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the public pervert tour

Interpol's fall tour dates w/ Secret Machines (see Kari, it was OK to tell me this on the train today)

Oct. 11: Boston (Avalon)
Oct. 12: Montreal (Metropolis)
Oct. 13: Toronto (Docks)
Oct. 15: Detroit (State Theater)
Oct. 16: Columbus, Ohio (Newport Music Hall)
Oct. 17: Chicago (Riviera Theatre)
Oct. 19: Minneapolis (First Avenue)
Oct. 22: Seattle (Paramount Theatre)
Oct. 23: Vancouver (Commodore Ballroom)
Oct. 24: Portland, Ore. (Crystal Ballroom)
Oct. 25: San Francisco (Warfield Theatre)
Oct. 27-28: Los Angeles (Wiltern)
Oct. 29: San Diego (Soma)
Oct. 30: Tempe, Ariz. (Marquee Theatre)
Nov. 1: Dallas (Gypsy Ballroom)
Nov. 2: Austin, Texas (Stubbs)
Nov. 4: Atlanta (Coca Cola Roxy Theatre)
Nov. 5: Asheville, N.C. (Orange Peel)
Nov. 7: Philadelphia (Electric Factory)
Nov. 8: Providence, R.I. (Lupo's)
Nov. 9: Washington, D.C. (9:30 Club)
Nov. 11-12: New York (Hammerstein Ballroom)

tickets go onsale sept 11th (25 bucks), and the band is also going to play Leno on October 1st. yum.

posted by n. @ 8/31/2004

of all the pick up lines in all the world...

"hey wats up baby do u know where hoboken is?" the WORST ONE EVER.

posted by n. @ 8/31/2004


sex costs 7 dollars tonight

If I had actual money I would probably be at this show tonight! But if you happpen to have a spare 7 dollars lying around go check out this great line-up:

8PM, @ Sin-e
(150 Attorney St @ Stanton in the L.E.S)
$7 and 18+

The line-up is as follows:

8PM - Locksley
9PM - The Isles (they sent me a nifty ep and a button over the weekend, these guys rock!)
10PM - Sex Sells
11PM - The Regs

posted by n. @ 8/30/2004

i got 99 vmas and the darkness have none

vma observations:

- The only way this show could have been good would have been to kick off with Britney and Kevin's Wedding. Instead we got J-LO in an ugly hat. Yawning alread...
- Hoobastank's lead singer may have nice abdominals but he CANNOT HOLD A NOTE and that is just embarassing. Pointing the microphone at the audience every time you have to hit a high note doesn't fool anyone either.
- Beyonce stole Dolly Parton's hair.
- JoJo (WHO?) stole Lindsay Lohan's face?
- Yeah, Usher, we get it. Yeah. Now please stop being on camera every two seconds.
- That Jay-Z video is amazing.
- Alicia Keys + Stevie Wonder = AWESOMENESS. But does everyone who performs with Stevie Wonder have to wear big dark glasses? Is this a requirement? It's not like he would know if you didn't...
- Christina Aguilera + Nelly + the 1920s = HUH? Where the hell did this come from?
- Where did Lenny Kravitz's girl-hair go?
- Bruce Willis, no matter what you do, your daughters will not think you are cooler than Ashton. I'm sorry. Keeping leaning back...
- I can't believe Modest Mouse and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs lost to godawful YELLOWCARD.
- And I love the Olsen twins. And I hate Jessica Simpson trying to be Robbie Williams and croaking a lot. Everytime she sang "catch me right before I hit the ground" I kind of wanted her to fall of that giant "wedding swing"
- Are Britney and Kevin in the house? Did he bring his raggedy children with him? Are they wearing matching do-rags? What gives!
- Actually, I think MTV managed to wrangle 10-15 actual famous people to come, and then that JoJo girl, and then a bunch of random people from a club in Miami who have coordinated dances to everything, love whatever music is playing no matter what the genre, and also carry around random props like giant pictures of Usher's eyeball. They couldn't even get Maroon 5 to come to this show.
- Polyphonic Spree busted out the colored robes! It's kind of like a Skittles commercial gone wrong. I'm sorry... I just don't get it.
- Wayne Coyne saves the entire show while in a bubble. I love this man.
- The best video game soundtrack is the lamest thing ever. Next year it will be "best cellphone ringtone," "best song played over an ipod commercial" or "best song as performed or featured on an episode of The OC." who cares???
- oh wow. Outkast won the big award. I've never seen that before.

posted by n. @ 8/30/2004


relaxing with moose

Apparently the combination of free food, free alcohol, letting me dj, and a swimming pool is more than enough to lure me out of the city for the weekend. And ohhhh was it nice! So there was a little less on the rock and roll side of things this weekend, but a lot of much needed relaxation went on so that was good. And really anything to get away from the impending RNC mess is good enough for me.

