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billy and the pretty lights @ webster hall

So... last night at the last possible millisecond I ran from Veselka (mmm pierogies) to Webster Hall and managed to squeeze as close to the front as humanly possible just seconds before the lights went down and then... it was Billy Corgan time. Awww... I have to tell you, I LOVE seeing this man onstage. I don't care what he's playing, if he's rocking out with Iha and Chamberlain (and that crackhead Wretzky possibly) or if he's standing there blowing into a kazoo and doing a jig, I will still fall in love with him over and over again.

Billy has so much presence it's insane. And I'm not just talking height and striking baldness... it's just his whole being. So then you hand him a guitar and a seriously beautiful and mesmerizing light display and it's just all kinds of awesome. But yeah... it would help if the new songs didn't feel so empty in a way that a lot of people find hard to put into words. Something just doesn't feel right, and while they are good songs, they just aren't great and I think for a lot of people it's just this overwhelming feeling that you get because you KNOW he could do better than that. At least that's how it was for me.

So. Now we just wait for the reunion tour.. but if you have a chance this time around, I say go see Billy anyways. It may not be the same, but it's nice to catch up with an old friend every now and then and see him smile. I'm glad I went. has better pictures than I take. And the rest of mine are here.

posted by n. @ 6/29/2005


i almost forgot...

tonight @ lit... triple threat... one dollar vodka + buds from 11-12 + party for juxtapoze magazine -- if you're an artist bring your work on a cd to give to the editors!!! FUN!!!

happy tuesday

posted by n. @ 6/28/2005


PUMPKIN WATCH 2005: two down, two to go...

According to the Chicago Sun Times: Chamberlin is back in.


posted by n. @ 6/27/2005


THIS SHOW IS FREE! FREE FREE FREE! And this band is AMAZING. So please somewhere between happy hour and dinner on Tuesday, come over to Sin-e and check them out. Just tell the nice people at the door that you are there to see PS, watch this amazing band, and leave totally satisfied after hearing such great rock music.

posted by n. @ 6/27/2005

sunny weekend, rainy monday

Well obviously postponing my beach trip until today was a bad idea. Oops. Luckily most of my weekend was spent either in the sun or inside a cool (or maybe not so cool) movie theatre (BATMAN... Christian Bale... mmmm). Going in backwards order from that... yesterday I watched the first gay pride parade I have ever been to from a balcony overlooking 5th avenue. Drinking corona and the obligatory wine coolers while watching many mostly naked people dancing on rainbow colored floats to every variety of cheesy house/tecno music is a GREAT way to spend your Sunday, let me tell you. Even the guys from Queer Eye and Hillary Clinton turned out, and it was a good time.

Saturday night was the insane fun that was Barbara's birthday. I loved Barbara's birthday because not only is she a super fun girl and good friend, but she's also one of the few people I know (aside from members of Surefire) who is younger than I am. We had dinner in the TREEHOUSE at Dumont in Williamsburg and then booked it over to Movida where I DJed for a little over an hour. The promoters told me the party was supposed to be "dance rock" although the crowd was def more "bridge and tunnel mainstream-esque" but I played some of my favorites anyways and danced around in the weird eyeball room where the DJ setup is. I know that sounds sort of weird but I think you have to see it to really understand. So the weekend was fun albiet tiring, and though I totally missed Tegan and Sara and New Pornographers, I didn't really have time or energy to care that much.

This week I think I might actually end up seeing Billy Corgan afterall, so I will let you know how that goes. And I have two dj gigs but it's raining and my cat is whining for attention so since I'm not at the beach I'm going to go do that instead.

posted by n. @ 6/27/2005


who says it's too hot to dance? pssh.

TONIGHT I'm djing at One Louder @ Movida, which is a great new spaace that is actually right across the street from Misshapes. So take a little detour and come party!


Cheeky B*stard and GBH presents Melody Nelson (Atomique) and Nora K (Popfrenzy / On The Pull). They'll be joining One Louder resident DJ Alex English (Girls & Boys) behind the decks for a night of dance-rock in our new saturday home.

Hosted by Tom & Alejandro, Dagny, Nico XO and May
Drink Specials 2am-3am! 2 for 1 Vodka Drinks :: $3 Vodka Shots

Complimentary Admission on the Cheeky guestlist if you email with your name and number of guests.

Doors open at 10pm :: General admission $10
Movida :: 28 Seventh Avenue South at Leroy (the closest subway is the 1 at Houston St.)

posted by n. @ 6/25/2005


where's your head at?

