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clap your hands say TOUR.... (oh yeah, i went there)

So i'm updating ON THE WEEKEND and from the APPLE STORE in soho. GEEK OUT!!!!! anyways, who cares because Clap Your Hands Say Yeah are bringing the happiness to a town near you. Please go support them and the fantastic The National on all of these dates. If I didn't have a day job I would def be following these guys around the country. Alas...

9/01 Bronxville, NY // Sarah Lawrence College // The Blue Room CLOSED SHOW STUDENTS ONLY
9/02 Montreal, QU // Main Hall
9/03 Toronto, ON // Horseshoe Tavern
9/07 Brooklyn, NY // Warsaw **
9/08 North Hampton, MA // The Iron Horse **
9/09 New York, NY The Bowery Ballroom ** THIS SHOW IS SOLD OUT
9/10 Philadelphia, PA // The Khyber Pass **
9/14 Cambridge, MA // TT The Bears
9/15 Poughkeepsie, NY // Vassar College
9/16 New York, NY // CMJ Showcase // The Mercury Lounge w/ Ambulance LTD
9/19 Cleveland, OH // Beachland Ballroom **
9/20 Columbus, OH // Little Brothers **
9/21 Newport, KY ( Cincy market) // Southgate House **
9/22 Louisville, KY // Uncle Pleasant’s **
9/23 Chicago, IL // Schubas Tavern **
9/24 Notre Dame, IN // Legends of Notre Dame CLOSED SHOW STUDENTS ONLY
9/25 Madison, WI // The Annex
9/29 Seattle WA // The Crocodile ** + TalkDemonic
9/30 Portland, OR // Dante’s ** + TalkDemonic
10/01 Seattle, WA // Neumos/ KEXP BENEFIT: ** + John Vanderslice/Athlete/ M83
10/02 Vancouver, BC // MEDIA CLUB **
10/04 Eugene, OR // Wow Hall **
10/05 San Francisco, CA // Mezzanine **
10/6 Los Angeles, CA // Troubadour **
10/7 Los Angeles, CA // UCLA CAMPUS daytime show (it's at NOON!!!)
10/7 Los Angeles, CA // Troubadour **
10/8 Phoenix, AZ // Rhythm Room **
10/11 Austin, TX // The Parish **
10/12 Dallas, TX // Gypsy Tea Room
10/14 Nashville, TN // The Basement
10/15 Atlanta, GA // The Earl w/ Ambulance LTD
10/17 Carrboro, NC Local 506

and while I'm geeking out, might as well tell you that tickets for Ted Leo & Pharmacists at CBGBs are still on sale as of... now.">

posted by n. @ 7/31/2005


my slacker lollapalooza "review"

Going to a music festival for "vacation" is really not a vacation at all. I have a hard time because I'm one of those people who needs to see as many acts as humanly possible while I am there. And with 100+ degree heat and skyrocketing humidity to cope with at Lollapalooza 2005, this was all rather difficult. So I did the best that I could, photographed MOST of what I saw, and didn't suffer from heat stroke (unlike poor Sara of Tegan & Sara who didn't even make it through more than four songs in their set).

I was thinking that I would give you a whole play by play... but no. You don't really want to hear how many corn on the cobs I ate and just to what degree the Bravery's set sucked ass... do you? I thought instead that I would highlight the first bands I saw on each day, because to be completely honest, they were some of the best acts of the entire festival and I thought probably more likely to be overlooked.

So on Saturday we got there bright and early to see Hard Fi, a band that Jeff had been raving about since their show in NYC that same week. This band was fucking excellent... their lead singer is a maniac but in a really GOOD way. He plays a friggen KEYBOARD FLUTE... or something like that. What do you call it? I'm not sure, but they did a killer cover of "Seven Nation Army" that blew me away and also have a really fun song called "Cash Machine" which involves some sort of baby mama drama that I found very amusing. Check them out.

