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taking over the world!

The new year is shaping up to be pretty out of control, and it hasn't even started yet. Check this out, and have a happy happy one tonight.

(Yes, that really says LOTUS on it. Good lord!)

posted by n. @ 12/31/2004



no work tomorrrroooowwww. sweet.

posted by n. @ 12/30/2004

the impossible is possible

Somehow the karma fairy is very happy with me lately, because running on about three hours of sleep and a massive hangover last night managed to be the best Savvy party yet. Maybe the best ever. The bands were great, especially Dutch Kills (so maybe I'm biased, deal). The room was packed for them and they sounded solid after taking the past two months off. Hopefully in the new year they will be playing a lot more (including a trip to Boston).

I also finally FINALLY got to see The Fame play after an entire year of consistantly missing them. I figured the best way to remedy that was to just book them at my own party. It worked! Reno djed a great set after the show and played some great stuff, as did Jacob (DJ Fludd from Rothko). At one point I was sitting next to the booth admiring my new The Fame t-shirt when I looked up and saw Jimmy Fallon requesting a song. I told Tracy that he was there, she almost fell off the couch, and the next thing I know they were hugging. Random.

Tuesday was also hectic but great, at the last minute thanks to some help from Husky G, I was able to rush over to Lit and DJ a last minute set. I think most of the staff was kind of surprised to see me behind the decks since I'm usually doing just the opposite of that (whatever that is), but it was a lot of fun. Lately everything is a lot of fun (getting some actually sleep would be fun also...), I think the holidays really turned things around. I need to take vacations more often. Tonight we are going to see !!! play their early set at Mercury Lounge. I think tickets are still on sale for this and TRUST me you need to go. This band managed to get my dancing at 2 in the afternoon @ Coachella when I was hungover in 109 degree heat. Fun times!

posted by n. @ 12/30/2004


get furry

i just got this email from my super cool friend Dom (aka Ryan Cabrera's twin brother - no foolin). I'm not to sure I would want to dance on stage at MSG in pasties and underwear but maybe someone who reads this blog would:


i'm going to be in nyc for new years!!! I'm going to a see wilco, flaming lips and sleater-kinney at msg. you know how flaming lips have people in animal costumes dancing on stage with them? Well i'm helping find them some girls. Do you know any girls that would be willing to dance on stage in a costume for 3 songs? basically for 1 song it's fully dressed, then the next two with just the animal head on and wearing a bikini and or underwear/paisties. if you know any one please let me know. they'll get an all access pass + guest and $100. haha i know this all sounds very strange, but let me know if you know any one. i need 4 more girls.

email me if you're interested

posted by n. @ 12/29/2004


do not censor yourself

As if today couldn't get any more depressing, Susan Sontag has passed away at the age of 71. I had the fortune to see her lecture at NYU when I was a junior and what she discussed in relation to 9/11, politics and self-censorship had a profound and lasting effect on my life. That and she was also someone that my mother greatly admired. Sad stuff in the world today.

posted by n. @ 12/28/2004

chicago is sort of like neverland

Christmas in Chicago was.... cold. And white (go snow). And actually surprisingly very nice. I was totally unprepared to leave when the time came. My sister and I are not very religious people, and my dad goes to a new church with his girlfriend. We contemplated going to Midnight Mass and then decided to stay home and watch the OC on dvd and eat cookies instead, if that's any indicator.

For the holiday I received a much needed new digital camera (popfrenzy! broke the old one) and cooked a ham (that's right, Jimmy, a HAM). The kitchen didn't blow up and I took some great pictures. Not having been home in a year, I was happy to see that not much has changed, except that they built a Starbucks with a drive-thru about two blocks from my house. Good for lazy people requiring massive caffeine intake to function, I suppose. For our Christmas movie tradition my sister and I selected "Finding Neverland," which was really fantastic. The movie made me cry and also really want to adopt some children with adorable british accents. I know that wouldn't really work but it would be pretty nice.

Otherwise the weekend was spent shopping, sleeping, eating, and watching the news when the horrible tsunami tragedy occured. Just before I left to go to the airport yesterday I received the news that our old nextdoor neighbor's son, Ben, was staying near the devastation on a trip and no one had heard from him since. Ben was the first boy I ever had a crush on when I was young (the typical boy-nextdoor kind of thing), and seeing his father on television asking for information was pretty heartbreaking. The entire tragedy is just something I cannot fathom, despite the pictures and eyewitness accounts. It's just unreal.

