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the party and the hidden track

Wednesday night I went to the Spin party @ Webster Hall... big surprise. Well, the open bar was a nice surprise for me at least, and the free Garnier products lying everywhere (the "surf" hair spray is amazing, let me tell you). All of the bands were great, even though Lady Sovereign apparently copped an attitude and refused to perform when she was scheduled to because no one was there. I guess her bratty persona is pretty much accurate... Lee Lee Sobieski is super tall and was dragging her not as tall or hot boyfriend all over the place. I loved Nightmare of You even though they sounded NOTHING like I expected them to. Also, everytime I see Death Cab for Cutie, I love them just a little bit more than I did before. That's a crappy review, but I do really like the raspberry flavor of Absolut vodka, so there you go.

The best/worst thing about the whole event was that no one was there. So you could get really close to the front, but it was just weird to see such huge acts performing to such an empty room. Oh well... see you when Spin turns 25...?

Last night I went to Mercury Lounge to catch Earlimart's early show (that sounds funny). I had never seen them live, but fell completely in love with the album last fall. While it will always be linked to an ex-relationship which makes it a little more sad and painful - yet also completely beautiful - of an album for me than it already is, sometimes those records are your favorites. I was happy to see that Treble and Tremble translates wonderfully to their live performance, and the highlight for me was the gorgeous "A Bell and a Whistle" which is the perfect way to usher in Fall.

Earlimart - The Hidden Track

"The Hidden Track" used to be one of my favorite songs to DJ, and I will def. be bringing it back at The Skinny this Saturday so come say hi. I'm there from 10-4, and starting in October, officially the first Saturday of every month.

posted by n. @ 9/30/2005


everybody loves a good benefit

I can't even express to you how awesome the Katrina Benefit @ Rothko last night was. Honestly, so many people came out and all the bands really brought their best for a great cause. The GoStation played a fantastic set, with perhaps the best performance of "Next In Line" maybe EVER. I'm sure I say that all time about that song really, because it is certainly one of their strongest, but last night the room was jam packed and people in the front were going CRAZY for it. Matt also opened their set with a personal story about his family in Louisiana and an acoustic rendition of Green Days "Wake Me Up When September Ends" which was really very nice.

The Upwelling sounded good as always, and have really come together with their new keyboard player to the point where you would think Conner has been in the band forever. Ari wore a nice shirt, Josh wore an even BETTER shirt, and everything sounded loud and rockin, especially one of my favorites "Annie on the Rooftop." They made me jump around in the DJ booth more than anyone else that night. The Diggs were brilliant as always, and every time they play and there is a friend of mine in the room who hasn't seen them yet, they will ALWAYS come up to me and say "WOW you were right this band is GREAT." But don't take my word for it, go see them for yourself. They just finished their new EP that I can't wait to get my hands on -- big things to come for these three. Other Passengers were also fantastic and in good form after having to cancel their CMJ performance because of vocal problems. They also busted out a brand new supercool light display. OP are playing a residency at Pianos every Tuesday in October and I'm going to be DJing at one of their shows which will be fun x 10.

The Crackers United boys really impressed everyone with how well they organized this event, even creating commemorative t-shirts with the proceeds going to charity. So now I have a shirt with my name on it -- and the names of five bands that I absolutely love. They gave me one for free, which was awesome, but I ended up buying one for my little sister anyways -- and they were almost all sold out by the time that I did!

At the end of the night as I was leaving Rothko someone told me that they raised over 2000 dollars for Oxfam which is AMAZING. Things like last night really renew my faith in people and that always feels good.

Rachael has more photos of last night on her Flickr acct here.

posted by n. @ 9/28/2005


a new way of living

the classic formula:

pug + awesome song = great video

The Cloud Room - Hey Now Now (video)

posted by n. @ 9/27/2005

mandy remixed

does anyone have a copy of the remix of "oh mandy" that they can send me??? IM me or email me if you have it and can send it over today. thanks!

posted by n. @ 9/27/2005

fondue forever

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Stellastarr* contest is still going to be running through the end of the week, so get your submissions in. To the right is a better photo of what the wallets designed by Shawn look like --- and the coolest part is that only 24 of them were made! A great collectors item for any fan.

