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no mistake here...

I know I entirely dropped the ball on this one, but I was electricity challenged so you'll have to forgive me. Matt GoStation gave me the heads up via text message a few mornings ago that The Bravery were mentioned in NME. While the NME drops more band names than... I do (haha), this is still pretty damn cool.

Thanks to Jeff for the following:

"America's answer to Franz Ferdinand, and the band everyone's talking about in New York."

And I can say I knew them way back when (what was that, two months ago) when I saw them play at Plaid after downing some 10 odd drinks at an open bar and I looked at Nicole and said "What is this band called? The Celery? They're fucking great!"

Back then the band was opening for The GoStation, who turned in a stellar performance last night at the Delancey. Maybe I'm partial, but "C'mon" is perhaps their best song yet, the GoStation power ballad if you will (Wonderwall?). After their set the room became packed to capacity for Tommy Stinson, who hit on my friend and then proceeded to play a long acoustic set in what became a virtual oven of a room. At one point Stinson commented "So I hear this is one of the hottest new clubs in the city... well you know, I certainly am hot up here." We ended up at Broadcast to say farewell to Michael T as he heads off to the west coast. For some reason I asked him if he was going to go surfing, which he found hilarious (and OK, so would I). Jed has an amazing recap of the rest of the evening (the moral of this story: leave the Jersey boys alone), and I'm too lazy to type anymore because there is sushi dinner waiting for me. Be back Monday with updates on Curiosa and whatever else I manage to come up with.

posted by n. @ 7/30/2004

"no, rich, not all girls stand around talking about facials"

Why hello.

First off, I'd love to welcome all my new visitors from the I know you're mostly here because people feel the need to be publicly lame when it comes to me, but that's ok because we at irockiroll know we're just that much better for it. So stay, read some stuff, and if you happen to know a) where my wallet is or b) why they insist on drilling the street outside my apartment at 8 am that would also be awesome. Just a thought.

Secondly, this is just a reminder that tonight DUTCH KILLS is playing @ Southpaw (Sometimes I "name-drop" bands because I actually manage them. Shocking!). The band is playing with Looker and Saintface, who I have heard excellent things about, so it should be a great show. And thanks to the lovely Karibomb, we're having an afterparty @ Rothko with Benzos + Asobi Seksu. So whatever show you're going to tonight, we'll be seeing you later on.

Quote of Thursday evening: "Wow, it's great to be up here on this roof deck, out in the fresh air... surrounded by cigarette smoke."

I can't believe it's almost August. I keep forgetting that Curiosa is this weekend too. I think maybe it's just too exciting to really be comprehended.

posted by n. @ 7/30/2004


power on

Okay, two days with no power in my apartment. I don't deal well with "amish living" so I spent most of the time doing fun things outside of my "home office", like seeing The Fever rock the SPIN offices (thank you Peter for a fantastic time) and spinning tunes at my favorite Williamsburg bar (and not just because they let me charge my cellphone there). I love that I can just show up with my CDs and play whatever I want for strangers for hours... it's kind of amazing how you know that certain songs are guranteed to make people dance no matter what. I would tell George "Ok.. just wait... here they go..." and there they went. At the end of the night a really nice girl came up to the booth and actually thanked me because her and her friends had such a great time. That fucking rocked.

But now my electricity is back on and I have a billion and one emails to respond to. But before I get to it, I'm going to see Thee GoStation play @ The Delancey.

Also, I'm throwing a huge party in Williamsburg next Friday, and it's a big deal, so please clear your calendars because I love you like that.

posted by n. @ 7/29/2004


dig the new breed

come out to Southpaw this Friday to see four great bands, including DUTCH KILLS. If you haven't seen them yet, you won't believe what you're missing! See the very flattering review below, and then I'll see you on Friday!

showcasing New York's top new bands@ s o u t h p a w

FRIDAY, JULY 30, 2004
Doors: 8pm, ($8)
SOUTHPAW, 125 5th Ave.


Dutch Kills combines dreamy melodies with raw guitar power and commanding lyrics to create dramatic, emotional indie rock. The Village Voice recently noted that "...Dutch Kills shuffle between soft, pretty indie-pop and clamorous bloodletting." It's an exaggeration, but not by much. Keith Moon biographer Tony Fletcher and I agreed while watching them at Southpaw back in March... this is exactly what George Harrison would sound like if he was a young man making music today. Singer Nick Altebrando and company are subtlety sharp and literally inspiring.

