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missed connection with my pompadour?!

holy shit, is this YOU Chris????

posted by n. @ 3/31/2004


i'll call you right back

I think I logged a solid 5 hours of sleep from Friday-Sunday. But that didn't really matter, because I got to go to my first Misshapes, which was a ton of fun, and a small portion of my arm and head appear in one of the photos on the website. Can you find it? I'm just so popular...

Today I spent a good deal of time working on the new flier for Best Tuesday Ever, which happens (MARK YOUR CALENDARS) on April 13th. And I actually get to be one of the DJs (because someone backed out... shut up)! It's going to be so hottt, just wait.

But actually, if you can't wait, you can come see me DJ tonight at Pianos from 9:30-11. Hottness again!

I picked up the new TV on the Radio cd yesterday, as I am quite excited to see them play with Benzos @ Mercury Lounge next month. Mmmhmmm. AND tomorrow night is Rapture/BRMC, and since I managed to sell ALL my Stellastarr* tickets, I can actually get drunk @ the show and dance like a crazy person! Yipee!

posted by n. @ 3/30/2004


emo kids ARE scary....

i knew there was a good reason not to like that Howie Day kid..

posted by n. @ 3/25/2004

they won't kill you, promise

I cannot stress enough how much you (yes, you) should come to Brooklyn - Southpaw (125 5th Ave in Park Slope) to be exact - and check out Dutch Kills. They are playing tonight with Singapore Sling, a band from Iceland (brrr), and this show promises to be excellent.

Don't believe me? Here's what The Village Voice had to say:

"Iceland’s Singapore Sling create nicely messy guitar-noise
textures for Henrik Bjornsson to swoon over, drenching his Suicide-esque
choruses in six kinds of feedback and gritty neo-psychedelia. The near-emo Dutch
Kills shuffle between soft, pretty indie-pop and clamorous bloodletting. With
Another Blue Door."

I mean... c'mon people! Suicide-esque? Neo-psychedelia? NEAR EMO (but NOT emo), and clamorous bloodletting? What more could you ask for?

posted by n. @ 3/25/2004

before i pass out...

i just have to say.... White Light Motercade blew me away tonight. I mean... for guys who are so easy going and calm and friendly in person... you put them onstage and give them instruments and bright lights and HOLY SHIT, THEY ARE ROCKSTARS! Also I have to say, the sound at Plaid fucking blows. Luckily I'm not terribly bothered when it comes to sound in most situations, so I had a great time. Harley... you are so hot on stage... it kills me!

Also, I am so fucking excited because I came home and found on my beloved TiVo that they are repeating the entire first season of Nip/Tuck, my favorite guilty pleasure from last fall.

AND I get to see Surefire, AND The GoStation this weekend. Double whammy! After a fantastic performance on Monday by DeVotchKa and tons of fun Tuesday night djing at Pianos for my favorite group of people, can this week get any better? Thanks to everyone who has supported me over the past two weeks when I was in such a bad bad funk I thought I would never get out of it. I'd say I'm on my way finally, thanks to you guys. Much love...


wlm pic from their website, lovely

posted by n. @ 3/25/2004


blue monday

tonight I went to check out DeVotchKa, because I missed them at the last Day After Party, and they were just excellent. I told the people I was with that I wish there had been a bed for me to crawl into at Mercury Lounge, because they would be the perfect music to lay in bed and smoke cigarettes while listening to.

this weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Surefire, who played without a doubt their best show ever. The Hook is a really random venue out in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Seriously if I hadn't had two other people with me when the bus dropped us off, I would have scrambled back on because it was such a creepy vacant area. But I'm glad that I came out, because Dennis opened with a beautiful set, with a much better audience than he had at the Asobi Seksu party earlier this month. I personally LOVE his cover of Interpol's "NYC" even though he apparently things people think he's a jerk to cover it. Something about hearing it done in such a stripped down simple manner really gets to me though, I adore it.

The best surprise of the evening was when Surefire joined Dennis onstage for the last two songs of his set and they just blew everyone away. Such fantastic music, Matt and I were literally standing there with our mouths hanging open saying "Holy shit" when it was all said and done. Afterwards we went to a great party with a cheese platter and chocolate bunnies, which always equals a good time.

