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Ok basically nothing happened this weekend that was crazy or involved music. Went to see Closer for a good mindfuck and had good food and lousy service at Veselka. When a waitress snaps at you and walks off when you are only asking for a list of breads you know you're in trouble. Then we had three kinds of chocolate and watched The Wizard for young Christian Slater/Jenny Lewis hotness. I love that movie because all the video games are SO old and cheesy looking, it's hilarious. And Jenny Lewis's character Haley talks like someone from the 1940s. It's awesome.

Tonight for some visual stimulation go to Pianos where The GoStation will reveal their completed music video before playing a set at 8:45. From what I understand, the video features Joel in bed with a model and Matt drinking at a bar, among other things. So it's semi-realistic, right? Their new EP should be finished up soon and features the new song "C'mon" with guest vocals by members of Surefire (remember them?)

Here we have a photo of Matt and Doug Gostation. Comparisons have apparently been made to Liam and Noel, Ian and John and Mick and Keith even. I'll leave it to you to decide....

photo by Dennis Cahlo

posted by n. @ 1/31/2005

just another weekend in the desert.

it's all about roadtripping this year:

(too bad the smiths didn't reform for this festival as the rumour mill taunted last week, i may have wet my pants)


ps: good morning miss n.k.w. - look at how productive i am when i get to work early?!

Hey Nicola and everyone else.... yeah def. no pants wetting at this lineup. And very little shrieking or coffee spitting all over my monitor either (I'm sure my boss is glad for that). But it's GOOD just the same, a lot of bands I have never seen live --- including Weezer --- I know... what the fuck is wrong with me? Oh well, tickets are purchased and road trip is tentatively planned.

My big question about all of this: THE SEXY MAGAZINES? huh? what? who manages these guys???? are they even signed? someone please explain.

posted by Anonymous @ 1/31/2005


interpol + hot lesbian action = ?

Last night, while I was in a very drunken state, Jay excitedly informed me that Interpol was played on the OC not once, not twice, but THREE times. Apparently they like "Evil" a whooole lot. I haven't watched it yet, but last season the sex scene that featured "Specialist" was hottt, so much so that it resulted in a baby (and no herpes as far as I'm aware). Also apparently they threw in some Rilo Kiley (Jed will you just start watching the damn show now????).

Before this conversation with Jay, I was inexplicably at an IMG model party above 14th street where there was open bar (which contributed to the drunken state mentioned previously) and people kept walking around with trays of finger foods and shoving them in everyone's face. Yeah, because models love food, right? Oh well, more for us! Stuffted full of satay and some mystery shrimp concoction, we smuggled out two glasses of champagne for our cab ride to Pianos, arriving just in time to see Other Passengers rock out. And they really did... I love this band more and more every time I see them, so loud and captivating, and their lead singer has a voice that just sucks you in, floating between airy and breathtakingly intense. I need very badly to get a copy of their EP, "Is It Nothing to You, All Those Who Pass By?"

Other Passengers - Bank

posted by n. @ 1/28/2005


what it is, where it's at

Starting about now, there seems to just be a solid stream of great shows day in and day out. I currently have two to recommend... starting tonight at Pianos with the last night of the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! residency. The band plays at 9:30, followed up by This Blue Holiday, who I have been meaning to catch for a while now.

Upstairs, as always, we'll have Savvy from 10pm til late, with lovely guest DJ Jenny Penny.

Then Thursday, also at Pianos, go see a great line-up including a band that I haven't seen in a while but always really enjoyed, Other Passengers, who always reminded me a lot of one of my favorite bands, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Other Passengers are on at 9:30 and they are playing on a stellar line up including The Harlem Shakes, Human Television, Shade, and Valeze.

(other passengers photo by Jasper)
Other Passengers - The end is the beginning is the end

The Harlem Shakes - Eighteen

posted by n. @ 1/26/2005

i dream of ted leo. well, i did!