So send your emails in and I'll announce the winners on Friday.

Get your tickets for Spin 20 now, before they sell out! Totes a good time.

Last night I went to a super fun fondue party (which Counter later told me I was too young for because his parents used to do that in hte 70s or something), ate a bunch of stuff dipped in chocolate and cheese and danced around to the Spinto Band. Things dipped in cheese and indie rock = A GOOD TIME. I want to eat fondue every day.

ANYWAYS... Don't forget the Hurricaine Benefit @ Rothko for Katrina that I'm djing at, with AWESOME bands, is TONIGHT. 8pm! only 10 bucks!!!!!

posted by n. @ 9/27/2005


so dreamy - oh spinto band

It seems like I'm almost always late for shows nowadays, like I can't keep up with the whirlwind of my life. Luckily, even though I missed out seeing Apartment at Delancey by a good half an hour on Friday, as a result I managed to make it EARLY to (FINALLY) see the Spinto Band @ Mercury Lounge and boy was I glad that I did. Neverbefore have I seen so much young (they are all between the ages of 19 and 22!) indie boy cuteness packed onto one stage.

Their entire set was delightful, and while the crowd seemed most excited to hear their straight to your heart single "Oh, Mandy" which has been circulating around the net for months now, every song was just as endearing as the next. I had no choice but to buy a yellow band t-shirt -- it had a friggin PAC MAN on it --, but then I lost it (thanks for the tequila shot, Jay). Spinto Band has an album out on Bar-None records, and with tracks with titles like "Spy Vs Spy" and "Atari" they are sure to win the hearts of geeks and indie girls alike. They even have a blog about their tour, which is titled Where Will Our Van Break?... LOVE IT.


The Spinto Band - Brown Boxes

The Spinto Band - Mountains

and here again:

The Spinto Band - Oh, Mandy

posted by n. @ 9/26/2005


mark gardener of ride @ pianos tonight...

JUST ANNOUNCED! (and booked 10 minutes ago)
Mark Gardener of Ride

Sunday September 25 2005
midnight sharp - by Pianos standards anyway

special intimate preview of sold out Irving show

consider yourself informed

posted by n. @ 9/25/2005


WHO WANTS PRIZES? yes, you do .

So here is part two of my Stellastarr* contest. Better late than never right?

For one thing, I'm giving away these wallets which are customized limited edition autographed stellastarr wallets by Tinymeatthat were designed by Shawn (the singer) himself. Shawn is hot, the wallets are hot, etc. Apparently they look like so:

So on eof you gets this awesome wallet, and the rest of you get some sweet (troubled? nah) Stellastarr schwag:

1st: Autographed TinyMeat Wallet, Vinyl Single (Sweet Troubled Soul/Love and Longing), Poster, Stickers, Pins
2nd/3rd: Vinyl Single (Sweet Troubled Soul/Love and Longing), Poster, Stickers, Pins

I think I can also give the winner or maybe all the winners a copy of the new album too. Whatever, either way you can sell it on ebay, right?

Sorry Shawn, I'm a really lousy contest promoter. Now enter and email me to win!!!

posted by n. @ 9/22/2005


my hometown has the best food AND the best bands. tasty!

This blog is quickly turning into a fansite for The Changes. and do I care? no! they deserve it.

Today they were named one of the top ten bands "on the verge" in Chicago by New City Chicago.

"The sound--reminiscent of The Smiths but not quite as, let's say, pure--shows both the heart-on-sleeve approach that will attract half the scene and the danceable bounce that will attract the other."

That's so hot right now.

posted by n. @ 9/21/2005


hipster claymation is the new karaoke concept video

first of all,

Stellastarr* will be on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic at 2pm EST and you can listen here.

