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it was a graveyard smash


posted by n. @ 10/29/2004


wicked pissah!

This morning I checked the away message of my old roommate from Boston who moved back there this summer.

It read simply: "What now?"

Actually a pretty good question to the generations who have devoted themselves to the singular goal of having the Red Sox win the World Series and trump the Yankees in the process. What can you even do for an encore to that?

My idea? Cubbies in 2005! Anything is possible.

I'm very happy for my Boston fans this morning, and all the crazy people we saw on the streets last night. My personal favorite was the guy running down the street just yelling "pissah! pissah! PISSAH!" over and over again.

Alright, I think that's enough talk about baseball for a long time. Back to your regularly scheduled blog. Very little has been going on show-wise lately. We're hoping to catch ">The Twenty Twos with Unisex Salon and Baby at Pianos on Halloween, and maybe see some of the interesting surprise guest DJs that we have heard rumors about for the weekends festivities.

But of course the main attraction tonight is Benzos at Irving Plaza supporting Blonde Redhead. I think tickets are still available. A very exciting booking for the band, and more great things are sure to come. Also tonight there is apparently a "pirate party" at Lit. Arrrrrrrrr!

posted by n. @ 10/28/2004


while it's on my mind there's a girl that fits the crime

DJing at the Skinny last night was so much fun, mainly because I could pretty much play whatever the hell I wanted. In my sleep I apparently said something about how it was the most fun I had ever had. I dunno if I would go that far, but it was still pretty cool. A really nice boy named Adam came up to the booth and told me that I was helping him relive his middle school years. Then I played Spacehog and he was psyched. Actually I was pretty psyched too. DJing for six straight hours is hard though, next time I need to overdose on redbull because who knows what the fuck I was playing that last hour. Not even me!

I will be there again next Tuesday, and since the bar is new and I'm new there too, it would be awesome if people came out. I'm going to try get them to put a TV in since it will be election night, otherwise I'm going to end up running to Matt's apartment between songs just to find out what's going on. But seriously.. the people who work there are insanely nice, and they make the strongest drinks EVER. A mixed well drink is only four bucks, but basically if you order a vodka tonic you get a glass of vodka with maaaaaaaybe a splash of tonic. Two drinks and you'll be wasted pretty much (money saved!), and then you can rock out and I'll play whatever you want if I have it. What's not to love about that?

In other news... my awesome friend Luc is looking for a roommate. He's a drummer, but I don't think he plays drums in his apartment. The view is amazing though and there's a FIREPLACE in the room. You can make a fire and make smores. Yum. Here's the listing.

posted by n. @ 10/27/2004


they have galaga!

Tonight, come to this amazing new bar!
Well drinks are only 4 bucks, pbr 2.50 and draft beer is only 3.50. And the space is gorgeous and very chill. I will be there all night long DJing so please come and say hello and have a drink with me!

The bar is at 174 Orchard between Houston and Stanton, LES.

posted by n. @ 10/26/2004


the Holy Grail of music as seen here folks...

Surefire has a new smokin hot website up. Very nice looking, but I am not all together sure about some of the new bio. I love (love love LOVE) these guys, you know it, but here's an exerpt:

"Jaded stalwarts of the New York rock scene can all agree on one thing: rock 'n' roll sure ain't pretty. For these frequent concert-goers, the constant, helpless suffering through countless numbers of generic, uninspired bands is enough to make them entirely give up on the future of music. Yet night after night, these wounded warriors can be seen trolling through darkly lit clubs all around the city, in their relentless search for the Holy Grail of music: a band that can restore their faith that somewhere out there someone is still making music that can excite and inspire even their hollowed hearts.

My goodness!

Oh well, I'm just psyched for the new Surefire AIM icons. My hollowed heart won't give up on the future of music just yet, okay?

posted by n. @ 10/24/2004

oh ashlee, for shame!

all i have to say is, if you're going to (probably) ruin your "singing" career, at least you got to hug jude law at the end.

if anyone missed it, come watch it on my tivo and we can practice doing the "hoedown," all milli vanilli style.