Last night we ate goat cheese and some weird fruit - persimmon! - and drank two bottles of wine before going over to Rothko to see Ted Leo and Benzos perform in a benefit concert for a girl from spinART who is sick but recovering. It was a good cause, but when we got there everything was running late so the sets were cut short - short and sweet but still pretty short.

Benzos kicked off their set with the title track of their upcoming LP, "Morning Stanza" and played a gorgeous set, as always. Seriously, this album is going to blow everyone's mind with how great it is.

Ted Leo was up next, setting up his own equipment and played a great cover of "Factory Girl" by the Rolling Stones. Everything was going smoothly and the crowd seemed really into it, until an amp blew out or some other technical snafu occured. Poor Ted seemed kind of frustrated, but reminded himself and the crowd that we were there for a good cause, and came back by launching into perhaps my favorite Ted Leo song, "The High Party" which got everyone going. Unfortunately, as soon as he was done playing it, he was told he only had one more song left.

I was surprised by this because it seemed like everyone there would have stayed to hear him play TWENTY more, but he ended with a Waco Brothers cover of "Northwoods" which was great. Afterwards we were standing around the silent auction table and Leo came up and told the merch guy that he thought his set had sucked, but honestly the only problem for me was its shortness that didn't allow him to really showcase how amazing and talented he is.

Song: Ted Leo - Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone
Benzos - Sore Eyes

posted by n. @ 1/26/2005


my OTHER favorite...

Ok apparently today I'm only posting emails. Laziness abounds. But I will tell you that I am having an AWESOME day x10 happiness explosions. Yay!

But first a note from me: so this is in regards to Morning Theft. If you happen to live in any of these places, you should totally take these boys in. They are (pretty) clean, they will teach you eyeliner precision, they will probably share booze with you, and you get to hang out with PAT. Best ever. At the VERY least, go see them play if they come to a town near you!!! Or first BOOK them because they are so very awesome.

Here you go:

We're going on tour. and you know what that means. we need places to play, stay, shower, whatever.
here are the dates and where we plan on being.
see if you can help us fill them in.

Sun. 3/13 - VA.
Mon. 3/14 - NC
Tue. 3/15 - Atlanta, GA
Wed. 3/16 - Sun. 3/20 we will be at SXSW but are willing to play anything in addition to our gigs (parties, record stores, keggers etc...)
Mon. 3/21 - Birmingham
Tue. 3/22 - Memphis
Wed. 3/23 - Philly
Thu. 3/24 - jersey shore

We appreciate suggestions of course, but if you can actually help book these shows it would be greatly appreciated.
while we are looking for club gigs, we are open to any suggestions.

please contact

Thank you
-morning theft.

(photo by Couirey Eckmayer... hottness revealed)

posted by n. @ 1/25/2005

my favorite = dutch kills!

email I got today from Nick of Dutch Kills:

Dutch Kills will be featured today at 11 AM and 6 PM EST on KEXP as "My New Favorite Band." "My" refers to John Richards, the station director and DJ of the very popular "John in the Morning Show." KEXP is one of
the most popular web radio stations on the planet, and won the 2004 "Webby" for Best Web Radio Station (plus it reaches some 50 billion some-odd hipsters in Seattle) so this is pretty cool for us, and we just thought
we'd let you all know because we're shameless braggarts. Anyway, if you aren't already glued to kexp each morning as I am, you might want to tune in today: that's dot org.

edit: OK, listening to them on the radio while at my desk just made me tear up a little bit. awww... yay!

Dutch Kills - Katherine (from their EP Nothing Was Ever The Same)
Dutch Kills - Anchor

posted by n. @ 1/25/2005


january 24th sucks!

This article explains everything. Of course, it would be written by the British. Ugh.