More info @

posted by n. @ 7/26/2004

from shouting to quiet

This weekend turned out to be really excellent, although it was hard to follow up my night in Boston with Morning Theft. Friday while everyone had a great time (it sounds like) in the Central Park monsoon for Stellastarr*, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Devo, I took a nap. This might sound boring, but trust me, it was much needed. Finally managing to drag myself out of my apartment, Matt and I headed to Rothko where I really wanted to see a band from Sweden I've been hearing a lot about, the Shout Out Louds. And boy was I glad that I did, because we were all very impressed with their poppy rock, highlighted with the Robert Smith-esque vocals of lead singer Adam. Apparently at their last NYC show the crowd was only about 9 people, a far cry from the crowded Rothko that greeted the band Friday night, on their two or three date US tour. Audrey followed their set with some great DJing, and once again spun Daft Punk's "One More Time!!!"

When the band was done, the troopers from Summerstage showed up and after some barhopping around the east village, I got to give Dom his first introduction into the world of Lit, surprisingly NOT packed on a Friday night (thank the lord). Max was all high on love again too... which is always amusing to say the least, and Lola was manning the downstairs bar in pigtails so I hardly recognized her until I realized she was throwing limes at me from across the room. Never has there been a more fabulous bartender and she has a birthday coming up this weekend!

Saturday was lowkey, and I got to help style hair and watched some of The Shining, until we went to Misshapes and the entire world exploded all over the dance floor. The DJs were on a roll, and I ran into Sebastian who I haven't seen in an eternity since he came to Pianos one night while I was on the decks. He marveled at the great music and hot crowd, and I even got him to dance. Beer was flying, people were making out left and right (except for me, shocking I know), it was hottt. We ended up at the Waverly at 5am, where I ate a lot of coleslaw and we talked about being a fan and I found out that my dream of having a song written about me is actually a dream no longer. I'm not giving any more info on this one though.

Sunday rolled around and we were really tired. Spent some time taking care of On The Pull business and then made my way over to Bedford to meet Peter and Jed for a really nice backyard BBQ and to meet some supercool new friendly people. Full of veggie burger and beer, I returned home to call it a night with a new episode of Six Feet Under. Last week I was wondering how they were going to incorporate the song "Transatlanticism" by DCFC and wow did they not disappoint me. Claire and her crazy art student friends were tripping on something and in a drugged out state they all sang along to the gorgeous chorus of "I need you so much closer." So best.

posted by n. @ 7/26/2004


we went to the bah

It's weird how leaving New York for even just 24 hours can make you feel like you've been gone for an entire week. I had a fantastic time on my first trip to Boston since I was 16 (when I followed my parents around the Freedom Trail aimlessly and saw the house and/or grave of every dead historical figure EVER) with Morning Theft. It took us a long five hours to get from NYC to Great Scott's, but I got to listen to the band's demos for their upcoming EP and everything sounds as though it's coming together and will sound AMAZING when it is all finished. The show itself went really well. Openers Low Beam started off the evening right with their powerful rock, featuring a very hot keyboard player with some cool shiny shoes. Despite this band having apparently released three albums already, they are still very much under the radar and will hopefully be making a trip to NYC soon.

Morning Theft played next and proceeded to rock out, and they are honestly getting better and better with every show. After Tuesday's amazing performance at Lit, they didn't disappoint. Even when Rob broke a string at one point during "On End", the band was hardly fazed and the audience even sang along. Boston crowds kick the ass of NYC crowds, sad kind of but really true, and Boston Morning Theft fans are clearly devoted! Thanks for letting me tag along with you guys and sharing your $1 PBRs with my broke ass. I'll be superfan anytime! Hope you enjoy the video recording... evidence that I obviously didn't major in film @ NYU.

Asobi Seksu was also great in only their second Boston appearance, and Ashely's first party was in my view a huge success, especially without having a Boston band on the bill. I hope after she makes the big move to New York that she'll keep doing her shows, because the girl has excellent taste in music that needs to be shared.