Now I'm tired though. Tired and coughing. And tomorrow night I'm DJing at Pianos... so I must be healthy and ready to rock out. Hope to see you there!!!

posted by n. @ 3/22/2004


i'm hooked

Tonight you had best drag yourself out to Brooklyn to this venue that I have never heard of called The Hook to see SUREFIRE, as well as Dennis Cahlo. Surefire goes on at 10, and after then is a band called Dirty On Purpose which I have been meaning to check out for a while. Hopefully it will be fun...

too bad I'm so TIRED. grrr.

posted by n. @ 3/20/2004

zombies suck, man

so last night we went to check out Dawn of the Dead... and damn if it wasn't the funniest movie I've seen in a while. I'm very much not into horror movies, except for stuff like The Ring, which I loved... because you actually have to THINK with scary movies like that. But anyways, this movie was entertaining, to say the least, and I've always liked Sarah Polley. Verdict: Zombies are a bummer, but make for a funny movie... don't expect to be scared though, I only almost broke George's arm like... twice.

posted by n. @ 3/20/2004


why oh why is there ben affleck spooge

all over the cover of my Rolling Stone Magazine? Ew ew ew. Just one more nail in the coffin before I suck it up and cancel my subscription...

So last night I went to a "house party" in the NYU Graduate Dorms, which are outfitted with the same furniture as the regular NYU dorms, which was just depressing for some reason. Nevertheless, everyone there was crazy (in a good way) and one kid kept challenging me to out drink him, and I would have eventually if he hadn't had to go back to Long Island (hahahahaha).

We then headed over to Bar 13, where I ran into Matt from The GoStation and danced my ass off to Pulp's "Common People" before getting introduced to Michael T for the third or fourth time AND HE REMEMBERED ME.

Oh my oh my.

And it didn't even snow that much and according to the weather, there will be NO SNOW STORM! Faaantastic.

Tonight - Dawn of the Dead (not my idea... I'm going to be scared shitless), and then boozing
Saturday - Dirty On Purpise, Dennis Cahlo, and SUREFIRE at The Hook (which is a new venue in Brooklyn... how exciting)
Sunday - Coffee getting and general lazyness before watching a lot of TV and reading magazines that have come this week that I don't have time for

posted by n. @ 3/19/2004


i have a pretty smile

Big big thank you to everyone who came out to Pianos last night. I had one stupid skipping cd but otherwise DJing was a TON of fun, and I even got to play "Today" by The Smashing Pumpkins, which, as Jacob Surefire said, is probably the ONLY time that song will ever get played in Pianos. Go me. That song is everything I was at 15 years old basically. I love it.

But alas, my partner in crime and booze and dengler and pig latin is far far away in Tex-ass, pimping our new management team to all the folks at SXSW. I made her promise NOT to go see The Ben Taylor Band and instead to give the number of this sad single girl to some cute rockstar boys incase maybe they will be in NYC at some point. A girl can dream, no? So in honor of her trip and rock star boys everywhere, I think you should go and vote for Pilot to Gunner's new video on

After mixing it up at Pianos, we headed to Lit where some members of Jet were still wandering around, and at one point I remember being picked up and carried around, which I always love because no one EVER picks up tall girls and carries them around. Seriously, the way to my heart is through a piggy back ride.

posted by n. @ 3/17/2004


little birds tell me things...

my roommate told me that I want a Famous Face is totally fucked up. I just want to know who the asshole sergeon is who is doing this stuff to clearly damaged teenagers.

there is an afterparty tonight for Jet/The Vines at Lit. I'm going to have to pass (and so will you, because I am djing at Pianos are you are going to be THERE). Besides... that guy from The Vines is crazy and will probably throw some of the pews around.
... ok maybe I will go for a little bit...

I'm giving up my title of makeout queen. I'm going to be sexy and sober and maybe not single. Holy shit. Well... we'll see (and no, I am not DRUNK RIGHT NOW).

I'm going to play The Smiths tonight for Jacob Surefire because he got to meet them Sunday which rules.


posted by n. @ 3/16/2004


sober spinning, guranteed

Hey everyone!

