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pieces of me?

as always, i am djing at lit tonight and vodka and buds are only a dollar from 11-12. ryan cabrerra will be djing with me. see you there!

posted by n. @ 8/30/2005


the world's a subway

Our Lady Peace tickets sold out? Boo! And here I was all ready to go act like I'm 16 again, driving around in my grandfather's car (my totally hottt 1985 ford tempo, blue with light blue stripe) singing along to "Superman's Dead" at the top of my lungs. Oh wait... I just noticed that they added a Tuesday show. But the tickets are 30 bucks? Geeze! That's kind of steep for Bowery Ballroom.

Anyways... last night's GoStation show was clearly the best one out of the five. And apparently The Changes were just as good. I'm so happy for everyone. Rob from the Changes actually texted me while I was at the Skinny and told me that he met some fans of this blog at their show! YAY CHICAGO BLOG READERS! I love you. I also can't believe how many people commented with such excellent jukebox choices. You have made my life easier, so thanks!

Last night before I went out, I threw in this DVD I got in the mail that is going to be released by Palm Pictures. It's the Director's Label Volumes 4-7, and features work by directors Anton Corbijn, Jonathan Glazer, Mark Romanek and St├ęphane Sednaoui who have made some amazing videos by artists like U2, Radiohead, Blur, Nine Inch Nails, Johnny Cash (you know, the ones that don't win VMAs but really ought to). So the dvd is awesome and comes out September 13th and you can watch the trailer here:

[60k] [300k]

real player
[56k] [300k]

windows media
[56k] [300k]

posted by n. @ 8/29/2005

all the kids go out on mondays now

I know the weekend just technically ended, but if you happen to be in NYC or Chicago this evening I suggest you do your best to prolong it by checking out a great residency.

In NYC, the GoStation are wrapping things up tonight @ Arlene's Grocery at 8:30 sharp. You can read my review of their show a few weeks ago here, or see what other people are saying thanks to Brooklyn Vegan.

The show is FREE, and if you want to show some love but can't attend, buy their new EP here.

If you happen to be more in a midwest frame of mine tonight, another one of my favorite up and coming bands, The Changes are closing out THEIR August residency at Schubas tonight. ALL of their residency shows have sold out so far, and I'm this one will be no exception, so go early and then tell me how it was so I can be really jealous.

Show is at 8:00 PM.

Oh, and ask them about the flying outerspace dolphins. Not kidding.

And heads up NYC, The Changes hit CMJ on September 15th. More info soon.

posted by n. @ 8/29/2005

aww look who went to the show

shockingly enough, they actually look clean and well groomed for once! whoa! except hey Dirt, you couldn't wait to get INSIDE the show to start boozing it up? Oh well... his name IS "Dirt" afterall.

Otherwise I was, as usual, unimpressed with the VMAs, except maybe for the end when Kelly Clarkson totally lost her fucking mind all over the stage. That was so very awesome. I guess kicking Gwen Stefani's ass will do that to you or something. Beats me. Unfortuantely it seemed like most of the audience aside from the peopleon the floor didn't even stick around to see Kelly go bananas (b-a-n-a-n-a-s), and the fact that I was even still tuned in at that point is kind of unbelieveable even to me. Otherwise, I really would like to never ever ever ever see or hear P Diddy ever again. EVER.

posted by n. @ 8/29/2005

everybody likes a good shindig

Shindig is this party that everyone likes apparently, mostly because it offers good bands and an open bar. OK... yeah obviously everyone likes that! Apparently the last one got shut down by the fire department (boo!) but now it is back and the new line up is pretty sweet.

Wednesday September 7th 2005.
598 Broadway @ Houston St. 6th Floor.

Presented by The Sexy Magazines, Vacancy Records, Josh Barash, and Michael

OPEN BAR ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!! (for a measley 10 bucks)0

oh and free great catering from...
Vinny Vincenz Pizza (1st ave. btw 13th and 14th st in Manhattan)
and apparently other surprises.

The Sexy Magazines,
The Natural History,
Five O'Clock Heroes,
and La Laque.