Tonight I opted out of wearing a poncho @ Stellastarr* during the monsoon and will probably end up spending my evening @ Rothko, staying dry and listening to Audrey DJ after checking out the Shout Out Louds.

And also, this is some of the most ridiculous shit I have ever seen. It's a fucking TARGET. That's all, it's a STORE that sells crap. Ugh.

posted by n. @ 7/23/2004


baby pacman, baby

So I thought the whole "can't go anywhere without seeing someone I know" was relegated to Manhattan, particularly the LES, but apparently this theory applies to Williamsburg aswell. Last night Nicole and I went to see Snowden (yes, again) @ Trash Bar. They were fantastic, but you should ask Nicole about it really. Hehehe.

You can also get tons of free food in Williamsburg, especially if you're at a bar owned by Big Dave. I think I had three dinners last night, two of which I didn't have to pay anything for. We also ran into the always entertaining Sam Bland, or rather he found us while we were deeply immersed in a Ms. Pacman challenge, and he invited me to DJ his birthday party. The theme of this party is apparently an "italian shorts party" where boys walk around in tiny little shorts and button up shirts? I dunno if I have to wear little shorts too, but it should be entertaining to say the least.

The rest of the evenings activity can't really be discussed, because it's apparently either illegal or could have been. Apparently we caused some kind of "annoyance." But damn was it fun!

I think that I don't listen to enough all-female bands or bands with female lead singers, so I've been looking around and have fallen in love with "Nearer Than Heaven" by The Delays and "New Resolution" by Azure Ray. Very much awesome.

Ok, time to get my shit together and get ready to go to Boston w/Morning Theft. I don't even know when I'm coming back....

FYI, to anyone who reads this blog through the syndicated feed, if you can please please please come here and leave your comments I would really appreciate it because otherwise I NEVER see them! thanks!!!

posted by n. @ 7/22/2004


Jake Gyllenhaal hits on Sparkle Motion Dancer (????)

You know, sometimes I doubt your commitment to me Jake.

posted by n. @ 7/22/2004


eat a sandwich please. get me out of this room please. one more drink please?

Started off the evening with Vicious! (happy anniversary), and finally saw Snowden properly (aka NOT at Siberia). They def. have made some line up changes, but the music remained entirely fucking excellent and they drew a great crowd considering they were first on the bill and not locals. "Kill the Power" was the highlight for me, such a great song! The band even got to do a much deserved encore, which Jocelyn told me is a rare thing at Vicious. Jordan is an absolute sweetheart and the band is looking forward to their show tonight at Trash (they play at 10:30, and there is an open bar beforehand.

We stayed at Vicious for a while after and I'm glad we did because I was majorly impressed by Hula with their dreamy and beautiful folk rock (and they do rock out from time to time, which was great). And I finally got to properly see the Twenty-Twos... and while I DO think that they are very very good, I couldn't shake the "I feel like I've seen/heard this all before" feeling.

Finally it was time to go to Lit for Morning Theft, and I know I say this all the time, but they were just so fucking good! And usually when I go to Lit I don't expect a lot, especially with sound, but it looked like they changed the "stage" area around and it was fantastic. Thursday I'm going up to Boston for Ashley's much anticipated party featuring them and Asobi Seksu, and I've been told that Morning Theft Boston shows are a whole different ballgame, so it should be great. Also I've been dying to get out of New York for a while so this will be my brief, much needed vacation.

Somehow, after all of this had already gone on, we ended up at Modelspotting 2004 (aka the Elefant afterparty). It was just another one of those nights where you get everyone ever in a room together (or so it seemed) and you never know what's going to happen. What happened to Nora? I freaked out and ended up locked in a dark closet/room which I thought led upstairs, but actually... led no where. Fun times there. I managed to figure out that I wasn't really locked in at all after a few minutes (thanks a lot vodka tonic...), and the rest of the party was actually fun, despite the mayhem and models and whathaveyou. Thanks to Jocelyn too for getting me in, because Jocelyn knows everyone who works at Spin (and if she doesn't she can still pretend she does and it works!).

posted by n. @ 7/21/2004

i love you donnie darko

My sister sent me this link this morning with a message that said "Nora, your time has come."

This is why I love my sister.

Speaking of which, she finally joined myspace, so now all you perverts can send her messages. It's ok though, because she's legal.