(edit: brooklynvegan has compiled a good set of links to help you contribute to relief funds for the tsunami victims)

posted by n. @ 12/28/2004


here are my tits!

... Or maybe not. I have the worst headache ever and want to crawl under my desk and hybernate. instead, i'm throwing my last christmas party of the season (thank god), with the lovely Tracy tonight @ Pianos.

Savvy @ Pianos Upstairs!
the best new rock and roll party on the LES

Resident DJ Nora K + your hostess Mizz Fitt

with guests:
Dennis Cahlo (Saints and Lovers)
+ Poker Chris (Champions of Sound/Titty)

10pm til late
+ late night drink specials!

Pianos is located at 158 Ludlow @ Stanton

Happy Chrismukkah Everyone!!! Jed got me The OC season 1 on dvd so I can overdose my Seth Cohen obsession while doing the christmas thing in Chicago. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

posted by n. @ 12/22/2004


free food free show and not (quite as) freezing

Free pizza day at work is an awesome deal. Free pizza and free cookies the size of your face. Tomorrow apparently they're getting us a giant hero sandwich to eat or some such nonsense. Not really relevant to anything else, but still nice!

Anyways... it's a heatwave today compared to how it was yesterday, so you know you want to go out tonight!

First, go see Morning Theft play @ Luna Lounge. They are great and they go on at 9, and they will be drinking @ the Skinny post show (because Santa would have wanted it that way). The set may or may not be a full band because my favorite (that would be PAT), is terribly sick. But even if it's semi-acoustic, the band will rock.

And of course... as always... at the Skinny:
4 dollar well drinks all night!
3 dollar shots all night!
2.50 pbrs and 3 dollar domestic beers!

The Skinny is located at 174 Orchard between Stanton + Houston.

We'll be spinning the best of indie rock, brit pop, 80s new wave and more from 8pm - 2am

Now I must go and digest!

posted by n. @ 12/21/2004


the OC continues to take over my life...

Too adorkable for words.

posted by n. @ 12/20/2004

it's the smiling on the package

So... my exboyfriend's sister's boyfriend (it's a small world, afterall), photographer Charlie White, directed the latest Interpol video for 'Evil.' Here's a description:

Directed by photographer Charlie White, the clip marks the first time the photogenic band won't star in its own video. Instead, the protagonist will be a "Sesame Street"-style puppet created by the same animatronics wizards who worked on the films "Hellboy" and the forthcoming "Fantastic Four." Injured and barely alive following a tragic accident, the puppet "sings" the lyrics to "Evil" to dramatize the song's theme of losing one's self after a trauma. has the video up here. Also, here is a good article about Charlie from, which talks about one of his other photo series involving a puppet called "Joshua." Might give you more insite into where this video is coming from.

(Just a sidenote: I'm swamped at work and haven't even had a chance to watch this video yet, I just thought I'd throw this out there. So far, from what I've gathered it's so bad it's good it's bad with puppets who are "supposed" to look like Paul banks, but don't have any moles???? Ok whatever. I've never really liked an Interpol video to begin with).

(Sidenote part two: I finally got a chance to watch the video a few times. I have to admit that it's not really what I pictured when I think about a) interpol or b) the song "Evil", but I think it's absolutely different from the abundance of "performance videos" that everyone is doing these days - including the 'Slow Hands' video. So that's a good thing. And the puppet is actually cute, and I felt sorry for it.)

posted by n. @ 12/20/2004

the crimsontini of doom!

i have a big love/hate relationship with the holidays. such as: i love having a christmas tree/my dad bought a fake one, i love going to chicago/i hate the traveling part, i love my good friends/i hate missing my mother, etc. etc. etc.. Despite all this good/bad-ness of the season, so far my holidays have been quite fantastic.

Friday was popfrenzy!, the holiday edition, and even though we didn't have any yarmuclaus to hand out, there were plenty of candy canes and great tunes provided by Husky G, Matt, and the wonderful Stellastarr* boys. I vaguely remember what I played, but I do know that I fell asleep in the DJ booth as soon as I was done. Does that qualify as a disco nap? I'm not sure. Anyway, thanks to everyone who came out.

