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posted by n. @ 1/31/2007

what is goin on people....

everyone over at Beev is cranky today, and HEY WHAT the Killers are playing Madison Square Garden?

i can't really think of anything else to talk about today (but if i was going to talk, i wouldn't do it at a show or someone would go postal on me obviously)

posted by n. @ 1/31/2007


pb&j and more

what a crazy weekend. thanks to everyone who came out to rachael's awesome show on saturday night. we had so much fun, and personally i think it was one of my better DJ gigs and that really feels good. all of the bands were amazing, and i want to write a bit about each of them in the coming days.

for now though, after reading about the "secret" peter bjorn and john show last night, all i want to do is go and see this band tonight or tomorrow. anyone got a list spot or +1 or something for this girl? I promise a probably extremely enthusiastic and positive write up (at least if Beev's entry was any indication) the next day.

this song has been stuck in my head for days:

Peter Bjorn & John - Amsterdam

and while we are talking about songs I like right now, this is the only track so far from the new Bloc Party record that has done ANYTHING for me. i think it sounds best when played really loudly.

Bloc Party - I Still Remember

posted by n. @ 1/29/2007


Willkommen Back...

The Smashing Pumpkins have made their first official announcement of an appearance in 2007. The band will headline both Rock am Ring (6/2/07) and Rock im Park (6/3/07) Festivals in Germany. Tickets are available beginning on Saturday, January 27, 2007. Tickets can be purchased by visiting Check out the festival website for more information. Stay tuned for many more announcements…


(ok but seriously, this is just mean. WHY GERMANY. goddamit billy!)

posted by n. @ 1/26/2007

the most important question:

WHERE is Tally Hall?
i miss them :(

posted by n. @ 1/26/2007

don't break my ha-ha-heart

this is just a reminder of where you should be tomorrow night, and also i just want to inform everyone that now there will be one or more of the following

a) hot australian guys
b) a make out booth

also, i just want to say that last night i seriously had at least 3 straight guys dancing to this song, which was kind of awesome.

Regina Spektor - Fidelity

and i also only played Ruby twice, which is a new record I think.


posted by n. @ 1/26/2007


satan said, go to sleep nora.

eating cookies for breakfast is always a good idea. going to see your favorite buzz band at 12:30am on a week night is a little more questionable, but I'm glad I did last night/this morning despite the resulting sleep deprivation. for some reason for me, going to a clap your hands say yeah show is kind of like hanging out with old friends. it's nice and familiar, sort of like your old favorite sweater that you used to wear all the time but now just put on every now and then.

the band is still good, they have improved immensley as a live band, and yet somehow nothing ever really changes and you always get exactly what you expect which is I guess why I don't make as much of an effort to see them live anymore. Nevertheless, the new and old songs blended seemlessly together, and even if the probably over-tired crowd wasn't in full dance party mode (even if satan told them to be, ha ha), I think the surprisingly sparse crowd had a good (late) night.

In other news and speaking of old friends, tonight I'm going to go see Morning Theft at Mercury Lounge. Since the band play fewer and fewer New York shows these days, catching them live in the city is a special treat and really shouldn't be missed if you have the chance to check them out. We also feature the band on THE BLOG SHOW today, which will be up and noon est time, so go give it a listen.

Rob, the lead singer, came by Rachael's apartment and played us an exclusive track from their forthcoming album, tentatively titled Song Of Resignation. I got to hear three un-mastered tracks that will also be on the release (and we play one on the show) and I think awesome things are soon to come for this band.

Morning Theft play tonight at 8:30, and you can check them out here.

Morning Theft - Living With Your Ghost

Morning Theft - Weakness

OH! and Rachael and I are djing at the Skinny tonight, and the band will be having their afterparty there with us, so you should come. And seriously, I don't care if it's snowing. Vodka melts snow anyways, didn't your mother teach you anything?

posted by n. @ 1/25/2007


RUBY : coming atcha LIVE


(note the small font: editors are also playing!)

posted by n. @ 1/24/2007


lions and tigercity oh my!

okay, actually no lions. or bears or very indie exclamation points either. however, i have really been digging the band Tigercity lately, because catchy is the new awesome and this band is absolutely both.

granted i DID see them live a few months ago because Piper dragged me there after we saw some really weird band from like antartica featuring an albino piano player trying to channel coldplay at pianos. swear to god. so i was not really in the best mood, and Tigercity was having technical problems which seemed to render them somewhat incapable of playing any of their songs.

nevertheless, i've been listening to their music for a few weeks now in heavy iTunes rotation, and we actually played them on The Blog Show the last week of December, so to say that Tigercity have grown on me would be quite the understatement. My friend Jay made a comparison to the Rapture at their Annex show, but I don't really hear that necessarily. More, this is just very straightforward, good poppy "dance rock" that I'm not sure you could actually dance to. Then again, I dance to "Ruby," so anything is possible.

