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and i would stay with you if you were lonely

so i ate a bunch of sushi tonight, passed out on my couch after another boring episode of Friends and woke up totally sick from the sushi... or was that the half bottle of wine. ugggh. anyways, now that I'm not sleeping and packing for Coachella instead, I thought I would offer up suggestions of fun activities for people who are in New York this weekend...

first of all, go to the Madison Strays website (as if I haven't told you to do this enough) and download the mp3 for "Last Train." It has been keeping me slap happy all day.

ALSO, please please please please if you have a chance, check out my almost-houseguests Snowden from Atlanta, playing TWO area shows, one at Plaid on Friday and then at Pianos on Saturday. They are SO GOOD, and the show at Plaid has an open bar from 9-10 I believe and I got some email saying they were filming for Queer Eye for the Straight Guy tomorrow night too? Random, I know, but go check it out!!!

Surefire are also playing at Sin-e on Sunday. I won't be going, but it's okay because I'm saving myself for when they play Tiswas with The GoStation. I'll be the girl in the front row freaking the fuck out from all the good music and cute boys on the stage that night. Just you wait.

Okay, that's all, and if you are in Coachella, you had better find me. I'll be the girl trying her best not to pass out from the heat induced frenzy I create (or the 107 degree actual temperature, whichever) seeing all the AMAZING FUCKING BANDS.

Holy shit, that's all. Thank you, goodnight!

posted by n. @ 4/30/2004


kids suck anyways

Last night on the OC, Teresa told Marissa that she couldn't eat sushi or drink alcohol and from this Marissa deduced that she was pregnant. After hearing this, my roommate registered the look of horror on my face.

"You can't eat sushi when you're pregnant?" I said. "I'm never having kids."
"You know how they ask you if you want to hold the baby after it's born?" my roommate replied. "You're going to be like no, pass the chopsticks!"

posted by n. @ 4/29/2004


The Coachella Lineup!!!

I'm obviously going to be running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to see everything I want/need to see. Ohhh delicious bands! I could not be more excited!!!

posted by n. @ 4/29/2004

the vegas

i just finished watching The OC. Ryan has baby mamma drama. hahaha. Maybe the baby can live in the Cohen's pool house because everyone lives in the pool house. I know we don't have a pool at our apartment, but maybe I should build a pool house in the backyard and some hot boy from Chino will just show up one day.

anyways.... otherwise my night was pretty tame. of course I finally got to see Morning Theft @ Pianos, which was some wonderful intensity -- they don't disappoint. Eyeliner has never looked so good, I'd have to say. After the show Jen and I ended up at an 11pm bar-b-que of all things, which was actually really low key and nice (Nora? Low key? I know... you're shocked again!). After a few Stellas though I was all too ready to come home and curl up with my Tivo and my new copy of Spin with Morrissey on the cover. He's rockin the pompadour, didn't you know? Maybe Chris really does know what he's doing...

I have so much shit to do tomorrow, but my itunes keeps me up. So what else...

Last night with some sugar free redbull and vodka I braved BLVD/Crashmansion (stupid name for a venue), and White Light Motorcade and The Madison Strays rocked my little world. It was Rich of the Strays birthday so after their set little miss broke-as-hell (that would be ME), bought shots for him and Belvy. And no, this isn't part of my attempt to become Mrs Belvy or anything (kidding about that, I swear!), I just like to buy shots for people! Carlos's birthday party was hardcore evidence of this fact about Nora (note ten jaeger shots lined up on the bar that I absolutely cannot afford in any way shape or form). Anyways, we ended up heading over to Niagara where someone kept smacking my ass every time I walked by so I was forced to hole up in the little DJ booth and drunkenly dance around in little circles as Belvy played ALL of my favorite songs. I love this guy, he's like Adrian Brody but hotter and with excellent musical taste (and a girlfriend, drat!).