Hard-fi - Cash Machine

Then Sunday first thing, hungover as all hell, we managed to make it back to Grant Park (best-skyline-view-EVER) to see The Changes. I know I have written about them before, but this Chicago based band deserves more than just another mention on this blog. For one thing, aside from another band that won a battle of the bands contest, The Changes are the ONLY unsigned band to play Lollapalooza this year. On top of that, their music is fantastic. I don't know if I can entirely put my finger on what it is that makes me love them so much, but the comparisons to the Police probably have a lot to do with it and their total laid back friendly vibe doesn't hurt either.

The band will be back in NYC for CMJ so please don't miss them!

The Changes - When I Sleep

Otherwise I really enjoyed my Lollapalooza experience, despite the heat. I thought the whole thing was really well organized and layed out, so good job Perry Farrell, even though you sort of seem to be a bit of a nut job you put on a great festival.

the rest of my photos can be seen here. enjoy!!!

posted by n. @ 7/29/2005

a tour for the haunted

Stellastarr* fans rejoice! The new album is on the way and they are going out on tour! To be honest, Harmonies for the Haunted has not grown on me yet, but I'm trying to fall in love with it, I really am. Maybe that's not the way it's really supposed to work, but it seems to be the way with sophomore albums these days.

Here are the dates:

8/31/05 Boston, MA Middle East * WFNX Show
9/9/05 Montreal, QC * Cabaret Music Hall
9/10/05 Toronto, ON * Horseshoe Tavern
9/12/05 Columbus, OH * the Basement
9/13/05 Chicago, IL * Metro-Smart Bar Record-Release Party
9/17/05 Seattle, WA * Chop Suey
9/18/05 Portland, OR * Doug Fir Lounge
9/21/05 LA, CA * El Rey
9/22/05 SF, CA * Popscene
9/23/05 SF, CA * The Independent
9/24/05 Santa Barbara, CA * Velvet Jones
9/25/05 Solana Beach, CA * Belly Up Tavern
9/28/05 Dallas, TX * Trees
10/1/05 Atlanta, GA * The Loft at Earthlink Live
10/2/05 Orlando, FL * The Social
10/4/05 Philadelphia * The T.L.A
10/5/05 Washington, DC * 9:30 Club
10/6/05 NYC * Irving Plaza
10/7/05 Boston, MA * The Paradise

Also, I know I had a stream of this before but here is a download so you can rock out on your ipod and what not:

Stellastarr* - Sweet Troubled Soul

(and yes, i DO love this song)

posted by n. @ 7/29/2005



Time escapes me. All the time. BUT I am back in NYC with internet that isn't mind blowingly slow, so I will have a full update on all my Lolla activities etc. tomorrow. Promise! In the meantime, here is a flier for a GREAT show featuring some of my absolute favorite NYC bands -- including BASTION who haven't played in oh... about a million and a half years. So you should really go, even though it's in Jersey and... well... yeah. Jersey.

posted by n. @ 7/28/2005


a long time ago, we used to be friends

Lollapalooza is over. Which is sort of awesome really because standing around in 109 degree heat is just not my thing. Actually... I'm pretty sure that isn't most peoples cup of tea. But despite the heat making the audience wilt, there were some great highlights (these do not include most of the Bravery's set, obviously..).

One such bright spot that didn't involve the torturous sunlight was the "reunion" of the Dandy Warhols and members of the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Rumours that Anton would join the stage with Courtney and company during the Dandy's set were circulating Saturday afternoon, and by sundown on Sunday, that's just what happened. Anton and Matt Hollywood came on stage for two songs (I have absolutely no idea what these songs were) and it was a bonafied Dig! jamfest.

Doesn't it look like they are about to make out in that picture? Aww... Courtney and Anton sittin in a tree... Anyway it was a nice moment in an overall really boring Dandy's set. I think Courtney spent most of the time trying to look pretty (which worked in the 90s but... well... yeah).

