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out of control

While I am somewhat disapointed with the new Yeah Yeah Yeah's album as a whole, this song can be remixed until it is blue in the face -- it's a fucking PARTY.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Lion (the Nick Zinner remix)


posted by n. @ 3/27/2006


win free stuff. wahoo!

I love a good lineup, and a good line up is exactly what is instore for those who attend the stellastarr* show this Monday at Bowery Ballroom (their second in a pair of dates). This band rocks. I have seen them in venues ranging from Luna Lounge (rip) to a sauna of a tent at Coachella, and they never fail to entertain live.

And thanks to the awesome people at Wiredset, I have a PAIR OF TICKETS to give away. Just email me and guess what my favorite stellastarr song is and the first correct guess wins.

I also love both of the opening bands on the night - Mobius Band and The Hourly Radio. I've never actually seen The Hourly Radio but Arthur from Stellastarr is a huge fan of theirs.

The Hourly Radio - Deaf Ears

If you don't win tickets to the show, you can also buy them here!

posted by n. @ 3/22/2006


nora can't blog because she's too busy making up words to confuse me.

instead of working, we IM-

nicola: oooofa i'm starting to get a headache
nicola: there's a fire alarm going off here
nora: FIRE FIRE!
nora: stop drop and roll piz
nora: i mean biz
nora: piz to the biz
nora: what what
nicola: huh

posted by Anonymous @ 3/21/2006

i didn't go to sxsw and i am uncool, however:

This is VERY cool.

Tonight, at Rothko, 10 pm.

If the Japanese have figured this out already, why haven't you?

The Diggs - Trouble Everyday

posted by n. @ 3/21/2006


three times the stellastarr (***)

so, stellastarr* and editors are going on a tour together, which is pretty much the equivalent of two really hot people hooking up with eachother. it's essentially like the indie rock version of Bradgelina. HOTTT. Another example of this would be Death Cab For Cutie and Franz Ferdinand, which is almost like a hot threesome because the Cribs are going on tour with them... but I'm getting off track. Below are the stella/editors tour dates so that you can bask in their hottness. If they start adopting cute foreign babies together, I will be sure to let you know.

3.20.06 - Boston, MA (The Roxy)
3.21.06 - South Burlington, VT (Higher Ground)
3.22.06 - Montreal, QC (Cabaret du Musse Juste Pour Rire)
3.24.06 - Toronto, ON (Phoenix Concert Theater)
3.25.06 - Cleveland, OH (Agora Theater)
3.26.06 – New York, NY (Bowery Ballroom) – only stellastarr*
3.27.06 – New York, NY (Bowery Ballroom) – only stellastarr*
3.28.06 - Brooklyn, NY (Warsaw)
3.29.06 - Washington, DC (9:30 Club)
4.01.06 - Philadelphia, PA (Trocadero)
4.02.06 - Baltimore, MD (Sonar)
4.04.06 - Norfolk, VA (The Norva Theatre)
4.05.06 - Carrboro, NC (Cat's Cradle)
4.06.06 - Athens, GA (40 Watt Club)
4.07.06 - Orlando, FL (The Social)
4.08.06 - Miami, FL (Studio A)
4.09.06 - St. Petersburg, FL (State Theater)
4.11.06 - Nashville, TN (Exit/In)
4.12.06 - Columbus, OH (Newport Music Hall)
4.13.06 - Detroit, MI (Magic Stick)
4.14.06 - Covington, KY (The Mad Hatter)
4.15.06 - Columbia, MO (Blue Note)
4.16.06 - Chicago, IL (Metro)
4.18.06 - Minneapolis, MN (Fine Line Music Cafe)
4.19.06 - Lawrence, KS (Granada Theatre)
4.21.06 - Denver, CO (Bluebird Theatre)
4.22.06 - Salt Lake City, UT (TBD)
4.25.06 - Vancouver, BC (Richard's On Richards)
4.27.06 - Seattle, WA (Chop Suey)
4.28.06 - Portland, OR (Dante's)
4.29.06 - San Francisco, CA (Mezzanine)
4.30.06 - Indio, CA (Coachella)

and here is some music for you to get in the mood:

stellastarr* - Love and Longing

editors - lights

posted by n. @ 3/13/2006


hot hot summer (for a day)

so cute

I really love this band now. Mostly just for the games.

Thanks to everyone who came out last night, from what I can recall it was a lot of fun.