Friday night was really all the rock and roll lifestyle a girl could handle anyways with Alex Chow celebrating his birth in style. Greg DJd a FANTASTIC set with a lot of electro-pop stuff in it that I loved. The Dark Room really is such a nice place to drink with friends, it never really felt too hot or too crowded or too anything... just nice and dark and comfortable all around. We met some really nice people (even if you are from Hoboken) and then Danielle and I made our way to the nearest diner for comfort foods before the sun came up... good times and I didn't go completely broke either.

Tomorrow night I encourage everyone to check out Audrey's party Atomique... it's the Bjork listening party and should be a lot of fun (even if they charge $6 for Sparks, at least it comes with a glass of ice so you can actually finish the whole can before it gets warm and naaaasty).

posted by n. @ 8/29/2004


best invite ever

Alex Chow is the nicest person on earth, and he has the best hair, so come out and get him drunk this Friday!

posted by n. @ 8/25/2004

it's the music that we choose

If I manage to survive the druken festivities of Friday night, then I'll be (along with my On The Pull cohorts) absolutely checking out this great show at Mercury Lounge on the 28th featuring The Bravery (have I ever talked about them before? haha.. even the patrons at fancy french resturants know who them are these days) and The Good North. The Good North are from Boston and I've never seen them before but I like many other things that come from Boston (roommates, other bands, um... and other things too I'm sure...). Their songs are really infectious, esp. "Not Feeling It". Are you feeling it? Ha..

If only this pesky cold would go away! I have million dollar record contracts to write up for hot asian boys...

ps: i haven't talked about a band being cute in a while...

posted by n. @ 8/25/2004


evolution through sound

Evolution, okay. I think it's pretty standard that bands evolve over time, they change things up, they adapt, and if they don't (ie keep making the same album over and over... look out Strokes) they won't really last. We have all seen this happen, and sometimes it works out well (Radiohead) and sometimes it doesn't (Smashing Pumpkins).

But to see a band evolve over a matter of... just a few short months... to watch it happen so quickly and right before your eyes... well I think that's something pretty special. That was what happened to me at the Sons of Sound show on Saturday night. Due to a variety of bad circumstance, I had missed the band's previous two shows when they started playing with their new drummer. I remember seeing Dennis play solo at the Asobi Seksu party and also out at the Hook when he opened for Surefire earlier this year, mostly acoustic and solo. Then Scott joined the band, fleshed out the material, and I caught them twice at the Seventh Day residency @ Pianos back in... April? May? I picked up a copy of their EP and loved it... Dennis really has a voice like no other.

None of this could have prepared me for this show at Pianos, however. As soon as the first song was over, Audrey turned to me and asked me what I thought and honestly the only words that could cross my lips were "oh my god." Somehow Dennis's simple, quiet melodies has transformed themselves into full on powerhouse rock and roll. Even songs like "heavy hands" had been incredibly changed with the addition of drums and crashing guitars, and the result was this beautiful and overwhelming wall of sound. I don't even know if I can accurately describe it but it almost moved me to tears at certain points, especially songs like "December" and their closing song, which builds into this amazing crescendo.

Alright... despite my difficulty in expressing myself here, the bottom line is that this is a band NOT to be missed but one that you have to experience for yourself to really know what I'm talking about. I'll let you know when their next show is happening... and you should be there.

posted by n. @ 8/24/2004


time turning around

I just spent two hours wrestling with a photo gallery but it's FINALLY up and running. Go me.

Now I'm off to Audrey's party, where you should be also. A real blog update coming someday... surely...

posted by n. @ 8/23/2004


let the good times....