Their new video though... boy oh boy I don't even know what to say about it. I think it's really adorable when a band like Smoosh does a claymation video because.. well.. they are 11 and 13. But these claymation characters are bit more... 20-something Williamsburg dwellers and I'm just not sure how well that translates. Can the soul of a little clay body be that sweet and/or troubled?

Well, at least we can all agree that Shawn looks hot.

What do you think?

Stellastarr* - Sweet Troubled Soul Video

[real] [windows] [quicktime]

I'm ALSO supposed to be running a Stellastarr* contest but I'm too busy/lazy/whatever to write about. BUT if you want to win some Stellstarr goodies, why don't you just send me an email and answer this pointless trivia question:

Which Stellastarr member wrote this on his/her hand?

You have a one in four chance of getting this right, obviously. Just don't email me and say Johnny Kaps. Make the effort! The prizes are AWESOME. more later...

posted by n. @ 9/20/2005

rock out for a great cause

I was really honored and excited to be asked to DJ between the AWESOME bands playing this Katrina benefit @ Rothko in a week. Seriously, it's such a good cause and with all of the amazing talent they have lined up here of NYC's finest, I hope this sells out and then some. Please come and show your support.

posted by n. @ 9/20/2005


cmj 2005 comes to an end : thank god i can sleep now

Maybe it's just me, but CMJ felt weird this year. It just dragged and dragged and dragged and was then over in a flash. I'm really glad that I spent the last night of it at Crash Mansion djing though, surrounded by friends, Cribs, and free beer and breakfast. seriously, can i get sausage mcmuffins and krispie creams and cute british rockers at all of my dj gigs please? thank you.

unfortunately, this all ended on a really sour note when someone got shot (not. kidding.) at the hip hop club upstairs (BLVD) and the venue ended up having to shut us down before The Cribs even got to take the stage. They will be back soon though -- the boys have been touring for two solid years now and played FOUR shows during CMJ alone! Everyone who saw them had excellent things to say though, and I'm so glad. They are absolutely ones to watch.

The good thing about staying at one venue for many hours and djing between bands is that you get to see a LOT. The GoStation and The Adored (who have a bass player easily confused with one Brandon Flowers) played a pretty stellar sets, though I could have done without the ridiculous 10+ minute song that the Blue Van chose to close out their set with... good grief. The highlight for me, however, was a band that pretty much left my jaw on the floor. Group Sounds are, without question, totally fucking insane. The crowd loved them (and most of them wound up on stage WITH the band at the end of their set), the keyboard player got completely naked, they made out with people DURING their show (I have only seen a Pearl Jam coverband do this before) and they had everyone worked up into a crazed fun times frenzy. I can't exactly tell you if the music is really even that good to be completely honest, but I know I have the ep around here somewhere so I will figure that out soon. Regardless, a great live experience that had me jumping around quite a bit. Check them out.

Otherwise the rest of the week was OK, I managed to see We Are Scientists at the Fader space on Saturday and then wished I had spent more time there sitting around drinking free sparks and reading glossy magazines than running about in the nasty humidity. And We Are Scientists were awesome, as predicted and told to me by all. I can't wait to see them again.

I also surprisingly (maybe?) saw CYHSY at Mercury, which I guess based on the insane amount of people outside was "the show to see." The guys all expressed how tired they were before the set, and it was sort of evident until about midway through when suddenly the set took off and by the time they launched into "Satan Said Dance" the crowd was def. into it and people were jumping around and screaming satan which I have personally never seen before though I've heard about it. I for one stayed in the back with their manager and a smile on my face. You can get that song and some other live mp3s here. I hope the band finds the energy to knock em dead through the rest of their tour.

Ok well I think that's it. Back to regularly scheduled band/music consumption.

posted by n. @ 9/19/2005


the end is near...

but not quite yet!

