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random tunes from a girl with a headcold

(please right click save as for all except the stream)

Pilot To Gunner - Get Saved (playing Rothko on 4/29 while I am at Coachella. darn)

The Shout Out Louds - The Comeback (playing Bowery w/ the Dears in June!)

The Wrens - Ex-Girl Collection (i fucking LOVE this song and it makes me wish the sun hadn't gone away today)

Timesbold - Gin I Win (favorites of mine from Brooklyn, I saw them play in Amsterdam once and it was amazing).

Spoon - I Turn My Camera On (playing Webster Hall on June 8th & 9th)

(stream) The Raveonettes - Love In A Trash Can (windows media, my coworker just described this as "surfer music" and started dancing around like a maniac... so okay then)

posted by n. @ 3/31/2005

billy corgan + robert smith....

Former SMASHING PUMPKINS frontman BILLY CORGAN will release his debut solo album "TheFutureEmbrace," on June 21st. Recorded in Chicago, the album includes a cover of the BEE GEES' "To Love Somebody," which features the CURE's ROBERT SMITH on backing vocals.

"The Cure is one of my favorite bands of all time," Corgan told Rolling Stone. "Robert is a good friend of mine, so it's a dream come true." Corgan just shot the video for "Walking Shade," the CD's first single, in Los Angeles and will launch a world tour in July.

posted by n. @ 3/31/2005

if you leave

Last night my lack of sleep/over indulgence in alchol/general stress levels caught up with me and I passed out at 11pm feeling sick from head to toe. Thankfully Jed revived me at 4 am, handed me a handful of random pills which I quickly downed, and four hours later I woke up almost good as new. Yay wonder drugs and awesome boys, you don't know how grateful I am today.

This weekend is going to be a busy busy one for me. On Friday I'm djing my first prom... well it's sort of a prom, but more like a formal ball for law school students, but it's at Tavern On The Green which is v. exciting. And fancy. So I'm sort of nervous about it. What would you want to dance to at a prom these days? I honestly can't remember a single song that they played at my prom whatsoever. And I wasn't even drunk. Oh well.

Then on Saturday, I'm djing at The Skinny again and bringing Peter along for the ride because I'm pretty sure I'm going to have some sort of turntable fatigue at that point.

We'll be on the decks from 10-4 and I'm going to play a lot of Louis XIV. Why? Because I just got the album in the mail and I am love love loving it. I blast it at work even though it's kind of raunchy but no one seems to care because the songs are just that good and catchy. And then I get to a track like "All The Little Pieces" and sort of pause and go... wait wait what is this? Is this the same band? But hell does it even matter because it's such a pretty song anyways. And the album came with a little booklet filled with naughty pictures from what was probably the cover shoot for the album.

"The Best Little Secrets Are Kept" is in stores now. Go buy it!

They will also be on tour this spring, supporting The Killers:
Louis XIV supporting the Killers:
May 23 :: St. Louis, MO :: The Pageant
May 26 :: Covington, KY :: Madison Theater
June 1 :: Montreal, QC :: Metropolis
June 3 :: Philadelphia, PA :: Electric Factory
June 6 :: Providence, RI :: Lupos at the Strand
June 10 :: N. Myrtle Beach, SC :: House of Blues
June 11 :: Atlanta, GA :: Music Midtown (99X stage w/ Bloc Party, Keane, The Killers, & The Pixies)

and of course, they are @ Bowery Ballroom on April 26th w/ Runner + The Thermodynamics

Also, how much do I want to go to this:

Um... so much!

Also, the Music Midtown in Atlanta looks pretty sweet this year with The Killers, The White Stripes, and the Pixies performing among others.

posted by n. @ 3/31/2005


so the pope is driving in a car...

last night i went to the spin offices, drank something involving raspberry, pineapple and vodka but that smelled like apple, and watched a band that I have grown to lovelovelove, the Kaiser Chiefs, play a short but awesome set. i think Ricky is still recovering from whatever foot type injury he had so there was very little jumping crazyness going on, but he's such a charismatic front man that it didn't make much difference that they weren't as crazy as they were @ mercury lounge. They played a lot of my favorites, including "Oh My God" and "Everyday I Love you less and less" and "Born to be a Dancer."

Even the SEVENTH GRADERS seemed to love it. And who knew we were all so fashiony? Thanks Spin!

anyways, i have a little crunch on Ricky and his little hat. check out his diary section on their website, it's stupidly british and cute. ok that's all for now...

posted by n. @ 3/30/2005

gothing out

i don't know about you, but to me this sounds like it would be completely hilarious.

alex chow + i are recruiting girls at VISIONS OF THE IMPENDING APOCALYPSE for the goth beauty pageant at beauty bar SUNDAY, april

recruitment takes place on THURSDAY, at VISIONS OF THE IMPENDING
APOCALYPSE, which takes place at happy ending. please see me or alex
or guest dj jason cole mager if you want to enter, or just
email/myspace us. e-mail: theimpendingapocalypse @ gmail [dot] com

there are pics of a previous goth beauty pageant where nick zinner
was the judge, on

the lucky girl wins $200 in cash, plus free stuff.