Oh and they are playing at Merc on Feb 10th. Disco party!

Tigercity - Dark Water

Tigercity - Are You Sensation

Also, why we are on the subject of fun pop rock tunes, I want to direct you guys over to a new blog that my friend/partner in crime Piper has started called Shh! Don't Tell. Except she's telling you! Get it? Good.

Anyways, check out Drive-By Argument, that song "Sega Method" is solid in my book.

posted by n. @ 1/22/2007


clap your hands and say blog show. har har.

since i have been absolutely crazy swamped at work today, this is going to be brief but will have to be sufficient.

for one, the latest (number FIFTEEN, whoa!) edition of THE BLOG SHOW is up now for your listening pleasure on Break Thru Radio. Hoorah! We crush on Kevin Devine and say awesome things about Slap You In Public, etc. etc. good times all around.

one of my bands for this week is an act that i guess has become pretty synonymous with this blog. they are called Clap Your Hands Say Yeah -- ever heard of them?

well i have my copy of Some Loud Thunder, and while i haven't been able to give it a totally thorough listening just yet, I have to say that I have been really impressed with the direction the band is going in and with the new songs as well. i know that the two "leaked" tracks were met with a bit of a lukewarm reception upon first listen by a lot of bloggers, but they have really grown on me, especially the gorgeous "Love Song Number 7." (available as a free download on the band's website incase you haven't heard it yet and live in a cave or something, har har again).

every time I tell Rachael how much I love this song, however, she does gawk at me or types REALLY with lots of ?!?!?!??! afterwards.

don't worry, i'm working on her still.

anyways, go listen to the blog show and here are two more tracks from the CYHSY album to amuse yourselves with, or STREAM IT FREE on their myspace.

CYHSY - Emily Jean Stock

Mama, Won’t You Keep Them Castles in the Air and Burning?

ps: can i please get a hoodie now? pretty please?

posted by n. @ 1/18/2007


So I guess this unsigned band called Koopa are making history today on the UK music charts. Some say end of music industry or their worst nightmare or i guess both. in reality, i'm only really posting this because i wanted to show you guys this super cute picture of a koopa troopa.


ok, i'm donw now.

You can stream the song that is changing the "world as we know it" blah blah blah on their myspace, but when you hear how bad it is, you will probably be sad, so just look at the cute koopa troopa some more.

posted by n. @ 1/18/2007


a river of ambition : beat radio

I know I have heaped praise upon the brooklyn band Beat Radio before on this blog, numerous times infact. But honestly their stunning performance Saturday night at Matchless in Brooklyn left me practically speechless.

I don't even know if I could name one other band right now, at least from around here, who are so genuinely brilliant and yet so terribly underrated. Brian Sendrowitz's heartfelt lyrics ALONE I think make it impossible to not fall in love with Beat Radio and then have them break your heart (but in the best way possible).

The band will be playing a special acoustic performance at Cross Pollination next Tuesday, upstairs at Pianos. Come join Rachael and I for some pinot grigio and songs about love and other things I know nothing about but wish I did.

Beat Radio - Elegy

Beat Radio - Another Loveless Anthem (amazing amazing lyrics)

And don't forget that you can download Beat Radio's ENTIRE DEBUT ALBUM for FREE (YAY!) at their website! So. Awesome.

Hooray to Pat and Chris for putting on an awesome show at Matchless, but next time someone had best play fooseball with me!

posted by n. @ 1/16/2007


blog show or ruby show. you decide.

i know you might be thinking that my obsession with this kaiser chief's song has become a "problem" but.. i'm ok with that. so please don't try to stage some sort of intervention (you know, like they did with dylan on that episode of 90210).