This just in... I'm djing for a few hours
from 10-2ish with Lost Dawn Management and Sgt. Fun @

If you liked what you heard at my birthday party last
week, I promise to spin much more sober-ly this time
around, so if you are out and about come on by. I need
the practice and I love a good crowd!

Apparently there will be an after party there for a
band on Artemis Records too? And you know how I love

Tell all your friends.

posted by n. @ 3/15/2004

god of cheese

Once again, here's our friendster loser of the week:

I'm new to Friendster, but being the God of
Cheese, it is important for me to find beautiful
and spirited women to be priestesses for me
and spread the power of cheese throughout
the world.

Will you accept this awesome responsibility?
Will you be my priestess and provide the kinky
inspiration and all sex I need to generate all
the world's

In exchange I will bestow upon you a
portion of my divine power. Thus, as my
priestess men will feel your glow and worship
and serve you. Plus you get a lifetime supply
of cheese!

Let's be friends!




posted by n. @ 3/15/2004

change clothes (the world has turned and left)


I think this may be getting out of hand...

posted by n. @ 3/15/2004

what a stupid douche

as pointed out in Gawker, I completely agree that Ryan Seacrest is ruining everything.

posted by n. @ 3/15/2004


no i'm british sea power

British Sea Power = Best Concert So Far This Year. I mean... there were trees! And cute brits! And a bird! And people on other people's shoulders, breaking drumsets over their heads and playing guitar at the same time!?!?!?!?!

OH, and the music kicked ass too! We couldn't decide if they were on meth, or possibly were all idiot savants or WHAT, but they were craaaazy boys.

I was so overwhelmed. And sober, despite a few drinks from Sgt. Fun. Sgt Fun and I went with Lucas and Angela for chinese food and it took TWO HOURS to be served, at which point we were all ravenous and I was going to start hurling my chop sticks at people. The worst part was that we had to share a table with this family who were seated at the same time we were and ordered WITH us and got their food at least half an hour before us, so we had to WATCH them eat. Not to mention that for three of them they ordered enough food to feed a small army.

It did give us enough time to explain The Dengler to Kasey, who was so excited about it she started talking about making laminates and t-shirts and myspace profiles. And then we walked over to Bowery whilst talking about our Joy Division cover band, and lo and behold, there was the subject of our coverband himself, with The (wannabe) Hive. It was a pretty chill crowd though, and we had a very good time. Mark Paone was even there, so I could gush more to him about how much I loved his birthday present of two tickets for me to take whomever I want to see BRMC/The Rapture. Mark is the coolest 44 year old on earth. I wish he could adopt me.

Sgt. Fun took us to 151, but I only had one drink and then bailed to come home and be lame and spent quality time with... my cats.

posted by n. @ 3/14/2004



someone told me this today: "It'll all work out fine in the end. If it doesn't work out fine, it's not the end."

posted by n. @ 3/13/2004

baby legs and victor's horses

I'm going to retire, I swear to god. Or maybe go on hiatus. Last night I was standing in Siberia, dying for a redpoll as I zoned out while listening to Atlanta band Snowden. Obviously it wasn't their fault that they had to go on at 2 am or that the sound in Siberia is so fucking godawful... I just couldn't concentrate. Too much on Nora's mind.

Upstairs there was a blogger lovefest going on in the form of Lindsay from Lindsayism's birthday. I always feel very weird about recognizing people from their weblogs (unless I'm drunk and then I'll scream OH MY GOD IT'S YOU! BRIAN I KEEP A DIARY DOT COM!!!! I LOVE YOU!).

The best part was when a girl who was at Best Tuesday Ever this week told me that we have made Tuesdays the new Fridays, which obviously doesn't bode well if you have work on Wednesday, but otherwise it fucking rules. I personally like changing the weekly landscape. Reason 8792357 why Nora doesn't really want to get a "real person job."

So we watched Snowden, and then went to Lit again, where I was referred to as "that's the girl" and talked to the guys from White Light Motorcade.

And in the end, I need an apartment with a swimming pool for a bathtub/shower.

Tonight... British Sea Power, and I'm so tired.

posted by n. @ 3/13/2004


i provide the details and the ass shaking
(fyi to my roommate, i MAY have to forgoe the Sopranos party for this....)


