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the moon is very useful everyone

ok... so my roommate and i are the coolest people on earth. if you have friendster, check this out.... (and I said cool, not lame, ok. so shutup)

posted by n. @ 2/28/2004

make out with nora k

the first person at MY BIRTHDAY PARTY, AT PIANOS ON MARCH 9th, to present me with a copy of the new Franz Ferdinand CD will get to make out with me while the DJ plays "Take me out." Actually I will probably have already bought 10 copies that morning, but work with me here...

posted by n. @ 2/28/2004


sick body rock now...

I hate being sick, ok? And I used to hate being sick because I felt like crap and I probably had homework to do or something. But now I just hate being sick because I MISS EVERYTHING! Such as.... the apparent "secret" Strokes show at CBGB tonight (w/ Moby opening? random), or Sexy Magazines last night, or the Panty Party with Michael T tomorrow night. Someone just shoot me.

And at first I thought that my head was going to explode because of all the great music that I was surrounded by (such as THE VON BONDIES, who rocked my little world Wednesday evening), or perhaps the wonder that was IMA ROBOT and The Sounds, and their crazy after party where more boys than girls were wearing heavy eyeliner... YUM. And of course, I got to see Dutch Kills @ Lit on Monday, and they are playing at Southpaw on March 25th so PLEASE GO. It is WORTH IT.

Yo... my lean cuisine pizza just finished being nuked and there is some Dawson's Creek on the Tivo that needs to be watched.

So sick.... so very lame.


posted by n. @ 2/27/2004




posted by n. @ 2/25/2004

i want to kill this booking agent

BOO! Black Rebel Motorcycle Club announced their tour dates with THE RAPTURE, and they are playing NYC the same night as Stellastarr* and The Killers (which I already have tickets for). BOO! HISS! I need to see that concert! It was going to be my ultimate musical orgasm, and now.... there is a CONFLICT?

Ok I guess this is all the more reason to go to Coachella now....

posted by n. @ 2/25/2004


super fantastique!

holy shittt FRANZ FERDINAND. so amazing. even if I had to go to New Jersey, it was worth the trip to see them play such a small venue, because I don't think that they will be doing that for long. Saturday night we girls treked out to Hoboken for the show, and then all the way back to Williamsburg for my ex-boy's party, ate super pretzels and a ton of cheese and bean dip and met a dog named Ed (Fred?), and THEN to Red and Black to see Lola play "Hey Ya" and fiiinnallly we ended back at Lit... surprise surprise..., where I showed off my "No Pda" t-shirt and had fun all around.

last night George and I went to Lit's birthday party, and I was going to make a card but um... then I remembered that it's a bar. And yet they still sang happy birthday to... the bar. We watched some entertaining karyoke and Nicole and I started to plan my never-going-to-happen-unfortunately-wedding. I even found a registered minister with pigtails who said he woudl marry me AND someone named Ben to walk me down the aisle. Too bad I forgot the part where I need someone TO marry.

So I got four hours of sleep, and now I'm going BACK to Lit to see Dutch Kills rock out, and then I am going to come home and sleep as I have never slept before....

posted by n. @ 2/23/2004


seems to me save yourself wonderful life casually the day breaks

Ahh, last night was so so so much fun. Kasey and I planted ourselves in the front row for Surefire's amazing set. Even George was impressed! And, as was announced by the band, my birthday just got 839725987325 times better because it's happening at Pianos on March 9th and Surefire is playing a 21 and over show! This means that YOU had better be there!!! Details to follow...

So the show as great, and afterwards we kidnapped Justin and Jacob and took them to Lit, where they ordered sex on the beaches (I am weaning Jacob off of those and on to vodka tonics) and we all had a fantastic time. Perhaps Kasey and I are corrupting the youth, but they're too fucking awesome NOT to. There were even some girls from the show who followed us to Lit and introduced themselves to us. The boys were thrilled, to say the least. Rockin. So talented. So best.