INSTEAD, go tune into the blog show today on break thru radio because WE PLAY THE SONG. and you can hear my genuine enthusiam. seriously. it will ooze out of your speakers (in a good way).

and finally, we are djing at the skinny tonight from 10-4. i'm going to play a ruby megamix of some sort.

posted by n. @ 1/11/2007



ricky you had better show...

posted by n. @ 1/10/2007

maybe the best thing EVER

this friday at annex:

What: Locksley CD Release Party.
When: Friday, Jan. 12th. 10p.m.
Where: New York, NY. The Annex 152 Orchard St. 10002
Why: Free vodka from 10 till it runs out. (note: this means at 10:10 there will be no more free vodka) Oh, and Locksley plays a set at 11.

Mention Locksley at the door and admission is only $5. See you there!

Mention RUUUUUUUUUUUUBAY at the door and nothing happens, but you will be super awesome.

Previously: An entry about Locksley, including some hot mp3 action...

posted by n. @ 1/10/2007

i am on deck.

expect to hear "RUBY" played like... five or six times at least.

posted by n. @ 1/10/2007




Okay, I just want to point out first that You Ain't No Picasso has a rip of some sort for the new KAISER CHIEFS song. It's called "Ruby."

You know i LOVE this band. I even made an exboyfriend go see them on valentines with me. I want to make Ricky Wilson babies right after Shins babies. Now with that out of the way, I'm not sure yet how i feel about this song. It sure is catchy. I keep catching myself saying "ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" out loud at my desk, which may not make me terribly popular at the workplace, but it sure will get this song stuck in my head really fast. Then again, I don't really know how this compares in ANY way to anything from Employment and it certainly is a departure.

and FINALLY, a letter regarding people sending me things which i previously dictated to rachael:





c'mon now... send me something good! you know, you rock and you roll too, right?

edit/update: have now listened to "ruuubaaaaaaaaaaYYYYY" on repeat like 10 times. song is addictive like crack. oh dear...

posted by n. @ 1/09/2007

rachael and nora "debate" when emo boys "attack"

first, watch this. i know it doesn't seem like it is going anywhere, but TRUST ME IT IS. then read below! and yes, this is music related because it has to do with a concert so don't get all pissy and i probably will never talk about fall out boy ever again.

rach: did you see that video of the fall out boy fight
nora: no... wait, what?
nora: did they beat eachother up?
rach: go to stereogum
nora: do i have to?
rach: pete wentz ATTACKS
nora:ok FINE
nora: ok right now
nora:he is rapping
nora: or something
rach: just wait
nora: and everyone is screaming
rach: juuuuust wait
rach: just wait
nora: oh SHIT
nora: OMG
nora: kill pete kill!
rach: hahahahaha
rach: how great is that
nora: what the hell WAS that
nora: wait wait
nora: what does he say at the end???
rach: "thats what you get when you mess with my friends mother fucker"
rach: or something to that extent
nora: wow
nora: omg
rach: "That's what you get when you fuck with my friends...fuckin' asshole." quote unquote Pete Wentz, bass player for Fall Out Boy. January 7th 2007, Fall Out Boy brought the Friends Or Enimies tour into the Sunshine Theater in Albuquerque, NM along with New Found Glory, The Early November, and Permanent Me. At the end of their set during 'Saturday', they started letting people onstage. Security didn't want anymore ppl on stage. A roadie (and comrade) of FOB's was still letting ppl on. That must have pissed off a certain securty guard enough to attack the roadie and bring him offstage and grapple with him. Pete took offense and dropped the mic, jumped offstage and started beating the shit outta that security guard. After the pummel, Pete got back onsatge, grabbed the mic and stated, "That's what you get when you fuck with my friends...fuckin' asshole!" then the band left...but what's even better is...I'VE GOT IT ALL ON VIDEO.
nora: ok first of all
nora: i don't think pete wentz beat the shit otu of ANYONE
rach: hahaha
nora: i mean he may have flailed his little emo arms and legs around
nora: and smudged his eyeliner
nora: but there was no ASS KICKING
nora:actually it seemed like the other security guards
nora:were trying to keep the bouncer from kicking PETES ass
rach: haha i know
rach: tis true
nora: aww little pete
nora:so emo, such nice abs
nora: but sort of out of his mind
rach: hahaha
rach: just a tad
nora: you know, i read this interview once
nora: where he talked about going to a best buy
nora: and sitting in the parking lot
nora: thinking about killing himself
rach: whaaaat
nora: that best buy is totally like four blocks from my house I think
rach: oh jesus
nora: i so wish i would have been there
nora: and like walked by
nora: actually i probably wouldn't have done anything
rach: and saved his life
rach: or not
nora: but said something like "Pete wentz is really short" (just a note, when i DID see pete wentz in person for the first time, that is actually the only comment i had. just an fyi)
nora: haha
rach: i remember seeing him on mtv when he was cohosting the movie awards
rach: and he was sooooo dorky
nora: did I ever tell you, i swear to god i went to summer camp with him
nora: like we made noodle collages together
rach: you should ask him
nora:"dear crazy pete"
nora:"did you ever go to wilmette arts and crafts summer camp at the highcrest rec center?"
nora: circa 1989?
rach: exactly
nora: "if so..."
nora:"i believe we may have a deep bond"
nora:"please respond asap"
nora:"no photos of your genetalia are required"
rach: ps. don't kill yourself