More about last night's complete insanity soon...

posted by n. @ 7/21/2004


vicious and then some

7/20/04 @ LIT LOUNGE
show starts @ 9PM

Lit Lounge
93 2nd Ave (btwn 5th and 6th St),
East Village
New York, NY 10003

Morning Theft - 11pm
Sex Sells
Heat Seekers

posted by n. @ 7/20/2004

random shit will make you happy...? apparently so!

Obviously the TiVO has been recording massive amounts of VH1 programming this week due to the show "I Love The 90s"(so far 97 is best evs). My roommate and I noticed that in the latter half of the 90s at least, people just became obsessed with weird, RANDOM shit. We decided that this was because there was just nothing major going on in the US (up until the Clinton scandal), so people decided to collect beanie babies and go see Titanic five thousand times for NO GOOD REASON.

Speaking of doing things for NO GOOD REASON, is there really, seriously, a high demand for a *new* Partridge family? Because LOOK, you can AUDITION FOR IT. If you get up early today:

New York City: July 20
10:00 AM
Industria Superstudio
775 Washington St.
New York, NY 10014
*NO camping out. Line will start at 6:00 AM.*

But first you have to decide if you are more of a Shirley, Laurie, Dannie or Keith. Ah, the question I struggle with on a daily basis...

posted by n. @ 7/20/2004


see how much fun you can have dancing to songs about dying alone!

Backtracking... out of Snowden mania... Friday night found us at the Mercury Lounge, post Mary Ann's Margarita chugging, to see the boys we all wish we had taken to our prom, the Madison Strays. We planted ourselves in front of the stage, vodka tonics in hand, so as not to miss any of Belvy's stage antics (I'm partial to the back-to-audience ass shaking myself). And the Strays didn't disappoint, in terms of their dark dance music as well as onstage flair ("Grace" is still my particular favorite, but everything else is a close close second).

No one got into the show more, however, than a strangely out of place older man who just couldn't get enough of the Strays, especially drummer Joe Z who he seemed to want to get on stage and drum with the entire time. Throughout the set he got so seemingly caught up in it all that he was jumping around, flailing his arms in the air, and at several points got down on one knee and saluted the band whole heartedly. We didn't really know what to make of this, although when Alex asked me after the show if the guy was making fun of them, I told him that I think instead they may have found their Madison Strays superfan. I know ideally that role would go to some young eager female, but this guy was all about the band and hey.. he bought us drinks so he gets my vote! Alex Chow also gets our vote for nicest guy ever. Mercury Lounge wins for best venue. And so on... Unfortunately we are not going to be able to take the trip to see the boys down in Virginia Beach this Thursday with Elefant, so I won't be able to judge the Belvy vs. Diego boogie board showdown. My loss, clearly.

The only thing that could have possibly been acceptable to follow this up was the oh-so-fantastic Moving Units. It's like someone combined The Faint, Hot Hot Heat, Radio 4, The Rapture, etc. etc. etc. into one band and got the drummer to randomly get up and dance! There wasn't a cowbell but I didn't even care, this band is so much FUN.

Saturday... we decided to take our hangover to Siren Fest. BAD BAD IDEA. DO NOT REPEAT! Seriously, this was the worst organized event maybe ever. And perhaps, since it's free, we should have just expected as much and ok.. so we were also warned about the cattle herding of people and the lousy sound. But good lord. We managed to see fully Blonde Redhead, which was nice but some of the sounds were just too "sleepy" and would have been much better enjoyed whilst lying on grass somewhere as opposed to crammed in like sardines with hundreds of other people next to a loud rollar coaster. I still really love this band though, and hope to see them again soon. A girl in one of my photo classes in college once did a really moving slideshow to one of their songs and I've been a fan ever since.

Finally the last thing we managed to deal with before getting the hell out of Coney Island (not before eating some hotdogs though... c'mon it's a requirement even if you have to wait in line for half an hour), was Death Cab For Cutie.

I have a hard time expressing how emotional of an album Transatlanticism is for me, but hearing it live makes me all wishy-washy and Siren Fest was not really a good place for this either. Still, they were great.

And according to the Barsuk website, the song "Transatlanticism" which makes Nora cry is going to be featured on Six Feet Under, the show that also makes Nora entirely overly emotional -- but yet in a way that is SO DAMN GOOD. I thought it couldn't get any better after they played Radiohead's "Lucky," so I can't wait to see what they do with this epic song.