The weekend was rounded out by a festive holiday dinner party hosted by Miss Jocelyn, complete with tasty food and champagne punch and an evil concoction she and I managed to whip up called a "crimsontini" which apparently required an entire bottle of vodka. Or did I read that wrong? Entirely possible. In any event, it was good company, and as I headed back into the city courtesy of Josh Upwelling, the snow began to fall. This was just in time for me to meet up with Jed (whose blog is now an Arcade Fire fansite apparently), cupcake in hand, to go see the Scissor Sisters disco glitter blitz affair @ Hammerstein.

First up were VHS or Beta, who were really good and fantastically loud, and the room was already packed for their set so people were dancing like crazy. I know I get a lot of shit for saying things like this, but the guys in VHS or Beta are HOT and they have GREAT HAIR (almost enough to warrent a road trip to Kentucky?) And of course, more importantly, "Night On Fire" really is the song that "should have been the anthem of the year".

Speaking of anthems of the year, Scissor Sisters performed their great bluesy version of Franz Ferdinands "Take me Out," and brought down the house with a totally crazed performance of "Filthy/Gorgeous." Hail the disco hipsters! (although maybe someone should oerhaps tell the gorgeous Ana Matronic not to talk so much in between songs, she was starting to make Pelle from the Hives seem concise, not to mention modest...). We enjoyed the whole wild campy fun of their live shows, complete with sparkle-motion outfits, barely dressed go-go dancers, and rainbow lighting displays. I recently read an article where a guy was quoted as saying that Scissor Sister's concerts will change your life forever. Maybe I won't go that far, but they put on a damn fine show.

posted by n. @ 12/20/2004


popfrenzy + chrismukkah = awesomeness

POPFRENZY! holiday party!!!!!!!!!
hosted by Nora K + Nicola
Friday, December 17th @ RED & BLACK. 10pm - 4am

Guest DJs:
The Shut The Fuck Up! (Stellastarr*)
The Husky Gentleman (SPIN)
Mean Gestation (Matt of The Go Station)
spin the best of 80s, dance, hip hop and more!

2 for 1 drinks from 10-11!
SHOT & A BEER $5!!
there will be mistletoe, candy canes, santa hats
and reindeer ears for the naughty boys + girls.

** official afterparty for VIOLATOR **

Address: Red and Black 135 N. 5th St. (btw Bedford and Berry)
Directions by subway: Take the L train to Bedford Ave. (which is one stop away from Manhattan). Walk two blocks south on Bedford Ave. to N. 5th St. Make a right on N. 5th St. Red and Black is on the north side of N. 5th St.!

Our next party will be in 2005, so get your last 'frenzy fix of 2004 TONIGHT!

edit: i've just been informed that the symbol on michael's t-shirt is actually the japaense character for "popfrenzy." coinsidence? i think not...

posted by n. @ 12/17/2004


hide your lovers underneath the covers and get your tickets before they sell out

Just a quick Arcade Fire update, the Feb 2nd show has been moved to Irving Plaza from The Warsaw and tickets go on sale at noon tomorrow. Better get on top of that shit!

posted by n. @ 12/16/2004


red hats for everyone!

Thank god for sparks. Without, I would die, or sleep, or be sobor occasionally. Last night @ the Skinny was great. Husky G and I dual ipod djed and I was doing well until I was too drunk to care and Brian Molloy and I were dancing to Bon Jovi like morons. Oh well. Peter played Toadies though, which was cool. Everyone loved the Life Aquatic stuff too, especially the beanies. It's fun to DJ in a booth with people wearing matching funny red hats. Big thanks to the folks @ Filter. As a side note, Filter's new cover story about Bright Eyes also made me really want to kiss Conor Oberst, for being a) cute and b) really fucking cool.

Somehow we ended up at San Loco talking about The Zutons until 3am.

Anyways tonight is round two of Savvy, featuring the Asian hotness that is Alex Chow and Dan Chen of the Madison Strays. It will be sweet, you will dance and get drunk and there is 2 for 1 beer from 1 to 2. Tasty!