Better luck tomorrow! I'm counting on YOU, Ted Leo.

posted by n. @ 1/24/2005

danielle said it best "blizzards and me, they do not mix well"

What a lousy weekend. No, seriously, what the fuck was that? What a let down. What a disappointment. All around. The fact that I can even write about a show right now is kind of remarkable. But I'm sure you've noticed from this blog that I do my best to stay positive here, so here we have it. Somehow I dragged myself from my nicely heated apartment to go to a show Saturday night, and despite that I was in no mood for it, the show was great. It was probably best that we started off with coctails at 7A, so the chocolate martini I downed had me slightly buzzed before arriving at Mercury Lounge.

George quickly handed me a vodka tonic, maybe a roommate sixth sense kind of thing, and I went into the main room to watch a band I had never seen before, Hopewell. And thank god that I did, because it's rare for me to really like a band the first time I see them, and somehow despite it all this band managed to make me a very happy camper. As you can see from my (poorly taken) picture, their frontman was dressed very Gilligan's Island style, but their music was a brand of very excellent psychedellic rock. Particular stand outs of their set included the song "Trumpet for a Lung" which the band claimed would rock us all, and did, and also their closers "Monolith" and "Synthetic Symphony." I will absolutely be checking out this band again.

After their set, I ran into Jay and gushed about the band, and he replied by having his friends treat me to a tequila shot. What a way to forget it's cold outside (at least momentarily). Thanks guys!

So finally it was time for the band we had almost all come to see, The Upwelling. I've written about this band a lot before, and there honestly isn't really a lot of new stuff to say. They changed up their usual set list, which was a nice change but left a lot of fans wondering if they were going to play the usual crowd favorites, including "In Her Arms" until the very end. They played my favorite, "Diamond Ring" although maybe not the tightest I've ever heard them do it, Jocelyn and I enjoyed ourselves, and we all ended up a little emotionally moved by "American Night" as always. So in the end, I'm glad I went out I suppose, although attempting to get back to Brooklyn at 4am was no treat at all. I really hope that these bands appreciate the great turnouts they managed to get on a night like Saturday was, and we appreciated them reciprocating with good solid sets. Hopefully things will be a little warmer all around the next time.

So I'm writing this so early in the morning because my roommate has used up all the hot water, so I'm going to work half asleep and grumpy and decided... why not write a blog entry? But really, I'm in no mood, so this ends here. If you see me or talk to me today, please try to be kind. Blizzards and I are not a good combination.

posted by n. @ 1/24/2005


bang the drum

Last night we went to see The Jimmy Chamberlin Complex rock some socks off at Mercury Lounge. We were hungover and very tired, so take that into consideration when reading this. Basically the only reason we went to this show was out of curiousity and love for all things Smashing Pumpkins related (except for D'arcy's awful plastic surgery but that's a whole different matter). We hadn't heard any of this band's music, but who cares because Jimmy Chamberlin is fucking awesome.

And as we confirmed again last night, YES HE IS. But what we also discovered is that an awesome drummer from one of the most awesomely awesome bands ever does not necessarily gurantee anything at all. Not to say that the Jimmy Chamberlin Complex was bad or anything, they were just kind of all over the damn place. After the show we talked to multi-instrumentalist Billy Mohler (who came up and asked if we had driven in from Oklahoma... randomly), and he confessed that they had only really played 4-5 shows as a complete band. Maybe that explains the weird mix of jazz, funk, rock, and occasionally what I can only describe as weird elevator music that the ensemble produced in their 45 minute set. A good amount of their music resembles Pumpkins Melon Collie-era, and while I'm not very into instrumental stuff, I enjoyed the songs with no vocals... because those vocals really need some serious work. Obviously most of the song arrangement put the focus on the rhythem sections, which were great obviously, but the rest seemed lacking somehow.