That's all I think, the rest of the weekend was spent catching up on much needed Z's. Phew, that was a long blog.

thanks to jasper for the fantastic madison strays photo. he has many more on his website that made me ohh and ahh this afternoon. what a talented guy!

posted by n. @ 7/19/2004

it's snowden day at irockiroll... or is it snowden week?

"I'm really looking forward to our show in Williamsburg. I hear it's like the coolest place on earth. Everyone is an artist & they all know each other. Everyone takes turns cooking dinner for each other one night of the week (sometimes it's a potluck style meal). Creativity oozes out of the gutters. Unicorns dance around the streets. Rainbows explode out the windows. Recording contracts litter the streets, awaiting your signature. Guitar strings are free. & most importantly, the free open bar lasts 24/7." - taken from Snowden's Gothamist interview.

Well um... if you want I can throw some "recording contracts" (no doubt printed on the back of my cell phone bill) out my apartment window and dress my cat up like a unicorn for the effect, and you really don't want to taste my cooking ... but I hope you guys like it here anyways and then you can stay forever and ever with your great music!

posted by n. @ 7/19/2004

kill the power

Snowden is on their way back to NYC! First they play Vicious!, and then following that up with a show at one of my favorite bars in Williamsburg, Trash. If you're going to check them out at Rothko, make sure you get there early because they are first on the bill (8pm).

When that's over I'll be busting a move over to Lit to see Morning Theft, because well... you know why at this point. Sometimes it works out that all my favorite bands are put in one place and sometimes you just have to do a little work, but it's worth it! Morning Theft spent the weekend in the studio putting the final touches on what promises to be a great label release!

More on the miserably organized mess of music that was Siren Festival later, as well as my proclamatins of love for the Moving Units... I have an interview tomorrow and all my "business casual" attire (that would be about three things), needs to be laundered.

posted by n. @ 7/19/2004


nap time for the rich and famous

George, someone stole our idea for nap lounges! Greg the B/F writes about a place called Metro Nap where apparetly you can pay 16 dollars to sleep in a pod for 20 minutes. Unfortunately that sounds like a huge rip off. If I have an hour for lunch, I want to sleep for an hour. Most people who can afford this kind of thing probably have their own offices where they can just close the door and sleep if they really wanted to.

I'll just go to Au Bon Pain and put my head on the table if I really need to.

posted by n. @ 7/16/2004

we'll sleep on sunday... maybe

I have to say, if you live in Williamsburg, nearby, or ever venture this way, you have to go to Dumont and try their burgers. It's heaven on a bun, and worth every penny. Plus it's a great place for a date... if you're someone who goes on dates.
For those of you keeping up with my adventures in non-disposable income, tonight is the Moving Units/Madison Strays show @ Mercury w/after party at Motor City. Then on no sleep, it's on to Siren Fest, where I'm especially exited to see The Fever, because I'm perhaps the only person I know who has never seen them live(save for their last song at the Von Bondies show back in February) and to also see the too long absent Mark Paone. This will all probably be followed by Jimmy's birthday extravaganza where I may or may not get to participate in a rousing game of "40 hands."
Back to work... but first, you can read about how socially retarded I can be sometimes. Sorry Jed! I think hangovers have that effect on me, as witnessed last night when at dinner I stared at breadsticks for abnormally long periods of time. Ohhhh well. 

posted by n. @ 7/16/2004


simple math

pile of drinks...

equals pile of girls


posted by n. @ 7/15/2004


still drunk at work. god damn!

pictures from last night coming soon...

- there is a bra in my purse?
- brian molloy = so best (this has nothing at all to do with the bra, I think)
- you can spin "heart of glass" twice on accident and no one will care (except for george)
- i think I'm going to Boston next week to see Morning Theft. rawk
- yep.. still drunk.

posted by n. @ 7/15/2004

can anyone tell me...

What happened at the Girls + Boys Reunion last night? Because um... I don't really remember. BUT I know it was fun, and I danced a lot, and I was 15 minutes late to work.

That's a recipe for a good time.... no?

Thanks to those who came out and saw me DJ. I got to spin Benzos and everyone loved it, esp. Nick from ,Dutch Kills.