Here's the info:

SAVVY @ Pianos
(158 Ludlow @ Stanton)
The new rock and roll night on the LES
10pm - late!
Upstairs and ALWAYS FREE!

With Guest DJs:
Alex Chow + Dan Chen of Madison Strays!

+ downstairs check out the great bands:
11:30 Ike Reilly Assasination
10:30 Shy Child
9:30 Demander
8:30 The So and So's
7:30 The Vitamen

Late Nite DRINK SPECIALS 1-2!!!
pianos is located at 158 ludlow @ stanton

posted by n. @ 12/15/2004


the life arcade

The Arcade Fire has announced its 2005 tour. Bowery Ballroom on Feb 1st and the Warsaw on Feb 2nd. Fucking sweet!

Tonight @ The SKINnY we're hosting a soundtrack release party for The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

I've been listening to the soundtrack at work all morning, and it's really fantastic. It features tracks from David Bowie, the Stooges, Devo and the Zombies among others. Along with copies of the soundtrack I'll be giving away movie posters, hats, shirts and more! All this stuff is sponsored by Filter Magazine, because they rule.

The Skinny is located at 174 Orchard between Stanton and Houston and as always we'll be there, cheap drinks in hand, from 8-2am.

posted by n. @ 12/14/2004


dj awareness week

Hey all... I just want to thank everyone who came out to Savvy last night and made me so happy. People dancing at three am on a Wednesday? You all are nuts!

Tonight I'm rounding out day three of my DJ insanity marathon, guesting for an hour at Atomique, Audrey's great party that I talk about here all the time. What an honor for me, I'm psyched. Here's the info:

TONIGHT, join Melody Nelson + guests for another ATOMIQUE thursday at Eleven (downstairs lounge)!

Thursday December 9th :: Filter Magazine presents...

The Life Aquatic Release event! Film and soundtrack giveaways including beanie hats, shirts, and more! The soundtrack features David Bowie, The Stooges, Devo, The Zombies, Scott Walker, and more...
In NYC theaters 12/10 - Soundtrack in stores 12/14
Guest DJ: Nora K!

:: Party starts at 10pm
:: Beers and Well Drinks 1/2 off for the first 2 hours!
:: NO COVER! - 21+

And as always the Blue Light Special! Every 1 1/2 hour, you get FREE drinks for 15 minutes!!


Eleven (Downstairs Lounge) - 152 Orchard St. between Stanton and Rivington St.

posted by n. @ 12/09/2004


dec 8th, 1980

Q 104.3 is playing Beatles blocks of John Lennon's solo work all day today in memorium. There is also apparently going to be a musical about his life debuting on Broadway this spring called 'Lennon' which Yoko Ono has given two unreleased songs to.

I like to try to go to the memorial every year and put a flower there or light a candle or something. Just because... I can't really explain it, maybe it has something to do with my mother and how she felt about The Beatles and John and his death in particular. It just means a lot to me somehow.

posted by n. @ 12/08/2004


culture vultures

Last night, thanks to a little (a lot) of prodding from Rob, I made my way to Mercury Lounge to check out the Boston band Dear Leader. I was pretty tired, so a lot of the show was sort of a blur, but what a fun band! Tons of energy, really excellent songs (someone told me their stuff was kind of cheesy... well folks, I really LIKE "cheesy" apparently though I wouldn't say that about them at all). Everything was just crisp and clear and just great anthem rock/pop all around. I think I need to pick up a copy of their album, All I Ever Wanted Was Tonight to really appreciate everything they have going on, but they are def. a band that I will check out again!

Song: Dear Leader : Raging Red

From now on I will always trust Rob's judgement in music and probably eyeliner too.. but not the part about drinking tequila on a Monday night.

Since the holidays are upon us, how psyched was I to find that Snowden has released a Christmas EP! How festive. I love them.

Here you go:
Snowden Christmas EP:
- Christmas Time Is Here
- Happy Christmas (War Is Over)
- White Christmas

posted by n. @ 12/07/2004

mmm cookie

One of my coworkers is listening to a mash-up of "C is for Cookie" by uh... Cookie Monster and the theme song from Shaft. This simply furthers my belief that some mashups just do not ever need to occur.