Artwork from: Josh Barash, Felix Olivieri, Ryan Myers, Kim Ibricevic, J.P.

DJ: Michael Fujikawa

Photographs to be taken by: and


posted by n. @ 8/29/2005

loving rotten love : Levy

Yesterday while i was doing my laundry and other exciting domestic activities, I put on one of the CDs I got in the mail recently by a band called Levy. lately everywhere I go people seem to be talking about this band, especially their close friends in the city who are excited that they are getting so much attention.

and deservedly so... this is a great album they have put together, especially the title track, "Rotten Love," which jumped out at me as soon as it came blasting through the speakers and stayed with me long after I was done folding my socks. I don't know if anyone else got this, but this song screams Coldplay to me, except that Levy aren't trying too hard to fill the need or demand to be the "best band in the world." and their subtle, modest approach is what makes me like them so much.

the way i listen to an album, i always end up putting one track on HEAVY repeat and then listen to it until i just can't take it anymore and have to find a new favorite track.. and so on and so forth. right now, "Rotton Love" just won't stop.

get addicted to it like me:

Levy - Rotten Love

posted by n. @ 8/29/2005


bring your juke box money

I sent this out in an email to my friends and then I thought about it and I was like HEY I should go and blog this... since I have nothing else to talk about.


This fall I'm going to be booking bands nightly at a new bar on the LES and right now they are compiling a list of 100 cds for their juke box and they want my input. So, being lazy as i am, i thought i would ask you guys to each submit your top five choices to me. so think carefully!! and don't necessarily go for the obvious either -- maybe something you have always wanted to hear on a juke box in the city and never can find it! or just give me your top five desert island cds.

thank you!!!

posted by n. @ 8/25/2005


party party art party whatever

this is tonight, and i think you should probably come.

Art * Music * Booze * Schmooze
Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005
door 9pm

@ LIT 93 2nd Avenue
(btw 5th & 6th Sts, East Village, NYC)


DOWNSTAIRS: Industrial Music Icons (DJs):
Curse Mackey (Pigface, Grim Faeries)
En Esch (Slick Idiot, KMFDM)

Nora K + Nicola (On The Pull / Triple Threat)

JUXTAPOZ magazine will be accepting ART SUBMISSIONS at the event. (Slides,
Digital Files, and Photos only. SASE for returns.)


Lit is located at 93 2nd ave b/t 5th and 6th

Lit is located at 93 2nd ave b/t 5th and 6th

and between dj sets I'll be getting Pat from Morning Theft's face tattoed on my ass.

ok... just kidding

posted by n. @ 8/23/2005


if this isn't fake

then i don't even know what to say

posted by n. @ 8/22/2005

everything ended

I'm with Jen today. Still reeling over the end of Six Feet Under. If you want to talk about it or something, IM me or use the comments here so we won't spoil it for anyone else. But... wow. Alan Ball is kind of my new hero. I can't wait to see what he does next.

Stereogum has the song that I can't listen to right now without crying at my desk.

posted by n. @ 8/22/2005



Mercury Lounge
Sept 19th


and also, I'm djing at The Skinny tomorrow night. from 10-4. please come. i will play Munich in celebration. 174 Orchard Street.

have a good weekend, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOCELYN!!!!!

posted by n. @ 8/19/2005

soul meets body... decemberists meet death cab...

Basically everyone has already written about this show, from the Smoosh sighting/"controversey" to the lugies (ew), the yum-factor of an indie rock show "sandwich" and the brilliance of both Decemberists and Death Cab sharing a stage to cover Fleetwood Mac.