Jesus I think I'm still drunk.

posted by n. @ 7/15/2004


siren fest hasn't even happened...

but here's info on an afterparty!

@ The Hook
performances by:
BAD WIZARD 10:30pm


Saturday, July 17th - 8PM -


Presented by addVICE

8$ What a deal!

You can get your tickets in advance on the ticketweb

Um... apparently there is a free SPARKS shuttle bus that will take people from Coney Island to The Hook. And when you get off the bus, you actually get to drink some free Sparks. Is the bus orange and full of spastic hyperactivity? I wonder.

Yeah obviously I won't be getting any sleep this weekend...

posted by n. @ 7/14/2004

ready let's roll

Just a reminder that I'm DJing tonight @ the Alligator Lounge in Williamsburg, now starting around 8:30-9 because we have to hit up the Boys + Girls reunion (did someone say $3 dollar well drinks? free shots? Brian Molloy?). Meanwhile, Karen has an interesting theory about why I don't have a disposable income to be used primarily for alcohol consumption. Finally it all makes sense.

And what would a day of temping be if I couldn't read more trashy gossip about Britney Spears. Love it.

posted by n. @ 7/14/2004


who loves nihilism and misdirection? we do!

Madison Strays interviewed for Gothamist series called "Sets and the City." Someone needs to interview Rich though, so we can find out more about these toxins.

Next week, they're interviewing Snowden! Someone is raiding my favorite band list here....

posted by n. @ 7/13/2004

can anyone lend er... give... me 500 dollars?

I want it!

posted by n. @ 7/13/2004


no matter how i tried

The beach is good and fun. Sunburn is not good nor is it fun. Tit for tat, I suppose. Saturday was a gorgeos day to get some melanoma. I was trying to remember how I got to be so hungover, but I think I had Matt GoStation (who almost single-handedly kept me drunk for two days because he knew I needed it... or something. you rock my empty bank account) and Big Dave to thank for that. At least I attempted to help someone win a game of chess at St. Dymphnas before I headed back to Williamsburg. He lost though. So it goes...

Saturday we tried to take our sun burned selves out for a little bit. We got some free drinks but couldn't really manage to dance and ended up running into boys we used to make out with. That's always interesting. Also met a boy who said he works for Donald Trump (but was not on the Apprentice, I checked), and enjoyed drinking ameretto sours and reading Cosmo. Hmmmmm...

Sunday we dragged ourselves out again and went to Rothko for an all ages show thrown by the lovely Jasper and Audrey. And by "all-ages" they really weren't kidding... there were def. some young kiddies in the audience, who clearly are Surefire's newest and by far youngest fans!

Surefire was followed by The Bravery and then Elkland, both bands that I obviously love. But I think the temperature outside and the fact that most of the crowd was probably hungover or sunburnt or both made it difficult for the audience to really get into both of these dancey sets. Not to worry though, these bands are both sure to wow them when they open for Elefant next week @ Bowery.

The next two weeks are going to be entirely overwhelming. Hopefully I'll even manage to make time to blog, between working (this week) and partying (every week). Cross your fingers for me.

posted by n. @ 7/12/2004


a glass case of emotion

Some people have been saying that Anchorman is "anchorbad", but I looked up the critic's reviews and they are actually totally decent. In my eyes, Will Ferrel can do no wrong (hello.. cowbell? elf? yes...).

posted by n. @ 7/09/2004

why can't we just play the other game

It's a really good thing that I'm working next week, because it will force me to reign in my nightlife antics for... at least a little bit. Eh, who am I kidding, I'm going to be hungover every day probably. I have such a great work ethic...

Last night we started off with the free Benzos showcase @ Pianos. The room was overflowing with industry and press, but we managed to get a good spot next to Peter and a really really really obnoxiously loud guy wearing a green polo shirt with an alligator on it. This jerk talked through just about every song, smack talking about the band, about the crowd, about indie music blah blah blah. Not that he will ever read this site, but for the record: I hate you smack talking drunk asshole, and I don't hate many people, but you were just RUDE.