Here is an appropriate song for today:

The Young Knives - Weekends and Bleak Days

posted by n. @ 3/10/2006


Bands like Snowden are the reason that I started a blog. It was almost two years ago since I first saw them (at the craptastic Siberia Lounge), and while the band has changed a LOT since then, one factor remains the same: this band is incredible. That's why I was so happy when I heard that the band has finally signed to Jade Tree Records. Congrats to Snowden!

Snowden - Kill The Power

Snowden - Anti-Anti

And while I'm actually blogging, check out these two videos by artists who are loved by bloggers, especially this one.

We Are Scientists - What's The Word (quicktime)
(um... how cute is keith in that hat? totes adorable)

Editors - Munich (windows media)

posted by n. @ 3/08/2006


I'm getting old.

nora : dude that FOB show was awesome
nora: hahaha
jerry: did you go?
nora: yep!
jerry: hahahaha
nora: i went, i moshed, it was hilarious
jerry: was ridiculous?
nora: so much ridiculous
nora: the best part was that the only people at the bar were us
nora: and moms
nora: LOTS of moms
jerry: HAHAHA
jerry: drinking with the moms
jerry:thats great
nora:awww some of these girlfan comments on bv are so sad
nora: i wonder if "glittergrl3890" got tickets or not
nora: wait.. does that mean she was born on march 8th 1990?
nora: in which case i feel super old right now?
Jerry Yeti: yes
nora: oh my god...
jerry: I havent read the comments since it was announced
jerry: we ARE old

anyways, if you want to come celebrate my getting older and perhaps becoming less of an appropriate attendee for a secret Fall Out Boy concert (even if it was just for the fun of it), I'm having a birthday party at The Annex (Orchard between Stanton and Rivington) - part of the Stolen Transmission Party hosted by Sarah and Karen. It's a co-party with my friend Mahsa, who is another Smashing Pumpkins loving pisces from Chicago. Fun times, starts at 10, cupcakes included. No Clap Your Hands Say Yeah performance this year (I tried! Sort of..), but I'd love to see everyone.

posted by n. @ 3/07/2006


wondering what it's like to fall...

okay, since nora is holed up in a skanky courtroom in brooklyn 'serving her civic duties' today, i figured i'd update the blog to give you all something to read. how nice of me, right?? right.

so, there's this band called alpha rev, and they are 1/2 based in nyc and 1/2 based in austin, tx. they played at fat baby last month (yeah i know, boo! hiss! fat baby! everyone hates fat baby! whatevs), and they sold the show out before the door even opened. that's pretty damn impressive!

they have what seems to be a semi-rotating cast of band members depending on who is available for any given show (at the fat baby show there were 7 of them on stage!), but there are 4 permanent members- casey, tim, sanjay and gautam. you may remember casey from the illfated austin emo buzz band, endochine, and tim is the drummer for pop darling, jem. gautam and sanjay are veterans of one of my recent favorite bands that have hit the rocks and unfortunately split up, passenger. so you'd think if you combined all of these noteworthy musicians you'd end up with noteworthy music, right? bingo!

i have to say that i enjoyed their live show MUCH more than their recorded tracks. at one point i actually turned to xiaoting and asked *is this the same band as the one from the website?*. they kind of blew me away. casey is a dead ringer for what i'd expect the vocal love child of chris martin + thom yorke + matt bellamy to sound like... and the rest of the guys were super tight on stage. the only problem is, that with 7 band members, they need quite a large performance space and 1/2 of them ended up in front of the stage at fat baby! these boys are definitely a big stage act, all the way.

take a listen to 'stuck in a crowd', and keep in mind it sounds much fuller live.

next goal- convince nora to see them play!

okay, enough of my yammering- these boys play pretty songs AND they've got a great sense of humor. check out their recently filmed spot for MTV cribs (love it!), and check THEM out the next time they are in town. i *may* have more info on that soon (wink, wink).


posted by Anonymous @ 3/03/2006



So Madonna is now playing Coachella.


posted by n. @ 3/01/2006

still in love with the stills?

First of all, The Stills have posted one song from their new album on myspace. It's called "In The Beginning." Let me just say that a week or two ago my boss brought me into his office and said "listen to this" and played a song. And I sat there and was like "what the hell is this" and his reponse was "The Stills." I didn't even recognize it AT ALL. And considering how much I played and enjoyed their first album, I don't really think that's a GOOD thing right?

Now two weeks later I've played "In The Beginning" three or four times at my desk and seriously... I don't know. It's definitely a departure for them. Hopefully this redbull I'm chugging will give me some clarity on this....

What do you guys think?

Brooklyn Vegan has their tour dates (lots of them!)

posted by n. @ 3/01/2006

probably drunk

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