TONIGHT: FRANZ FERDINAND (the band, NOT the forthcoming cat!), my ex's party, and then Lola DJing at Red and Black. Schweet.

posted by n. @ 2/21/2004


hi, i stole your cd


Ok, I think that might be all I'm legally allowed to say. What a night.

Tonight -- SUREFIRE!!!!! yaaaaaay.

posted by n. @ 2/20/2004


shake your ass, watch yourself

noice, a saturday night dance party! check out Missshapes.

posted by n. @ 2/19/2004

that's just... "swell?"

Billy Corgan, in his still mind boggling semi-irritating weblog, comes out and places the blame for the break-up of The Smashing Pumpkins on James Iha. Annnnnd he called D'arcy a mean spirited drug addict.

What the fuck. Does this mean no reunion tour? I don't want to read crap like this, it's just too depressing. Maybe Billy is just pissed because Zwan didn't quite work out and James is off around the world with A Perfect Circle? I dunno. It's just too sad, and if you know me you know how much I love Billy Corgan. Even with this light blue weblog.

posted by n. @ 2/19/2004

do you need to take it to the gynocologist?

my roommate sent me this link today. what do you think, should we hang it over the mantle? that wouldn't be the slightest bit distracting to any guests that we have, right? then again, the cats are shoving their asses in people's faces all the time. hmmm...

posted by n. @ 2/19/2004

fish sex

yes... yes... i squealed like a little girl.

but still, when I fall asleep during an episode of The OC, you know there is a problem. I don't know if it was because Michka looked uber-buliemic and it hurt to look at her skeleton-like face, or if Ryan/Russell Crowe was just a bit TOO brooding (whaa? neeever), or if the whole Seth/Summer sans Anna thing was just too upsetting, or if the evil mom/daughter's ex-boyfriend thing was too predictable.

posted by n. @ 2/19/2004


go get our girl

So the end of Sex and the City has me all emotional for some reason. Maybe it's just PMS actually... who knows. I don't know of anyone who's actually having a party on Sunday but if you were thinking about it, here are some crazy detailed instructions. And apparently, now there is talk of a Sex and the City movie. See, nothing good ever REALLY ends, especially if HBO can still squeeze some profit from it.

posted by n. @ 2/18/2004

it's a dance xplosion!

ok so last night my karma was out of control. Tom came over and we went to meet Nicole @ Josie Woods. Holy fucking NYU flashback Nora. I did a little timewarp, everything smelled like buffalo wings, and then we zipped out of there to check out Vicious. So honestly, I didn't know quite what to make of Bling Kong. My friend said it was kind of like if John Hughes choreographed the Polyphonic Spree (I am not a fan of them either-- it's a cult! Partridge family on crack with bad robes! Best Week Ever told me so. Speaking of which, if you TiVo anything, you'd best TiVo Best Week Ever!).

Lucky for me, I had plenty to keep me occupied. I ran into the Surefire boys, and Jacob showed me his Marx and Engels reading. I can't imagine what would happen if I tried to bring my homework to a rockshow. Hmmmmmmm. Anyways, they were charming as always. I also ran into a guy who used to sit at the desk behind me when I interned at Atlantic Records THREE YEARS AGO, and he remembered me! That was kind of shocking, but also cool. It may turn out to involve dinner or a party or some sort, which I am always up for.

Sin-e was waaay too crowded, and Tom and Nicole and I were wilting from the crowd keeping us beverage-less, so we headed to Lit where Miss Lola Belle made us the most amazing shots I have ever had in my life, called Crocodiles having sex or something like that, part of which involved Jager poured into a martini glass over a cherry?!?!?! Hot damn. My favorite NYC bartender outdid herself, and she's DJing at Red and Black on Saturday. Not to be missed.