M A R C H 14th, 2 0 0 4

Tribeca Grande Hotel & GIRLS & BOYS present:

a special DJ set by

original members of the legendary band THE SMITHS...
The pair are also currently in a new project called Vinny Peculiar.


Ultragrrrl (SPIN Magazine)
Melody Nelson (
Alex Malfunction (GIRLS & BOYS)
Alex English (GIRLS & BOYS

FREE Admission

10 - 2am

RSVP to with Spin/Smiths in the subject line

posted by n. @ 3/12/2004

let's be blatant

i love it. Brian Battjer, Downtown Playboy.

posted by n. @ 3/12/2004

so so sexy

whoa wha? The Sexy Magazines are opening for Courtney Love?


posted by n. @ 3/12/2004

meet me in the bathroom, part. 324897235897

Last night at Lit was great, until suddenly at 2 am it turned into a huge mindfuck. Nicole spilled a vodka tonic down my boobs in front of a certain person (with pictures of himself all over his apartment) who was hanging out with a 17 year old girl with a garter belt for a headband. Max was high on "love" but unwilling to share, and then suddenly the whole upstairs smelled like paint fumes and I thought I was going to die.

Fossy has-a-lot-on-his-mind. But we're still his favorite, so no tab charges were applicable. OH, and Nicole hit fingerless gloves boy in the face, and I don't think he even minded. Whaaa?

OH, and Michael T was there. Wheee! I can't wait for the next Motherfucker.

I ended up in a basement apartment with a cat with a Louis Vuitton collar and then we were just three girls eating nutella and homemade peanut butter on a baguette at the cutest-overpriced-williamsburg-cafe-ever.

Yesterday I ALSO bought Franz Ferdinand AND the Von Bondies, and Jason played tracks of both for me. He's like my big brother I never had. Kind of like Jimmy actually, but with more vicodin and less ham. And we went to see Morrison Poe finally (because really, if we didn't this time, someone was going to murder us). They were good, mostly because the lead singer does an entire stripper routine (and ok, has an amazing voice). Unfortunately they remind me too much of Evanescence, and I haaaaate Evanescense. Can I be Noraescence? Hmm.

And finally, ladies, always remember to have the boy stand up before you make out with him. These things are important!


(shit, this blog entry only makes sense to three people. maybe four)

posted by n. @ 3/12/2004


Seth informs me that tomorrow we'll be attending a musical concert by a group called Rooney. All in all, not a bad band. At least they're not called 'The Roonies'

yes, Captain Oats has a livejournal...

also, check out this OC drinking game

posted by n. @ 3/11/2004

crazy weekend
ok since I obviously just don't sleep anymore, let's look at what is coming up for Nora this weekend. oh my oh my:

- Tomorrow night I will obviously somehow wind up at Lit, because Jason is DJing and he said it would be a BIG NIGHT. What does that mean? Rockstars other than The Dengler and the wannabe Hive (aka: badbadkisser)? I am vowing to stay on the sober side because... if Fossy can do it so can I and um... my liver needs a rest, don't you think? Oh and a little bird told me that Morrison Poe is playing and if I don't go one of the guys from One Night Only might kill me in my sleep. Unfortunately I will have to miss the fooseball tournament being held weekly by my upstairs neighbors, where everyone has dirty names. I was dubbed "hidden turtle neck" and Tom was "sideways smile" and another boy was.... ew... "roastbeef curtains." So wrong. I'm thinking of changing my name to "Groupie Action" however (see Shins article below). Even though I AM NOT A GROUPIE.

- Friday --- first to see The Saints of 35th Street @ The Charleston, doing all cover songs and with the super hot Tom singing some lead vocals, how can I not go? I have to try hard not to make out with him though, because it's "the right thing to do." Hmm... ANYWAYS then Nicole told me there is some band from MySpace that we are going to see because they inexplicably love us. Ok... sure! AND it's Lindsay's birthday party @ Siberia and another bird told me there might be drink tickets floating around so um... yes.

- Saturday - British Sea Power @ Bowery with Sgt. Fun. So exciting, ESPECIALLY since I completely forgot that I had tickets to this until a few hours ago when I checked my credit card balance (ouch!).