(you can watch the video clip of Ashlee on SNL streamed here, too)

posted by n. @ 10/24/2004


always a bridesmaid

okay so nevermind that whole Rothko thing. Apparently something went down there last night involving various authorities and the venue is closed for two days. C'est la vie, now go see Morning Theft at Plaid!!! It's the release party for the 4x4 compilation on Lunch Records that they just put out. Awesomeness.

Here's your info:
Doors open at 9 pm with FREE ADMISSION til 11 pm on the UNDERBELLY list
- reduced admission from 11 til 1 am.... our regular sponsored bar is
from 9-10 pm at the BACK BAR, and $5 whiskey or vodka specials 'til 1
AM... $4 beers til 1 am as well (just for the rock crowd!) ... RSVP at

The Rock (Live Performances):
9:00 pm Camera
9:45 pm Morning Theft (Release Party!)
10:30 pm HeadQuarters (Release Party!)
11:15 pm the Twelve

posted by n. @ 10/22/2004

don't stop the beat

Hey everyone --
If you're planning to be out tonight on the LES or anywhere nearby, please come by Rothko downstairs where I'll be playing tons of fun tunes for you to get drunk and dance to! Plus, the fabulous Sons of Sound are playing at midnight!

Rothko is located at 116 Suffolk @ Rivington.

If you've never made it out to popfrenzy! because it's in the *dreaded* Williamsburg, this is a great chance to see me DJ on the "mainland." Haha.

See you tonite!!!

-- Nora

posted by n. @ 10/22/2004


viva randomness

Ok so I wrote a whole blog entry and now I have to do it all over again because I accidently deleted it. Whatever... the main gist of it was the following:

- If you haven't gotten the chance to see Lost yet for whatever reason, you can catch up with this fantastic show this Saturday at 8pm (eastern) on ABC for a little repeat action. This shit keeps getting better and better (although you can never ever go wrong with JJ Abrahms ie: Alias, Felicity). The website also has summaries of each episode, so get watching now! This show has Charlie from Party of Five AND Hobbits! How can you go wrong?!

- Looking for a great show to go to in November that won't cost you a fortune? Get some tickets to the first great show in a series being put on by Gothamist, called Movable Hype. With a name like that you know it will be blogged about on every site imaginable -- great news for the fantastic bands on the bill -- hello Snowden! Please play "Victim Card" this time around... ok?

- Finally tonight the Misshapes crew are taking over Crobar. Here's the flier. Apparently if you say Misshapes to everyone's favorite door guy Thomas, you will get in for free. Free = awesomeness. Crobar = ...? Plus if you stick around Crobar until 4am, you can hop on a bus with Misshapes and friends and take a jaunt to fabulous Toledo, Ohio! They are throwing a party there in conjunction with Downtown for Democracy to encourage people to vote. Eyeliner and electroclash for a good cause? Why not! This is also going to be the afterparty for a screening of Farenheit 911 with Michael Moore in attendance.

Ok back to watching this Mork and Mindy marathon @ work... with a final congrats to the BoSox and their fantastic fans, including my former roommate and of course, Rob.

posted by n. @ 10/21/2004


flamin' hot snacks, yo

Someone should tip Britney off to this shit, baked cheetos are yummmmmmm. Working at MTV is also fun because there is... no work actually involved. And I get to watch Laguna Beach ALL FUCKING DAY LONG. Like ohmygod...

Last night Jasper's birthday party was a good time, but I didn't get to buy him a shot because he disappeared. I owe you Jasper. I finally got to see PS, and I really loved them. Such lush music, and another sad song that almost made me cry. What is up with me lately?! They almost made some people do the "white boy mc hammer dance" which is kind of questionable, but overall I liked them and if I had 10 dollars that didn't need to be spent exclusively on baked cheetos for lunch I would have picked up their new CD, Double Standards. Check out some MP3s here if you are curious! (PS also has amazingly cool fliers and their lead singer bears an eerie resemblence to John Cusack. If you believe what Chuck Klosterman says, all women are in love with John Cusack... well actually they are all in love with Lloyd Dobbler, but you get the idea. Good stuff!).