THANK YOU to everyone who came to the show last night. The Diggs and Ghostland Observatory BLEW ME AWAY. they were both SO good. don't even ask me what i played when we were djing though... i have no recolletion. too much zicam and vodka. no good! but the show as a lot of fun and hopefully we will do that again soon so stay tuned...

in the meantime, here is a picture of my cat:

posted by n. @ 6/24/2005


moved the hype to delancey

here is the show i have been telling you about. it's tonight and it should be a lot of fun so please come! here's the flier

@ the delancey.





The Delancey, 168 Delancey (bet Clinton & Attorney), LES.

Jeff has some more Ghostland MP3s that you should check out here.

And three songs from The Diggs:
Trouble Everyday
It's Just Like You Say
(right click save as please)

posted by n. @ 6/23/2005


this will sell out

via BrooklynVegan... Clap Your Hands Say Yeah to perform with what could possibly be the third Scissor Sisters show in a row @ Mercury Lounge? Not to be missed!

tickets here!

also, incase you hadn't heard: 9.0!!!

posted by n. @ 6/22/2005


"you look like david bowie... but you've nothing new to show me"

These days very little gets me as excited as I get when I talk about/listen to/write about Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. And unless you've been hiding under a rock, you guys are all probably pretty aware of that. So now that David Bowie has caught on... well damn. I couldn't be happier for this band that they are getting all the attention and success that they deserve. There's no pretention going on with them, nothing flashy or involving eyemake up or anything over the top. Just a solid enjoyable band that make people happy and make great music. Gotta love that. Last night at Gothamist's Moveable Hype show they were fantastic as always. I may have run out of happy words.

The other highlight of the evening for me was Ghostland Observatory. Two guys, great electronic dance-y songs, a white on white ensemble and rockin pig tails... SO MUCH FUN! We spent most of the show dancing around in the back and loving every minute of it. I'm so excited to be putting on another show for the band this week. They are playing at the Delancey on Thursday at 12:15 with The Diggs. I'll be sharing all the info about that soon, but I CANNOT wait. If you missed them, don't make the same mistake twice. And if you wear white on white, I will buy you a drink. No foolin. If you ask me, Bowie left the building a little too early.

Brooklyn Vegan has a great recap up also. SO MUCH LOVE for CYHSY! Gah.

come out for another night of TRIPLE THREAT
I'll be DJing with Nicole from 11-4am, and as always Lola will be behind the bar slinging booze. YAY!

Tonight we will also be celebrating Billy Corgan being fucking AWESOME, so one dollar vodka and buds from 11-12 and many playings of "I am one" among others. BE THERE!

posted by n. @ 6/21/2005!

though apparently today was the day for all celebs to go off the deep end...

lindsay lohan dating diego from elefant aka mr softball toss?

posted by n. @ 6/21/2005


Billy Corgan announces plan to REUNITE SMASHING PUMPKINS!?!?!?!?!?!?!

So I'm thinking this means Billy has maybe been reading my blog...

posted by n. @ 6/21/2005


just like that

Whoa... did the weekend really go by just like that? I guess it did! It was all sort of a blur though. But sometimes that is the best kind of weekend a girl can have. Friday night we went to see Brooklyn favorites Other Passengers and Pilot to Gunner on a solid bill at Sin-e. I sort of don't understand why more bands don't love playing at this club -- and the discovery that they now serve the hard stuff doesn't hurt either.

We got there a little late and caught the last 20 minutes of Other Passengers set, which consisted of ONE SONG. Damn. These guys are ambitious to say the least. Something that I realized during their set was that I don't think I have ever seen this band sober. Seriously, the last time was at Pianos rushing over from some crazy fashionista open bar in the (ew) meatpacking district, smuggling full champagne flutes in our coats. Yeah, we're so classy. Needless to say, I wish I had gotten to see more of their set, or at least more variety from what I saw on Friday, but I still love this band.

Pilot to Gunner followed with a solid set of their best straight-forward rock. They didn't play "Paris" but that wasn't really surprising. The crowd seemed to be really into it and the band seemed more together (aka sober) than I have seen them in a while.

Saturday night after a scrumptious french dinner thanks to family friends in town, I made my way down to Don Hills to kick off the night with a little White Light Motorcade/open bar combo. I have to say, the past few times I have been to Tiswas the crowds there have been great. Maybe it really is time for that comeback? Hmm. WLM were good as always and my friends who hadn't seem them before but who know the guys from well... the Darkroom among other places... were completely impressed. I really need to get my hands on a copy of their new album.