Instead I will just say that I thought it was a beautiful night, I'm bummed that I missed Stars, and that I'm really psyched that they serve both red wine and hotdogs @ Summerstage - what a combo! Also, suddenly 'Soul Meets Body' is the song I cannot get out of my head. I would put money on it being the background of some music montage on the OC this season. Who's with me? The whole album is fantastic actually, but there's no song quite like 'Transatlanticism,' which will manage to get me all emotional and choked up until the end of time

Death Cab For Cutie - Soul Meets Body

posted by n. @ 8/19/2005

leave those kids alone!

a recent IM conversation aka all my guy friends are freaking me out today:

nora: wow, Brooklyn Vegan called Smoosh "leggy underage blondes" today
nora: they are 11 and 13 years old for christsake
nora: people are gross
shawn: dude
shawn: they're hottt
nora: they are LITTLE KIDS!!!!
shawn: i fantasize about them all the time!
nora: ew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shawn: haha
nora: i'm totally going to post this in my blog
shawn: i fantasize about little girls all day long at work
shawn: haha man, i wonder if I'd get fired
nora: let's find out
shawn: no!
shawn: haha
shawn: well.. ok

all I'm going to say is that if you thought THAT was kind of creeptastic, you should have seen the middle aged man wearing a smoosh shirt and singing along to all the songs at Spin. Geeze...

ps: Brooklyn Vegan is awesome. I'm just SAYING. :)

posted by n. @ 8/19/2005


dig the diggs like i do!

I love the Diggs. They played a show for us back in June (w/ Ghostland Observatory) and it was amazing. You can go here to listen to some mp3s.

Central Village called them: "Pure emo bliss done to perfection."

The best news of all:
The Diggs Residency at Sin-e Starts Tonight!

Thursday 8/18/2005
10:00 PM @ Sin-e
150 Attorney Street (at Stanton)
w/ Beat Radio and The Octagon
$3 PBR and $3 Miller Pints

yum yum yum. and every Thursday for this month and maybe into September? And this is from the girl who is not even REMOTELY emo in any way. Check them out!

posted by n. @ 8/18/2005


more new Stellastarr*!

Stream another new track from Harmonies for the Haunted (out September 13th! yay!) here:

Stellastarr* - The Diver hi | lo

posted by n. @ 8/17/2005

related and not related things

my friend Alex brought David J from Bauhaus to Lit last night to see me DJ, which resulted in my having a teeny heart attack.

related to that story, David J is DJing @ Hiro tonight, and Madison Strays are playing and it's only 10 dollars or something. Maybe only five. go HERE for tickets and info.

not really related to that at all, KEXP has started to announce bands for the CMJ instudio performances. I just signed up for Cloud Cult and couldn't be more psyched. Now I just have to figure out how to get out of work... hmm. Pay attention to this page for updates!

i can't believe how early CMJ is this year. there is so much that i want to see.. but more on that later.

posted by n. @ 8/17/2005

so rad : smoosh @ spinhouse live

First of all, I have to preface this by saying that if there had been a rock camp for girls when I was a pre-teen, I would have signed up in a heart-beat. The Rock n' Roll Camp for Girls recently launched their first ever New York program which honestly makes me want to have daughters of my own if only so that I can send them there and raise the next Sleater-Kinney. You can read more about it today at which features a completely cute and awesome journal written by one of the campers/future femme rockstars of the world.

So got me completely jonesed on girls in music which led to my being really excited to go to their offices last night and check out Smoosh, two young sisters from Seattle who caught my attention late last year. And by young, I mean YOUNG, Asya and Chloe are both still not even in high school, and yet are traveling around the country opening for artists like Sufjan Stevens and Death Cab For Cutie (whose drummer is their teacher/guitar tech/mentor) and headlining Knitting Factory tonight.

Their set at the Spin offices was filled with nervous pre-teen energy, starting off slightly awkward but slowing finding its balance and then proceeding to blow away the entire room. It's a sort of uncomfortable and yet awesome thing at the same time to see a 13 year old and her 11 year old sister produce these increasingly complex songs which oftentimes seem mature beyond their years. But there is something so totally fascinating and just plain FUN about their music so all the awkwardness melts away and all you want to do is say "heck (gotta tone it down for the kids) yeah, I wish I had gone to rock camp for girls when I was their age!"