But incase you were worried that Anton has lost his psychotic "edge," never fear. He almost punched Last Night Party's Merlin Bronques in the face to avoid having his picture taken at the afterparty at the Double Door on Saturday. Awesome.

More on Lolla coming soon...

posted by n. @ 7/25/2005


you can have it all

I'm really supposed to be packing for Lollapalooza, not blogging. But I just have to say... god damn if the Kaiser Chiefs aren't a great live band. I love front men with energy and personality and Ricky Wilson has that in spades. Actually, so does most of the rest of his band. This makes for entertainment at its best, a sweaty dancey singalong night. Ricky frequently jumped into the audience, pulling a girl on stage at one point to adorably dance with him during "You Can Have It All" and giving up his mic to audience members who frantically screamed along and everyone seemed to know the words to each and every song.

Openers The Cribs were great aswell, but you already know how much I love those boys. Their one guitar player/lead singer is a little bit nuts on stage (and was visably wasted by the time their set was done, chugging an entire heinekan while (I believe) still playing the song... sort of.

Ok, I am half packed and leaving for the airport in an hour. Later people!

posted by n. @ 7/22/2005


tomkat didn't come to southpaw last night but everyone else did

so nobody warned me that Vicious turning two would make me so damn tired. Geeze. I promise there is an update coming about all the fantastic music I have seen in the last two days, but for now I have to get ready to go develop an even larger crush on Ricky from Kaiser Chiefs and then pack for Chicago.

In the meantime, read this post from Greg the Boyfriend (remember him???) which made me laugh at my desk despite how hungover I was.

It's almost as good as the New York Magazine article about "Celebrity Psychos." The Diagnostic Celebrity Manual is not to be missed!!!

I'm so tired. Moving to Austin to work at Samsung sounds really appealing right now Jocelyn... let's discuss this further.

posted by n. @ 7/21/2005


it's OK, alec made my day better

i love these interviews: free williamsburg and radar. hey alec, my mom was ALWAYS telling me to enunciate. i think that's just what moms do.

(links from brooklyn vegan)

posted by n. @ 7/19/2005

worst. or should i say durst.

ughhhh. i'm having the WORST day. please come to Lit tonight and make me feel better. there is one dollar vodka and budweisers from 11-12 too so if you're bummed out like i am, that'll make it all better. at least temporarily speaking.

if you could also round up a few members of The Cribs from their Merc show and bring them with you, i would not be complaining.



posted by n. @ 7/19/2005


add this to your to-do list!

this show has some kickass fliers. oh... and even better bands! please come.

my weekend was kind of ridiculous... culminating with maybe my best dj gig ever. which actually started off as my WORST dj gig ever. i love when the happens. it was such a rush. unfortunately the night took a bad turn when one of the bouncers at Movida started CHOKING the dj after me. While he was djing! It was the scariest thing, and I just felt so bad for Alex. This bouncer was obviously out of his mind and I guess wanted him to turn the music down so he decided that fighting him in the middle of his set was the answer. Very uncool.

otherwise... I didn't go to Siren. I'm sure you can find 2839275893275 other bloggers who did though. I heard excellent things about Nine Black Alps. Does that help?

tonight I"m going to go drink free sparks and vodka on a boat and listen to The Cloud Room. or at least i think i might...

posted by n. @ 7/18/2005


my busy weekend

I have DJ gigs tonight and tomorrow, because I'm just that crazy! But it should be a lot of fun and there are tons of drink specials to go around so please come!!!!

TONIGHT I am at Crash Mansion for the Between party by New York Underbelly

AND 10 dollar BUCKETS of PBR! if you were at my birthday party, you know how awesome that is!!!

and performances by:
9:00 pm Pure Dream Ladder
9:45 pm Air Bourne
10:30 pm the Twelve
11:15 pm The Charms (from Boston)

get free admission by emailing the underbelly list at:

CRASH MANSION is at 199 Bowery at Spring St....
you can take the F to Second Ave., the 6 to
Spring St, the J & M to Delancey

then on Saturday I'm back at Movida for the One Louder party by GBH

here's the info:
This week Michael and Patrick (the guys behind the fabulous Cut Parties who
have been making a name for themselves lately) and their friends are joining
us, and Alexander Technique (DJs Are Not Rock Stars), Nora K (On The Pull)
and Alex English will be taking to the decks, playing dance rock, new wave
and electro.

