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Honestly I had no idea what to expect from Everything Everything's sold out show at Bowery Ballroom last night. This band is so Manchester it hurts my brain. And I mean that in the best way possible, trust. There were so many epic three part harmonies, so much falsetto it was like a falsetto blitzkrieg. Their music has this intensly bi-polar quality to it - one second it's cooing, shrieking, wooing and the next it's melting your face off. I don't even know a better descriptor than that.

The bass player also has excellent hair.

posted by n. @ 3/26/2013


The Joy Formidable - STILL AWESOME. New tour dates, Wolf's Law, video for 'Little Blimp'

I had a chance to see the Joy Formidable live at SXSW this year but I was too busy running around a venue working to actually watch the band. This is/was definitely a shame, as they are an excellent live act and I did happen to spy singer Ritzy backstage before hand rocking a dress with some seriously bling-ed out sleeves. The cutest - Ritzy is it - second only to the girl who fronts CHVRCHES who you just want to put in your pocket and keep her there FOR-EV-ER that's how uber adorable she is. I wonder if those two are friends? Someone aught to make that happen pronto.

Anyways, here's a video from the band for their single Little Blimp. Check out the mega crystal bedazzled microphone stand in particular - maybe that's some kind of intense feng shui situation to promote the highest levels of awesomeness. Or it just looks real pretty. I'll let you be the judge.

Joy Formidable are literally about to go on tour like ALMOST RIGHT NOW for their first outing in support of their sophomore album Wolf's Law, including two local NYC stops. According to their publicist, the new album has already had praise "foisted upon it." FOISTED. Well consider this an additional foisting of my own.

Upcoming Tour Dates

4/1 - Sauget, IL @ Pops
4/2 - Chicago, IL @ Vic Theater
4/3 - Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue
4/6 - Columbus, OH @ CD102.5 Day
4/7 - Indianapolis, IN @ The Vogue
4/8 - Lansing, MI @ The Loft
4/9 - Milwaukee, WI @ Turner Hall Ballroom
4/12 - Toronto, ON @ Phoenix Concert Theater
4/13 - Montreal, QC @ Corona Theater
4/14 - Clifton Park, NY @ Upstate Concert Hall
4/17 - Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
4/18 - New York, NY @ Webster Hall
4/19 - Boston, MA @ House of Blues
4/20 - Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer
4/21 - Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
4/23 - Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar

posted by n. @ 3/25/2013


Atlas Genius = Total Obsession

I'm a simple girl with simple needs. You give me two cute Australian musicians with top-notch dance-pop-electronic sensibilities and you've got an A+ winning combination. And the combination of those two elements currently equals the Adalaide hailing brotherly musician-duo of Atlas Genius who just released their new album "When It Was Now" last week. I was impatiently waiting for it because I'm impatient like that when I just know things are going to be stupidly good (and it is).

They are also on tour now with Imagine Dragons (another catchy band who had a well-placed song in the series finale episode of Gossip Girl) and are playing at Hammerstein Ballroom on February 23rd. But given my aformentioned impatience for all things stupidly good I will be seeing them tonight at Music Hall of Williamsburg. There shall be dancing. And oogling.

You can also see them catch them down at SXSW, including a stint at this insane Warner Music showcase that I may or may not be working on.

posted by n. @ 2/20/2013


Frightened Rabbit - Today's Cross Official Video

Incase you are somehow unaware, one of my favorite bands, Frightened Rabbit, released a new album yesterday called Pedestrian Verse. IT IS VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY GOOD. Please listen to it. A lot.

posted by n. @ 2/06/2013


Foals release new video for "My Number"

THIS IS SO CATCHY. The catchiest. Huzzahhh. And can I just say that there has been a serious lack of indie dance music in my life for a while. All of my Spotify playlists have been so melancholy it's a wonder my friends are more worried for me. I'd like to dance my way right out of this dreary time of year and with this new Foals album Holy Fire out February 11th the timing couldn't be better.

posted by n. @ 1/23/2013


New Music from The Changes!