That said, I think this band could be great but I think they need a lot more work as a group... so it's a little alarming that their album Life Begins Again is already slated to come out on the 25th of January. Apparently the album features additional guest vocals from Billy Corgan and Rob Dickingson of the Catherine Wheel... so I guess honestly the verdict is still up in the air. I'm glad Jimmy is venturing out with a project of his own, and I think after some more time together they will be much more solid. It's an interesting experiment at least. Seeing Jimmy Chamberlin behind the skins just made me feel like I was 16 again, and that was pretty nostalgic and sweet.

posted by n. @ 1/21/2005


who needs bagels when you've got bacon?!

"may i have a side of bacon with my order of bacon? oh, and can you put some cheese on that too? and maybe can you add a bagel in there somewhere? thaaaaaaaanks!"

... anticipated conversation between miss nora and the pick-a-bagel guy at 10:01am

posted by Anonymous @ 1/20/2005


memo to weezer: please let your new single not suck

- Weezer's first single from their forthcoming fifth album will be "Beverly Hills" and will hit radio on March 21. Anyone have an mp3 of this?

- For anyone (apparently most people) who missed the Kaiser Chief's set at Tribeca Grand, they are playing two NYC dates in February: 2/12 at North Six and 2/14 at Mercury Lounge. There's a happy valentines day for you.

posted by n. @ 1/19/2005


favorite in the middle (and rob holmes? still hot, obvs!)

Last night we had dinner @ the Waverly, one of our favorites, and we had milkshakes (perfect for subzero temperatures, duh!) and stared at the framed headshots of not even remotely famous people. Awesomeness. Jed had waited far too long for more chicken fingers. It was rewarding.

Then we went to Pianos, found out that we missed Dear Leader and were bummed. Got a drink ticket then we were happy again. We watched the Moirai who are from New Jersey, like Brian Molloy. Hello screamo! Musically I liked them, but the guy just kept on shrieking to the point where I just wasn't into it anymore. I'm Sorry.

We got more alcohol and situated ourselves near the front for Morning Theft. I haven't seen the band play in at least two months now, and I thought they were fantastic. They played three new songs: 'harborlights', 'a song of resigation', and my personal favorite so far, 'second skin' which is actually a song that was written 2-3 years ago and recently reworked, and involves a really gorgeous harmony between Rob and Pete. The band also changed their usual stage formation up a little bit, placing Pat (my favorite) in the middle. Obviously, I loved this. And I think it worked really well musically, too. Check out this great picture of Pat looking like a rockstar. Or a superhero. I can't decide.

We watched a little bit of Fort Ancient and decided to call it a night. I think Jen did a really great job of putting together this line up, and the next Moveable Hype (version 2.0! so geeky and awesome) is shaping up to be just as good. More about my weekend later... it's time to go to the Abbey for 241 drinks and celebrate my night off from DJing. I'll be @ the skinny this Friday instead.

posted by n. @ 1/18/2005


she made that!

Starting to look for a nice Valentine's gift for your girlfriend? My friend Frances just launched a website for jewelry that she makes, and her stuff is afforable and very pretty! Check out her site: I Made This

posted by n. @ 1/13/2005

no matter which way you go

Last night we went to the SPIN offices to see Tegan and Sara, twin canadian lesbian awesome folk-pop. Armed with acoustic guitars and very little backup otherwise, these two girls with their startling and unique voices and catchy songs held the jam packed room captive for a great half an hour set. The highlights, aside from their performance of their brilliant new single "Walking With A Ghost", was the hilarious banter between the two when they weren't performing.

A little bickering and love went back and forth, making me feel sort of homesick for my OWN sister while I watched them. However, I think that if she and I set off on a tour and were around each other 24/7 we would probably kill each other. Thankfully that hasn't happened to Tegan and Sara, and last night they earned at least one new fan.

Tegan and Sara - Walking With A Ghost (from their album So Jealous)

posted by n. @ 1/13/2005

c'oma c'oma c'mon.