Finally we made it back to Williamsburg, to see Big Dave @ Alligator Lounge (not a gay bar!), and were treated to free drinks all night. Tom played Foo Fighters "Low" on the jukebox and I was in musical jumping around heaven. And I spilled an entire vodka tonic all over the bar and no one yelled at me.


posted by n. @ 2/18/2004


my friends would be wicked pissed at me...

i just gotta say... the highlight of tonight's Average Joe: Hawaii was when our boy Brian from Boston was given the ultimatum question of whether or not he would take his tickets and go see the Red Sox in game 7 of the World Series OR would go see an opening for Larissa's craptastic art, and he said he would go to the opening.

the poor guy. and what a liar! I know people from Boston and believe you me that bikini model would be at her opening all on her lonesome. What kind of bitch would schedule her opening anywhere near the World Series if Boston was playing? Geeze...

posted by n. @ 2/17/2004


Ohhh my god I WANT IT! : (212) 867-5309

I need a sugardaddy...

posted by n. @ 2/17/2004


he gave my roommate a cigarette

I wonder if the rumors about a Matt Sharp/Rivers Cuomo reunion are true? See here and here and tell me what you think.

this picture was apparently taken LAST WEEK (thank you Melissa).

posted by n. @ 2/16/2004

the best unsigned band in nyc!

just got this in my email box, incase you somehow didn't know:

This Friday, February 20th, we will be playing STRIKE at Tribeca Rock Club (16 Warren Street between Church & Broadway) in New York City. Also on the bill are Aerial Love Feed (who recently graced the cover of CMJ Magazine) and The Good North. The show is All Ages and the cover is $10. Doors are at 8pm and we go on promptly at 9pm. See you then.

posted by n. @ 2/16/2004

a what?

Nicole thinks you should buy a flowbee. OR you can just look at this funny picture of my cat:

(fyi, if i ever get another cat, i think i'll name it franz ferdinand)

posted by n. @ 2/16/2004

i think my saliva tastes like vodka.

and on Monday, she was sober.

Holy shit. Motherfucker was an amazing experience that I don't think we entirely did properly (oops oops and oops), but I still danced like a maniac and at one point was up on a block with a very very small topless asian boy when they played The Rapture, because if you play The Rapture, I go completely apeshit. (** and for all you idiots who don't like The Rapture, just TRY not to dance like a freak when House of Jealous Lovers comes on. JUST TRY)

Michael T - gorgeous x 10.

I need to give Nicole $$ and a hug for putting up with my drunk ass and keeping me in good booze and spirits, because the cold weather was not helping my mood much. She also got me a free pink lighter from a bodega on LES. Rockin. But then her brother's car disappeared much as I did at Lit on Friday night.

Nevertheless, last night we decided that we're starting a Joy Division cover band, and calling ourselves "The Dengler." I thought this was a fantastic idea, although people looked at us kind of funny when we ran around shouting "The Dengler!" all night.

Oh... and does EVERYONE have pictures on their digital camera of me making out with people? Either I'm getting a lot of face time or everything is really boring and that's all there is to photograph.

Ok... crawling back to bed now.

posted by n. @ 2/16/2004


the most uncool thing ever

LES/East Village Bar Blackout?

Noooooooooooo. My lifeforce!!! Why don't they stop giving out licenses to those crappy yuppie bars on the upper east side. Idiots!

posted by n. @ 2/15/2004

isn't it romantic?

my valentine brought me my own personal bottle of jack daniels AND a box of entenmanns cookies. holy shit that's awesome. we're going to vegas to get married tomorrow.

ps: catch me at the day after party, the shins (or the sexy magazines, either way, HOT), AND motherfucker tomorrow. hooray for starting to drink at 4 in the afternoon on a Sunday. come out to celebrate Nicole's last day before she starts some crazy antibiotic regimin and can't drink for TWO FUCKING WEEKS?!?!!?!?!

pps: i disappeared for a whole hour Friday night and no one knows where I went. so maybe if you were at Lit, you could let me know? damn that's crazy.