It will be interesting to see how Smoosh progress as a band when the girls get older and come more into their own. They played a good number of selections from their SECOND and upcoming album and there was clearly a huge progression from the songs on 'She Like Electric.' Either way, these two siblings seem like they are having a great time doing what they are doing. Afterall, the headline of their bio reads: "Music is nothing if it's not conceived for the joy of it."

I couldn't agree more.

Here's a Smoosh track from their first album. Get your Knitting Factory tickets for their show tonight here.

Smoosh - La Pump

update: Peter just brought the VIDEO for this song to my attention. What's up claymation!

posted by n. @ 8/17/2005


the kids love this stuff

Have you seen the new White Stripes video for My Doorbell yet? Basically it's Jack, Meg and.. quite possibly the casts of Oliver and Little Orphan Annie or something like that. It's a pretty simple song so I guess the kids can dig it. Does it remind anyone else of one of those somewhat creepy Kidz bop videos though?

Check it out:
Quicktime | windows media : hi or med

If you want to listen to the song, download it here (right click save as) and then you can get some ice cream and dance around like the kids in the video. Or um... cry. They do that too.

posted by n. @ 8/16/2005

pretty songs by pretty men

Last night I had the chance to go to the Cutting Room to see James Blunt, who apparently is currently ruling the charts over in the UK. I dragged Jed along with me, and he basically compared the entire experience to seeing Gavin Degraw live or something. Or maybe it was Evan Dando. I don't remember. This is music that my little sister (well she's 20, so not that little) eats up with a spoon. She loves the hot singer songwriter guy, and it has never really been my thing, save for the likes of Ben Folds, Ben Kweller, or Aqualung (if that counts) I guess.

But I was honestly really impressed with what James does, and he certainly is cute and talented and has personality personality personality which really made the entire set a joy to watch. Jed also thought he heard one of his songs on that WB show Summerland (the lovely "You're Beautiful" which I'm pretty sure is his single also) so I would expect him to be pretty popular here sooner or later. And he has a song called "No Bravery" which should be an instant hit with half of the New York scene... you know what I mean.

You can check out one of his songs and get some other goodies by checking out this ecard.

edit: Jed just told me that he actually compared the show to seeing David Gray, not any of those other people I mentioned. Oops.

posted by n. @ 8/16/2005


nice surprises when you least expect them: the picture

Something I've been wanting to make an effort not to do anymore is continually going to see the same bands over and over again. obviously it's important to go out and support your friends when you can, and if you really LOVE a band then you just can't keep yourself away. Oh and people will give you a hard time too for skipping out on their shows, even though they mean well. Sometimes a girl just needs some new music in her life.

So that is basically what brought me to mercury lounge on wednesday to see The Upwelling for the up-teenth time this year. And please, don't get me wrong here, I really think this band is a) very talented and b) going places. And I had actually been at Merc the night before to see Madison Strays and hear "last train" live although I could probably perform it myself just well at this point that's how many times I have seen them do it... so I guess I wasn't doing very well with my aformentioned effort.

The great thing that resulted from all of this, however, is that after the Upwelling's set, when most of their fans had fled elsewhere, I stuck around (at the recommendation of the always spot-on Steve) to see this really great band called The Picture. It was clear from the crowd that they already have a very strong and devoted following, at least around here. So now you can count me amongst them.

And my instant attraction to their sound shouldn't really be surprising if you know me at all. Dark and moody, shoe-gaze well done rock songs with just the right tinge of brit pop (one of them is from Liverpool, afterall!). My only issue was their stage setting with the five band members in the darkness while two bright spotlights blazed out from behind them. Sound familiar? Well what it looks like is Saints and Lovers. But then someone reminded me that they probably ripped it off from Secret Machines before them.. and last I heard they were all friends. Immitation is a form of flattery afterall, but The Picture have a great thing going all on their own. I enjoyed them so much I immediately bought their EP from the merch table (which my broke-ass rarely does) and have been enjoying it all weekend. Here are two of my favorite tracks for you to check out:

The Picture - Blind Side

The Picture - Sellout

posted by n. @ 8/15/2005


is scenic very... scenic?