Nicole sent me a text message from the car rental place out in LA saying that she was in line to rent her car behind the Stills drummer, who as far as I can tell after watching Subterranean a few weeks ago, no longer sports a white boy fro and is hotter than ever. Damn her! Oh well, I will be sweating it in the desert soon enough.

See you later...

posted by n. @ 4/29/2004


fiesta!!!!! some assembly required

This just in boys and girls! I am hosting the Cinco De Mayo party @ Pianos from 6-11 (after work for all of those who cannot wait for booze!). YOU HAVE TO COME.

But first you have to DJ for me! So if you know how to DJ, or think you know how, and have good taste in music (I'm open... someone suggested Menudo and I don't think I flinched... oh wait... I suggested it. Nevermind...) then please please please send me an email. Hopefully there will be some kind of tequila special (it may end up "Nora buys everyone tequila in large quantities" but what can you do?) and pinatas filled with sex toys and candy... and nachos! Lots of nachooooosssss!

Do you want to help? Do you want to hand out fliers and earn my undying love forever and ever????

Say yes! Say it fast! Say it now!
"i could be filled with drugs!"

posted by n. @ 4/27/2004

It took them until... what... two weeks before the end of the semester?

Bobst Boy gets a free home... and coverage on CNN!

posted by n. @ 4/27/2004

when you're friendster with captain oats...

so I just added one more thing to "signs Nora watches the OC far far far too much."

anyways, so I actually had a job interview for THE JOB I REALLY REALLY WANT. and now i don't know if i want it anymore. see, i'm completely retarded. oh well, i'm not going to stress about it right now, I have too much good stuff going on this week to dwell on corporate this and low 20s how am I going to eat that.

i need a nap now. the first person to spot the orange circle Nicole died into my hair gets a special prize (other than that, my hair looks HOT, I love my winglady)

posted by n. @ 4/27/2004


oh snap

Jocelyn just reminded me that we got ENGAGED last Thursday. Watermelon ringpop style. Tasty monogamy is always good right? Sorry boys!

posted by n. @ 4/26/2004

no one's ever looked so sexy walking away

well motherfuckit, i sent out a resume today. and it's for a job that i ACTUALLY REALLY WANT.

shocking, i know. let's cross some fingers for Nora ok, I've been doing so much work lately (and ok.. sleeping and drinking) and not getting paid a dime besides the piddley checks from the US Government. so cross your fingers that girly here finds employment (along with someone new and cute to make out with AHEM), a way to pay for all the expenses for Coachella, someone to cook for me (because if I order out one more time I'm going to explode)... yada yada yada.

shows this week on feeble budget:

The Madison Strays (on Friday I made Doug GoStation introduce me to Belvy after listening to part of his amazing DJ set, after I told Doug "I need to marry him!" and Doug replied "I don't know if he's looking for a wife, but I can introduce you..." No nuptuals worked out, but I still think Belvy rocks), White Light Motorcade (yaaaay), and The Flesh at CrashMansion/BLVD... wherever that is, I have to figure it out. That's on TUESDAY.

Morning Theft @ Pianos on Wednesday. Intensity has been promised, and I won't be disappointed now will I....

and that's it! Then I am packing for Coachella. Apparently the Motel 6 is equipped with a "no doubt lovely" swimming pool, so my suitcase will be filled with vodka and a bikini. sounds good right?

posted by n. @ 4/26/2004


okay so I missed them last time around, and this will NOT happen again! The Shins, Bowery Ballroom, May 9th...


(ps: the rumor about the Morrissey show was true. see here)

posted by n. @ 4/26/2004


this fire is out of control

i hate being sick. i know i've said this before, and obviously few people actually ENJOY being sick.. but god this sucks. I missed my first Surefire show ever, when they played at Misshapes tonight.