Anyways.. here's info for Savvy @ Pianos, the new Wednesday night rock&roll party I'm doing with Tracy of Violator. Tracy is actually going to be in Milan this week playing a Depeche Mode festival, but we have a great line up of guest DJs to rock your socks. AND, happy hour from 12-1!

With Guest DJs:

Brian Molloy (Saturation/Tiswas)
Mako (Between @ Plaid)

+ downstairs check out the great bands:
10:30 Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band
9:30 Demander
8:30 Sam Champion
7:30 Badman

Late Nite Happy Hour from 12-1!!!
Pianos is located at 158 Ludlow @ Stanton.

As always, I will be DJing @ The SKINnY tonight from 8-2am and I would love for you all to come out and say hello. 174 Orchard b/t Houston and Stanton.

posted by n. @ 12/07/2004



I have to admit, I have been pretty "tame" as far as going out and getting really drunk and partying is concerned the past month or so. You can chalk it up to a variety of different reasons, financial, personal, preoccupations with other things... and so on and so forth. But now with the boy holed up cramming for his finals and myself gainfully employed once more, this weekend was shaping up to be a no holes barred debaucherous mess of the best kind.

And so it was.

Darling Nikki came to visit from Boston and we commenced antics at Luna Lounge for the Morning Theft / GoStation double header. The shows were great, the room was packed, but I've written enough about both of these bands that you know it comes with the territory. I will say, however, that The GoStation delivered perhaps the best performance of their song "Next In Line" that I have ever seen, and considering how many times I have seen this band and what a powerhouse that song is to begin with, I think that is saying a lot. When the show was over, the drinking quadrupled and when we made it to The Skinny I simultaneously declared myself drunk and that Pat was my favorite member of Morning Theft (it's true! Pat rules. He even has a retirement plan, he told me all about it tonight).

Five hundred drinks (sort of rough estimate) later, Pianos tried to charge us to get upstairs and we said No and went up anyways (actually they were only charging guys, and only charging a dollar, but it's the principle of the thing really...), I charged drinks to my credit card but at least it wasn't 10 jaeger shots like that OTHER time, and then even though we tried to avoid it, we ended up at the Darkroom.

I didn't know what was going on. Oh, alright, I RARELY know what is going on. But it was fun and everyone loves fun. We went to Alligator Lounge, Jocelyn changed a tire in a mini skirt, and I passed out in all my clothing, shoes, and coat, on my couch safe and sound and then woke up massively hungover. Went and met up with Alan to eat a stupid amount of bacon and drink beaucoup de coffee. Nikki came over and we went to North Six to see a REALLY bad band that Michael Stellastarr recommended to us.

I was sure they would be good, this band that I vaguely remember the name of, but they weren't. They sucked. Maybe it was because they had to play in the basement next to the bathrooms, but they still weren't very good. We were bummed so we drank a lot. Then Arthur announced that there was kareoke going on nextdoor at Galapagos. The next thing you know, Matt and I are on stage massacring "Take On Me" and then Arthur is bringing the house down with a rendition of "China Girl." I love Arthur. For some reason everyone else at this kareoke night was actually a professional broadway singer (well ok not REALLY but they should have been). It was fun to hear the good singers once and be impressed, but they just kept going up OVER and OVER again, acting all serious and singing Fiona Apple songs. Then they stopped serving alcohol and we went home and four hours later I went to work and ate doritos for breakfast and that was my weekend... pretty much.

posted by n. @ 12/06/2004

tres catchy - phoenix @ bowery ballroom

I know this is long overdue, but last Thursday I had the pleasure of finally seeing the band Phoenix live on their first New York show ever... and first US tour! One thing I quickly discovered as the lights dimmed for the show and they launched into "Too Young" is that people LOVE (and I mean seriously LOVE) this band. While a lot of their music is reminescent of the cheesy europop that became my guilty pleasure after five months abroad in Italy, something about their music transcends that. I'm not sure if it's because they're french or what, but this show was great. Even if they did play "Everything is everything" twice and I generally hate it when bands repeat songs (maybe this is a french thing? Once I had the misfortune of seeing Eiffel 65 in concert -- some random radio show -- and they played that Blue Badadedadadadadadadada song at LEAST twice). Maybe it's that Phoenix doesn't come off like a cliche corporate sell out group(aka Maroon 5 or Jason Mraz or whatever).