Post Tiswas we made a brief detour at the Tribeca Grand and then made our way to the east village where Matt GoStation was turning 24 in the only way that Matt GoStation can... at St Dymphnas. Which, as it turns out, is also the favorite watering hole of one Conor Oberst. Who knew? Not me obviously as I missed his entire (brief) appearance.

I also went over to Movida for a little bit, where the great guys of GBH have a fun new weekly party that just started up called One Louder. It's actually directly across the street from Misshapes, which is great for party hopping convenience and as GBH parties always go the music was excellent and so was the crowd. I'm hosting a birthday party there next weekend... more info on that forthcoming!

And then the weekend was pretty much over, save for a Sunday night alone with my thoughts and Felicity box sets. Yeah, my downtime is kind of lame, but that's ok. There's so much going on this week that I think it's pretty forgiveable. Speaking of which...

Tonight i KNOW you already are going to Gothamist's super hyped Moveable Hype show at Knitting Factory. I know you wouldn't miss a chance to see Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Oh no, you are way too smart for that!

Here is the flier with all the info you need.

I will see you there. And make SURE you come early to check out Man in Grey and esp. Ghostland Observatory. They have a great style of electronic rock and Nicole and I are putting on a little show with these guys at Delancey on Thursday, so if you love them tonight or happen to miss them, I know where I will be seeing you on the 23rd. So check this out for now and I will catch up with you later...

Ghostland Observatory - Black Box

posted by n. @ 6/20/2005


i'm going to be late for work!

quick show news:

Aeon Spoke @ Pianos on July 13th and Mercury Lounge July 14th! I wrote about this band a few months ago and they are finally coming back to NYC! Please mark your calendars and come check them out!

and also... Pitchfork loves Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! What did I tell you? Go buy the album now!! And go see them on Monday at Gothamist's Moveable Hype show! GO go go go go!

(psst, don't forget to read their Gothamist interview HERE)

TONIGHT @ Lit, the boys from Franz Ferdinand (remember them?) are apparently DJing downstairs. Last time they DJed, which I think was at Rothko, they didn't actually DJ at all. But they did show up and party...

Also, a great show @ Sin-e tonight includes two of my favorites, Other Passengers (10pm) and Pilot to Gunner (11pm). You can buy tickets here.

A Dirty On Purpose fan? Then this one is for you, courtesy of Loose Record. Enjoy!

posted by n. @ 6/17/2005


embracing the past...and cute brits too

I have loved Billy Corgan since I was sixteen years old or so. I flew home to chicago when I was a sophomore in college for less than twelve hours to go to the Smashing Pumpkins farewell concert with my friend Melissa who came down on a BUS from CANADA. I know I've said before and I will say again that my dream would be for that band to reunite. Instead, we tide ourselves over with solo projects.

Here is a media player where you can listen to all of Billy's new album, TheFutureEmbrace. I half like it half dislike it, but I will love Billy with all my sixteen year old self forever. Go and listen for yourself, my favorite track is A100.

In other exciting news, The Cribs are touring the US this summer with another one of my UK favorites, The Kaiser Cheifs. I met the Cribs in London last year and they are some of the nicest boys EVER. And they love Ghostbusters. Check out these tour dates (they hit Webster Hall on the 21st with the Kaisers, tickets available here)

Tour Dates:
July 18 Boston, MA @ Middle East
July 20 Philadelphia, PA @ TLA (with the Kaiser Chiefs)
July 21 New York, NY @ Webster Hall (with the Kaiser Chiefs)
July 22 Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club (with the Kaiser Chiefs)
July 25 San Francisco, CA @ Filmore (with the Kaiser Chiefs)
July 26 San Diego, CA @ Casbah
July 27 Los Angeles, CA @ Spaceland

The Cribs - Baby Don't Sweat (right click save as)

The Cribs - Hey Scenesters (audio stream!)

posted by n. @ 6/16/2005


triple threat!

as you've probably noticed, Nicole and I have been djing some tuesday nights at Lit, and now they want us to do the party every week! so starting tonight we are kicking off:

Triple Threat Tuesdays!
with resident DJs Nora K + Nicola
and starring Lola (lil' miss extreme hotness) behind the bar.


aaaaaaaaaaand it's Joana's birthday - so, come and celebrate with us!

ALSO, if you haven't already, add ON THE PULL on myspace! Just go here
Lit is located at 93 second ave between 5th and 6th.

see you there!

posted by n. @ 6/14/2005


I hear everybody that you know is more relevant than everybody that I know.