SUNDAY. 03 APRIL 2005.







10-4, NO COVER

posted by n. @ 3/30/2005


you've got a nerve...

I don't really think I want to talk about what I thought of the Walkmen show last night. So okay, here are some pictures:

(ps: ben kweller, i love you and your sweater)

posted by n. @ 3/29/2005


ohh la la

***EDIT*** : I fucked up, this party is TOMORROW night (Tuesday the 29th), not tonight. So you have to wait one more night to get your french on. Sorry!!!!

If you're looking for a fun party tonight (TUESDAY...), the best + hottest (no shit, have you seen him on his motorcycle? yowsa) promoter in NYC, Andy Shaw, is throwing a fun frenchy party tonight @ Bar Eleven. Bring your beret or your coulottes or uh... yeah. Tres bien!

Le One Night Stand @ Bar Eleven Lounge
152 Orchard St. Between Stanton & Rivington (Downstairs)
Foreplay Starts at 10PM. 21+ NO COVER!

Shaw Promotion and Amylu Present.........

pleasure for ONE strings attached.

** 60's French Pop, Ye-Ye Sounds, Euro Freakbeat **
A unique musical experience of sixties French cool, Euro Freakbeat, Mondo Soundtracks and some sexy new grooves direct from the dusty crates of Paris. Tunes and cool bangs of Brigitte, Francoise Hardy, Johnny Hallyday, Michel Polnareff, some best of modern Chanson and much more!

Sink Your Teeth Into VAMPIRE VODKA OPEN BAR 10-11PM!!

Le DJs:
( BabyPop , Australia - First Appearance in the US)
and Smashed! Blocked! NYC

Josh Styles
Peppermint Twist

Le Go-Go Vixen:
Madame Lady Liberty

Le Hosts:
Monsieur Andy Shaw
Madame Amylu

posted by n. @ 3/28/2005

weirdness abounds

it was such a weird weekend. i completely spaced on the fact that sunday was easter, my computer hard drive wiped out completely and needs to be replaced so i lost e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, while using my roommate's computer the monitor went on the fritz and also BROKE, and i had my first tarot card reading which was awesome and also sort of creeptastic. as a result i'm almost glad to be back at work today because at least so far it's NORMAL. except that i had a cupcake for breakfast. but whatever.

tonight i'm going to the Walkmen/Ben Kweller (if I had a little brother I would want him to be Ben Kweller)/Features show @ Irving, which will be awesome. i'm not a huge Walkmen fan by any means, but i just want to hear 'The Rat' live so bad I can taste it. And Ben Kweller is awesomeness personified, winning me over with his acoustic show @ Spinhouse live... so tonight should be no exception.

The Features - Blow It Out

Ben Kweller - On My Way

(right click save as PLEASE)

Moving along... if you like Travis or bands like Travis (ie: radiohead etc. etc.) you will probably like Aqualung, from the UK.

stream their single "Brighter Than Sunshine":
windows media // real

Their first album, Strange Beautiful is out in the US on the 22nd.

Then we have quite possibly my new favorite song, by the UK band The Duke Spirit. They got some great reviews from their SXSW show. When I first heard this song my immediate reaction was -- "Slow Hands?!?!"

But not quite! Listen to it a few times.. catchy goodness)

The Duke Spirit - Lion Rip
(right click save as, to remove please email)

And finally, more WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD (thanks nikki)

posted by n. @ 3/28/2005


brooklyn is where it's at

Plans for the Coachella roadtrip are really coming along. Honestly, you would think was the best thing to ever happen to me. It makes everything so easy! And it's crazy informative. Did you know that there is a days inn at graceland where they show elvis on tv 24/7 and there is a guitar shaped swimming pool? I didn't, but rand mcnally sure as hell did. Best ever. This trip might just be so awesome that I forgot all about Coachella for .5 seconds.

Well okay maybe not.

But to get me off of my daydreaming about the open road and places far away from NYC, let's focus on what is going on here this weekend....

Tonight, if you aren't lucky enough to have tickets to see Kaiser Chiefs Na na na na na all over Bowery Ballroom, one of my favorite local bands Other Passengers are playing a show at Trash in Williamsburg and there is an open bar from 9-10.

256 Grand Ave, Brooklyn

8pm - Mike Wexler
9pm - Black Lights (Kyp from TVoTR)
11pm - Print
12pm - Talibam!

other passengers - in the belly

furthermore, on Saturday we are doing popfrenzy! @ red and black, details on our website. nicola and i will be djing for six solid crazy hours. please be nice to us if we don't play a lot of gangster rap ok?????

I'm going to a house party tonight to play flip cup and other assorted drinking games. TGIF people. have a good one!

posted by n. @ 3/25/2005


my goth party is better than YOUR goth party.

it's a good thing we're not having a goth party.

info here.

posted by n. @ 3/24/2005


three two three!

What a difference a day makes. The other night at Mercury Lounge I was in a packed room, kind of tired, and watching a band try extremely hard to get an audience energized and into what they were doing. And it didn't really work at all.