but seriously... anyone who reads this blog. have you been to a show at Scenic? have you played there? can you send me an email and tell me what the space is like?

thank you!!!

posted by n. @ 8/12/2005

IMing with Rob

i had food poisoning, i'm kind of anti dumbo, and i love morning theft. here is the IM to prove it:

RobTheStreet: well, atleast you'll come party with me tonight
noraonthepull: yeah although i'm sick
noraonthepull: and can't eat food
RobTheStreet: aww, sick?
RobTheStreet: dan had food poisoning the other day
noraonthepull: ME TOO
RobTheStreet: poor girl
noraonthepull: all day yesterday
noraonthepull: vomit central
RobTheStreet: that's how danny was
RobTheStreet: well, tonight will be fun, atleast
noraonthepull: oh and fyi, that open bar in dumbo
noraonthepull: is just beer and soco
noraonthepull: *hurl*
RobTheStreet: haha
noraonthepull: the last time i tried to drink soco (when I was in college, might i add)
noraonthepull: i fell down a flight of stairs, threw up on myself and passed out. never touched that stuff again
RobTheStreet: haha
RobTheStreet: that is a great story
RobTheStreet: you should put this IM conversation in your blog
RobTheStreet: count it as an update
RobTheStreet: oh wait wait, before you do
RobTheStreet: there, this IM conversation is now a perfect blog update

posted by n. @ 8/12/2005


better late than never : on the road

I'm sure some of you recall that earlier this year I took a three week roadtrip x-country to go to Coachella. This was pretty crazy, to say the least. And I finally have the photos to prove it. So if you're at all interested in any of that, they are all up and organized here.

posted by n. @ 8/10/2005


moonlight on a monday

So last night, after drinking some stout beer or ale or something with Chris of the fabulous Ios, I made my way over to Arlene's Grocery to spend some quality time with The GoStation. It was the second night in their four show residency happening at the venue every Monday this month.

In July when I saw them at Tiswas, the band was practically on fire and played the best set of theirs I have ever seen. Rob Holmes said that "they totally blew the doors off the place." Totally accurate. That description is obviously a lot to live up to, but I think last night the boys managed to do a pretty good job. Arlenes isn't my favorite venue, but a quarter of the way through their set the place was packed and the band was proving to us all that they have really got what it takes. Their set lists have become more and more solid over the past few months and they really have begun to own the stage, especially frontman Doug who sings with a great intensity that is very difficult to not get drawn in by.

So yes, you have two more FREE SHOWS to go see this band before they outgrow Arlene's Grocery and move on to the rest of the world. Monday. Arlenes. 8:30. Got it?

After this and a brief stint at The Skinny I booked it over to Mercury Lounge to see The Shout Out Louds. The last time I saw this band it was exactly a year ago at Rothko, maybe their third or forth show in the city to a room with maybe five other people in it. Last night? Whole different story! Merc was packed to the brim (with an industry guest list a mile and a half long) and they played with so much more energy I couldn't help but jump around like a maniac during "Very Loud" which is one of my favorite tracks from their album. SO GOOD. I would have pictures except, due to a weird memory card "data error" I have none. Boo.

In other news...

How on earth are you supposed to choose between these??? What are you going to? Let's debate!

Don't forget Madison Strays TONIGHT @ Mercury Lounge. 10:30.

Also, like me, OK Go are from Chicago. Remember them? They had that stupidly catchy song that went "get get get get get over it" a few years ago. Well they have a new album and you can stream the new single here! It's called 'A Million Ways.'

windows media - [56] [100]
real player - [56] [100]

posted by n. @ 8/09/2005


prozac for bloggers?

do YOU suffer from blog depression?

maybe this explains all of the "guest blogging" happening on the net lately...

posted by n. @ 8/04/2005


i'm taking a field trip to DUMBO!

and you should come with me!

why? because of this

three of my favorite bands AND open bar ALL NIGHT LONG. Dumbo is the new awesome apparently.

posted by n. @ 8/03/2005


ciao bella

one last thing, while I sit here watching the panda sucks its thumb (do pandas HAVE thumbs?? hmm)... Nicole is in Italy right now, so you know she is completely jealous that she isn't at LIT tonight because I'm DJing and there are 1 dollar vodka and buds from 11-12.

and i'm going to play new stellastarr*! Maybe LOTS of it (please don't sue me!).