Well whatever it is about them, there was something electric in the air at Bowery Thursday night (and Wednesday was no exception from what I hear) and Phoenix's long overdue stateside arrival was a resounding success here in NYC.

Openers Benzos were fantastic, and finally seeing them on a larger stage from Pianos or Mercury Lounge was very rewarding. Unfortunately, I just cannot manage to get into Inouk. I'd like to blame it on how utterly exhausted I was but honestly I just zoned out for most of their performance. Someone said something to me about Morrissey at one point during their set in reference to how one of their singers sounds, but I was just like "eh ok." Oh well, you can't love them all.

More updates coming later... about my debauchery fest of a weekend, questions about why there are so many great shows happening on ONE NIGHT (this Thursday), and how doritos are the breakfast of champions.

posted by n. @ 12/06/2004


lack of coffee = lack of clever title

- Everyone below 14th street loves Morning Theft. And most of Boston for that matter. Gothamist tells us so with this funny edition of Sets and the City with the band.

Go see them tomorrow night @ Luna Lounge with The GoStation + MyTVs. They are on at 8:30. And it's so cheap it's free.

- You can also check out some behind the scenes pictures from the GoStation video for "Wandering Away" by clicking here.

- Sons of Sound have changed their name to Saints and Lovers. Don't worry, they still rock and are playing @ Mercury Lounge December 18th. One of them has a blog! Apparently The Fashion also have changed their name to... "Death of Fashion." Unfortunately, they will still probably be lame.

An update about last nights tres ahhmazing Phoenix/Benzos/Inouk show @ Bowery is forthcoming...

posted by n. @ 12/03/2004


what exactly IS up with erik?

I'm sure by now most of you have noticed that annoyingly placed "blogger header" across the top of every page hosted by Every now and then I will pick up some random hits from other blogspot pages because really really bored people will use the "next blog" button to surf around. Lots of the blogs that somehow dump people on my site are in different languages and most are just very bizarre, but I always take a peek anyways just out of curiousity.

Today I got a hit from this gem, "What's Up With Erik?" Now I know a lot of Eriks, which is why I had to click the link because honestly I'd love to know what's up with more than a FEW of them (like why are you sporting a mullet and a beret Erik? why are you buying that weird artificial glow-log for your fire place Erik? what happened to the sleeves on ALL of your shirts Erik? etc. etc.). Erik is a communications major (hahaha..... oh wait) who attends a church called "First Fruits" (??), sports a wicked awesome t-shirt with a nintendo controller on it, and says things like:

"I really want to get a X-Box and I think the reason I want it so bad is because I have a lack of relationship with Jesus."

If you have any interest in keeping up with this video games vs. jesus debate he seems to have going on... Erik is your man.

posted by n. @ 12/02/2004

i like smoosh

Drifting around the internet today at work, i noticed that Jasper has a nice variety of random band pictures on the main page of his website, including two shots of the band Smoosh. Smoosh are two girls from Seattle, and when I say girls I mean really.. there is an 11 year old on keyboards with a voice of a baby Tori Amos and a 9 year old on drums. Chloe and Asya are both blonde and petite and hardly rockstar at all even though they have already opened for bands like Death Cab for Cutie, Pearl Jam, and Jimmy Eat World. You can hear two Smoosh tunes which I believe are from their first album (!) here.

I saw them at CMJ when I was signing in bands and assumed that their father was the musician who was cool enough to bring his daughters along to New York for the ride.. how wrong was I! I'll admit that a lot of their songs are very rough around the edges, but there is certainly a lot of talent there so who knows where they will be at in five or ten years. Yesterday I was sitting at my desk when one of my coworkers started blasting a Smoosh song. Random, but a good sign that their music is spreading.

My favorite thing about this band is that their website actually LOOKS like it was designed by a pre-teen (and it probably WAS), like the old angelfire/tripod days of webdesign. I mean... there's a link that says "try jones soda!" Cuuute. I can't listen to a song like "The Quack" without giggling, and the entire rest of the eclectic mix of tunes is great aswell.

Song: Smoosh - Massive Cure from their album She Like Electric

posted by n. @ 12/02/2004

probably drunk

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