Anyways, there were some major sound problems during the second song, such as NO LEAD VOCALS, which the band didn't realize until it was too late because apparently they could hear it and we couldn't. Way to go Pianos... Nevertheless, the problem was fixed and the rest of the set was amazing and the band re-did the song as an encore which made everyone happy. Labels have taken notice and hopefully the band will be signed as they well deserve to be soon.

After Pianos, we made the huge mistake of trying to go to Lit and get in on the open bar action. It was just too hot, too crowded, too ridiculous.

We moved on to the Delancey and finally managed to get up on the roof. Yay fern trees. Matt came to meet us and there were mint candies shaped like penises. Jocelyn and I tested the "everyone has a boyfriend" theory and unfortunately we were proved correct. C'est la vie, we said, so let's get drunk instead. Mission accomplished. Stills showed up. Then everyone showed up, even people I used to work with years and years ago. Somehow this all was relocated to Luna Lounge, which was surprisingly open and serving drinks. Jen has great pictures of me with potted plants, and she is the best ever because she let me pass out on her couch after watching Zoolander with one of the Stills who quoted almost the entire movie with me. "Obey my dog!" Gotta love it, NYC, despite all the drama it's nice to know that there are cool people out there with comfy couches who can quote Zoolander.

posted by n. @ 7/09/2004


more beautiful things

I am so late with this. Morning Theft, tonight, Hoboken (in the words of Rob.. eww) @ a bar called... (appropriately) Willie McBrides (this link is worth it just for the webpage for the bar alone). The last time I went to Hoboken it was a total disaster. Morning Theft, however, are very much worth the trip if you can make it.

Justin Surefire reports clear blue skies @ The Stills show at Castle Clinton. If you run right now you can still make it. It's FREE too. Someone loves my magic word today. We may or may not go out for the free beer afterparty. It's just one of those days.

Also, free Benzos at Pianos, 9pm.

Free open bar at Lit TONIGHT (I knew it!) from 11-12 (vodka and the king of beers).

Listen to some songs by the Sexy Magazines from their new EP.

And finally and best, The Bravery have been added to open for Elefant @ Bowery on the 21st. 13 bucks, and Elkland is playing too. Jasper has great pictures of The Bravery from their Arlene's Grocery residency on his site (why are 50% of the great shows for July scheduled over a three day period?).

posted by n. @ 7/08/2004

matchmaker matchmaker (taco making babies)

Sometimes when my friends are at work, they decide to try to find Nora an object d'amore. here's an example:

elleinad1028: there's always ******
nyc nora: noooooo
nyc nora: short!
elleinad1028: we could get him so platform shoes
nyc nora: ****** has a girlfriend!
elleinad1028: shit, why does everyone have a girlfriend
nyc nora: i don't know!
nyc nora: YOU are a girlfriend
nyc nora: you tell me
elleinad1028: **** ******* doesn't
nyc nora: no way
elleinad1028: lol
nyc nora: he's my brother with sideburns
elleinad1028: yeah
elleinad1028: elvis on crack
nyc nora: i want to blog this conversation
nyc nora: but i won't
elleinad1028: oh wait elvis was on crack
nyc nora: crack?
nyc nora: yeah i don't need anyone on crack
nyc nora: no girlfriends
nyc nora: no crack
elleinad1028: NO hobbits
nyc nora: bahahaha
nyc nora: yes, no hobbits either
nyc nora: ok i'm blogging this anyway
elleinad1028: fine by me
elleinad1028: hmmmmm who else is elligable....

then there was something else... about tacos and taco making babies. is anyone single in this city anymore? anyone? bueller?

posted by n. @ 7/08/2004

free stuff everywhere you turn

The word "free" is a beautiful word. Also beautiful are things that denote "free" such as "open bar." Example: There's an open bar at Lit* this Friday, because Udet is playing and Max really wants you to come see his band. I've never seen them, and they play a lot, but DJ Spiky Phil will be there, and he is the best. I asked him to marry me once. He was already married. But that's OK, he played Franz Ferdinand for me... and so it goes.

BUT... on to the REALLY GOOD free stuff:

Next Wednesday I have a DJ gig. I'll be talking about this again before it happens, but here's the info... I'm DJing at Alligator Lounge in Williamsburg, which is a great bar. If you buy a drink (any drink, from beer to a diet coke or whatever beverage you like), you get a FREE brick oven pizza. And this is some quality pizza, and it's huge so you'll be entirely full and NOT broke. Also, all of my guests will get a free drink just for showing up, so come and party. They have Ms. Pacman and a pool table. Just don't challenge Nicole to a game of Ms. Pacman because she will kick your ass.