LCD Soundsystem... whoa. This show was so much fun. Murphy and co. did a great job translating the album into a live show with a little bit more edge... a little bit more punk rock going on there?? yeah definately. the encore of "Yeah" was just insanely good. lots of energy. James was nothing as I pictured him but that didn't really matter after a while anyways. he really has a gift.

i completely enjoyed the show and now i can't stop listening to the album. i did so all the way out to the Hamptons, which is hands down one of the worst places I have ever
visited. So we medicated with a lot of vodka and went to cheesy club central where I watched a room of people freak out when the DJ played... The Killers. I was standing by the DJ booth and it sort of made me want to cry in agony. And also smile in satisfaction. Instead Nicole and I just chugged our drinks and wound up in the center of the dance floor aka frat boy central, where everyone knew all the words and we just sang and danced around. That made me feel better.

Fine, okay. I can deal with this meanstream killers thing. If the guy had played Interpol I would have killed myself though.

Otherwise this was a really nice and relaxing weekend.

Said the Gramaphone has two more awesome Clap Your hands Say Yeah tracks up. Get them now!!!!!

and here is an LCD Soundsystem track that I can't get enough of: Tribulations

posted by n. @ 6/13/2005


where was i? oh yeah.

Hi. Ok so I know I haven't recapped anything or written about anything in a billion years. It's too fucking hot to blog. I need a guest blogger or an extra hour attached to every day for this to work. What has been going on... last saturday was the first BBQ of the summer, where lots of beer pong and flip cup and tasty onion dip consumption went down. Fun times in the sun. That was followed up by stops at Tiswas to see Saints and Lovers do a retardedly awesome cover of "Atmosphere" that is so epic and beautiful it blows my fucking mind. Yum. They also have some great new portraits on their website that you can check out here.

The next Saints and Lovers show is June 22nd at Pianos with Morningwood (who have a killer new album coming out). Buy tickets here.

Saints and Lovers - Kiss It Goodbye
Saints and Lovers - The Air

We left before Andy Rourke could drop any choice Smiths tracks and headed over to Misshapes for the Louis XIV/Killers/Tarts O' Pleasure extravaganza that resulted in my being in bed with a fever for the next two straight days... it was just that hot (no, seriously. it was REALLY hot in there). You can see lots of photographic evidence that Louis XIV likes jailbait and Jay Z likes (or rather pretends to like) Louis XIV right here. Jigga what?

Recovered from my illness, I made it to Hiro bright and early at 1:30 am to DJ with the Husky G, only to discover a lack of AC that left the dance floor rather sauna-esque. Hotness again, but fun times. Peter even dropped new Stallstarr* "Sweet Troubled Soul" which was the standout song when I saw them at Luna Lounge and sounds 8392738592375 times more excellent on the recording. Unfortunately immediately after playing the song, which got a GREAT crowd response, Peter took the CD out and snapped it in half so that yours truly couldn't grab it and take it home to savor the rest. Boo! Soon, hopefully...

Last night was the second installment of the French explosion that is Le One Night Stand and a lot of people came back for more this time around. I had no idea what I was listening to most of the time, but Audrey was loving every minute of it! I'm so happy for Andy and everyone that the party was such a success. Next time, I suggest eclairs. And more girls shaking it in thong underwear for my guy friends (I guess...)

I also tried to finagle my way on a UK tour with Madison Strays to sell buttons or something. Apparently their recent tour there went amazingly well and involved something that goes something on the floor, blood on the walls and champagne on the ceiling. Not like I really need a good reason to go to London but... I'll keep you posted.

FInal tidbits before I head off to LCD Soundsystem:

EDITORS. I fucking LOVE this band. Every time I DJ I can't NOT play "Munich." Does this band have a full length album? Can someone please send it to me??? I would love you forever. Thank you. Jeff has a new song by them from BBC1 or something. It's called Blood and is also fucking great.

Jen also has new Arcade Fire here, from Six Feet Under (best show fucking ever that is saving my summer).

If I had to pick one show this weekend to beg you to go to I would pick Mobius Band, Grand National and the Winter Pageant at Knitting Factory on Saturday night. That's just a really good line up and not overly hyped in any way. There are just 382957329587 good shows this weekend and I'm spending it on the beach.

Have a good one!

posted by n. @ 6/10/2005

maximo fun

going to see Maximo Park @ Tonic on Friday or Saturday? Should you be? Totes. Also check out the afterparty on saturday @ the darkroom with DJ sets by everyone and their mom. Hmm that might be a good DJ name. Ok, just kidding.