I'm sure the massive amounts of alcohol consumption at the fantastic GoStation show last night didn't really help matters any. Apparently when I got home around 5 am, I watched about two hours of TV with my roommate and had an indepth conversation with her about how I don't like Evanescence at all even though I think the chick is pretty hot... and I don't remember any of it. Tonight when I went to watch Subterranean on the Tivo she says to me "you do realize you watched this entire show when you got home yesterday..." Blah.

But anyways, The GoStation rocked my little world (even though no one was, as did the band that opened for them, The Bravery. I think I called them "the celery" at some point, but that was after the one hour open bar so... I can't be sure. Needless to say, they were REALLY great, and they are playing every Thursday in May at Arlene's Grocery. That's pretty cool.

However, the all girl Depeche Mode coverband, Violator, was pretty disappointing. I mean, honestly, I would rather just stay home and listen to Depeche Mode albums and make out with someone than listen to their female cover band. But they were a pretty good prototype for our Joy Division cover band, The Dengler!, which Nicole and I decided to make all female after last night. Oh the hottness. Also, I didn't pay a lot of attention to Metropolitan, but I wasn't really thrilled by what I heard so... oh well. Plaid is a really weird place to go see shows, because you walk from where the bands play into the other room and you are at some really really lame top 40 dance party with annoying "clubbing" people.

posted by n. @ 4/25/2004


does this make my tote bag a collectors item?

Word from Ultragrrrl, Denali have broken up.

posted by n. @ 4/23/2004

more plugging

okay and there is more! according to Audrey, there will be FREE PLATTERS OF CHEESE AND FRUIT @ the Day After Party and for a photo exhibit by Sean McCabe @ Pianos this weekend. You know how much I love a cheese platter, so I will so be there. And since I'll be there, and you should be there too, we will all get to enjoy the last installment of Dennis Cahlo's 7th Day Residency, where he will be selling a NEW EP for only two dollars.


Yesssssssss. Happy Weekend.

posted by n. @ 4/23/2004

hide it in the background

Surefire last night @ Luna Lounge... ahhhhmazing as always. I can't wait for their new EP to be done (unless it already IS done and nobody told me). And how psyched am I that they are playing Misshapes this Saturday. Although now it appears I may be attending some sort of roller derby over by Montrose.

After Surefire there were 283592735 options of things to do, but I am very glad that we decided to haul it over to Williamsburg to check out the French Kicks @ NorthSix. Their lead singer is sex on a very tall delicous stick and I really loved what I heard. LOVED IT. I got a free poster (free when you take it off the wall). I am going to hang it over my bed and have many dreams about dreamy boys playing dreamy keyboards.

And just so you know, I do not just like bands because I happen to find certain members of the band attractive in some way. I know it might seem that way, but really it's not true! But it doesn't hurt....


According to productshopnyc, THE SHINS have been confirmed to open for Morrissey @ the Apollo. Goddamn it, and I don't have a ticket???? Maybe this means they will play some secret shows in NYC though. A girl can dream. But that also means that they'll be in town for what.. four or five days? Someone needs to unlose a phone number..

also, check out the weather report for us Coachella bound people. Holy god. I don't even know what to wear in weather like this anymore.

if you SOMEHOW have been living under a rock, wake up and RSVP to go see The GoStation tonight @ Plaid! So so worth your time, and there is an OPEN BAR. Magic words people. Matt promises the most intense GoStation show yet. This may or may not mean that they all play with no pants on. But to find out, you have to come! And if you get there during the open bar, I'll buy you a drink...

posted by n. @ 4/23/2004


gonna wrap you up tight (like a birthday present?)

all i have to say is that it's a good thing Carlos D only has a birthday once a year. I think that's all my poor body can take!

posted by n. @ 4/22/2004

my cat hates you?

yes, yes she does. see here.

thanks to snowden for this random random link

posted by n. @ 4/22/2004

disarm you with a smile

Billy Corgan played his first-ever solo show at the Metro in Chicago Monday night. Corgan performed a series of songs he has written about Chicago. The evening was filmed for a DVD. Each of the 1,100 audience members received a program/lyric book. Besides lyrics, the booklets were filled with photos from the 1893 Columbian Exposition and World's Fair. Many of the 15 songs performed were new, and Corgan interacted quite a bit with the audience. Former Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin was in the balcony, and Corgan promised that at some point the two would work together again.

posted by n. @ 4/22/2004


the makeout queen

I just applied for this.