Last night I was in the exact same scenario, except that the band didn't have to ask or prod nearly as much to get the entire crowd worked up into a frenzy as a result of their absolute awesomeness. And that band was the Thermals. This band simply rocked out, with no pretense, jamming through song after song (they must have played at LEAST 20 of them, Jed has a setlist) until there was a mosh pit going full force and even my tired self couldn't resist jumping up and down in sheer enthusiasm.

Singer Hutch Harris also has one of the most unique and awesome voices I've heard in a while. Even if all of their songs sound the same, the crowd last night never tired of any of it. Maybe it helped that they were also prefaced by the hilariously weird Fred Armison (yes of SNL). I sort of wished the whole time that he would come out as Prince, but his other caricatures (including rock and roll Sadaam Hussein with a british accent... strange I know) were really funny. Overall, a great show!

Thermals - How We Know

Thermals - God and Country

posted by n. @ 3/23/2005


Today Bloc Party's fantastic debut album, Silent Alarm, is out in stores. Below I've linked a remix that I've been loving for a while now, the Banquet Phones Disco Edit. This DJ/MC Phones does great stuff, including a hottt remix of Futurehead's 'Hounds of Love' that I heard the other day thanks to Peter. Def. something I will be DJing the next time I'm out.

Bloc Party - Banquet (Phones Disco Edit)

Buy the album here.

posted by n. @ 3/23/2005


the state of the bravery

Jed played this for me over the weekend, and I just found it on my computer at work. It's the Bravery, live on Radio 1 performing an acoustic stripped down version of 'Honest Mistake.' Download here.

Ok, at first when I was listening to it I was like "they have got to be fucking kidding me," but to be honest (no pun intended), by the end I was like "ok that wasn't half bad."

I think a lot of people changed their opinions on the Bravery the second they got to be popular, and I don't really think that's entirely fair. Truth be told, I don't think the band are the greatest thing to happen to music or really deserve the onslaught of praise they have been receiving in the media, especially in the UK. I think the band could use a lot more work and time to really polish things up instead of rushing forward with their album and their big industry dealings etc. etc. Can you really blame them though?

But I distinctly remember last summer listening to their EP, going to their shows at Arlene's Grocery, and LOVING this band. And the people I was with that I took to those shows LOVED them to, although it seems that most of them have changed their minds. Honest Mistake, especially.. I said it then and I will stick to it again now, it's a GREAT song. Has that changed? I don't think so. Popularity killed it for them then, I guess... but I still think they're fun and have some good songs -- though far far far from perfect or revolutionary in the way they are proclaimed. Backlash is always a bitch.

And that's what I have to say about that.

posted by n. @ 3/22/2005

too much bacon and too much crowded

My body has an adverse reaction to a crowded Mercury Lounge. Like it just cannot deal. At the !!! show and at the Kaiser Chiefs show I had to evacuate about 3/4ths of the way through the sets because it was just TOO hot to the point where I felt entirely ill. This is pretty upsetting because I love the sound at Mercury and really enjoy seeing bands there. But last night, during the Go! team, it was just more of the same. Sarah saw me in the front room and said I looked "traumatized" after I had walked out. That's never good.

This is all unfortunate because the evening started out so well. So let's backtrack... the fantastic Jay emailed me in the afternoon and hooked me up with a list spot, which I was beyond excited about. He was djing between bands and promised to play The Upwelling (which he did!) so I obviously had to go. And people have been buzzing about the Go! Team for months so I figured I should check them out if I had the chance to do so, esp. since the shows have been sold out for a long time now.

Peter and I met for dinner @ AKA Cafe, which has $5 glasses of wine on Mondays. I think I now know where to get the cheapest vino on most any given day of the week in the city - at least on the lower east side. After a delicious meal and Peter sharing some SXSW discovered tunes from his ipod with me, we went over to Merc in time to see The Big Sleep. Basically this band is two guys and a girl who make a LOT of LOUD, sonic shoegazer awesomness. I saw them back in the summer out at the Hook and don't recall liking them nearly as much as I did last night. I think they added more vocals to their songs which I always appreciate, and I think the sound at Mercury suited them much more.

The Big Sleep - Fast B
(right click save as please)

The next openers were even BETTER. This is such a rare thing I think, but honestly, The Mobius Band kind of blew me away. A little shoegaze meets Strokes meets Radiohead - does that even make sense? Well whatever, it was great. I'm just bad with comparisons. These three guys seemed to be able to do everything imaginable and produced a fantasticly rich sound -- something most bands need five or six people to manage and create. So we had two stellar openers, and it was finally time for the Go! team.

The Mobius Band - Starts off With A Bang

At this point the room suddenly because PACKED and a hot uncomfortable mess. When the band finally took the stage, I already felt a little wilted.. it was 11 pm on a Monday night afterall. But this band came with energy to SPARE, backed with two powerful drumkits and led by singer/MC "Ninja" who is a little spice girl/power ranger hyperactive tour de force. But for some reason, despite all of their efforts, I don't think the band was really connecting their material with the audience. During the set, Ninja addressed the crowd saying: "So we heard this rumor about New York City, that you all don't dance and will just stand and watch with yer arms crossed, is that TRUE???"