(with Maximo Park playing at a listed time of 1:45am though... what time does the "afterparty" start for that???)

posted by n. @ 6/10/2005


two great shows tonight

TONIGHT... Dutch Kills are playing at Sin-e. With the Diggs.

They play at 9.

Then afterwards, go to this:

Happy Birthday to Audrey!

posted by n. @ 6/09/2005


i need a hiro (that is peter's line, not mine. swear)

Hi! I'm djing tonight @ Hiro. SO MUCH FUN. I'm djing with Peter, he's the Husky Gentleman who is totes awesome. We are on from 1:30 on so come and party would ya? Before that, go see The Upwelling @ Southpaw or something. Below is a picture of their new lineup. I personally think they all look related now. Maybe that's just me.

info for tonight:

This Wednesday June 8, Cheeky Bastard and Filter Magazine presents Coldplay X&Y Record Release event.
Hear the entire album, giveaways including rare posters and more.

James F**king Friedman (Output Recordings / Refuse!), Husky Gentleman (Spin) and Nora K (On The Pull) is taking to the decks, joining Nick Marc (Tiswas), to give us another night of dance-rock and new wave.

Hosted by Tom & Alejandro and Dagny

To be placed on the Cheeky guestlist for complimentary admission, email: with your name and number of guests you are bringing.

Door by Thomas (Motherf**ker / MisSHAPES)

Doors open 10pm.

Hiro:16 St. and 9 Ave. in the Maritime Hotel

posted by n. @ 6/08/2005

i totally knew all the words to "informer!" ok... no i didn't.

Whatever: The 90s Pop Culture Box (seven discs, to be released by Rhino). "Smells like teen spirit" didn't make the cut, but thank god "Detachable Penis" did. Just more evidence that the 90s made little to no sense at all. Whatever indeed.

posted by n. @ 6/08/2005


and the winner is...

I never win anything, ever, so now I'm giving the two people who read this blog (hi dad) a chance to win a pair of tickets to the DIESEL-U-MUSIC awards. They won't let me present an award, but attending is just as fun, right? This is the third time the awards have been held, and their purpose is to provide exposure to deserving artists that are under the radar of "mainstream" and support artists on a local level. Kind of like what I try to do here but on a much larger scale (I don't have my own irockiroll awards ceremony...yet!).

The award ceremony will take place this thursday June 9th at The Roxy where the three winners will play. I have no idea which three, but I'm sure they will be good.

Anyways, for you fine folks I have a pair of tickets to the show, a CD sampler, stickers (who doesn't love sticker?), and a nifty lighter (for all you pyros) to give away! If you would like to go, email me at with "diesel music" in the subject line. The winners of the tickets will be chosen by yours truly in a totally random fashion, so get those submissions in by 6pm on Wednesday.

posted by n. @ 6/07/2005


ala mode

Last week I saw PS play at Crash Mansion with The Good North, and I got to DJ before and after all of the bands. I'd like to think that this resulted in some sort of auditory ecstacy, but either way the band drew really well and played a fucking excellent energetic set featuring two new songs. This is a band that was born to play a venue like Bowery Ballroom and the fact that they haven't yet is sort of criminal if you ask me. SOON though.

Last night I went with some people to this pepsi one promotional party where Andy Rourke from the Smiths was DJing and not very well either might I add. While we got all "oneified" at the open bar, Andy dropped "bigmouth strikes again" and nothing else particularly mind blowing. Weird. When I saw him at Centrofly last year I remember it being a lot of fun. But my memory isn't the best thing I have going these days so... who knows.

DJing at the Skinny was fun as always, mostly because I can play whatever I want. I had some assistance from Nico as well as Jeff Central Village who basically came up to the booth, moved me to the side, took my headphones and just started playing songs from my collection with no prior warning. Instant DJ! Just add PBR and he is good to go. Bloggers are good like that I guess.

Despite my yucky cough... some fun stuff coming up this weekend that is not to be missed:

- Saturday go check out Saints and Lovers take over Tiswas, with an open bar from 11-12 and DJ Melody Nelson on the decks (as well as Andy Rourke again who will probably drop "girlfriend in a coma" or something). What a lovely combination! After this, walk your drunk self over to Misshapes for the Killers/Louis XIV afterparty which will involve a lot of eyeliner to say the least.

- If you're unfortunately in Jersey for some reason on Saturday night, you're actually in luck because you can go see Surefire and The Fame at Maxwells. hottt combo.