ppps: 311's cover of "Love Song" makes my ears bleed, almost as bad as anything by Ill Nino. good lord.

pppps: i'm starting a One Woman Rock Show.

ppppps: ok so the guy in the Hilary Duff video is kind of cutes, but is also MY AGE. Hilary needs to step off and stop running around in the rain.

posted by n. @ 2/15/2004


we're just friends

Dare you break up with a with a whimpster, you'll suffer the shrill roar of the wounded male and the email death threat. Your immortalization in the liner notes of his life will become angry song lyrics, and before long you'll be de-Friendstered, re-Friendstered, your CDs will go un-returned, and in the worst case scenario, he'll try to win you back.

This website explains SO MUCH, have you dated the whimpster?

posted by n. @ 2/14/2004

oh my liver

an email from my sister:

"...I'd love to chat and I'll give you a call sometime when your away message doesn't mention being drunk, hungover, or out at a you!"

More later. Last night was superfantastic, even getting carried out of Lit drunk out of my mind was fun. Everyone rules.

posted by n. @ 2/14/2004


oh my god, i just spooged myself


god i'm just going to stand there watching/listening and have multiple orgasms. hottt.

posted by n. @ 2/13/2004

i buy jager shots for djs

80 dollar bar tab? oh the pain.

but hey, i got very very drunk. we started at Mercury Lounge to see the mosquitoes. Was pleasantly surprised to see Turco was working the door and working a (hot?!) new haircut, so I got in for free and started to drink myself retarded because the exboyfriend was meeting me (alcohol is the social lubricant, says Nicole). Then he showed up, but he knew the band so he was talking to them, which was cool because Rob Cucumber showed up (ok that's not his actual last name, but it's way easier to pronounce) and I haven't seen him since we had a big big fight at a CMJ party, he stole my sweater, and then mailed it back to me the next day in a huff.

but Rob was suddenly being cool, and apologized and bought me booze which hey... wins me over. so we watched the band, which was good, and then Nicole showed up and we went to Pink Pony where I inhaled a basket of bread and a really good melty turkey and brie sandwich (go carbs! fuck atkins!), AND some warm chocolate cake. They have a really fucked up scary backwards mirror in Pink Pony. You should go there just to check it out. It's scary!!

After chow, we went nextdoor to Max Fish, which was as always completely crowded and too brightly lit and just annoying. So we went to Pianos, which was filled with hot guys. I spilled some girls Amstel light though, and the music they were playing was horrendous. Ick. So we left after Nicole did a billion jager shots with exboyfriend's roommate. Fun.

Then we went to Lit, where there were FOUR people in the whole bar, and I ran up an 80 dollar bartab and then wanted to kill myself. I bought a shot for the goddamn DJ, mostly because he told me I could play whatever I wanted, but I was too drunk to read the titles on the CDs. There was some drama in there somewhere with the exboyfriend, which is to be expected, and Erik 1 grabbed my ass, but I didn't really mind and usually I would REALLY mind, but naah. He did throw some guy who was repeatedly giving me the finger out of the bar though. Bartenders LOVE to do shit like that.

Somehow I ended up back in Queens, getting the diner waiter to make Nicole a special smiley face pancake that she never ate because she was on the floor calling her brother and leaving him a million voicemails and stealing all my french toast. OH, and Tom drove us the wrong way down Lafayette St for a block and we almost died and had to swerve to avoid an oncoming car, but we didn't, probably because it was his birthday and who dies on their own birthday. Happy Birthday Tom.

Just an FYI, Tom got to spend the majority of his birthday in bed with me and Nicole looking at porn and eating cake. Anywho...

Now I have two hours to figure out something to wear for the Queer Eye party when I make my appearance as Lindsay's date. She's way way hotter than me anyways, so it should be fun. I hope there is a goodie bag with some hair gel in it and tickets to the Producers. That would be excellent.

posted by n. @ 2/13/2004


should i wear board shorts too? hmm

"After 43 years as one of the world's prettiest pairs, the perfect plastic couple is breaking up. The couple's "business manager," Russell Arons, vice president of marketing at Mattel, said that Barbie and Ken "feel it's time to spend some quality time — apart."