Next Wednesday
Alligator Lounge
600 Metropolitan, between Lorimer and Leonard Sts
(L to Lorimer St; G to Metropolitan)

Be there.
* lately, Lit has an open bar just about every night, or at the very least on tuesdays, wednesdays, and fridays and usually from 11-12 or 10-11. beauuuuuutiful

posted by n. @ 7/08/2004


the hamburgler was here

Drop everything and go over to Jasper's website to check out the great new pictures of the Surefire lads from their recent photoshoot at Pianos. I couldn't help but marvel at how much older the boys look in these great new shots as compared to their previous press photos. Looking good guys.

In other news...

The Madison Strays are confirmed to open for the fantastic Moving Units at Mercury Lounge on July 16th. The winglady reported back rave reviews of Moving Units from SXSW, and this will be the first chance I've had to check them out. And of course, we all know how hard the Strays rock, so this looks to be an excellent night of music. Pre-order your tickets on Ticketweb.

Scott Stereogum is quoted in the Sunday NY Post on his entertaining chronicles of Britney Spears decline into a white trash mess. Hey ya'll, make sure you marry for love or your marriage will be "ugh." Right...

We spent the 4th of July downing jello shots like we were back in high school. We all want orange scooters. Saw Spiderman 2, vast improvement on Spiderman number 1, and would like someone to "always have been standing in our doorway." Awwwwww...

PS: It's too hot for pie.

posted by n. @ 7/05/2004


you should be in my space you should be in my life

Moving fucking blows.

Snowden isn't just playing a show at Rothko, they are playing Vicious! Just another reason that Snowden rocks. Can't wait for this one...

We forgot how much fun Lit can be on a Friday night. Best bartenders in NYC, I love you guys.

Tonight The GoStation headline Mercury Lounge. Big ups to these boys, getting the bookings they deserve. Make sure you go to their site and take a listen to their studio recordings.

The new Interpol album is fantastic. Some are calling it a masterpiece. "Evil" is a sure to be hit. I wonder if Sean McCabe is doing the artwork for Antics. Personally, I hope he is. It will be released September 28th in the US.

Have a hottt 4th of July. If you know me, you are welcome to come over for our shindig, where Nora will drink many beers and probably fall off the roof.

posted by n. @ 7/03/2004


thursday night antics

Last night we ate a lot of fried food and then went to Trash Bar to see The Morning After and enjoy another open bar. I honestly can't remember the last time I was so entertained by a band, and especially a lead singer. Anytime a lead singer threatens the rest of his band with bodily harm and breaks several items of equipment, you know you're in for a treat. Hal is kind of the male version of Karen O with a little Mick Jagger thrown in for good measure, you never knew what was going to come out of his mouth next, but it was damn fun to watch. The Morning After is a relatively new band, but they packed the room and I'm sure great things are in store for their fans.

A lovely person sent us the new Interpol album. We know that ethically speaking, downloading music months before it comes out is kind of wrong. BUT we also will obviously be buying the album when it comes out in stores and getting several copies to give to our friends and parents and grandparents and 5th cousins (and you will do the same), so it's OK right?!? We have 20 minutes left to go with the download. Such excitement, it's kind of like having a baby! Only a baby that sounds like Joy Division with really styled hair. Whatever works.

TONIGHT.... while Nora is home doing all of her last minute packing and painting her new bedroom...

The Bravery are playing at Bar 13, 10:30. If you mention the always fabulous Michael T at the door, it's open bar from 11-12. Open bar, hot band, why not? Check out their MySpace profile for a new song too. Yum!

There will also be free stuff all over the place at Lit tonight, as someone raided the Sony catalog so go give Jason a smooch and get free copies of CDs from Patti Smith, Franz Ferdinand, Modest Mouse, The Raveonettes, etc. etc. etc.

Then there is Up! at the Delancey or Ultragrrrl (who has returned to blogging, hooray!) at Crobar.

Or you can stay home... and pack... and pack... and listen to the new Interpol album. See... not so bad afterall.

posted by n. @ 7/01/2004

probably drunk

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