Happy happy birthday yesterday to the Jocelyn, who celebrated in style and is another person who, as I do, counts "Wings" as one of her music guilty pleasures. I ate ice cream cake, drank free crappy beer from Columbia (Matt tried to snort it, but I don't think it worked), and ended up raiding a hotel mini bar, falling off a bed, and having champagne poured on my face (some got in my mouth I think.

Tonight my winglady returns from the Midwest, and we will be celebrating at Red + Black for another night of popfrenzy! Then Saturday The Sons of Sound are playing at Pianos. Their new website looks really cool, might I add. I haven't seen Dennis perform now in over a month, nor have I seen the entire band together in their current form, so I'm really excited about this show.

Interpol has a new website design, and I don't know if I like it very much. Or maybe I just really liked the last site and how simple it was, and I especially liked the old photos section. But you can go there and listen to clips from Antics every week, you know um... if you haven't heard it yet.

Now apparently all I have to talk about is website designs. I think I spend too much time on the damn internet. But while we are on the subject, WTF is up with this stupid Blogger header at the top of my blog. I hate it. Is there any way to make it go away?

Finally, let's go to the best news I've heard all week: Audrey is starting a Monday night party @ Eleven (152 Orchard St. between Stanton and Rivington St). Which is cool for one because Audrey is cool, for two because Mondays WERE boring, and for three because you can say that you're going to "go to eleven." Ha HA. The night is called Atomique, and it's premiering on the 23rd (next week!), AND it starts early at 8 so bring your dancing shows to work with you. Audrey already has great stuff lined up, including a listening party for the new Bjork album Medulla which I have heard so much about and am really curious to hear. Audrey's rules for Atomique? Good music and good people.

Gotta love that.

posted by n. @ 8/20/2004


the killers will help you understand

I want to eat the Killers with a spoon, they are so fucking good (okay that has to be better than 15 pounds of fuckpuppy in a 10 pound bag or whateverthefuck). Last night was the best show I've ever seen them put on, and you could really tell that they've been working on it. What a difference a few months makes... the last time they played Bowery there were maybe.... 30-40 people there to see them, granted it was all the same people in the front row to the right of the stage last night, but still. Brandon rocked the shiny eyemakeup and his vocals and showmanship were right on. He still doesn't seem 100% comfortable as a frontman (there's always something kind of showchoir or musical theater about him), but he's still very easy on the eyes (and the 16 year old girls... and boys in the audience made that very very clear). The highlight was absolutely the closer of "All These Things That I Have Done," since apparently Brandon somehow cut his hand during "Somebody Told Me" and Jed even noticed some blood on the stage.. they still managed to come out and bring down the house.

Hooray, I'm glad that I went, especially after a sort of disappointing Curiosa performance from them... it was well worth it.

FYI, they show porn at San Loco on Monday nights. That's all...

posted by n. @ 8/17/2004


take your mama out, and your mama's auntie too

We had a crazy weekend, crazy in the best, most rained out kind of way. The best part might have been the cab ride from Niagara to Misshapes, where I handed out condoms, but let's just start at the beginning.

The weekend began with my finally getting to see The Upwelling. Now, these guys have already shared with me a lovely Sunday evening BBQ and a fantastic EP, but I was totally not prepared for how great they would be live @ Mercury Lounge. Their beautifully layered songs, especially In Her Arms (thanks, Peter, for the MP3), and Diamond Ring... very reminiscent of Coldplay or maybe Travis would be a better comparison... with something else thrown in that I can't put my finger on. I suck at comparisons, incase you haven't noticed. That's why I'm not a rock journalist!

We capped off the evening @ Red + Black, my new favorite place to get trashed and dance (okay, but maybe i'm biased just a little). Seriously, the place is essentially The Delancey, with a smoking lounge, a bigger dance floor, and fewer inyourface burly security guards. And now on Friday nights, the music is excellent so PLEASE COME OUT. This Friday I'm DJing again, along with Matt, Craig, and fucking STELLASTARR*. Seriously, I know they DJ pretty often and so it's not a new thing but I am all school girl giddy about taking over the decks from these boys. I'm a fan, when it comes right down to it, so I can't wait. And I'm even MORE excited that the band has announced that they are playing at Motherfucker for their Labor Day party (Sept 5th).