We all clapped our hands. We all said "Yeah!" and we also probably said things like "holy crap this band is amazing." The room last night was packed @ Pianos for the first of three shows in the January residency for Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! Although their singer, who is frequently compared to David Byrne, tends to make little to no comprehensible sense when singing, the sound that this band makes is so sonic and fun that it makes very little difference. Maybe that's the reasoning behind the sort of gibberish band name?

My suggestion is that you run, not walk, to one or both of their next Pianos dates because I feel as though this band is going big places - perhaps very quickly, and soon you will be inundated with catchy headlines that read "Clap Your Hands and Say insert something very flattering and/or clever here"

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Lost and Found
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Details of the War

posted by n. @ 1/13/2005


here comes the action

Check out the video for the new Doves single, Black and White Town. I love this song. Every time I play it, I think of Pleasantville.

posted by n. @ 1/12/2005

i predict... you'll dance!

Much like Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party, The Libertines, and the Futureheads, the Kaiser Chiefs make music that will make you want to jump out of your chair and dance (or riot, if you will). I've had a ton of fun djing it so far. Originating from Leeds, the band plays its first US shows this week, with a stop at the Tribeca Grand Hotel this Saturday 1/15.

Watch the video for their single, 'I Predict A Riot' here:
- real
- windows media

Their full length album, Employment comes out later this year.

And speaking of bands that make you want to dance, the official after party for Razorlight and openers The Features + Asobi Seksu will be held at Atomique this Thursday night! The party takes place at Eleven, located at 152 Orchard St. between Stanton and Rivington St.

Song: Asobi Seksu - Sooner

posted by n. @ 1/12/2005

publicist turned dj who likes boys

Everytime I ask anyone how they are feeling lately, the response is almost always the same "I'm sick." Well, the past few days, that response has been my own. Thank goodness for nice boys who deliver grilled cheese and fresh chicken soups and strange homeopathic things to stick up my nose, because I'm finally feeling much better. I guess it's maybe just the unfortunate result of having a great weekend? Everything kicked off at Plaid, where I djed during the open bar (some say best in the city) and a great performance by Violator. This band has come SUCH a long way from where they were when I saw them last February, it's unbelieveable. While I'm still not a huge fan of cover bands, their set was still pretty enjoyable. After Plaid we headed to...

Despite my reservations about spinning anywhere remotely near the fancypants Meatpacking district, this night turned out to be a LOT of fun. Brother Lawrence (pictured above in one of his finest moments - such a one with the ladies he is), has a much better and more hilarious recap that I could ever possibly come up with. Needless to say, the evening went so well that they invited Husky and I back to the decks AGAIN this friday, with one of the guys from Dirty Vegas spinning in the main room. Crazy. Email here to get on our free guestlist...

To celebrate having such a good friday, I bought myself a turntable (which came with a whole host of technical problems, of course), and agreed to humour certain boys and go see a Pearl Jam cover band at.... LIONS DEN. Basically this made the entire weekend a very non-scene missplaced adventure but it was also quite fun. And ok... we went to Misshapes for an hour, but had to leave after "Such Great Heights" started skipping. Our hearts just weren't in it, I guess. Luckily we decided to go see In Good Company the next day, which was a sweet and heartwarming film. It left me wondering, however, when someone decided that having two Shins songs in a film = heartwarming, but we had that warm fuzzy feeling as we walked out of the theater so I guess it's a good formula afterall.

Good things are on the horizon starting today... Clay Your Hands Say Yeah are kicking off their three week residency @ Pianos starting tonight. Come early and check out openers the Shorebirds who are doing a showcase at 7:30, and then DJing upstairs for Savvy.

While I was sick and sleeping, the Dears/Saints and Lovers/Benzos show at Mercury sold out. Oops. I hope you got tickets though, because this show should prove to be quite fantastic (anyone have a +1 to spare?)