To which the crowd responded: "yes!"

Okay then. That's NYC for you I guess. Despite my best efforts - and Ninja's constant between song encouragement - I just couldn't get into this band. And then it was too hot and I had to evacuate per the usual to the back, and even from that spot in the audience I just wasn't blown away. I felt more like "go to sleep" and this band was allllll about team spirit rah rah rah. Maybe another time when I've had more rest or redbull this will all work itself out.

posted by n. @ 3/22/2005


a spardka party

so i've been trying to get nicola to write a blog entry all week about the bands she has been seeing while at SXSW. but to no avail, because she was busy drinking spardka and sharing gossip (my phone is maxed out on drunken text messages!). anyways, through the texts one band she mentioned that sounded interesting to say the least was Gogol Bordello, who in her words are:

"a mix of franz ferdinand + fiddles + pirates + accordians +acrobats"

oh my.

honestly i have no idea what to make of it. sounds interesting at least? here are some mp3s.

otherwise it was a quiet weekend, besides djing for 7 hours to people wearing divo hats and sporting some side pony tail action. someone actually requested Kasabian and the Kaiser Chiefs though. gotta love it.

Lots of good shows this week though not sure what I'm particularly excited about.

- tickets for Go! Team @ Canal Room still onsale here

- the Thermals w/ sure to be hilarious opener Fred Armisen are playing Knitting Factory tomorrow, get tickets for that here.

- if ANYONE has an extra QOTSA ticket for webster hall PLEASE LET ME KNOW. please. please. please.

- also, the Weezer single finally leaked and you can download it (the version that was played on the radio, mind you) here. I think it's pretty disappointing but as with all Weezer releases I think you have to wait for the full album before making a judgement.

posted by n. @ 3/21/2005


take this with your valium.

thanks to everyone who came to red and black last night. you guys really love your guinness! george was going to attempt the irish bomb thing but didn't. everyone i work with is hungover. the only thing i like about st patricks day is that it's billy corgan's birthday.

now i will sit here looking out the window and hoping the weather stays nice for the rest of the weekend. that would be a treat.

tonight, if st pattys didn't totally kick your ass, i recommend heading over to crash mansion to check out Arbor Day, a former NYU band that i love. their songs make me think about sunny california, and hey... there's a horn section! a theramin! Dileepan! hooraaaaaaah. they play at 9:45 and it's free to get in before 11 if you rsvp. and they do that open bar thing that you like so much from 9-10.

arbor day - napoleonic

arbor day - duran duran

also, Audrey and Dennis will be DJing @ Lit tonight for the Aktion Party. The last time Audrey djed there, Lizzie McGuire came and James Iha played cheesy boybands. If that doesn't sound like a good time, I don't know what is.

And speaking of sunny california... plans for the great winglady Coachella roadtrip 2005 are coming to fruition. if you have ever driven x country or lived somewhere between chicago and los angeles, please tell us where to go and what we have to see! we have two weeks and a car and a sense of adventure. point us in the right direction.

have a good weekend.

posted by n. @ 3/18/2005


dear morons at sony music,

seriously, what is wrong with you people. thank god for the internet so that no one has to count on stupid giant conglomerates to get their music.

and on that note, here is the entire leaked cd of Fiona Apple's should-have-been-released-months-ago CD (via productshopnyc). I hope Sony doesn't make a dime off it...

love always,


posted by n. @ 3/17/2005

so good to be here with you (or not...)

As if my non sxsw weekend couldn't get any tamer, Pilot to Gunner have cancelled their show at Rothko on Friday. For shame. Please reschedule or something, my brain hurts from lack of live musical stimulus.

So as a consolation prize, here's an mp3 (or two!) and a video.


Pilot to Gunner - It's So Good To Be Here In Paris
(try not to sing along. i dare you)

Pilot to Gunner - We Got Games At High Speeds
(some people told me the link i had before to this song didn't work, so i found you all another one. that's love, people.)

And here is the video for Barrio Superstarrio. It's quicktime I believe, and was shot at Coney Island in the dead of winter.

Buy their albums here.

posted by n. @ 3/17/2005

a dutch kills transmission...

I'm entirely beyond excited to announce that Dutch Kills has been booked to play a live studio session on KEXP when they are in New York in April!!!

Go here to sign up for a spot in the studio and you can watch us all be thrilled. Good stuff is happening...

posted by n. @ 3/17/2005


good video vs not so good video

I'm the kind of person who has a strong love/hate relationship with music videos.

I tivo Subterranean every week on MTV because, besides being one of the few shows worth watching on the network, it has videos from artists that I like and that are usually innovative and interesting to some degree.

The other day I saw the Louis XIV video for their first single, "Finding Out True Love Is Blind." Obviously if you pay any attention to this blog, you know that I really like this band. They're oversexed and just plain fun, so I basically was expecting their videos to be the same sort of campy good times. Unfortunately, the band looks about as bored with the video for this song as I was watching it. WHERE IS THE SEXY, people?