Saturday involved making more than one trip to Misshapes, where people came out and rocked the dancefloor despite the depressing downpour outside that doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. On my second trip there the place was packed with friendly faces, and Madison Strays really know how to do 21st birthdays right. After trying to keep Michael up for as long as we could in an attempt to get him back on an NYC timeclock that he is used to (not that staying up until 5 is really maybe the BEST timeclock to be on), we went and hung out with one of our favorite late night buddies who let us order the best chicken caeser salad ever and watch the third Matrix movie while complaining drunkenly about how much it sucked.

This week... I'm just going to be tired. There's no way around it. Tomorrow, Jocelyn surprised me with an extra to see The Killers headline @ Bowery. Then Wednesday we are going to see Arbor Day, followed by Jocelyn-palooza at the Delancey and then well... you know what's happening on Friday. Somehow a 9-5 job fits into all of this, but you can do the math on that one and I'll have an umbrella with me wherever I go. Before bed... adventures in television:

- did anyone else think that tonight's episode of Six Feet Under was REALLY all over the place, but still pretty good anyways? I love that show. They can really do no wrong

- watch The GoStation's commercial for Converse, which is really cool but has no sneakers in it. hmmmmm...

- Also finally started watching the Olympics... those American girl gymnastics certainly are sparkley. I didn't know excessive amounts of glitter was a qualification requirement. As my mother used to always say to me back when I sported the then-popular glitter eyemakeup "you're going to get that stuff in your eye and blind yourself." Also, Dutch swimmers are hot.

posted by n. @ 8/15/2004


i bring the sharpie

Somewhere, somehow, there is a video tape on which I make out with Mick Rock and he tells me to behave myself while leering at my chest. Why this is ON VIDEO I will never know, but it just is. I think that pretty much sums up last night as a whole, except that Morning Theft are the greatest band and I love them.

That's all folks.

posted by n. @ 8/13/2004


Matt GoStation wants YOU...

to go see a great show tonight!


luna lounge, nyc
ludlow btwn houston & stanton
8pm start, 21+, FREE!!!

-- Also, pictures from popfrenzy! are now up on our website and more are coming soon! There is also info for the next party on the 20th!

-- Oh aaand, since I'm inexplicably getting hits from, I just thought I would mention that I was at Misshapes for his DJ set and I thought it was GREAT. James Iha love the cheesy pop music (woohoo New Radicals!) and he didn't even seem to mind the ring of girls around the dj booth staring at his every move. I prefer the dark and brooding James as opposed to the James with Cameron Diaz platinum hair but he's still hot, almost as hot as James Iha in a dress from the 'Today' video. Those were the days. Luke and Leroy's needs to build five thousand more bathrooms also.

posted by n. @ 8/12/2004


"It's better in the bahamas"

About a year ago I went to the (now defunct) BQE lounge in Williamsburg to see this band called The Bahamas that I really liked. I went to NYU with most of the guys and they had a five track EP and a really catchy sound and seemed to be going places quickly. The BQE was packed, I drank a ton of apple martinis (this is when I still did that frequently, before the wonder that is vodka tonics really entered my life), and the band was amazing. People danced too. Then weeks went by and they didn't play another show. Weeks became months, their website disappeared, and sadly my friends and I accepted that the band was probably pretty much over.

Then I got my weekly update from the Luna Lounge mailing list and The Bahamas were listed as playing on the 9th of this month. After confirming it with some friends, it was official -- the band was playing their first show together in over a year! And what a show it was... the room was packed with mostly old friends and those of us who have waited for a reunion for so long, a lot of familiar NYU faces were also in the crowd (including members of Arbor Day), which brought back a lot of memories for me.

Anyways, the band played really well, as well as can be expected after a few rehearsals and a year long hiatus. There weren't a lot of their old songs in the mix, which I was kind of bummed about. Their newer material is def. a departure... Dan is really honing his Jack White-esque vocals and I think he makes for a great frontman (not just because he's really tall and his beard is kind of mesmerizing in some way... maybe I was just too drunk/tired). Hopefully there are more Bahamas shows in the future.