I'm really excited to be DJing at Crash Mansion tonight for their CMJ afterparty, where you can find me pressing play and stop and eating free breakfast at 2 am with the Cribs! YAY. Here is the info:

New York Underbelly presents
CMJ Late Night Last Night Hangover Breakfast
Saturday, September 17, 2005
at Crash Mansion (199 Bowery at Spring St)

BROUGHT TO YOU BY: The Cooperative Music and Entertainment, Blue Metallic
Entertainment and iV Management

w/ performances by:
The Adored
The Blue Van
Amusement Parks on Fire
The Cribs

and DJ Nora K (irockiroll/on the pull) between bands

COVER: 12$ including BREAKFAST at 2am + 241 wine!

Nora starts DJing at 12 and the party runs until 5!

get tickets here
and with every advance purchase you get a goodie bag! goodies are awesome.

see you there!

posted by n. @ 9/17/2005


a double dose of The Changes @ CMJ : the best kind of medicine

so basically my CMJ sentiments agree completely with Nicole's thoughts below. it's a shame, but it's true. I can count the number of bands I have seen so far on one hand because of badge restrictions and slow public transport. Ugh.

Thank god, however, for The Changes because otherwise yesterday would have been a total bust. This band has improved to an entire new level since the last time I saw them play in NYC (although I did see them at Lollapalooza), and their new material is just astoundingly good live, mostly because they have gotten so tight as a group. I think a lot of their natural chemistry is because they really are the best of friends and come off as entirely cool, laid back and approachable which is a nice change of pace from a lot of the over-styled rock acts these days. There is just so much happy on the stage when they play, I can't even express it.

If you ever have the chance to catch this band live, do not miss them. They will someday be ridiculously famous, and from the first hook of "Can't Decide" to the all out jam of "Her You and I" you will be one of the first to know why.

photo shamelessly stolen from The Underrated Blog because I have no time to upload my own

posted by n. @ 9/16/2005

disappointed and disjointed on a friday morning.


it's cmj week in nyc.
and fashion week in nyc.
AND there's a UN meeting in nyc this week.

who thought this was a GOOD idea?!

this all amounts to a shortage of cabs, buses and trains, sold out hotels and restaurants, an overabundance of police and a general overcrowding of the city.

the CMJ marathon was already lacking in the lineup department this year, in my opinion, but now that it's practically impossible to get into any venue with a band worth seeing after 8pm because they seem to accept limited badges
e v e r y w h e r e... AND the fact that i've missed 4 out of the 6 shows i really wanted to see over the past 2 nights because of that... i have to say- I'm over it.

CMJ: you and me - we are no longer friends.

don't even get me started on trying to GET from venue to venue. ugh. and if i were one of the people who came from out of town and paid $500 for a badge and i couldn't get into the shows i wanted to see... i'd be raising hell. i got my badge for free, and it's still grating on me. it's all just so unorganized this year, it's mind blowing. i'm fully frustrated.

next year, unless they reform quicksand, raise elliot from the dead or do something equally amazing... they can just suck it.

ANYWAY- enough with my grumpy hungover morning attitude- the changes played cbgb 313 last night, and they were great (and quite nice too - lovely to meet you boys!)... but i won't say more than that because i'm sure nora has a whole entry to write about them. so, here's a song, enjoy!

posted by Anonymous @ 9/16/2005


mp3s for CMJ etc. etc.

three things quickly:

- TONS OF MP3s from CMJ artists! Go familiarize yourself. Thanks Wiredset, you guys are awesome.

- Go see Shiny Toy Guns at Crash Mansion tonight at 7:00. fun music. i like. mp3s on site (Sam, I just proved you right. dammit).

- This friday, go see Pilot to Gunner at Pianos if you don't feel like seeing CYHSY for the billionth time (it will be overflowing with people at Merc anyways so don't fret about them not packing the room). PTG are also from Brooklyn and deserve way more attention and praise than they get.

Here's a new unreleased track from them. Shhh don't tell anyone.

Pilot to Gunner - All The Lights

12:00 @ Pianos on Friday

later gaters! (i keep saying that lately. i have NO IDEA why)

posted by n. @ 9/15/2005

you know where to be when the ball drops

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah | Irving Plaza | December 31, 2005 | Tickets Onsale Thursday 9/15 at noon

just being lovingly informative.