Drinks Specials from 2am to 3am
2-for-1 Vodka Drinks
$3 GBH shots

Hosted by Tom & Alejandro, Dagny, Nico XO and May.
doors @ 10 <--- email to get in for free
see you there!!!!!!!!!

posted by n. @ 7/15/2005

don't be a stranger

last night i headed over to Mercury Lounge after stuffing my face at Lombardis to see Aeon Spoke, a band I have been waiting for for what seems like forever to return to New York after seeing them in late 2003. But the wait was well worth it and I have to say most that the fairly packed room probably agrees with me. Lead singer Paul Masvidal's soaring vocals are nothing less than gorgeous, and he is a joy to watch on stage. There's something wonderful and yet also so melancholy about their songs. My only complaint is that my favorite song was left out of their set (but you can hear it here - right click save as), but that was a small price to pay for such a fantastic set.

I also got to catch up with my friend Rob, who I haven't seen in a million years (last CMJ?). And I also now totally have a wedding to crash because he announced that he's getting married! Congrats!!!!! Rob is one of the coolest people I have ever met, and I wish I saw him more often. And Aeon Spoke too for that matter.

posted by n. @ 7/15/2005


Nora's not here right now

I'm not Nora, but we like a lot of the same stuff, so this shouldn't be too much of a stretch...

Yesterday Nora posted a stream of one of the new Stellastarr songs. Loved it! This guy's got another song off the new album to download. It's gorgeous.

Nora hearts Editors nearly as much as I do. Loose Record's super informative news scroll linked to this article about them from The Independent. I had no idea they were so young! Nice to hear a band actually admit such contemporary influences. The honesty is appreciated.

Editors get a lot of Interpol comparisons, obviously. Apparently Paul and co. heard Munich playing at a bar and thought it was them. Classic. Central Village loves Interpol too. He posted a whole bunch of MP3s to download today.

I know Nora was showing some Vicious love the other day for the Surefire, PS, etc. show at Rothko, but there IS another great show going on the same night at Mercury Lounge. Nine Black Alps, Sam Champion, Hard-Fi and The Cribs are all playing next Tuesday. All these bands will be playing significantly larger venues in the near future. Tough choice between the two shows.

Finally, I leave you with this amazing picture of Nora absolutely trashed on a Monday night. Love it! Enjoy the new job, darling!

nora: first of all, jeff wrote this entry and linked himself! he's so funny. and what is this i like the Editors ALMOST AS MUCH AS YOU??? who begged you to listen to that album? let's be real here! okay but Jeff is awesome so here is his guest blog.. i just had to clarify. i've always wanted a guest blogger (because i'm really lazy) and he did a really great job, don't you think?

posted by n. @ 7/14/2005

so jealous. and not in the tegan and sara way.

So initially I was super jealous that Jeff got to go to Scissor Sisters last night (although I'm going next week now!!), but then I found out that ANDERSON COOPER was there and my jealousy quadrupled. I LOVE THAT MAN. There was recently in Blender Magazine (which I started getting in the mail for free for no apparently reason... or at least I really hope it's free) a section where they had him pick out his favorite music. This was alco accompanied by a ridiculously hot picture.