There are a ton of great shows this week. And I will talk about them tomorrow because I need SLEEP. Yes I actually opted out of a night of music to come home and pass out after watching The Shins perform on the Gilmore Girls (which I had never watched before but I have my tivo record everything with "The Shins" in the description. I also have it record everything with "Interpol" in the description but I only end up getting a lot of episodes of some show called "Interpol Investigates." I don't believe this is anything resembling Carlos D and Paul Banks doing crime scene investigation forensics stuff (which would be AWESOME, no?) so I just delete those. Yes.... I'm a dork.).

posted by n. @ 8/10/2004


thank you and thank YOU

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who came out to popfrenzy! last Friday at Red + Black. you guys are fucking awesome. Belvy was excited that the "hipsters" got along with the "hip hoppers" and the "pollacks"... seriously it was one big dance floor lovefest from what I could tell. I was just excited that everyone else was excited... that kind of thing is contagious!

We'll be back again on the 20th for our second round. As long as these parties are fun then we'll be there every other week. Stay tuned here for updates on DJs and all the other goodies.

Once again, my appologies for my DJ party foul to Arthur... if you guys didn't have such great songs maybe I wouldn't feel so compelled to spin them in your presence. I'm just a geeky fan at heart!

I'm a tired temp this week, so I wouldn't expect a ton in the way of updates, but tomorrow I promise my little review of The Bahamas big reunion show at Luna Lounge.

posted by n. @ 8/09/2004


interpol is a weapon of mass destruction

Watch Interpol break things, swallow their own spit, and Carlos multiply!

The video for 'Slow Hands'

(is that a racquetball court?)

Edit: OK so obviously the link has alreayd been taken down. I'm pretty sure it was just a rough cut of the video anyways. Sorry about that! But you can go on their website and take a look at the cover for Antics if you want... not that it's anything really thrilling at all

posted by n. @ 8/06/2004

rip rick james

Rockstars and Ukranian Trapeze Artists (no foolin) alike will be rocking out tonight at:

popfrenzy! @ red + black

here are all the pertinent details:

a night of drinking, dancing and fun
10pm - 4am

with guest DJs:
Brian Molloy (Tiswas)
Melody Nelson (Vicious!,
and your hosts Nora K + Nicola
spinning 80s, dance, new wave, hip hop, and more!
FREE!!!!!! 21+

241 drinks 10-11, 3$ pbr ALL NIGHT!

AFTER PARTY for Other Passengers + Sex Sells!

directions: Red and Black 135 N. 5th St. (btw. Bedford and Berry) Williamsburg, Brooklyn 10pm - 4am Directions by subway: Take the L train to Bedford Ave. (which is one stop away from Manhattan). Walk two blocks south on Bedford Ave. to N. 5th St. Make a right on N. 5th St. Red and Black is on the north side of N. 5th St.!
presented by on the pull management
Last night I met Rollum Haas from The Features, who will apparently be playing at CMJ this fall and they have an album coming out on Universal also. Rollum offered to do a dance with a milk crate on his head for a friend of mine who was having a bad night, just to cheer her up. What a nice guy. They have an EP called "The Beginning" and you can listen to tracks from it here. Their manager asked me if I had ever heard of a band called The Bravery... and the buzz continues...

Tonight, if you are so inclined, go check out Surefire rocking out at Pianos. I'm sure you've seen their new gorgeous glossy posters up on the LES, which I'm sure many teenage girls would love to hang on their bedroom walls. Should be a great show.

posted by n. @ 8/06/2004


we're on drugs (or sparks)

just an observation: i think the ending to "thirty helens agree" by morning theft might be my favorite and best ending to a song since interpol's "pda." Download it here. regardless, the band rocked Rothko last night, and I especially liked the lead in of "keep it like a secret" followed by "helens." If you somehow managed to miss this show, make sure you come see them on the 12th @ Luna Lounge with everyone's favorite brit-pop second coming The GoStation. Rob is even going to put everyone on the guest list, isn't he a nice guy?

and hey, I like Pitty Sing! Radio Lady-o? Genius!?

what else happened? I drank sparks, I got hyper, I met boys from Scotland who are in a band (of course they are in a fucking band) and they want us to book them shows in NYC. anyone want to book hot scots? It's a work in progress. Nicole lost her car, San Loco closed too early, Alex Malfunction spun great songs, and I gave out hair advice and planned a concert months in advance. Good Wednesday, I'd say.

In other news:
- read Peter's great review, essentially a much deserved critique of everyone favorite self absorbed frontman Diego of Elefant. sure we all love the "softball toss" but... well you'll get the idea, go read it.

- Cityzen is launching a new design next month, and after checking out a sneak preview it looks GREAT. Craig and his staff work their asses off. Big thanks to them for plugging the party on Friday too.

