/2006

ain't no party

Between listening to Tally Hall obsessively and eating James Blunt's buffalo wings, I haven't really had a lot of time to blog this week.

If you go into Tiny's Giant Sandwich shop, you can hear a CD that I made for my friend Kevin who runs the joint. I titled it "Tiny's Giant Mix CD" because I am original like that.

The second track on the mix is by Ghostland Observatory. They were here a week or two ago, and though it had been a year at least since I had last seen them, the unmistakable awesome was still blatantly there. This band is just one huge party, except it's only two of them.Pigtails and perhaps the tighest pants in rock and roll. I know that's not a complete sentence, but I'm tired today. Here's a really bad photo that I took at the show, followed up a really GOOD song for you to download. Because I love you like that.

Ghostland Observatory - Sad Sad City

posted by n. @ 5/24/2006



On Tuesday, I was talking to Karen and expressed to her my excitement to see Art Brut for THE FIRST TIME. Karen responded with a "you're fucking JOKING right."

No, I wasn't. I have no excuse.

But now I have lost my Art Brut virginity not once, but twice. TWICE! (haha)

And it was fucking amazing. Ridiculous. Eddie is like a top of the pops musical trainwreck and you CANNOT look away and you do not want to.

I stole this photo from Rachael because she was standing next to me Wednesday night, and my camera is broken or had vodka spilled on it or whatever.

This is hilarious:

Art Brut - Moving To LA (acoustic)

posted by n. @ 5/19/2006


my new favorite band.


See here.

posted by n. @ 5/18/2006


am i being vague enough for you?

This is a pretty cool show.

I especially like the secret guests, Noise Group.

Or something like that.

posted by n. @ 5/17/2006


i like it when they give you a pickle with your sandwich

A lot of people were surprised to see me at Bamboozle over the weekend. Around the office I'm known as "indie rock girl" so I guess that's pretty much the reason why, but honestly I love festivals like this because they are generally fun, ocasionally just funny, and I don't take them too seriously so I end up just enjoying myself instead of freaking out about all the bands that I need to see. Can you like Tapes N' Tapes and also like Panic! at the Disco? Well I think you can... so there goes my indie cred (if I ever even had any to begin with). A lot of my time was apparently spent following around Wil from Aiden... not that I could really tell you WHY, but when girls will wait in line OVERNIGHT to see the Click Five at Irving Plaza, I feel that whatever happened at Bamboozle doesn't really require any explanation on my part.

Anyways, my two days in Jersey were a lot of fun, highlighted of course by Liam and Me's performance on Saturday. But nothing could really prepare me for the awesomeness that went down at Annex on Monday night. The band had asked me to DJ, so Rachael and I were behind the decks and had a great vantage point from which to take in their ridiculously good showcase. I have never seen the Annex as packed as it was last night, nor have I seen a crowd that totally jazzed over a band since well... Bamboozle, but prior to that I don't recall. It was insane. People were moshing and worked up into a sweaty frenzy. This band will be HUGE.

Since half the crowd was seemingly (clearly) under the legal drinking age (so it goes), after my rock lead in I decided it was time to go 80s and beyond. Yes, that was me playing a Panic! remix, and it was awesome. We took the party to the Skinny afterwards for Starfuck and that's when things get a little fuzzy, although I DO remember setting a new record in erotic photo hunt, so props to me...

Tonight, I'll be at Knitting Factory to attempt to figure out what the whole Beirut buzz explosion is all about because I don't really get it honestly. The songs are pretty though, the sort of thing I'd want to listen to while sailing down a river in a boat on a summers day (which I uh... never do).

Beirut - Postcards from Italy

posted by n. @ 5/10/2006


what to do what to do...

So last night we went to Marquee (haha I KNOW...) for the DCFC release party for their "Directions" DVD - which is awesome, buy it, especially for this video).

Anyways, afterwards we were standing outside bummed that we didn't get gift bags and slightly buzzed from the open bar and decided that the best thing we could do would be go up to Lincon Center and see David Blaine and in his fish tank being crazy.

And oh, it was. He was just sitting there in his little deep sea diver outfit, and you can go up to the glass and wave at him. Matt decided to show him a giant photograph of Katie Holmes for no apparent reason. Maybe he thought crazy loves crazy? Who knows.

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy

(though if you haven't heard this song yet you probably live under a rock. or maybe... in a fish tank?)

more photos of crazy tank guy here

posted by n. @ 5/05/2006


it's getting hot in here

real blog update is coming, about stuff like my (lack of) kareoke skills (happy birthday Rob Morning Theft) and why i don't like Max Fish (or any shots involving soco... bleh!) and my thoughts on Cold War Kids from their Bowery show (crazy, spastic, awesome, black keys meets white stripes sort of thing, go see them tonight at pianos) and the ridiculous amounts of fun that is of Rachael's tuesday night party at Pianos which gets better every time I go (Wes, you rock too).

but I wore pajamas to work today and I'm tired so instead, read this:

come hang out.
174 orchard between stanton and houston

I'm djing from 10-1 and then Matty is taking over after that for more hoopla

possible free donuts from Zozo in the works...

here is a song that I listened to on my ipod this morning and that I love and feel is appropriate for the season

The Gaskets - Hold Steady Hot Weather

(they may just be the next Arcade Fire, afterall)

posted by n. @ 5/03/2006

probably drunk

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