Judge for yourself...
Louis XIV - Finding Out True Love Is Blind
real player

quick time
[56] [100] [300] [450]

windows media
[56] [100] [300] [450]

On the other hand, Subterranean showed the new Arcade Fire video for "Rebellion (Lies)" the other night so I was finally able to watch it and WOW. I love this video. Something about it really moved me when I watched it... I think that it captures the song perfectly and really exemplifies what the band is all about in the way it was shot. Gorgeous! I think I can honestly say it is one of the best videos I have ever seen.

Watch it here and tell me what you think.

posted by n. @ 3/16/2005

watch the least irish girl ever...

DJ on St Patricks Day!

Yep, so I'm going to be on the decks at Red and Black for a solid 6 hours while people around me get beyond wasted and wear silly amounts of green. Even the drink specials are appropriate...

$3 Guinness pints all nite (I can't drink the shit to save my life but I bet you like it!)

$5 Irish Carbs (my roommate - who is Greek - told me that this involves a shot of whiskey dropped into a pint of guinness? is this accurate? once again, something i would never drink but I'm sure you love it).

At least the limes in my vodka tonic will be green. work with me here...

so yeah, i'll be there at 10. Red and Black is at 135 N. 5th @ Bedford (that's in WILLIAMSBURG). i'll be playing um... a lot of Pogues, U2 and the Cranberries (just kidding..) and i'm not planning on drinking very much so if you come and say hi to me, I'll give you tons of my drink tickets ok? i'm so good to my alcoholic friends!

posted by n. @ 3/16/2005


a night to remember

dennis took these great pictures from my birthday party on friday. just thought i would share...

me, nicola, and the boys of morning theft

i love ya, snowden

clap your hands say yeah, they made everyone dance!

posted by n. @ 3/15/2005

my cat likes pretzels, i like the wrens, and you (and everyone else) should like both

The first time I saw the Wrens, at CMJ last year, I was clearly blown away. Granted, I was watching them rock the Knitting Factory with basically no preconceived ideas about them or expectations whatsoever. I had never heard any of their songs and went solely on the basis of a friend saying "You have to see this band, you will love them" which usually only has about a 50% chance of actually working out in my favor. So I saw the Wrens, and I honestly DID fall in love with them. They had energy, they had great songs, they were kind of insane also, but in a really loveable and endearing kind of way.

So this time, as we made our way out to Maxwells to see them play a sold out show on their home turf, I had some expectations running through my head. I wanted them to rock just as hard. I didn't want that CMJ show to be a fluke. The thing about the Wrens is that they don't play shows very often at all, and they aren't playing any shows in the city on this tour (part of why we were more than willing to make the treck to Hoboken). But the other problem with this is that my memories of their show had faded quit a bit since October. I remembered that one of the singers seemed to be totally maniacally out of control and that they had been a lot of fun, but had I in some way imagined their awesomeness to really be more than it actually was? I mean.... why were music mags and critics not RAVING about this band at every possible moment if they are really as retardedly good as I had perceived them to be after ONE show? So I was doubting myself, and I wanted the Wrens to put all of those doubts to rest.

And about 1 minute into their set on Saturday they did just that. Dripping with raw emotion and what seems like a TON of pent up post-adolescent fervor, the Wrens do something at their live shows that few bands can really capture... they just make you feel everything right along with them. To experience this band live, it's really as if you had lived through the past with them .. the break ups and heartache, the glimse of fame and then never being able to truly taste it, the depressing thoughts of middle age and dead end desk jobs and the goodtimes as well... it's all out spelled out there in songs like "Happy," "Everyone Chooses Sides," and "Every Year You Wasted" and the standout rocker "Faster Gun."

Their backstory is pretty heartbreaking although sadly commonplace in the music industry, and you can sense their emotions about it all in every last song from The Meadowlands, which depicts a band that is down but certainly not out or giving up any time soon. The entire tale will be told in the forth coming documentary from Little Quill, which you can watch a (GREAT) preview of here. I know I talk a lot in this blog about up and coming bands like Louis XIV, Kaiser Chiefs, etc. etc. but honestly... shows like Saturday make me realize that the Wrens are the REAL DEAL. They overshadow everyone else and get next to no recognition for it. Hopefully that will change someday, and someday soon.


The Wrens - She Sends Kisses

The Wrens - Everyone Chooses Sides

(pictures courtesy of the awesome steve)

posted by n. @ 3/15/2005


it was really hard to narrow the "listens to" response down to four bands... trust me!

Over the weekend, Spin relauched their website. Go take a look. I think the picture of the week should look pretty familiar to the readers of this blog. Hehehe...