- I forgot to say anything about the Dutch Kills show @ Southpaw last Friday. WELL it was GREAT. Southpaw has been kind of hit or miss for the band, but they really nailed it. Unfortunately, Saintface was a big disappointment. They started playing and Mark from DK came up to me and goes "Hey Nora, look, Morrissey is on the stage!" Sure enough, the lead singer had Moz's moves and sound down pat, but after three songs or so it got really really tired. Oh well.

posted by n. @ 8/05/2004

good day, bad feeling

2 things:

1. people who return lost wallets are awesome. i wish i knew who you were so i could really thank you. you made my day

2. the killers are playing irving plaza on the 4th and 5th of October.

i'm too tired for anything else...

ohh wait. the show on my birthday next year is going to be the best show ever. so it's a little far in advance.... this way you can be prepared.

posted by n. @ 8/05/2004


30 helens think you should go to this show

Wed Aug 4th @ Rothko

Morning Theft 11:30 PM
Pitty Sing 10:30 PM
Dogs Die In Hot Cars 9:30 PM
DJ Jennypenny Spins After The Bands
Doors 8 PM, $8

Morning Theft has a new song available for download on the web site, and you can and should listen to it here.

posted by n. @ 8/03/2004

bring all your friends

see you there!

posted by n. @ 8/03/2004


good luck searching the great abyss

Wow I did a lot over the weekend. But maybe even more rewarding than Curiosa, was going to see my new favorite movie, Garden State. Honestly, I haven't seen a movie I liked this much since Lost In Translation which I think for most people is saying a lot. And when I found out that it was both written and directed by "that guy from Scrubs" (the retardedly talented and also adorable Zach Braff - who has a weblog!), I was even more blown away. The story was touching, hilarious, and especially poignant to anyone who is in their 20s and is overwhelmed by life to the point of almost being numb to it at times, has mixed feelings about what "home" really means anymore, and is searching for the relationships that really count in life. And BONUS Braff included an amazing soundtrack, including not ONE but TWO Shins songs and a gorgeous cover of "Such Great Heights" by Iron and Wine. I already want to see this movie again, and then listen to the soundtrack everyday until it comes out on DVD. It's just-that-good.

posted by n. @ 8/02/2004

curious about curiosa? ha HA. here you go:

I had a fantastic time at this year's Curiosa. It was a very simple festival, but packed with so many great bands at certain points I couldn't help but just jump up and down out of excitement for what I had to look forward to. As shocking as this may seem to some people, even Carlos, I had actually never seen Interpol play live before. I had obsessed over TOTBL and now Antics, but just somehow managed to miss the boat on their live shows. So of the group I was with I think I was the most ridiculously excited (hence the jumping up and down and inability to hold a conversation involving complete sentences until I had seen the band play live. Before I start, allow me to also apologize for how crappy my pictures are.. but I'm poor and my digital camera is old and low on the megapixels.

Curiosa was kind of a strange experience in a way because the majority of the bands had to play in broad daylight, and most of these bands are much better suited to playing in dark clubs with complimentary lighting. This was definitely true for The Rapture. If you know me well at all I'm sure that I have expressed to you either verbally or through my reactions whenever a DJ spins one of their songs, that I LOVE the Rapture. My friend Mark treated me to a show of theirs @ Bowery and at the time I had no idea what they sounded like before then thank god for Mark because they are fucking great live.
I've never been disappointed by a Rapture show, but I have also always seen them at night. Of course they were still great @ Coachella, the highlight for me being their performance of "The Coming of Spring," which always seems to get the audience going, and they didn't slow down after that. I sort of wished they had done "Open Up Your Heart," their "ballad" which I think works much better live than it does on the album, but overall it was still a great show. And yes, obviously I love the dancing cowbell player more than anything else. Maybe I can be a dancing cowbell player for a living... hmm.

As I said before, I really have nothing to compare Interpol's performance with, having never seen them before. It was pretty clear that broad daylight was even more out of sorts for them, so smoke machines and some lighting were added to help create more of an atmosphere (which I'm not sure reallyworked but... at least they tried).