"Like other celebrity couples, their Hollywood romance has come to an end," said Arons, who quickly added that the duo "will remain friends."

Arons denied that there was any truth to rumors that the breakup was linked to the Cali (as in California) Girl Barbie, arriving in stores now. To better reflect her single status, Cali Barbie will wear board shorts and a bikini top, metal hoop earrings, and have a deeper tan."

read more about the tragic end of Ken and Barbie here. Apparently Blaine, the Australian boogie boarder will be there to pick up the pieces though. How disturbing is this. It's a TOY. The next thing you know Barbie will accidently flash some tit in a commercial for "Super Bowl Halftime Barbie" and Ken will end up making out with Blaine the boogie boarder on national television, tongue and all.


posted by n. @ 2/12/2004

"Death cab is a band, yes?" and "I like Death Cab AND sailing!"

who who who is buying the death cab for cutie tickets? is it me? is it you? is it a friend of a friend? somebody? anybody? just let a girl know!

BECAUSE... I really need to go hang out at Irving Plaza surrounded by twelve year olds in mini skirts and knee socks because they heard about Death Cab from Seth Cohen (swoon) on the OC. Because said fictional character CANNOT STOP TALKING ABOUT DEATH CAB. I swear, mention on the OC is a basic death sentence for anything that was once cool, I am coming to believe.

But... um... I still want to go. So emo.

PS: What would happen if I went to bar wearing only a towel?

posted by n. @ 2/12/2004


"sometimes i walk around union square and the village pretending i'm a pirate"

read this interesting faq about being homeless at NYU. seriously, this kid apparently lives at the library, a place that i avoided like the plague when i was a student. why do i see this ending up as a Lifetime movie of the week?

posted by n. @ 2/11/2004


i need more product!

ahhahaha. i'm going to the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy cd release party on Friday. somehow i don't think i can wear my scuffed up pumas to an event like that. Hmmm. Someone give me outfit recommendations. I should call my gay boyfriend for things like this...

posted by n. @ 2/10/2004

get your ass THERE: dutch kills!

aw this is fucking awesome:

Dutch Kills is playing at Lit on Feb. 23rd at 10. They are a great band, so if you love me at all you had BEST be there. No foolin.

posted by n. @ 2/10/2004

ipod for sale for 50 cents, party in the club bottle full of bub...what what

thank god for Franz Ferdinand on repeat, cuz my ipod and my computer are NOT loving each other properly. my weekend was too boring. i am so glad that the L train started working today, JUST IN TIME FOR ME TO LOSE MY UNLIMITED METRO CARD. Isn't Friday the 13th this week? I'm so fucked...

whatevs, i went to the gym and busted my ass for an hour while listening to Interpol. It was so inspirational or something... I didn't want to get off the thing. Gets me all fired up. If I start growling like a cat though... um... just ignore me (only Nicole will get that one). Rrarrr! (what does he have on the walls of his bedroom? a framed picture close up of his nose?)

Oh oh and AFTER the gym I ate mexican food, got really drunk, and then ate CAKE. This is why I am fucking awesome. we'll just ignore that i was rudely unfriendstered today for NO GOOD REASON. my feelings are hurt, but i'll be OK.

look that's me djing in London. once again, so cool.

ps: i like it when people leave me voicemails calling me baby girl. uhhuh.

posted by n. @ 2/10/2004


i like the way you move

Thank god for Outkast. Thank god for Andre 3000 and his teepee spaceship.

Otherwise, bunch of crap. Sting in a skirt? Christina Aguilera in full attire? Foo Fighters doing a pretty song? Sarah McYAWN singing a boring song like the rest of her boring songs? Beyonce singing a song involving no ass-shaking?