Tonight I am actually giving in and watching the baseball game, because I love rooting for the underdog (go cubbies! er.. red sox) and hopefully it will be a suspenseful game and not an asswhooping of the worst kind, if only so that Rob will be a happier guy. But this is ONLY happening after I watch Lost, the best TV show of the new season hands down. 8pm, ABC Wednesdays, get addicted!

posted by n. @ 10/20/2004


CMJ 2004 : sexy time explosions?

So CMJ kicked my ass. Actually I think CMJ kicked everyone's ass this year. The general consensus of people standing around outside of Pianos on Saturday night before Benzos was "I'm tired. I'm unbelieveably tired." But in my first year of volunteering and having a spiff badge (hanging from an incredibly dorky lanyard), I had a pretty fantastic experience. Here's a list of bands I saw: Moving Units, Pitty Sing, Elkland, Turing Point, Detachment Kit, the Court and Spark, The Wrens, the Bravery, Dogs Die In Hot Cars, The Music, New Amsterdams, the Information, the Good North, Ted Leo/Pharmacists, Prosaics (twice!), Controller.Controller, Communique, Surefire, Sondre Lerche, Faunts, Octet, Asobi Seksu, Benzos, The Gostation, Aerovox... okay I THINK that's it. Phew.

Obviously if I try to talk about all of these bands my head will probably explode. I think I did a pretty good job trying to balance supporting my NYC friends and checking out new acts. On the new side of things... The Wrens are perhaps my favorite new band. Ashley and Nicola told me that I could not miss them, so despite how tired I was I took a cab to Knitting Factory towards the end of the night Wednesday to meet up with Ashley and check them out. The band was fantastic, beyond anything I could have expected. They have a very Ted Leo/Ben Folds Five thing going on, but they just looked like they were having the BEST time (even when they kind of broke the stage... long story, but I think Ashley has pics). Their fans are also the kind of people who REALLY get into shows. I think I was one of the few people in the crowd who didn't know ALL of the lyrics to ALL of their songs. I was especially impressed with their encore of a song called "She Sends Kisses." Anyone have audio of this? It made people cry. I love intense live music experiences like that and I can't wait to see The Wrens play again.

Other new music highlights included Controller.Controller @ Pianos on Saturday afternoon... very Moving Units/Rapture-esque with a fun to watch girl lead singer who does entertaining dances. Kind of repetitive but in a way that we didn't really mind at all. And also The Music were great, I've had "Welcome to the North" on repeat all day long. Otherwise all the NYC favorites were fantastic, I'd say. I hadn't seen Surefire play in a couple months and was pretty blown away by how much they have continued to improve. I also found myself tearing up a little when Benzos played "It's Amiable." Matt, what have you done to me? Haha.

All in all, it was an insane few days, and my feet hurt a lot, and I was kind of glad it was over when it was over. And I'm really happy for the time I got to spend with people I care about, doing what we love the most.

But now I'm tired of talking about music, except to say that Vicious! tomorrow night is Jasper's birthday party, so come and buy him a shot. Jasper really helped me out a lot this year considering he barely knew me when it started and he's pretty damn cool. But seriously, time for a music vacation. I tried to make carrot muffins tonight and almost blew up my kitchen. Oops. Maybe I should work on that domestic thing.

(wrens picture courtesy of this site)

posted by n. @ 10/19/2004


sondre lerche says he has CMJ fever and so do we

tonight. come.

(oh, and I met Billy Corgan yesterday. I gave him a flier. He was wearing a Cubs hat. I love him. Afterwards I couldn't stop shaking for a good five minutes. Ask Nicole, she was there)

posted by n. @ 10/15/2004


pretty green cards

Greetings from CMJ --- I'm at the Javits center spending my day giving free reletively useless schwag to industry people, checking out the Prosaics - and really liking them, and seeing a lot of friends of mine who are lucky enough to either be in bands playing showcases (The GoStation and Surefire) or have a badge for other reasons. The Javits center is like a weird airport. But I get free lunch and tons of free magazines and a $500 dollar badge.