Basically, he's amazing. And he has great taste in music! And he paid for his own ticket! Is he married? Anyone know? If he is there next week I will probably piss myself. Or make out with him if remotely possible. Gah.

update: ok Jeff just told he that he's gay. god dammit. DAMMIT!!! well i still love him.

posted by n. @ 7/14/2005


reminder for awesomeness

Wow I'm really tired. No amount of redbull in the world could get me to go out tonight and you know that's a big deal. I mean... I'm missing The Bravery's afterparty (that happens to be at Hiro if you like eyeliner and binge drinking and things of that nature...go)! BOO HOO! Okay but seriously... it doesn't really matter because last night's party at Lit was so much fun. Crazy people dancing everywhere and even some nice blog readers came out! Every week gets better and better... next week will be no exception.

There's a ton of fun stuff for people who don't need to sleep for weeks like I do, like Sarah's Stolen Transmission showcase at Rothko (for five bucks!) or Scissor Sisters at Merc (but that is sold out, so sad).

Personally, if these things aren't up your alley and you don't feel like hanging out with Sam Endicott all night long, I suggest you go to Pianos to check out Aeon Spoke. You will not be disappointed. They are from Los Angeles and they do not come to New York nearly enough so please go!

If you're tired like me though, you can raincheck for tomorrow night @ Mercury Lounge.

here's another tune:

Aeon Spoke - Emmanuel

older entry about them with other mp3s is over here to.

posted by n. @ 7/13/2005

new stellastarr* goodies

and it's not a Ligers cover song...

check out this stream of the first single from their new album, Harmonies for the Haunted! it's called "Sweet Troubled Soul" and I love love love it.

Windows Media
hi | lo

posted by n. @ 7/13/2005


how cute is this flier? so cute!

this show is going to be amazing. is there some reason you aren't going to be there? no there is not.

posted by n. @ 7/13/2005


how to spend your wednesday evening

Ok so far I have spent the majority of my afternoon getting hyper on gummi bears at my desk and trying to get someone to go to see Queen Latifah with me in the PARKING LOT of a WALMART in NEW JERSEY.

HUH? When did walmart parking lots become the new summerstage? They are good for things like... oh I dunno... date rape. But Queen? What is up with this...

The world just gets weirder and weider...

So who is going with me?!?!?!?!
(uggh no more gummi bears)

posted by n. @ 7/12/2005

have a sandwich with Alec instead!

According to Brooklyn Vegan, Alec Ounsworth of CYHSY cancelled his show tonight @ Pianos. But that's OK because you can go see him at the much more cozy Petes Candy Store on the 22nd instead. Mark your calenders (I'll sadly be in Chicago)!

posted by n. @ 7/12/2005

shuffle your feet to new BRMC

Someone just told me that ever since they have known me, I have loved BRMC (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club). This is probably pretty accurate. Last year when they played with the Rapture was a concert experience that I would typically day dream about that was actually made a reality. It was excellent. I have loved both of their albums and every time someone taunted me with a copy of "Howl" I would make some sort of "Ooooooing" or shrieking noise of the high pitched variety.

So I finally got my hands on it and all I have to say is... what a departure! I still love it, and it's still very dark, but much much much more acoustic and shoe-gazy than ever before. It's interesting.. last year I saw them play at Coachella and they had tons of power issues to the point where they had to play unplugged. But it was still GOOD... so that set me up in the right way for "Howl." See for yourself:

BRMC - Shuffle Your Feet (please please right click save as)

They are playing Sept 26th at Irving Plaza

posted by n. @ 7/12/2005

too hip for me

When did Old Navy get so fucking cool (heavy sarcasm). williamsburg t-shirts? yellow ones witih pink glitter letters? this is all lost on me, seriously. The best part though is that when I was there they played Kaiser Cheifs, Futureheads, and EDITORS. Literally I stopped in my tracks when "Munich" came blasting over the speakers.

So basically either the person programming music for the Old Navy in Soho is really cool (and I probably know them or something) or I am really out of the loop. But ok... two for one tank tops (almost as good as two for one drinks but not really) and obscure... tho not for long... music by british bands who don't even have albums out and haven't played ANY shows in the US? I guess I can deal with it. Just give the "East Village" t-shirts a rest.