Also, The GoStation have (FINALLY) posted the mp3 for the song "C'mon" on their MySpace profile. Go and listen to it here. That's Surefire at the end lending their vocals too!

posted by n. @ 3/14/2005



thank you thank you thank you thank you!

i have to thank all the bands and audrey and peter for djing and all my amazing friends who came out and the new york underbelly crew for making it all possible and nicole and jocelyn for making HOT PINK CUPCAKES which everyone loved (and ate -- all 130 of them!). every band delivered a stellar performance, and the music was fantastic. i walked out of there with flowers, mimosa bath products, a clap your hands say yeah t-shirt, an amazing talking heads concert dvd, and filled with love and admiration for all of you. i couldn't make it through a day in this city without knowing you guys, from the bottom of my heart.

ok before i start to get all emotional i'm going to get ready to go see the Wrens in HOBOKEN! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!

- Nora

posted by n. @ 3/12/2005


happy birthday for my ears

Just some tunes for the people coming out tonight in the snow for cupcakes, rock and roll, booze, and me.

Snowden - Victim Card (didn't play this the last time I saw them and it's my favorite...hint hint)

Snowden - Kill The Power

Snowden - Time of the Season (zombies cover)

Morning Theft - Weakness

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Lost And Found

Jordan from Snowden called me last night to remind me to take my vitamins and get a lot of rest before tonight. If that's any indicator...

posted by n. @ 3/11/2005

pledge allegiance to louis xiv

So as I'm sure you've gathered by now, I went to see Louis XIV play at Sin-e on Tuesday night. The room was packed to capacity (the way it was when Audrey and Jasper did the Vicious! party there) which was fine with me considering how insanely freezing it was outside. After a short wait, the band took the stage, and immediately the only word that popped into my brain was "sex." Louis XIV IS sex. From their sexy songs about milkshakes and lovers and kit kats to their super styled glitter and tight pants, this band worked everyone in the into a frenzy. They're dirty, they're glam, and kind of pervy too. Maybe "cheeky" is the word. Hottt.

I'll admit that most of the songs - especially the vocals - were not as polished with their live performance as they are on the "Illegal Tender EP" or their forthcoming album on Atlantic, "The Best Little Secrets Are Kept," but that wasn't really a bad thing at all and the whole thing was just hottt. I wished they played "Illegal Tender" and "Hey Teacher" however, because the set just flew by and I was dying to hear those songs live. The more I listen to their album the more delicious I think this band is.


Louis XIV - Pledge of Allegiance

Louis XIV - Illegal Tender

They are playing Bowery Ballroom on April 26th.

posted by n. @ 3/11/2005


you don't have to go to the pool...

but maybe you should go to the Delancey tonight. i'm taking the night off to prepare for my shin-dig tomorrow, but if you're in the mood for some great live tunes, Snowden are sneaking in a show at 8:30 and there is free beer from 9-10.

After that, stick around and check out this band called Shade. Very shoegaze, if you like the Delays or BRMC or something along those lines, you will probably be into them.

Shade - Dragan Stajic

Shade - Swerve Baby
(right click save as please!)

I'm tired and the deli guy snuck some spicy mustard onto my sandwich and rendered it unedible. Grrr...

posted by n. @ 3/10/2005

the best little secrets are kept (and you're the best little secret yet)

this is just a reminder, and another chance to look at the tasty cupcake goodness that is my b-day flier.

posted by n. @ 3/10/2005


speaks for itself...


posted by n. @ 3/09/2005

this is for Danielle

my most excellent friend Danielle and I were shopping for something I could wear to Jed's birthday party a few weeks ago and Kelly Clarkson's song "Since U Been Gone" came on the PA in the store. when this happened both of us came out of our dressing rooms to tell each other how much we LOVE the fucking song, even if it's kind of embarassing. is it just me or do I hear some Interpol in there?

anyways, I thought it was pretty funny and random, sort of like Hilary Duff drinking in the basement @ Lit (I'm sure that was water, not vodka...).

so, for Danielle, here is Ted Leo covering Kelly Clarkson, with some YYY's Maps thrown in for good measure(via best ever Stereogum). I think Ted needs to work on those high notes though, ouch. Simon would not be pleased.

My coworkers gave me cupcakes with hot pink frosting and a She-ra card. Excellent!

posted by n. @ 3/09/2005

my 15 minutes

Download the latest issue of Underrated Magazine here (pdf format)

Flip to page 21 and you can read an article about music blogging where I give my first (and most likely last) interview. I'm actually really happy it didn't make me look like a total retard, and I think I'm there with some very good company!

The rest of the mag has some great content also, including an interview with the French Kicks. Yum.

Sorry I haven't gotten time to write about Louis XIV hottness. If I get on the list for tonight's show @ Bowery you can hear me rave about them in person if you're there. And if you are there, be prepared for some rock awesomeness. Here is a picture and an mp3 at least:

Louis XIV - God Killed The Queen (right click save as!!!)

posted by n. @ 3/09/2005

fansite of the day

awww look!

it's the Arcade Fire..... truck

(thanks melissa!)

posted by n. @ 3/09/2005

I'm officially another year older today, and officially... pretty tired and happy. I'm happy because I got to spend last night surrounded by some of my favorite people, and tired because I went to two great shows that rocked me until I could barely keep my eyes open and keep from slumping forward into my vodka tonic.