You don't even want to know the answers that I put down.

Oh, and I am officially Coachella bound. WHO WILL LET ME STAY WITH THEM??? pleeeease???

AND for those of you who are going, check out What's Up Coachella! to get wireless updates on your cell during the festival about what is going on, who Nora is making out with, etc. etc.

posted by n. @ 4/21/2004

kill me baby, one more time aka Britney goes emo

go here and watch the new Britney Spears vid for "Everytime."

It involves a lot of the following:

1. people throwing things and breaking them. i mean most of the video is just people TRASHING really expensive shit. this is cool.
2. britney running around in a brightly lit room. whatever. is this where you go when you die? a light box wearing a white button up dress shirt? hm...
3. lots of nudity. we at i rock i roll are in favor of hot people being naked as much as humanly possible. this is also cool.
4. britney decides that throwing things and breaking them makes her want to die and so she slits her... palm? at least that's what it looked like to me. and then she DROWNS! and then a boy (aka Steven Dorff?) comes to save her after he went and smashed her expensive hotel vase and knocked over a martini glass. but... he seems to sort of slam her head against the side of the tub. that's not very nice, asshole.
5. brit brit dies, babies are born. huh?
6. i think it would have been much better if Madonna had shown up and shot her or something. go knockout collabo, right?

basically this shit makes no sense, when did Britney get all emo. She needs to wear more eyeliner and get angrier. i want screamo britney. Scream at Justin for a bit if you have to. No more of this stupid oxycotinin BS, you hear me?

well watch the video anyways and tell me what you think... the people at MTV were confused by it, to say the least....

posted by n. @ 4/21/2004

they are black

i got a voicemail on my cellphone this morning from a member of a NYC band asking me what color my panties are today. i kid you not, it was a hello and what color is your underwear kind of voicemail.

At least he threw in that he was wearing white. Maybe that makes it slightly less rediculous....? And NO, he has never even SEEN my underwear ever. You dirty minded people!

posted by n. @ 4/21/2004


stimulate me
go here and vote for the video for Stellastarr*'s "My Coco" for some MTV type thing. Just do it, because it's cool and I don't get to see their videos nearly enough on my Tivo.

thank you.

SORRY, I know the link was broken before, but NOW GO AND DO IT PLLLLEASE! thank you!

posted by n. @ 4/20/2004

i can't believe it's happening

15 active IM windows and massive hangover = wacky Tuesday afternoon for Nora. But seriously... this past weekend and last night also has turned me into some sort of screamo groupie. Not good! Not that driving around like a maniac in a white Jersey mobile rental car wasn't fun, involving the necessary stops at IHOP, Target, and cheap scary motel next to abandoned parking lot.

I spent a day and a half surrounded by angsty HOT screamo new jersey boys, had a water bottle thrown at me by the lead singer of the band Nora, who later appologized and wanted to make out (go figure...?), and fell in love with Kill Hannah after I didn't like them before for NO LOGICAL REASON. So much eyeliner. Crashing guitars. Mmmmmm.

The only other things I saw that I liked was a band called The Fight from the UK, HIM (confusing name and all), and onelinedrawing. I end up with Boruki and Chris Nomorepompadour, the guys from Nora and Funeral for a Friend at some godawful bar across the street from the festival, where someone steals Matt Pinfields jacket, Chris burns my palm with a cigarette, and some really really small boy in a Nora hoodie who is drunk beyond belief takes a picture with me.