Tonight the bands I want to see include: Moving Units, French Kicks, Decemberists, the Wrens, Madison Strays, The Bravery and a ton more that I'm obviously forgetting... I'm so tired and hungover it's hard enough just to write in complete sentences. Breaks over... later....

posted by n. @ 10/13/2004


she found a lonely sound

Interpol @ Bowery Ballroom October 10th:

Next Exit
Obstacle 1
Say Hello To Angels
Not Even Jail
Hands Away
Slow Hands
Length of Love

Leif Erikson

To say that I had an amazing time at the Interpol "secret show" last night would be a huge understatement. I think I've actually been on some kind of high all day as a result of it. And Ashley was the perfect second row dead center companion for me, dancing and screaming along to every great song. I couldn't even tell you if the rest of the packed crowd was into the show or not because we were so engrossed that there was no way I was going to turn around and attempt to find out. The five vodka tonics that a very nice guy named Jim bought for each of us before the band even played probably helped fuel all the excitement, but Interpol really brought down the house and confirmed for me why they are perhaps the greatest band on the planet right now and Antics is the best album of the year.

The only even slightly disappointing thing about this show was that they band decided not to come back and play their planned encore of "Stella Was A Diver," which is my favorite Interpol song and one I've been dying to hear them play live. Afterwards we stopped by the going away party for Erica, who is getting ready to rock out London style (see you in February!) and then went to the darkroom, drank too much and listened to Sarah and/or Karen spin T.A.T.U. but they had no Radiohead to play? Oh well, we were drunk and russian lesbian music was fun anyways.

Jed (who got into the show last night for FREE by just asking the doorguy if he could go in!) and I went to finally check out the art space and picked up the beautiful 7" Antics box set. The space itself was kind of on the disappointing side -- I didn't think it would be so small! And it probably could have had a lot more artwork involved but it was still interesting and a great marketing idea.

Before I forget, on Friday night I finally got to see Rilo Kiley live and they were just phenomenal. I have a girl-crush on Jenny (but I think everyone in the room had a crush on her, she's just cute beyond words)...and what a gorgeous voice! I can't believe she's the same girl who was in that Nintendo movie "The Wizard" with Fred Savage. And she dated Jake Gyllenhaal and I don't even hate her for it. You can hear the entire album streamed on their website. My favorites are "a man-me-then jim" and "i never." I also really enjoyed openers Tilly and the Wall. They have a girl in their band and all she does is TAP DANCE. I want to be in a band and tap dance! Better yet, I could tap dance and play cowbell at the same time. Fanfuckingtastic.

After the show we stopped by Rothko where I will be DJing for Social!sm on October 22nd. I can't wait, the space downstairs is fantastic and I hope a lot of people come out and dance (especially everyone who gives me a hard time about trying to get them to come to Brooklyn for popfrenzy!... which has new photos up here might I add). A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY also to Brian Molloy, who celebrated his by jumping off furniture and doing the splits midair and played Santo and Johnny. We love you Brian, ya crazy guy.

Going even further backwards (jesus christ, was I not going to take it easy last week????)... The Sons of Sound delivered a great show on Thursday @ The Delancey... they rocked and Dennis rocked eyeliner and you can download their song December -- which was my favorite when they played at Pianos a month ago. If you like what you hear, go on their site and buy an EP for six bucks!

Phew, I think that's everything. Tomorrow night kicks off CMJ and we will be rocking out open bar style and following around members of my namesake band at the Syndicate party at Downtime. What happened at the Syndicate party LAST year is kind of legendary depending on who you ask, and this year should not be any exception. If you don't hear from me for a week it's because I'm on someone's aero bed unconscious except to go to shows. Whoever decided to shut down the L train late night this week is a total asshole. CMJ should make a formal complaint. If you're actually going out tonight, stop at Lit and see "my asian boyfriend" (that's what Dom said, NOT ME) DJ and buy a shot for Erik Foss, he's off the wagon and loving it apparently. I'd have you buy one for me but I'll be at home watching Felicity and eating Ramen noodles.


posted by n. @ 10/11/2004


how are these still on sale???

get your tickets now...