I promise I won't wear mine to Lit tomorrow night.

Anyways... two more Editors tracks because I love them:

Editors - Bullets

Editors - Dust In The Sunlight

(right click save as please!)

also... don't even ask me what Nicole's post was about. I ask her to post about bands sometimes and she posts about happy meals. Someday we will all understand. I had to take it down though... it was making me hungry.

posted by n. @ 7/12/2005


did someone say pre-show burritos?

I love this:

Oh My Rockness and Insound have joined to create a sweet prize package for A WINNER AND FIVE FRIENDS to rock out at Insound's upcoming pre-Siren Fest "Sound The Alarm II" party at Rothko on July 15th!

For the winner and five friends:
-- 6 tickets to the Insound Pre-Siren Fest Party (with The Ponys, Chin Up Chin Up, Be Your Own Pet, and Rahim!) on Friday, July 15th at Rothko
-- 12 drink tickets for you and your friends
-- 6 pre-show burritos
-- 6 MetroCard Fun Passes to get to and from the show
-- CDs from each band for the winner
-- 6 goodie bags with fun stuff from Insound and Oh My Rockness

To enter, go to

posted by n. @ 7/08/2005

let's get together right now

Well, yesterday was the longest day ever. And I still haven't heard from my friend. I don't have any friends who have ever gone to war and I don't know anyone personally who died or was missing in 9/11, so I guess now I know what this feels like, at least in a way. Obviously the chances are really slim that anything happened to him, but the waiting is just... ugh.

At least the end of the day provided some sort of distraction when I stuffed my face with the best corn on the cob ever @ Cafe Habana while gawking between bites at Mike Myers and then booked it back to Williamsburg to see Charles Bissell (lead singer of the Wrens) play a solo show at Petes Candy Store that was nothing short of amazing. He seemed so unsure of himself, but managed to pull out these amazing songs and intricate guitar playing that blew me away (even in the teeny tiny sweatbox that is Pete's live room...).

He played this Wrens song, which is one of my favorites and really personal in terms of the backstory of his band.

The Wrens - Everyone Chooses Sides

and I'm throwing this one in too just because I love it and I've been djing it a lot lately.

The Wrens - Shot Rock Splitter To God

Also making me happy this morning is White Light Motorcade's new MySpace profile where you can listen to some tracks from their new album, Take Me To Your Party. Check those out here. My favorite track so far is "Let's Get Together", which is really so straightforward but catchy as all hell. Just try to get it out of your head.

They are playing Don Hills on the 13th and Sin-e on July 28th.

Last Sunday I went over to Bar 13 to check out Surefire for the billionth time, and pretty much decided that I would be hard pressed to ever be disappionted in any of their shows. So instead of listening to my praises, go to their website where they have a new song posted that you can stream, as well as a VIDEO for my favorite, "The Man Beside Her."

They are playing at at Rothko for the Vicious Anniversary show (which, unless you live in a cave, you already know about because it's going to be amazing), with my favorite favorites, PS.

Tonight, head on over to Pianos and check out Dutch Kills, performing at 10pm. You won't be disappointed.

Have a great weekend!

posted by n. @ 7/08/2005



i really want to blog today, but i just can't. brian, seriously, please call me or send me an email or just leave a comment here so that i know you are alright. sorry that this is personal, and i don't do personal things here, but it has been a really hard day.

posted by n. @ 7/07/2005


drunk on tuesday, hungover on wednesday

hey everyone --
just briefly, i'm djing with nicole tonight @ lit as always. it's also the afteparty for our friends The Diggs who are playing at Mercury Lounge tonight at 10:30! This band is great as i have told you before so GO CHECK THEM OUT.

at lit, one dollar vodka and buds from 11-12. and we will be djing all night.

more on my weekend tomorrow... including Live 8, fireworks, Surefire and whatever else happened. right now i just can't recall.

posted by n. @ 7/05/2005

loving sounds from the mobius band

I missed the Mobius Band's show last week at Mercury Lounge, so I was thrilled when they sent out an email saying that they just added another New York date. This band is great and seeing them at a venue like Bowery should be a real treat. There is also a new Boston show for anyone who is interested!