Then we go to a place called Wonderbar, which strongly resembles the Bada Bing! club from Sopranos, poles and all. New Jersey is disgusting, ok? Bars close at 2. WTF. I ate a hotdog outside, because I'm disgusting. Boruki has a picture of me with it.... don't ask.

Somehow this all ends at a Duncan Donuts and the floor of hotel room halfway back to New York but don't ask me how that worked itself out. Yay screamo NJ?!

Last night I went to see Funeral for a Friend at the Continental, and it was like an oven in there. I had to drink three massive vodka tonics to keep from over heating. HAD TO, you see. Then I got to Pianos, Rob forced me to eat french fries (FORCED ME, obviously...), and I did tequila shots with Jocelyn and waxed poetic with Harley from White Light Motorcade about how utterly wrong "I want a famous face" is and something about how John Lennon and Kurt Cobain are legends because they died young but maybe they would be if they hadn't or at least not in the same way or idon'tevenfuckingknowwhatweweretalkingabout??

The end.

posted by n. @ 4/20/2004


personal request because i'll love you forever

can someone IM me today at nyc nora and remind me to get Franz Ferdinand tickets? Please? Thank you.

and if you have something else of interest or something just boring to say, you can IM me there too.

posted by n. @ 4/19/2004


party with The GoStation (and ME!) this Friday

THE LINEUP: Violator, The Bravery, The GoStation,
THE PLACE: Plaid, 76 E. 13th St., NYC
THE DATE: Friday, April 23, 9:00 pm, FREE

First off, this is a free show. All you need to do
is send an email to to
get yourself on the list. (Please mention the
band). Then just show up before 11pm and you're
all good.

Secondly, opening the show is Violator, which just
so happens to be an all-girl Depeche Mode cover
band. Enough said.

Finally, there's even going to be a one-hour open
bar at the club's back bar from 9-10pm... not to
mention drink specials until 1am.

Basically, friends, you just can't lose on this
one. We'll see you there.

9:00 Violator
9:45 The Bravery
10:30 The GoStation
11:15 Metropolitan

Remember, rsvp to:

posted by n. @ 4/18/2004

return from the land of diners and... more diners

i'm back from dirty jersey. i made it out alive. stories from the weekend of screamo coming soon!

but hey, as if I needed ANOTHER reason to go to Lollapalooza this year The Killers are apparently thinking about joining the lineup! That's a festival orgasm right there.

Aaaaand it looks like i MAY be going to Coachella afterall. BUT I need somewhere to stay! Anyone want to let me sleep on the floor of their hotel room? I'm nice, I'm clean, I'll bring vodka?

posted by n. @ 4/18/2004


the important questions in life

SO, what would you do if you had a rented car for two days, a hotel room for a night, and NO tickets to the festival you were supposed to go to on the Jersey Shore?

I need ideas people!!!

posted by n. @ 4/16/2004


note to roommate:

SEE, I am NOT the only person who is going to run out to see "New York Minute!"

posted by n. @ 4/15/2004


heavy social drinkers show brain damage


posted by n. @ 4/15/2004

carlos sells sea shells by the sea shore

on Interpol's website, you can download a remix of "Untitled", which is called "Untitled" (Interpol Swimwear Remix).

Swimwear? Do we want to see Interpol in swimwear? You know.. someone probably has a picture of that in his apartment. But I'm not sayin who...

posted by n. @ 4/15/2004

we are the misfits

you'll see...

posted by n. @ 4/15/2004

give me a reason

for my friends who need one more reason to come to Pianos this Sunday (besides the yummy food, cute barbacks, and lovely company -- AHEM, moi?), go to Dennis Cahlo's website and download some mp3s!

stupid Nora didn't even REALIZE that she could download songs like Last Goodbye or The Air's Got Nowhere to Go, but HELLO??? They are there! Get downloading and enjoying pronto and I will see you on Sunday mofos.


posted by n. @ 4/15/2004

the moment of hotness: nora and michael t give britney and madonna a run for their money

such the highlight of my friday. nicole would like to point out the boob grabbing to all of you.

posted by n. @ 4/15/2004


another reason i love this band

from the BRMC mailing list:
Dear Friends,

This is Robert from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club...
As of 5 days ago it's official, we are free free free from Virgin Records.
We've been fighting to get out of our record contract for the last 6 months and are sorry we couldn't tell anyone about this but it was a very delicate thing that we didn't ever want to become ugly. There are many reasons we wanted to leave Virgin but instead of going into that, and digging up the past, we'd rather just look forward.