Fri 10/08 8PM $10adv $12 day of
culottes & clarions presents:
friendship village soiree w/
8 Guests??
tix are going fast!! get em while you can.
then at 12am afterparty w/
more info tba

everyone loves a good friendship village soiree

posted by n. @ 10/08/2004


too tired to blog anything else


posted by n. @ 10/07/2004


happy day

Thank you for your order. Please find your order details and delivery instructions below.

Interpol, Bowery Ballroom
Number of tickets: 1,
GA 21 and Older Only
Ticket Delivery: Will Call

posted by n. @ 10/06/2004


come watch me cry like the 16 year old girl i once was

Billy Corgan signs copies of his new poetry book "Blinking With Fists"

October 14
New York City, NY
Book Signing: Virgin Megastore (Union Square)
Address: 52 East 14th Street, New York, NY 10003
Time: 6:30 PM

anyone want to come catch me when i faint?

posted by n. @ 10/05/2004

why is there no furniture in this apartment?

I always thought Brandon Flowers of the Killers would be short in person. I've only seen him on stage and in videos/pictures so I figured.... short guy. Very cute, but short. But no, we were wrong, it's just that everyone else in the band (except maybe the drummer) is really REALLY tall. They dwarf him. Anyways, he makes eyeliner look lovely. I hope everyone who goes to their show tonight has a fantastic time.

Someone played "Cecelia" by Simon and Garfunkel last night. That was great. Some creepy guy in fatigues tried to get the phone number of every girl in the bar too, and asked for their "signs." He was an aquarius and apparently a douche bag also.

We are laying low the rest of the week, because getting home at the wee hours is something we need to be saving for NEXT week's madness. Oops... we almost forgot about The Sons of Sound @ Delancey on Thursday. Bye now.

posted by n. @ 10/05/2004


oh the things that wind up in my inbox

no comment really required...

posted by n. @ 10/04/2004

how is it already oc-fucking-tober

not a lot to say today.... the weekend was great, popfrenzy! especially and Peter did an amazing job his first time DJing. He pulled out a bunch of rarities and the crowd was absolutely loving it. Now if only someone could get him to update his blog... pictures will be up soon!

the rest of the weekend was spent catching up on some much needed sleep. we attempted to see Bloc Party on Saturday but took one look at the line stretching all the way down the block from the Tribeca Grand and changed our minds. Better luck next time! Instead we ate a delicious steak dinner and kicked off the Star Wars marathon. I have to say that, despite my previous reservations, the new dvd versions of the movies look AMAZING. When I got home I discovered that my roommate bought his own set for our apartment, which rocks.

Here's what is going on tonight....

The GoStation @ Mercury Lounge. Come say hi if you see me there. Then follow us to Eleven for Audrey's Atomique party featuring guest DJ Christian from everyone's favorite local band Benzos. Really, even my exboyfriend likes Benzos. Mondays are getting kind of crazy lately... who would have thought.

posted by n. @ 10/04/2004


tonight, tonight...

In addition to being featured in Rolling Stone (where the writer miscounts the number of guys in the band even though it's pretty clear in the picture...), The Bravery now have an "official fan site." There you go.

Surefire are headlining Tiswas, taking a break from recording with the guy who did The Stills album. They are on at 11:30. Big things are on the horizon for this band...

Bloc Party are playing for FREE @ the Tribeca Grand (oh fancy). Reports say that their show last night @ Knitting Factory was amazing and I believe this is their last east coast show (I'm probably wrong about this), but you should go anyways.

And the new Rilo Kiley album = excellent.

Have a great weekend!

posted by n. @ 10/01/2004

probably drunk

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