Finally, Interpol are coming back again, this time to Radio City with Blonde Redhead! I've never REALLY loved a show that I saw at Radio City except maybe for Bjork, but this could prove to be worth the money... (vio One Louder)

posted by n. @ 1/12/2005


morning stanzas, evening refrain

Tonight is going to be kind of crazy, so I had a lovely time with my tivo last night, catching up on new Alias, Lost and a craptacular episode of the OC (why does this show insist on continuing to write off all the good characters... ie: Anna, Jimmy, etc.?).

Then I spent some time getting together my music for gigs tonight @ Plaid and Lotus. You know Lotus... the meatpacking district club that was at one time "the hotspot" for the Britney/Justin set. Anyways, if you want to come, we (that being myself and my new partner in crime/djing, Husky G) will be spinning from 12-closing and you just need to send your name + number of guests to before 6pm today.

I've spent most of my morning at work today listening to the new Benzos album, Morning Stanzas. I couldn't have been more excited to receive this preview and I'm loving every track of it. A few of my old favorites feature some new arrangement alterations that I'm trying to get used to, but overall it's a solid and stellar debut that has been a long time coming. Make sure you grab tickets to their upcoming show @ Mercury Lounge on January 15th w/ The Dears and Saints and Lovers.

posted by n. @ 1/07/2005


rob holmes says "OBVS!"

This should be excellent. oh and pssst there is free ALCOHOL. you know... if you like that sort of thing.

song: Morning Theft : Weakness


on an entirely unrelated note, check out Central Village's Elkland Information Explosion for tons of great info about the upcoming releases from this so very awesome band.

PS: their new website is sweet.

posted by n. @ 1/05/2005

diamonds in life magazine

Tonight is going to be some sort of television goodness explosion, with Alias finally returning after a new episode of another JJ Abrams series, Lost. I could not be more excited, except that I'm going to watch it TOMORROW. Oh well, thank god for tivo. If you are looking for some people to watch it with, however, look no further.

Today I know it's rainy, but come to Pianos anyways because A Place to Bury Strangers are playing, and we'll be having another fun night of Savvy upstairs, with guest DJ Matt of the GoStation and drink specials from 12-1.

It's rainy and cold and boring today, so I will cheer myself up and listen to Mew at my desk.

posted by n. @ 1/05/2005


like omg brandon flowers is so hot and i want to give a shout out to....

The Killers were on TRL today. Crazy. Can't wait til they are on SNL January 15th with the other woman I'd be a lesbian for (besides Jenny Lewis), Jennifer Garner. Hottt.

posted by n. @ 1/04/2005

hold me tight cause it's cold at night

In addition to DJing this crazy Lotus thing (filling in for Michael T? i need to wear more make up...), I'm also DJing at Plaid on Friday night between bands @ a party called (fittingly), Between.

New Year / Same Deal
OPEN BAR from 9-10PM
FREE Admission from 9-11PM
REDUCED after 11 until 1 AM

The Rock:
DJ MAKO returns to the decks to rock you out and look, he's brought along DJ NORA K for her first BETWEEN appearance.

The bands:
Go Station
Violator (All girls, all Depeche Mode)
The Break Up
Transit Belle

Finally, give this a listen. My current band obsession, they are playing a residency on Pianos every wednesday this month starting next week.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah :: Tidal Wave

posted by n. @ 1/04/2005


fuck you, crimsontini (see ya later 2004)

It would be sort of difficult to figure out what happened this year if I didn't keep a weblog. So I suppose writing on this site for a year as at least served some purpose. The mind wanders, alcohol fuels forgetfulness, days blur, but somehow this blog captures enough that I feel like I've lived through a full year.

On that note, here is my belated list of the top 10 shows I actually went to this year. I know it isn't as cool as some other people's lists, but it took a LONG time to figure this out.

1. Interpol @ Bowery Ballroom. I know a lot of people said that this show was lacking in something, but for me that was not the case at all. Maybe I'm just too much of a die hard. Maybe Antics wrapped up my entire summer of freedom and unemployment, whatever. The entire thing was glorious to me from start to finish (even if they left off 'Stella' for an encore).