- Sunday - Girl brunch and thriftstore shopping, and then off to The Day After Party, even if the Bling Kong cheerleaders are djing. I wonder if the sparkle headband guy will be there. I will probably inhale another Pianos salad because they are SO GOOD. After all that, I will head home for a Sopranos party with the boys upstairs. The most disappointing thing for me about this season of the Sopranos is that I already know who dies, because Jamie Lynn told me @ my old job. But I promise not to spoil it for everyone else. Speaking of Jamie, there was a really REALLY harsh article about her upcoming turn as Heidi Fleiss in the latest NY Post. I personally can't wait to see this movie. Anyone want to come watch it and drink pink champagne with me? Ohh yeah. AND jesus christ, The Smiths are DJing with Ultragrrrl @ the Tribeca Grand too. Why does so much happen on SUNDAY now? Isn't it a day of rest?

Ok... now I'm sort of tired. Probably because I have all this stuff to do and all I want to do is sleeeeeeep. And eat a burrito.

posted by n. @ 3/11/2004

room 301

I couldn't help but giggle and grin when I read this article about The Shins. This excerpt should explain why:

When you tour, are you all about the rock-and-roll lifestyle?
Well, I think I am least of all. Staying up all night and then having to get up and drive is not fun. But we were in London recently with The Icarus Line, who are renowned for being crazy. We were right there along with them every step of the fucking way. I don't think people understand that we're not these bookish kids who share poetry at the end of the evening.

Any groupie action?
Well not lately for me, because I have a girlfriend. But there was some of that happening that I bore witness to, which is good. It should be that way.

don't ask me what the crotch grabbing is all about though...

posted by n. @ 3/11/2004


Good god. Words cannot express how much fun I had at my birthday bash @ Pianos on Tuesday. I had pink (PINK!!!!!!!!) cupcapes and got to DJ and drank TONS and had the company of many fabulous people (including Brian from, whom I constantly referred to as "Brian from I keep a diary dot com!" over and over again).

Surefire played an AMAZING set to a packed 21+ room, and they should be very very proud of themselves, and even dedicated a song to me, which had me blushing to no end.

Upstairs DJs Sweep The Leg, Brian Molloy (with the best facial expressions EVER), and super hottie Punk Ass Jason played amazing sets. Jason gave me a fantastic DVD with samples of all kinds of weird fucked up porn/monsters/wrestlers etc. which was projected on the big screen. And he played Franz Ferdinand which sent me into dancing joy.

Erik "Fossy" Foss was there, and even though we didn't get to make out, I was thrilled. And I hear Nicole even got him to eat a cupcake. Delish!

The night ended out with my own DJ set, which included tunes from The Bangles, Interpol, Jay Z/Beatles, Le Tigre, Audio Bullys, Stellastarr and even Robbie Williams - whose "Rock DJ" woke Danielle up from her slumber and had several people shaking their asses (speaking of which, I've seen these pictures of supposedly "weight gain" Robbie, and I duno but I REALLY don't see what everyone is talking about? I mean his HAIR looks different -- I love it -- but he still looks HOT to me!)

Considering how drunk I was, I only severly fucked up djing twice, so that was good. I hope everyone had fun, and if you have pictures, SEND THEM TO ME! Because right now I don't have any, and that is a crime!

xo - Nora

posted by n. @ 3/11/2004


i'm giving out blowpops, not blowjobs

HEY! Incase you somehow haven't heard, tomorrow is:


Downstairs at Pianos, check out kickass bands
Surefire, Arbor Day, Willy Mason and Kinetic, and
UPSTAIRS, it's a FREE afterparty for VICIOUS and
MY BIRTHDAY PARTY with djs all night from 8 pm to
4 am. There will be plenty of birthday surprises,
including hot sex and porn giveaways (ok, that's
what Kasey said, but I'll go with it!). This
night is not to be missed!!

at pianos
158 ludlow @ stanton
tuesday, march 9

the show is $8 but the party upstairs is FREE! so
no excuses people!