I'm sure my reasons for posting this track from the band's forthcoming album are self-explanitory, but what a wonderful 2013 treat. Long overdue boys! Can't wait to hear the rest.

posted by n. @ 1/07/2013


A New Version of Me

This year was a bit of a game changer for me in a lot of ways. New job, new living situation, and fairly significantly, a new way to listen to and consume music. Spotify is great and I'm a big fan, but it has also somehow makes a Year End Album list... difficult to compile.

I really didn't listen to a TON of albums in full this year, but did discover a lot of new artists that I love so I suppose it's a bit of a toss up. Maybe the more significant problem is that, unlike previous years, there just wasn't an album that really really grabbed a hold of me and took me places. Even artists who have made this list in previous years and for whom I have served up endless praise... their new releases left me feeling distant. It just didn't really happen this year for me even though so much new music was released. Maybe my heart wasn't in it? Not sure.

That said... my list is below, and there isn't much more to say. A big part of me feels that this blog has run its course over 10 years since its inception a whole lot has changed and honestly all for the better. While I sometimes miss the days of galvanting around the Lower East Side music haunts thirsting for the best new bands and a vodka open bar, that isn't really what my life looks like at all anymore. Most bloggers I know have already departed the digital scene or replaced their music blogs with different and more grown-up virtual incarnations.

I have a tumblr account over here that I plan on updating more. I will also likely transform I Rock I Roll into more of a lifestyle blog soon enough, to reflect my new interests and passions. Don't get me wrong, I still love music and will probably throw the occasional CMJ showcase and will still be tweeting up a storm, but I think this outlet has outgrown me. Or I've outgrown it. There will be a new version though and it will look like awesome. Of course.

Either way... it has been a grand journey indeed.

posted by n. @ 1/02/2013


Hawaii: Part II is here, from the marvelous mind of Tally Hall's Joe Hawley

Anyone familiar with Joe Hawley as a musician (member of Tally Hall), creator and friend will know that there is certainly no one quite like him and subsequently there is no album quite like Hawaii Part II. The self-release album, out today on Bandcamp after a mysterious weeks-long countdown finally reached zero, never really settles on a particular genre and rather serves a journey for your auditory senses with no roadmap in place except the most unexpected. And this journey, delivered from a collective group of artists that came together under a Japanese moniker that translates to "Miracle Musical," turns out to be a pretty stellar one, to say the least.

Standout tracks include my personal favorite "Labyrinth" featuring vocals from Charlene Kaye and rapping from Shane Maux spun together with the background music from seemingly every 80s Nintendo game theme music ever. Put it on repeat ASAP. Other standouts include the hypnotic "Black Rainbows" - maybe the sequel to Tally Hall's Banana Man if Banana Man found all the really good banana drugs and a sweet sweet jungle groove.

While it's really no miracle that Joe Hawley and the rest of these immensely gifted folks (including fellow Tally Hall bandmates Ross Federman, Rob Cantor and Zubin Sedghi) were able to come together and create and self release album as intricate and imaginative as Hawaii Pt II, fans new and old will certainly be glad that they did.

posted by n. @ 12/12/2012


New tune "When I Dream", album & tour dates from Ra Ra Riot

Hooray! New Ra Ra Riot tunes from their upcoming full-length album "Beta Love" out January 22, 2013 on Barsuk Records. It's the band's first release as a four-piece and I'm really liking the shift to a more electronic sound here. I think it compliments the string section they are known for nicely - definitely a band who are growing up and coming into their own.

Beta Love track listing below and a tour is forthcoming including a January 25th stop at Webster Hall and probably an appearance at SXSW.

Ra Ra Riot, Beta Love
1. Dance with Me
2. Binary Mind
3. Beta Love
4. Is It Too Much
5. For Once
7. What I Do For U
8. When I Dream
9. That Much
10. Wilderness
11. I Shut Off

posted by n. @ 12/11/2012


American Authors - Believer (video)

My friend Donald directed this video for the band American Authors - he's pretty talented and so are they so give it a watch would ya?

Aside, I'm still probably going to get around to doing a fave albums of 2012 list before the end of the year, so STAY TUNED.

posted by n. @ 12/06/2012

probably drunk

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