2. The Wrens @ Knitting Factory. I had never seen this band before and went to this CMJ show solely on recommendation and spent the entire time standing there in awe. This band is fantastic. 'She Sends Kisses' is almost without doubt one of my favorite songs of the year, which was their emotional and perfect encore.

3. Rilo Kiley (with Tilly and the Wall) @ Bowery Ballroom. First of all I think it's safe to say that I would be a lesbian in a millisecond for Jenny Lewis. But that's not really the reason that I loved this show so much. Something about Rilo Kiley's live show just transends for me, it's simplistic and beautiful and inspiring. That I was also attending the show with someone even more enamored with the band probably helped.. and since I was equally as enamored with my companion, this was certainly a night to remember.

4. Franz Ferdinand @ Maxwells. This show was so great that a large part of me never wants to see Franz Ferdinand live ever again, if only to preserve how amazing this experience was. The first time I heard "Take Me Out" I was wandering around a store in Camden - London and Nicole and I had to approach the salesclerk to find out what the song was. Getting a chance to see this band's electric performance in such a tiny setting was def. something I will never forget.

5. Stellastarr* @ Coachella in the sweatbox tent from hell + Motherfucker @ the Roxy (tie) : Every time I tell people this they really seem very surprised, but I have only seen Stellastarr live a a total of two times. And yet it's impossible for me to choose between these two shows to determine a favorite, except to say that seeing them in a cool NYC club surrounded by my awesome friends with a slight one up on seeing them in a veritable sauna that was the Mojave tent in the middle of the desert @ Coachella. Regardless, both of these shows were very special and nothing about this band fails to get me energized.

6. The Bravery @ Arlene's Grocery
7. The Rapture @ Coachella immed. followed by Radiohead
8. The Hives + The Fever @ Webster Hall
9. The Shins @ Bowery Ballroom
10. British Sea Power @ Bowery Ballroom / Phoenix + Benzos @ Bowery Ballroom (tie)

(stellastarr* @ coachella)

here also is a vaguely complete list of all the bands i saw live this year, including those listed above: !!!, aerovox, air, ambulance ltd, arbor day, asobi seksu, baby strange, the bahamas, basement jaxx, bastion, brendan benson, benzos, black rebel motorcycle club, bling kong, blonde redhead, bona roba, the bravery, bright eyes, british sea power, dennis cahlo, the capitol years, communique, controller.controller, cooper temple clause, the court and spark, the cure, daybreaker, dear leader, death cab for cutie, desert sessions, detachment kit, kevin devine, devotchka, dogs die in hot cars, the douglas fir, dutch kills, elefant, elkland, faunts, the flaming lips, the flesh, franz ferdinand, the fever, french kicks, funeral for a friend, the futureheads, the good north, the gostation, the harlem shakes, headquarters, hightower smith, HIM, the hives, the hong kong, hula, the icarus line, imarobot, the information, inouk, interpol, kill hannah, the killers, kraftwerk, ben kweller, lakota, sondre lerche, looker, low beam, madison strays, metric, the morning after, morning theft, morrison poe, the mosquitos, moving units, muse, the music, new amsterdams, octet, onelinedrawing, other passengers, phoenix, pilot to gunner, pitty sing, the pixies, pretty girls make graves, prosiacs, PS, radio 4, radiohead, the rapture, ratatat, rilo kiley, robbers on high street, saintface, scissor sisters, sex sells, the shins, the shout out louds, the sleepy jackson, snowden, soft explosions, the sons of sound, the sounds, stellastarr*, the stills, tommy stinson, ted leo/pharmacists, the thrills, tilly and the wall, turing point, tv on the radio, the twenty twos, the upwelling, vhs or beta, the von bondies, white light motorcade, the wrens

posted by n. @ 1/03/2005

probably drunk

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