I mean, I know we were already still all excited about Janet's boob, but could this show have been any more boring? The only thing that stirred me from my sushi/boredom enduced coma was Samual L. Jackson screaming OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Please someone teach Meg White how to not be a sucky drummer.

At least Coldplay was on TV for five seconds. So British and so cute.

Just another four hour reminder about how much amazing music is ignored in this country and how much crap we pay attention to for NO REASON.


posted by n. @ 2/09/2004


nora got tired of being lazy

sometimes you want to stay home and watch An Affair to Remember. And sometimes the Ltrain isn't working and you're just not in the mood for the G train. G-unit is one thing. G train is an entirely different matter.

time to peace out. someone needs to keep me from ordering expensive sushi...

posted by n. @ 2/07/2004

hooray for dirty pastries

janet jackson breast cupcakes. fucking genius.

posted by n. @ 2/07/2004

we have a pepper bar! (mmm... toasty)

If you watch a lot of TV and waste a lot of time, as I do, I'm sure you've seen the new Quiznos Commercials with the little freaky creatures singingi "We love the subs!" Well apparently the little "spongmonkeys" originated from here, singing "we love the moon". Weird weird stuff.

Even weirder, here's the official statement from the PR wizards at Quiznos:
"The new creative campaign is completely unexpected...even for Quiznos. "The first time you see the advertisement, you might ask yourself, "What exactly was that?" Our intent was to grab the consumers' attention. By the second time you see it, we guarantee you'll be singing along," says Quiznos Chief Marketing Officer, Trey Hall.

The creative continues the "mmmm.... toasty" theme that characterizes Quiznos Sub's identity, and is an inflated reflection of just how passionate and crazy customers are for their favorite toasted Quiznos sub. The monkeys, who are the main characters in this ad, are not your typical spokespersons. They are maniacs who are so hooked on toasted subs that they created a rockin' tune just for Quiznos called "I love the Sub."

a rockin tune eh? i dunno... those things near my food kind of freaks me out.

posted by n. @ 2/07/2004

i'm really bad at girls night

At some point last night Lit turned into a shitty frathouse. Are we REALLY listening to Tag Team's "Whoomp, there it is??" Is there really a girl in leopard print dancing behind the bar and climbing on things?

I told all these guys NO PDA, which is apparently my new motto. Or... it just means that I really don't want to make out with you. OR it just sounds really funny. "Isn't that your song?" And people kept biting me. I kid you not. Maybe they need to start providing some kind of Chex Mix in little bowls so that boys will have something to munch on instead of ME. Sheesh.

Nicole disappeared from my apartment this morning, but left her bagel here. Honey I love you. And your leftover bagel. But she did get me on the list for White Light Motorcade tonight. Unfortunately (or fortunately...) I won't be attending because I told Lucas that I would go to a party in Queens with him, where he PROMISED me that there would be straight people. And the stupid Ltrain isn't running, so I'm going to be stranded here or there or everywhere no matter what. I hate you MTA.

Love: Bagels, Nicole, pda
Hate: MTA, Lit clusterfuck jerzee friday, inappropriate biting

posted by n. @ 2/07/2004


can i get your number baby? hit me with the seven digits

Last night, at the bar, i gave out my blog url instead of my phone number to this guy Dave. which is cool, I think, and I told him he couldn't ask me out until he went to my weblog. i'm officially a total dork. He's a musician though... so that makes it OK.

Nicole, however, was giving out my number like it was no body's business. My word. She gave it to the same guy who it has been given to at LEAST two other times, because I actually love him... but still does he really need my number three times?

posted by n. @ 2/06/2004


meet me in the bathroom, that's what she said

1. ok, if i see ONE MORE PICTURE OF THAT TWO HEADED BABY I WILL FUCKING SCREAM!!!!!! ugh!! I'd rather see 3859273598275 more pictures of Janet Jackson's boob.