After dragging myself to Jed's post a long long long day @ the office, we made our way over to Bowery full of nervous anticipation at the Upwelling's big debut @ the venue opening for VHS or Beta (or beta and vhs, whatever you prefer). It was pretty exciting and sort of weird to see all of the usuals floating around the bar area downstairs while we waited for the show to begin... kind of surreal. Anyways, I downed my stella and got my camera out to take some pictures of the boys in their glory as they kicked off their set.

I gotta say, their nervousness was pretty much evident throughout, but I guess that's just to be expected with all the hard work and time that had built up before this show. The strongest moment in their set had to be "Annie On The Rooftop," which is a rocker with a little bit of an oldies flair to it. Since the first time I heard them debut it, that song has gotten much more polished and really stood out last night.

Otherwise, despite their nerves and some tuning issues during the set, I think overall the Upwelling left a good impression on a fairly crowded Bowery Ballroom (considerably more crowded for them than it was a year earlier when some band called the Killers were opening for The Stills... just sayin).

After this we headed over to Sin-e to see my new favorite sex... I mean band. Louis XIV. More on that and other pisces festivities soon...

posted by n. @ 3/09/2005


everyone knows

03/21/05 - 10pm
Queens of the Stone Age Perform
Virgin Megastore presents a special Queens of the Stone Age "Lullabies to Paralyze" CD release performance and signing at Virgin Megastore-Union Square location! Pre-purchase your copy of the new QOTSA record "Lullabies to Paralyze" starting at 9AM on 3/18 at the Virgin Megastore Union Square to receive a pass and giftcard to the release show and signing on 3/21. Space is limited to the first 450 in person reservations, 1 pass per person, all ages event. **Don't forget to bring your gift card with you the night of the performance to get your cd. BONUS- Virgin will also be having a special "Lullabies to Paralyze" MIDNIGHT SALE!!!

posted by n. @ 3/08/2005


i've got mine

I also spent a lot of the weekend listening to one song on repeat. I do this a lot. Not to annoy myself or the people who have to be around me when I'm in musical lust with a song, but just because listening to a song I love over and over again makes me totally fucking happy.

Are you sensing a theme here?

No, seriously, this song by the (dance-y in their own right) Kaiser Chiefs is the kind of emotional and fantastic anthem that I would love to challenge the current princes of dance-y indie rock The Bravery to write.

Turn it up.

Kaiser Chiefs - Caroline, Yes

posted by n. @ 3/07/2005

walkin like a demon

This weekend was great. Listened to a lot of good music, played off a nightgown like an outfit, and discovered perhaps the cheapest method for getting wasted on the LES (if you are a fan of canned beer that is). And I was in very good company, resulting in a happy Nora this Monday am (that is so rare!)

One thing that caught my attention this weekend was an EP from this UK band The Subways which features young boyfriend and girlfriend scruffy Billy Young and the blonde pixie-ish Charlotte Cooper. Their musical and romantic partnership has generated some garage-meets-glam rockin tunes that are sexually charged and easily get stuck in your head. Peter came back from the NME award shows raving about them so I'm sure there will be much more from this group in the near future.

The Subways - 1 am

The NME says about them: 'At once scuzzy and Hello Kitty-cute, they actually sound like Carrie Von Bondie and Dolf De Datsun if they formed a supergroup with Dave Grohl on drums'

posted by n. @ 3/07/2005


going to SXSW? two things that will be helpful:

my friend and partner in djing, Peter, sent me an email about this SXSW text messaging thing he is doing through Spin. At Coachella last year they did the same thing, but there was zero reception in the desert and all the messages were backed up for hours and hours so it wasn't helpful.

HOWEVER, Peter promises it won't be like that this year. just 2-4 messages a day. so you can get all yer cool SXSW info and you're also entered to win VIP entry to the Spin party, which has a SICK SICK RETARDED OH MY FUCKING GOD AWESOME line up this year, and you'll get other exclusive info on all the cool parties not listed on the schedule. you like cool parties, right?? duh. all brought to you by awesome Peter (and the magazine he works for)

to sign up, text SXSW to the number 68423. and you get a conversation. and then you get wasted and have a great time. the end.

OH, and here are a BILLION mp3s of all the artists playing this year. yowza!

posted by n. @ 3/04/2005

treble and tremble

Tonight, Dutch Kills is playing a show with a great line-up at The Delancey. You know I love this band. They play at 9.

Also on the bill are Kid Casanova and Bona Roba (and a ton of other bands because someone felt like booking six bands in one night). Kid Casanova has a v. cute lead singer (at my old apartment we had a picture of him on our fridge) and a song called Radio in which they don't rhyme radio with lady-o. Neato. And you know why I like Bona Roba. We'll just leave it at that.

Dutch Kills - Planes
Dutch Kills - Girlfriend

Before this show, however, you should go see my friend Maggie rock her solo acoustic hotness at Cafe Mae Mae. Maggie is the lead singer of the band Daybreaker and has a really powerful set of vocal chords that will blow you away. Here is the info for that show (and it's free!)