Like others have mentioned, they are only playing three songs off of Antics on this trip out. The first one they did was "Evil," which was great until Carlos's bass went out and they basically had to play the entire song without. "It sounds much better with the bass," Paul assured the crowd, which is obviously true, but Carlos seemed pretty unphased by what happened and even played the intro to the song again once he was plugged back in. The other new songs, "Slow Hands" and "NARC" went just fine and I thought "Slow Hands sounded especially great live, and as we discovered at Bar 13 last week it's an excellent song to dance to (and work out to?). So hooray, Interpol came through for me and I can't wait to see them play again on a real nighttime venue tour hopefully this fall.

Finally it was time to see Muse. After leaving their set early at Coachella to go see the Killers and then the Killers starting 45 minutes late, I was psyched to see this band play again because they are SO GODDAMN AMAZING live. And my mistake of leaving early at Coachella caused me to miss them play "apocalypse Please" live, so I was hoping they would play it at Curiosa but... they didn't. That was totally fine though, because everything else they played was great. The opening crashing guitars on "Hysteria" never fails to get me pumped, and other standouts like "Time is Running Out" and "Sing for Absolution" had the crowd completely worked up. Matt's voice is like none-other, so gorgeous and overwhelming it's everywhere and somehow singing just to you all at once. Everyone seemed to be both mesmerized and blown away by the performance they gave, and more than a few people commented to me that they thought Muse was much more worth of a spot on the main stage. The absolute tiny-ness of the second stage at Curiosa was really surprising to us when we arrived, but Muse completely owned it.

There was no time for an encore, however, because The Cure was up next. Obviously their performance was a vast improvement over their showing @ Coachella when they had some serious sound problems. I just don't know what it is though, but there is something just lackluster about seeing this band live, which maybe is just because their fans are so devoted (I can't even count the number of Robert Smith clones we saw walking around - although the one in the picture is the real deal) and expectations are just so high maybe it's almost impossible to live up to them. While their newer material failed to really get the crowd excited, old favorites like "Boys Don't Cry" will keep them dancing until the end of time and hearing them live is always a treat.

Overall, Curiosa = lots of fun. It was sad to see how the festival clearly is selling poorly, but for those of us who were there, not having to deal with huge crowds and the absence of the predicted thunderstorm made for an excellent evening of good music. Can we do it again next year? With more cowbell and styled hair? I hope so.

posted by n. @ 8/02/2004


i can pretty much die happy now

more updates from Curiosa soon...

posted by n. @ 8/01/2004

probably drunk

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MP3s are posted for sampling purposes ONLY. I do not post entire albums and STRONGLY ENCOURAGE everyone who reads this blog to pursue the bands you discover here and fall as madly in love with them as I am. That being said, if any label/company/whathaveyou would like any of the files here to be removed, PLEASE email me and I will personally do so myself without haste. Thanks!

links that rock
a heart is a spade
aeki tuesday
all the peoples
all things christie
aquarium drunkard
badical beats
the battering room
bitter defeat
the black saint
the blu clover
brooklyn ski club
brooklyn vegan
cafe eclectica music
cellphane girl
copy, right?
crackers united
culture bully
the culture of me
the deli magazine
fine fine music
free indie
freeze frame
frequency : joonbug ny
fuzzy lion
gorilla vs. bear
goth poncho
hilly town
i guess i'm floating
i heart comix blog
jessica coen
justin borucki
karen plus one
killer dulce
kiss brooklyn
largehearted boy
melody nelson
merry swankster
the modern age
moroccan role
music for kids who can't read good
music is art
the music slut
my old kentucky blog
no rock and roll fun
nyc taper
one louder
paper hearts and cranes
the plugg
pollox niner
pop tarts suck toasted
prefix blog
pretty much amazing
product shop nyc
punk photo
radio exile
radio free chicago
resurrection neon
retarded fantasy
the rich girls are weeping
the rock and roll star
rock bands and guitarpro tabs
rock dirt
rock insider
the sean show
sex with headphones on
sheena beaston
sit down, stand up
six eyes
soft communication
some kind of awesome
so more scene
sound bites
spinach dip
stark online
stereoactive nyc
take your medicine
this twilight garden
tomatoes and radio wire
una rocks
the underrated blog
untitled records
villians always blink
village indian
water cooler gossip
who needs radio?
the wicked
wishing a coma
the world in a paper cup
the yellow stereo
yeti don't dance
you ain't no picasso
the young and hungry

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