willy mason 8 pm
surefire 9 pm
arbor day 10 pm
kinetic 11 pm

djs start at 8pm:
DJ Punk Ass Jason (Restricted @ Lit)
DJ Brian Molloy (Tiswas, Tribeca Rock Club)
DJ Sweep the Leg (Daybreaker)
and if you stay late enough, you'll probably see
ME dj too... absolutely not to be missed...


posted by n. @ 3/08/2004


sex and drugs and celebrities oh my

So last night Lindsay took me as her plus one to the FHM party for Jamie Lynn DiScala's latest foray into acting and as their latest cover model. These are all people that I have worked with at my last job. Anyways, two complimentary fruity rum drinks and Lindsay and I were on a roll. We met a VJ from MTV who told me he worked for Norelco and made 5 blade razors (that's a lot of razors, I replied. I'm so astute). James Gandolfini was there, and Lindsay got hit on by a lot of balding middle age men. We ended up in the VIP room where they had crab puffs and free white castle (Jimmy, you would have been in heaven) cheeseburgers. Suddenly I was doing shots with Jamie's brother and her dad, and then stumbling to the coat room so that I could meet Danielle at Lit.

I think I was in Lit for approx five minutes, just enough time to give Erik a birthday party invite, say hi to DJ Jason, watch Danielle fall over something and then I was in a cab headed for home, where my roommate ordered overpriced food from Anytime for me and let me watch Princess Diana scccaaandelous tapes on Tivo before I passed out.

Tonight I was SO going to stay home and maybe bake muffins or do other domestic things, but now Tom has called and off I go. Staying put is just not my thing.

posted by n. @ 3/05/2004

put down that brioche tray and reach for the sky


i guess i should run out to kmart and stock up on martha stewart living goods. seriously, they make great muffin tins, no foolin.

posted by n. @ 3/05/2004


who doesn't love 16 year old redheads??

I've finally found a reason to watch American Idol, and that reason is John Stevens. Seriously, only this 16 year old Sinatra crooning red head can induce fits of squealing and cheering from myself and my also 22 year old roommate. We LOVE him, and he can SING, and not in a crazy annoying belty Kelly Clarkson karyoke-esqe kind of way that has become synonymous with American Idol contestants. He's different, and quiet and subdued and.. ok... REDHEADED AND CUTE!

Luckily tonight I am getting out of the house to go to an FHM party because a client at my old job is on the front cover, and they still like to invite me to things sometimes because... maybe they know how much I can appreciate an open bar. Should be a good time, even though I have to dress up and wear heels or something. So if you see a REALLY REALLY tall girl in Lit tonight, that's me, overdressed and drunk as hell.

posted by n. @ 3/04/2004

you make me lose my buttons

they played Interpol on The OC tonight. i was psyched. i have no idea why. well perhaps I have a slight idea, but regardless, they played "The Specialist" and that's my favorite. This is why I love that trashy mctrash show. And what's better is that I don't have to worry about The OC making Interpol un-cool or anything by the mere mention of them on the show, because Friends already used "Untitled" on THEIR show when Rachel and Joey had some stupid romantic and gross moment.

they also wrote off my personal favorite character, Anna, in tonight's episode. BUT I didn't cry, as I have been doing with most of the semi-emotionalesque television I have viewed lately.

I ALSO did not cry at Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro's tacky tacky TACKY wedding with a crazy clairvoyant woman who blessed them with the sign of air and fire and water and wind or some shit like that. I thought it was going to be like that part of the movie The Craft and whales would die and Fairuza Balk would come flying down the aisle and kill someone with her creepiness. But alas, nothing that great happened and I still believe that Dave's pubic hair face needs to go. That's all the whole season conveyed to me.

posted by n. @ 3/04/2004


it was wicked awesome

the next time I get dumped, I want it to be because I once dated Fabio.

posted by n. @ 3/02/2004


the virdict

oscars = boring. yawn. boring. but i did win the betting and my roommate is buying me a sushi dinner! hooray!

new lush store in herald square = fucking excellent!

57 degree weather all week = whoa?? is this some kind of spring teaser?

day after party @ pianos = fun! food yum. Benzos acoustic set YUMMMMM. What beautiful voices and songs. Made me want to curl up on the couch and have a pleasant dream.

posted by n. @ 3/01/2004

probably drunk

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