Maggie Poulos
Friday, March 4, 2005
Cafe Mae Mae
68 Vandam St Btwn Hudson and Varick
7:00 PM

Last night at Atomique was fun, as always. There was sneaky champagne involved, giant Kasabian posters everywhere, and I discovered that I have a really depressing reaction to hearing Earlimart songs now. I mean the songs were sad enough already...

Then we went to Lit, and then everyone left Lit WITHOUT NORA. But they don't remember doing so, so I guess this is ok. I hope I see familiar faces out tonight. I miss you.

posted by n. @ 3/04/2005



I've been listening to Louis XIV all day long (okay Louis XIV and Pilot to Gunner, but whatever). This song is pretty sexy. Sexy music. you can also hear sexy music at Atomique, which is where I may go tonight and drink a bottle of champagne with Jocelyn and inevitably do something retarded/silly/whathaveyou.

My boss gave me a wine bottle opener today. As in it was just sitting on my desk when I got to work. Is that some kind of hint? It looks like a nice bottle opener anyways, and will probably come in handy.

Alright, I'm done now. Sorry if I have been boring this week. There's a great show happening on Friday night though. It's such a good show, I would make out with it. OR maybe I already did.

I think I need a nap. More on this and other news later...

posted by n. @ 3/03/2005

morning theft tour dates! go go go.

So the boys from Morning Theft have lined up a great tour, taking them to Texas for SXSW and bringing them back to New York again. While I will obviously miss Pat terribly, this is great news for them. If you read this blog and live in any of these places, then please please try to go see their shows!

The band is also releasing a new EP entitled "the news says it's raining in new york" on March 15th.

Here are the tour dates:

Mar 11 2005 Crash Mansion, New York, NY
Mar 15 2005 The Earl, Atlanta, GA
Mar 17 2005 Double Wide, Dallas, TX
Mar 18 2005 Spider House, Austin, TX
Mar 19 2005 Michael's, Moss Point, MS
Mar 20 2005 The Hideaway, Johnson City, TN
Mar 23 2005 Neutral Ground, New Orleans, LA
Mar 24 2005 Highnote Lounge, Birmingham, AL
Mar 26 2005 Relative Theory Records, Norfolk, VA

posted by n. @ 3/03/2005


monday night surprise!

taken from the Village Voice:

Virgin Megastore Union Square Events - Monday 3/21/05
What band has a record coming out on 3/22 and is doing a very exclusive midnight performance and autograph signing at Virgin?

Golly gee. I have NO IDEA.

(fucking awesomeness!)

(oh and also, The Dears are performing there in the "cafe" on 3/24)

posted by n. @ 3/02/2005


Here's a stream of the new Garbage single, "Why Do You Love Me," from their upcoming album Bleed Like Me.

I still remember the first time I saw the video for 'Queer' oh so long ago and immediately decided that Shirley Manson was the coolest woman on the fucking planet. I'm so glad they got back together...

April 19th, Hammerstein Ballroom. Their live shows kick some serious ass. Now just gotta find $ for a ticket and I can feel like I'm 16 again.

posted by n. @ 3/02/2005


hey carrot juice!

- Louix XIV's "Find Out True Love Is Blind" (from the Illegal Tender ep)... oh I like it. they're opening for Hot Hot Heat on March 9th (my actual birthday!) but tickets are sadly all sold out -- EVERYTHING IS SELLING OUT TOO EARLY, grrr. I'm sure they will be back soon though, since their album The Best Little Secrets are Kept is coming out March 22nd

- Also aiding todays happiness deficit are Brooklyn's own Pilot to Gunner. I should have written a fucking novel about how awesome this band is a YEAR ago when their album, Get Saved actually came out. But... oops, that didn't happen. So to make up for lost time, I LOVE THIS FUCKING BAND. My ipod is practically on fire for how heavy in rotation I've had their album playing the last couple of days. There's no gloss involved here, just solid energetic rock songs with yummy hooks to boot (yes I can describe anything as yummy, so sue me). It may also help my opinion that they are awesome guys and apparently go to Lit more than Nicole and I do.

Nicole will, in fact, probably scold me for writing about them after she has been begging me to listen more to this album since giving me copy so long ago. Well winglady, you win. And I'll even forgive you for that whole "sweatpants" thing...


Pilot to Gunner:
Barrio Superstarrio

We Got Games At High Speeds

posted by n. @ 3/01/2005

i'm a specialist in hope and i'm registered to vote

I can't believe it's already March. February is just too short, so rent is due too soon, and you forget entirely that Interpol's two shows @ Radio City are today and tomorrow. And then you remember that you don't have tickets, and while you know you had a really GOOD reason for not buying tickets ($$$ and not a lot of love for seeing the band @ that venue), you are totally bummed out.

Yep, that's me today. But if you are going to the shows tonight or tomorrow (or both!) here is the info for the standard Interpol afterparty...

TWO HOURS!! of open Svedka Vodka and Red Stripe bar
11pm - 1 am

RSVP here with "Antics" in the subject line

posted by n. @ 3/01/2005

probably drunk

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