CMJ so far has been kind of "eh".. just avoiding Bowery like the plague (not that you can get in with a badge after 9:30 anyways which is lame. Last night saw Oxford Collapse (loved them) and some other good Kanine label bands at Pianos and went home early after a drink at Union Pool. Today will kick my ass. Way to go with the planning CMJ..

posted by n. @ 9/15/2005


tia carrera... the band?

nora: let's go see Tia Carrera tomorrow night at Trash Bar!
jeff: :-(
nora: BOO
nora: that sucks
jeff: yeah
nora: i want to hear ballroom blitz!
jeff: hahaha
jeff: we all do


posted by n. @ 9/13/2005

it's a good day to get haunted

out today! go buy it!

"Despite a stellar first album and a commanding live show, stellastarr* has become the rarest of things in the New York rock scene: underrated. With an album guaranteed to make your iPod's most-played list, these stellar stars' secret is about to get out." - PAPER

Best of all, if you live in Chicago, you can still go see Stellastarr* TONIGHT, playing with the fabulous The Changes @ my favorite chicago venue, The Metro. I love the midwest.


If you go to the show, you can also say hi to my dad, because he's going to be there. No joke.

ALSO, here is the CMJ date and two showtimes for The Changes. DO NOT MISS THEM.


3:30pm @ Pianos - 158 Ludlow St.
with The Roaring 20s, Trick & The Heartstrings and others

11:30pm @ CBs 313 Gallery - 313 Bowery
with Devin Davis, An Angle, Denison Witmer and others

posted by n. @ 9/13/2005

brooklyn vegan... in manhattan tonight

"Underage leggy blondes" may want to steer clear of this tonight, but otherwise, this should be a great show. Way to go, Brooklyn Vegan

posted by n. @ 9/13/2005

CYHSY @ your school? info please!

if anyone has info on the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah show tonight @ Vasser, can you please send it to me (ie if tickets are avail, where the show is, etc?). Some readers wanted to know.


posted by n. @ 9/13/2005


a national tour possibly gone wrong...

Oh dear.

Well I just read this, and I'm honestly pretty sad about it. Obviously I have loved CYHSY since before the Pitchfork whirlwind shitstorm came and unexpectedly blew them into the stratosphere, and I will stand by my opinion of them always as a great talented band and on top of that some of the nicest musicians I have ever met. And I feel bad for the National because they have a great album out, but this is a shitty situation for everyone involved.

I wonder what, if anything, they are going to do...?

posted by n. @ 9/12/2005

they're scientists, i'm hooked

I woke up this morning and I was really mad at myself? Why, you ask? Well, because I had never listened to We Are Scientists up until a few days ago, despite the urging of several of my friends. Sometimes things get so hectic around here that great music escapes me, and I like to beat myself up about it. How do I do that? Well I listen to their EP on contant repeat until I'm nearly sick todeath of them and yet can't believe how awesome I think they are.

I'm sure you've noticed this band being mentioned in numerous blogs lately, with everyone from Central Village to the uber fan Ultragrrrl singing their praises. But I'm a firm believer that bloggers can't talk about bands like this enough, until the masses start to really pay attention. We're just a tiny corner of the net anyways. So fall in love with a band and tell all your friends. That's what I'm really doing here in the first place (except maybe I'm telling a few strangers in the process). Even if I'm the last person chasing after the bandwagon, I'll just reiterate that this is a great band.

Anyways, you can catch We Are Scientists at their CMJ showcase at Scenic on Saturday. I think I might have to miss it because I'm djing another showcase that night, but don't be bummed out like me. Don't miss this band. Because then you'll beat yourself up about it too.