Go here and download a track from their new LP, "The Loving Sounds of Static."

the shows:

Thursday, July 7 | Cambridge, MA
Middle East Downstairs | 472 Mass Ave
8pm | $12 | 18+
w/ Do Make Say Think, Blame Game

Saturday, July 9 | New York, NY
Bowery Ballroom | 6 Delancey St
9pm | $15/$13 adv | 18+
w/ Do Make Say Think, Blame Game

(they are on first so get there on time!)

here is an older entry i wrote about them when they played with the Go! Team @ Merc.

posted by n. @ 7/05/2005

hot months at arlene's

It's that time of year again... the time for lots and lots of residencies at Arlene's Grocery. I love these kinds of things because it because this pattern in your life. Get up, go to work, eat, go to see this band because it's Tuesday and you know they are playing. For July, the band rocking you (for FREE might I add), is The Walk-Up. I have never seen them live, but I have heard only good things so I will be going to check them out tonight.

rsvp to to get free admission any of the Tuesdays this month.

and here is a track from their EP to check out:

The Walk Up - Run and Hide

Next month at Arlene's the residency is by the one and only GoStation, who honestly played the most amazing show I have ever seen from them on Saturday night for their Ep release party @ Tiswas. Honestly, the energy that these guys put out at this show was like nothing I have ever seen from them before. People were dancing and cheering, some crazy guy was break dancing (and ended up not wearing pants, but that was later on apparently...) and everyone was just LOVING it.

The release of the Quiet Zone EP has been a long time in coming, but I think the patience has really paid off. So go see them at Arlenes every Monday in August and buy your copy of the EP here before they end up on the cover of NME.

posted by n. @ 7/05/2005


summer holiday!

Hot sticky holiday weekend ahead...

Sorry I haven't been updating at much lately... time escapes me... but that tends to happen I guess. While I would prefer to spend my time pressed up against my air conditioner, I have instead been spending it running around going to shows and djing and sweating. Lovely!

I'll update you on it all when I have a moment, but for now here is the info on my DJ gig tonight and a fun summer mp3 by a band with one of my favorite names EVER.

here's the info:

It's time to declare your Indie-band-dance! (Yes, I know that's ridiculous. No, I have no idea what I mean. I thought it sounded funny. Sigh.) Three cool newbie bands to Between as well as the summer movie "Wedding Crashers" promo let you do just that. Enjoy new bands, free booze, movie freebies, and learn from the examples of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn on how to crash (other) parties. It's a 3 day weekend, so come and drink your face off.

Free movie passes while they last for Tuesday July 12th...

The details this week:

Doors open at 9 pm with FREE ADMISSION til 11 pm on the UNDERBELLY list - reduced admission from 11 til 1 am.... our regular open bar is from 9-10 pm and there are drink specials after that so you can party all night... RSVP at

The Rock (Live Performances):
9:00 pm Iridesense
9:45 pm the Walk Ons
10:30 pm Cheaper Faster

the Hard Place:
CRASH MANSION is at 199 Bowery at Spring St.... you can take the F to Second Ave., the 6 to Spring St, the J & M to Delancey, or check out the map....


This tune, by The Jessica Fletchers reminds me of fun summer days, and is perfect for this weekend! Enjoy

The Jessica Fletchers - Summer Holiday & Me

posted by n. @ 7/01/2005

probably drunk

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MP3s are posted for sampling purposes ONLY. I do not post entire albums and STRONGLY ENCOURAGE everyone who reads this blog to pursue the bands you discover here and fall as madly in love with them as I am. That being said, if any label/company/whathaveyou would like any of the files here to be removed, PLEASE email me and I will personally do so myself without haste. Thanks!

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