2. my roommate sent me thistoday. it's SO CUTE. Peanuts make me so happy. They are showing Bon Voyage Charlie Brown! on TV this week. I LOVE that one.

3. I'm getting drunk tonight. This isn't surprising, but it's still good.

4. People who fall in love every month are stupid. Because that's IMPOSSIBLE.

5. I can't go to Cherry Tavern anymore. Because people will come up to me and say "hey I know you... I made out with you.... I remember things about you." OMG, that is just weird weird weird.

6. I am going to see FRANZ FERDINAND. I AM SO EXCITED!??!?!?!?!?!

posted by n. @ 2/05/2004

too much 5am grilled cheese? too much making out? too much... booze? naaaaah.


posted by n. @ 2/05/2004


motherfucker here i come

last night we met Michael T, which was ah-mazing. I was so drunk, told him he was gorgeous (he reciprocated!), his birthday party was fantastic (it was!), and I've never been to Motherfucker so now... must go. Must. I love him! (I know... I love a lot of people lately, underage boys, british boys, whatevs... love makes the world go round.. right?).

I tried to go into the bathroom with a "chaperone" but I was denied. Fair enough.

Finally we ended up at a diner in Queens that wasn't Odessa with menus that were impossible to read, they were all collaged pictures that looked like ransom notes or those collages of Jonathan Taylor Thomas you made your girlfriends when you were 13 and had crap like pictures of Kate Moss in a bikini next to a picture bacon cheeseburger. Yeah uhhuh that makes sense.

posted by n. @ 2/04/2004


still... really still... in love
here are more pictures from The Stills show that I took after I grabbed Nicole's camera and made for the stage.

posted by n. @ 2/03/2004

the shins (shits? no.. shins)

I finally got these pictures from Nicole from our trip to London. And look.. there's Nora and the Shins lead singer James, having a moment. Apparently I was having moments with everyone (not like THAT), because there are a million pictures of me looking retarded like that with a Shin.

At one point, the drummer Jesse and I had to have a very "rehearsed" moment. We did this twice, I think. Isn't it special...

posted by n. @ 2/03/2004



oh and I guess the Patriots won or something? just found that out now. good one Nora.

posted by n. @ 2/02/2004

thank god for underage boys

Isn't it funny... I went to a crazy superbowl party and I have NO IDEA who won the super bowl??? I think the only part I paid any attention to was the half time show, with Janet (ms jackson if you're nasty) and her exposed nip covered by a metal 'solar' nipple medallion.

Otherwise it was all fun times eating wings and nachos at Pianos, with some excellent DJing by Ultragrrrl and one of the Stills. I got very very very very drunk, aren't you surprised?

After that we all went to Arlene's Grocery to check out my new favorite band, Surefire. 17 and 18 year old boys playing some very very excellent rock pop? Yes please! At one point I had stepped outside for a cigarette when the lead singer came out and ran to the curb. I think he was sick, or nervous or both. So when he came over to talk to us, I grabbed his ass. And they went on to play a very excellent set. So word to all lead singers and hell... all band members. Let me grab your ass before the show and you will be a-okay.

And that's all she wrote.

posted by n. @ 2/02/2004


free pizza pie! yum yum

(my roommate and I were under the impression that the Alligator Lounge, about a block from my apartment, was a gay bar. then i saw this... and I know Big Dave doesn't bat for that team... and even so, FREE PIZZA. go go go)
Well, we have FINALLY gotten the kitchen open at
the Alligator Lounge (600 Metropolitan Ave. @
Lorimer St. - 2nd stop out of Manhattan on the L
train in Williamsburg, Brooklyn).

We are giving away free brick oven pizza all day
Sunday, February 1 to all comers - please tell
all your Brooklyn friends who are still unsure
of where to watch the game. We have two TVs and
plenty of seating.

Come enjoy the big game with big dave and eat
big amounts of free brick oven pizza.

any questions 917 - 749 - 7773

posted by n. @ 2/01/2004

probably drunk

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