We're going back to basics, when things felt right and we did things more ourselves. This is actually the greatest day in our bands somewhat short history. We have many plans for what we're going to do next and how and who with we're gonna release our records.

The only thing that there is not to celebrate right now is that our 3rd single "In Like The Rose" could possibly fall between the cracks in all of this. We're trying to get help from outside promoters to get the single out there but it's hard.

The support you give us now though is what we really need. Just calling up your radio station or whatever in the city you live in and asking to play the song is a big deal. I know it sounds like a pitch or whatever but the song means more to us than anything and we want it to be heard.

I guess I don't know what else to say right now. We're almost half way through this U.S. tour with The Rapture and it's going really well. Oh, and as a lot of people know being off a major record label can be crippling to tours and band's can lose all tour support and funding. But we never had tour support anyway and we've always found ways to get by, so we'll see you soon.


posted by n. @ 4/14/2004


he bangs

so I stayed home tonight, right? and I watched TV. I got to see
this idiot on television, unable to appologize for obviously mistakes that his administration has made and continually smirking and giving the most rediculous stuttering answers to clear cut questions.

luckily after this I switched over to Fuse to catch their special on William Hung, where they showed behind the scenes footage and then a full broadcast of his awful video for "She Bangs." I still like Williams, however I found it sort of frightening to see 12 year old girls wearing shirts which quote what William told the American Idol judges after they laughed in his sad little dancing face.

William Hung for President, dammit.

posted by n. @ 4/13/2004

after the party it's the hotel lobby

holy tax return, batman! who wants to party with Nora this week?

Last night was insane, but a lot of fun. We started off the night at Southpaw, and walked in the door just as Surefire was launching into the first song of what would prove to be another amazing set. Nicole finally got to see the band for the first time, and afterwards she wanted to give him all hugs she has such a good time. There was some drama, some photobooth madness, and a split slice of pizza, but all in all it was a great time. And HOLY SHIT am I crushing on the delicious Brendan Benson. This just in... he wears 4 dollar cheetah print underwear from H&M. I think I'm in l-o-v-e.

After Southpaw it took us a year and a day to get back to the city, just in time to miss all of Let's Bolt! at Pianos, but my favorite barback was there, and we went with the rest of the staff over to Lotus on Clinton for some weird afterhours stuff with every bartender ever (and SOMEHOW, there was someone from INTERPOL there. I think he tried to go in the bathroom with us too...?). Finally we ended up at a hotel party with the band and sound people for Damian Rice, but we were both exhausted and so we ate pirate booty and called Borucki to wake him up.

Tonight I was going to go to Vicious. BUT I'm staying home. You're shocked, I know. This girl needs a nap.

posted by n. @ 4/13/2004


the dark of the matinee

Franz Ferdinand are coming back - and you had best go! And see, they even loved their reception in NYC, despite the crazy mofos who started a violent mosh pit at Maxwells. Stupid Jerz.

posted by n. @ 4/12/2004

gossip schmossip

It looks like Uncle Jesse is on the market!

(link via productshopnyc, who FYI mentions today about Natasha Lyonne whoring herself around Lit in the wee hours of the morning. i can completely attest to to this, Nicole and I have witnessed it first hand and it is SAD. She's just gross)

posted by n. @ 4/12/2004

you must be shitting me, no?

Interpol to tour with THE CURE?