We Are Scientists - Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt

oops.. guess the link to "Inaction" didn't work, but I think you can still download that and one other mp3 on their website.

posted by n. @ 9/12/2005



but that post is coming later.

instead, here:
I'm dj DJing at The Skinny from 10-4 tomorrow night
all the drinks are super cheap
4 dollar wells 3 dollar domestic beers and 3 dollar shots

Eliza will be there with me on the decks and she's pretty hot. i think this girl has paul banks on speed dial but you didn't hear that from me.

consider this a CMJ warm-up

174 Orchard st
indie rock 80s 90s dance whatever

see you there!

and have a nice weekend...

ps: the Ios are also playing at Rothko and I suggest that you go see them on Saturday if you feel like seeing a great band. they are on at 9:30. thanks and goodnight

posted by n. @ 9/09/2005


the deja in my vu!

now see, that is an odd title for an album that is actually cool

anyways, i'm shamelessly giving you this MP3 after getting it from the awesome Dodge. mostly because it was stuck in his head and now it is stuck in mine.

Leisure Alaska - Transistors In My Mind

what's up Denmark! read what Dodge had to say here. he said that if you liked the Smashing Pumpkins you would like this, and so far his theory holds up with me. and he has other songs too. go to Leisure Alaska's website here.

posted by n. @ 9/08/2005

odditorium indeed...

this morning while I was running out the door to work, I grabbed a manilla envelope off the coffee table and discovered on the L train that it was full of CDs, including a copy of the new Dandy Warhol's album "Odditorium or Warlords of Mars." I've always liked the Dandy Warhols, even though Courtney Taylor was kind of TOO odd when I djed with him at Hiro back in April. He played the entire album then, although clearly what I'm listening to now is pretty different -- or at they very least mastered.

but while I kind of like "Down Like Disco," which is standard Dandys single material in terms of catchy-ness, I dunno about the rest of this disc. Is the 10+ minute closer awfully titled "A Loan Tonight" really necessary? I think not. I personally can only take so much ambient noise in one sitting. I think maybe Courteney and company need to realize that as strangely as they want to title their albums, they will never be as wonderfully odd, not to mention talented, as their rivals. You know who I mean.

The Dandy Warhols - Down Like Disco

posted by n. @ 9/08/2005

helloooooooooooo moto

Last night I went with some of my fellow bloggers to this weird Motorola party for their new cellphone, the Motorokr which basically has itunes on it and can hold 100 songs. Unfortunately, they didn't give out any free phones (at least not while I was there), but they did give out other fun things like champagne and mini cheeseburgers. Mmm. When someone walks up to you with a tray full of free redbull, you know you went to the right party.

The phones apparently cost about 250 bucks, and from what I saw they were really nice actually. But honestly, I'd rather have a pair of the amazing headphones that they had for you to listen to them with. They made the Bravery sound really good (um... yeah) and made it so you couldn't hear ANYTHING else, like people geeking out next to you and reading their own blogs at the party. Who would do a thing like that though?

posted by n. @ 9/08/2005


surefire on the brink

A few weeks ago I got the chance to listen to Surefire's new EP, and I have to say -- wow was I impressed. The five newly recorded tracks that they included, including "Hung" and "What Else Could I Say?" really do the band justice, especially after their somewhat lackluster first effort, the Solution EP that came out when the band was really in its infancy.

To find out what all the much deserved buzz is about, check out their show at Pianos this thursday with NYC rockers The Fame. Preview some tracks at their Myspace acct too.

posted by n. @ 9/06/2005

stella parties

Sorry I haven't been blogging a lot recently. Don't worry, I didn't die (although I DID go camping... but was not eaten by bears), I've just been really busy with my awesome new job and trying (mostly in vain) to get more sleep.

Anyways, the big news is that this is going on tonight and you should go:

h a r m o n i e s f o r t h e h a u n t e d

(release party!)

tuesday, september 6
the cabana in the maritime hotel
w. 17th street and 9th avenue, nyc
8 pm - 12 am

there is complimentary vodka from 8-9pm (early!) and great djs including James Iha (is he a stellastarr* fan? hmm... kind of random) and the lovely Melody Nelson who has returned from Paris!

rsvp here for free admission

see you there!

Stellastarr - Lost In Time

ALSO, it was Nicola's birthday yesterday, so wish her a happy one! And if you see her out tonight, buy her a shot. Or two. Or ten.

posted by n. @ 9/06/2005

probably drunk

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