- Dutch Kills will be playing near Grand Army Plaza in Prospect Park this Sunday (June 5) at around 2 PM as part of the CMJ Battle of the Boroughs. They are one of 10 finalists and this is the finals – the winner will be announced at 4:30. It’s part of some big Best of Brooklyn celebration and there’s all sort of other events (like puppet shows and apple pie contests I’m assuming) so bring the kids. I don't actually have kids, but I love me some apple pie and Dutch Kills.

Also, I'm looking to book a few bands at the end of June (23rd ish). If you're available and I like you or you think I would, please email me asap. Thanks!

FINALLY, I know this is last minute, but my friend Maggie of Daybreaker is playing a solo show tonight, so here is your info and have a good one people!

Maggie Poulos
Featuring Robert Anthony
And Special Guest, David Bason

*Friday June 3, 2005*
Café Mae Mae
68 Vandam Street
Betweeen Hudson and Varick

7:00 PM


Take the 1/9 to Houston, walk towards the Holland Tunnel, turn right on
Vandam, café is on left - look for the tie dyed Llama out front

C/E to Spring Street

(tie dyed llama??????? say what? )

posted by n. @ 6/03/2005


let's go on a vacation to the lower east side

i was going to write this whole rant about the W hotel that is apparently going to be built on Orchard street, but instead I'll just encourage you to come to the bar nextdoor to this potential monstrosity, The Skinny. Why? Because I'm djing there from 10-4 and I'm sick and I will try to be perky and dance around but I would love your help.

Since I had to bail on my passes to Louis XIV tonight to simplify my life, I'm going to instead be giving away some copies of their EP and album and some fun Louis XIV naughty picture books and stickers also to anyone who comes down. Check out this kind of retarded but still mildly amusing video they did for Paper Doll, featuring Suicide girls (read: NSFW lots of boobage).

posted by n. @ 6/02/2005

white light motorcade @ rothko

Last week I went to Rothko to check out White Light Motorcade, one of my favorite local bands who have bene conspiculously absent from the New York Scene for a while now. The first time I saw the band was last year sometime around May or so at Plaid, where they absolutely blew me away. Since then I got a copy of their last album, Thank you, Goodnight! which features twelve great styalized garage rock tracks ranging from all out rockers to well crafted downtempo songs.

So at the Rothko show anticipation was high since it had been so long since the band had played out. Openers Sex Sells warmed up the crowd perfectly with their high energy set - I don't think frontman Curtis ever stops moving! Finally lead singer Harley and the rest of the band took the stage and tore through a great set featuring a ton of new tracks from their new album, Take Me To Your Party, which is currently only being released in Japan (wtf is up with that, US labels?).

The band also played some of my favorite tracks, including "It's Happening" and "My Way." Their set was only about 25 minutes long, however, which really left the crowd hungry for more. I will def. keep everyone here posted on their next show -- this band live will just blow you away.

White Light Motorcade : I Could Kick Myself (right click save as please!!!)

in other news...
Insound has a ton of new Arcade Fire 7" vinyl that you should def check out. The UK import has David Byrne performing with them on "Naive Melody." Aw, memories...

Laura has The Fame on the cover of The New York Press. Ok I really do like this band, but then why does it seem to me that this cover story kind of came entirely out of left field? At least out of all the up and coming NY bands you could choose from. Do you guys have some sick publicist that I don't know about? Is this like when the Sexy Magazines played at Coachella? Oh well, at least it's a band I like! Congrats guys

next Wednesday the Upwelling are playing @ Southpaw and will be unveiling more hottness and a new keyboard player! go check this show out.

Dutch Kills just added a show on June 9th at Sin-e, playing with The Diggs from Brooklyn.

the new Billy Corgan songs are REALLY growing on me. the expensive webster hall tickets are not, however. can anyone help a girl out? let me know please, i would LOVE to write about this show.

and this website totally freaks me out but is also facinating: PostSecret

posted by n. @ 6/02/2005

probably drunk

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rock bands and guitarpro tabs
rock dirt
rock insider
the sean show
sex with headphones on
sheena beaston
sit down, stand up
six eyes
soft communication
some kind of awesome
so more scene
sound bites
spinach dip
stark online
stereoactive nyc
take your medicine
this twilight garden
tomatoes and radio wire
una rocks
the underrated blog
untitled records
villians always blink
village indian
water cooler gossip
who needs radio?
the wicked
wishing a coma
the world in a paper cup
the yellow stereo
yeti don't dance
you ain't no picasso
the young and hungry

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