North American Curefest

(A Lollapalooza/Ozzfest type of tour, with The Cure, Interpol,
The Rapture and more bands to be announced later)

June/July 2004 - European Festivals
July/August 2004 - North America
September/October 2004 - Europe

posted by n. @ 4/12/2004

catching up with Billy

In this episode of catching up with Billy, Billy goes on vacation with a psychic who wrote a book called "Trust your vibes." And, oh my, there is a review by him of said book on "vibes" on her website.


He also waxes poetic on our Chicago Cubs, and talks about God and stuff. And the site is STILL sky blue. But at least there is a good creepy picture. C'mon Billy. Despite all your rage you're still just a rat in a cage, remember? I still love you though.

posted by n. @ 4/12/2004

can it snow in april? yes it can

I just want to squeal like a little girl and point out that Snowden linked my weblog.


Ok, I'm done being embarassing now. I swear.

posted by n. @ 4/12/2004


oh my sweet god. YES! DAN from Real World Miami HAS A WEBLOG! Obviously I have made it clear in my blog here that I am strangely attracted as of late to men who aren't into me because they are into other men. Michael T would be a good example, and I mean he wears more make up than I OWN. But I always had a "wish he was straight but love him because he's not" crush on Dan. Sweeeeet.

posted by n. @ 4/12/2004

two pints of stella

I know, I owe everyone a huge update. But lately, life has just been filled with so much good music, it's hard to even know where to begin. Let's work backwards, maybe that will help...

Tonight I got to see one of my favorite NYC artists, Dennis Cahlo (formerly of the group The Realistics) in his monthly residency at Pianos. Every time I see Dennis perform,I can't help but be blown away by his simplistic and beautiful music, soaring falsetto, and touching lyrics. He is a gem, and if you have a chance the next two Sundays of this month, I absolutely recommend that you go and see him perform. I also got to FINALLY see Morning Theft, and even though they were apparently missing a member, they were still excellent (and ok, cute too).

Oh oh...and I just noticed on the Morning Theft website that they are playing Vicious! next month at a NEW VENUE. Finally! A new venue! Because honestly Sin-e was just getting too crowded for this popular once a month showcase.

Saturday night, another fabulous Tiswas performance for White Light Motorcade. A sweaty Stu told me that he was giving up party-ing, but I told him I didn't believe him. Somehow I'm sure I'll see him running around Lit in his leather soon enough. Following the show I was taken to Misshapes, where I danced up a storm and met Howie from Bastion, who was wearing a very cute hat. I like Howie. AND I like Bastion. Fun all around. (Don't ask me about the semi-homosexual karyoke though. whoa)

Friday night, there was complete debauchery at the latest edition of Motherfucker (NICOLE, WE NEED TO SEND THEM PICTURES!!!!). A big thanks to Craig for making the evening fantastic for my friends, and we'll forget the whole "lose my number" incident. I love Craig. AND I love Cityzen, his webzine. More on that soon! Oh and did I mention I got to make out on the dancefloor with Michael T? I can die a happy girl now.

And FINALLY, Thursday I got to see Benzos AND Tv On The Radio @ Mercury Lounge, both of whom were fantastic. Benzos songs make people weep in a good way. I love them. LOVE love love them. TV On The Radio were fucking amazing, breaking the mold in lots of ways and they played a great set. I liked, I bought the CD, happy times.

All in all, it has been a fantastic week for music, which can put a smile on my face even when there is so much stuff that is getting me down in other ways. I love NYC, I love music, and that's what matters right now.

posted by n. @ 4/12/2004


our songs are better

Jem is a big part of the reason that I grew up wanting to be a rockstar. Or maybe why I wanted to have special powers, or at the very LEAST, super cool earrings.

So how thrilled was I to learn that this is out. Oh, and how hot is her cartoon boyfriend there? Yum. (yes, I know it's a cartoon.. shut up)

posted by n. @ 4/08/2004


it's going to snow again

yay exciting news! Snowden is coming BACK TO NYC for two shows, one at Plaid on April 30th and another at Pianos on May 1st! woohoo!

posted by n. @ 4/05/2004

poo poo?