93 2nd ave 11-4am

thanks love ya

ps: the jealousy thing is actually completely the other way around. go figure!

posted by n. @ 8/02/2005


Ok this isn't penguins.. but it's fucking close enough where the cuteness factor is concerned! Enjoy.

And yes I know this isn't about music. So put an mp3 on and watch the video. I posted a few yesterday that would maybe work well with this... maybe...

(thanks nikki!)

posted by n. @ 8/02/2005

can't start a fire without a spark : ted leo @ cbgbs

Last night I realized that I have never seen Ted Leo a) play a full set or b) play with his complete band, The Pharmacists. Last night, I finally got to see him play at least will the rest of his bandmates at the first of what seem to be many planned fundraisers to save CBGBs from becoming a memory.

After patiently... very very very patiently waiting through several fairly unremarkable garage bands (Willowz being the real exception to this in my opinion), Ted Leo and co finally took the stage around 12:15 and played an energized set. The highlights including "Me and Mia" and my personal favorite "The High Party" back to back, followed by the incredibly powerful closer of "The Ballad of the Sin Eater." After wishing us all goodnight, Ted returned solo to the stage to perform my second favorite cover of his (guess what the first one is..), "Dancing in the Dark."

Honestly, I rarely rarely ever go to CBGBs, mostly because it's rare that an artist as good as Ted Leo plays there. But still, the place is an institution and I don't think it should be shut down. As Ted Leo said at the end of the night, "good fucking luck."

Ted Leo - The High Party

posted by n. @ 8/02/2005


musical pot luck

PS - Vena Cava This song breaks my heart time and time again.

J-J-J - Skeeball Vs The Mall. This band equally amuses and terrifies me. But I do love Skeeball...

The Posies - Conversations Found myself listening to and falling more in love with this song all weekend.

The Cribs - Mirror Kisses Oh you know why it's awesome.

these songs are all really opposite of each other. so i put them all together and voila!

posted by n. @ 8/01/2005

thanks for listening

someone got clued in and moved the benefit show in Jersey that I mentioned earlier... to NYC!

Here is the info:
Where: Shanghai Rock Hotel
20 39th Street (between 5th Ave. & 6th Ave.)
When: Thursday August 4, 2005
7:00 pm to 2:00 am

Unfortunately, Madison Strays had to drop off the bill and are being replaced by another band called.. Park Avenue Drifters (ahem). What...Coke Dick wasn't available? Or perhaps they would be inappropriate for a benefit show. But either way, Morning Theft will be there, and that means PAT!

However, if you want to see Madison Strays in all their glory, might I suggest you make plans to attend this:

posted by n. @ 8/01/2005

t-shirts : very loud

Okay so The Shout Out Louds are a band. A really good band who recently put out a really REALLY solid album called Howl Howl, Gaff Gaff. And since this band is made up of a bunch of creative people in that they do all their own album work, posters, videos etc., they have created this really cool t-shirt design contest for their fans through a company called Threadless

The website instructs: Simply watch the "The Comeback" video from Shout Out Louds and design a tee that you feel represents what you heard! The design can be anything relating to the song; the lyrics, the beat, the mood... anything

Pretty awesome concept, and even better are the prizes which include 750 dollars cash, an ipod shuffle, backstage passes to Shout Out Louds shows, etc. The band is going to choose the winner and their design will be sold on the site. Sure to be a collectors item. Oh, and the contest ends on the 18th of August so get your artsy side a move on.

There is a button for the contest on the side of my blog too, so if you want to go and check it out later it will be easy for you to find.

(The Shout Out Louds are playing Mercury Lounge August 7th and 8th)

posted by n. @ 8/01/2005

probably drunk

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