I honestly don't know what to make of the new outkast song "Roses." I mean, isn't it a song about poop? Or flowers that smell like poop? I mean I know everything Andre 3000 touches turns to gold at this point, but a song about feces and flowers?

well, check out the video at least. (link thanks to best week ever)

posted by n. @ 4/05/2004

love in the underground

i think i met the guy who wrote this article on Saturday. but no, not on the subway.

and on an entirely different note, did anyone else love the Sopranos episode last night focused mainly on blowjobs? oh yeah.

posted by n. @ 4/05/2004

bigmouth strikes again

i'm sorry i haven't been updating much lately. if i ever got a chance to sit down for two seconds, or even take a deep breath now and then, that would be helpful. as it is, those things haven't been happening lately because of how rediculously busy i've been. as it stands, my sister's birthday present is going to get there three days late, at least, because post office hours just don't work for people like me lately.

anyways, the highlight of my weekend would have to be Saturday, when I got to see The Smiths (1/2 of them at least, although Tom would call them "the fake smiths") DJ at Centrofly. Audrey played an amazing set before them in the "chill out room", which was so chill that you can smoke there and dance on a crazy circular platform (although there were no small topless asian boys for me to dance with this time).

This was followed by an amazing Ultragrrrl set, where her brother took possibly very embarassing (almost certainly embarassing) pictures of me dancing my ass off to The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Joy Division, etc. etc. Finally the Smiths were on, and they played until the wee hours of the morning (6am, thank you stupid time change). I ran into Chris Pompadour, who did, infact, lose his pompadour, but actually looked great anyways so it wasn't the end of the world.

Other highlights of the week include the, as predicted, ORGASMIC BRMC/Rapture show. Though I was bummed to miss Stellastarr* and The Killers, this show was not to be missed and the group was having so much fun, cowbell at all! The highlight for me was an audience gripping performance of "Open Up Your Heart," which had Nicole and I swaying back and forth like we were listening to "Lean on Me."

TONIGHT: The GoStation @ Pianos, and then um... sleep?

posted by n. @ 4/05/2004


nora finally gets an MC!

it's too bad I don't DJ at Pianos anymore...

posted by n. @ 4/02/2004


did i use the J word?

I actually met this guy Chris at Lit one night. I was wearing my No PDA shirt. And he did look like Jesus. So check out these shows:

hey, all.

there are a few perks (very few) to booking bands. yeah... sometimes
you get to hang out backstage with the cool kids. and sometimes you get
in for free to see other concerts. and sometimes you get to smash
somebody's guitar with a cricket bat.

but then there's one that i just realized recently...

if you want to throw yourself a birthday party, you've got the skills
and the venues and access to do it right.

my birthday falls on Easter Sunday this year, and everybody tells me
i'm looking like jesus these days, so... i figured what the hell... i'll
book myself a birthday concert.

and then i said... no... let's not stop there. let's book a little
mini-festival. i'm just THAT much of an egomaniac.

so... announcing:


10 days of festivities, mostly involving rock and roll (but also
involving softball, poker, drinking and dining... those events not listed

here are the concerts:

Saturday, April 3 The Twilight Singers plus The Hold Steady at

Monday, April 5 The Posies / Palomar / The Oranges Band / Paul
Hiraga at Northsix.

Tuesday, April 6 The Thermals / Say Hi To Your Mom / Dirty On
Purpose at Northsix.

Wednesday, April 7 The Detachment Kit / We Ragazzi / Oxford Collapse
/ The 101 at Northsix.

Thursday, April 8 Sea Ray / The Mobius Band / Illumina / The
Honorary Title at Northsix.

Friday, April 9 The Long Winters / Falcon / Aveo at Northsix

posted by n. @ 4/01/2004

probably drunk

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