just another note, while there is quite a bit of humour to be found in pete wentz trying to "attack" 200lb + bouncers, there is nothing funny about commiting suicide in the parking lot of a best buy or anywhere else, so please don't do that

posted by n. @ 1/09/2007


this song describes how i'm feeling today

you know, when you wake up and it's cold and rainy when it was 70 degrees in january just two days ago, and oh btw everything inexplicably smells like gas and everyone is still sad/pissed/whatever about arcade fire tickets and your overpriced apartment has no hot water in it.

that, and my boyfriend was humming this and singing it on and off for most of the day saturday, and he has very good taste.

LCD Soundsystem - New York, I Love You

posted by n. @ 1/08/2007

beautiful from far away

Lately, while everyone has been basically creaming themselves over the new Arcade Fire tracks (and, like myself, bemoaning the lack of available tickets to their upcoming New York shows), I've been digging through my iTunes/memory for some new music that has perked up my ears in 2007.

One such act is an NYC quartet that Ryan took me to see right before the holidays called Bridges and Powerlines. Their live show at Pianos that night showcased some really great vocal harmonies, which I found really impressive and think is the band's standout strongsuit. They have a five track self titled ep of their power pop/rock (occasionally jangly and sometimes, dare I say, even a little bit emo - like the track "Mumbles" which has been stuck in my head for DAYS now) songs out now and several upcoming NYC shows, including one on the 13th at Trash Bar that I would say are certainly worth checking out.

Bridges and Powerlines - Carmen

Bridges and Powerlines - Mumbles

In other news, the View show last week was pretty much "meh" in my mind and I could have taken it or left it. Rachael enjoyd them and their floppy hair and agreed with me that the lead singer looked to be about 12 years old. We discussed the band and the show on the Blog Show last week, and their shortcomings in compared to similiar acts like the Arctic Monkeys, so incase you missed that you should go tune in.

HOWEVER, the band did appear on the friggin cover of the arts section of the New York Times, who also attended the same show that we went to.


posted by n. @ 1/08/2007


two points

first of all, The Wrens are one of the BEST live acts out there right now.

and second of all, this is a great event for a very worthy cause.


posted by n. @ 1/02/2007

wasted little djs

Tonight I guess I'm going to throw my hat into the hype circus ring and check out the latest overseas import "The View" (not to be confused with the Barbara Walters fronted morning gab-fest of the same name on ABC, which this blog in no way endorses as a way to spend your time). So far I've been able to find a few mp3s from their forthcoming album Hats Off To The Buskers and my immediate opinion was a general "MEH" with a bit of Arctic Monkeys "lite" thrown in for good measure. They do use a harmonica though, and I am pretty fond of that.

Maybe they will blow me away tonight though. I mean they ALSO have a song called "Wasted Little Djs" which could feasibly be about Nora and Rachael and a bottle of vodka... you never know. And they have floppy hair, which Rach really likes a lot so.. we shall see.

I have no idea what the ticket situation is like for tonight or tomorrow, but try to catch them. The Diggs open for them tomorrow also.

The View - Wasted Little DJs

The View - Same Jeans

posted by n. @ 1/02/2007

three years of blogging

yeah i've been writing on this site for THREE YEARS. that is crazy. i'd like to thank the two people who are probably still reading this for sticking around for this long.

now that i'm back from my tropical vacation to chicago, i have a year end list to post that will blow your mind.

but first, here's another track from the new Shin's album (actually I think this is a b-side but who cares). I love this album. SO MUCH. consider this my first love of 2007.

i told rachael i like this album so much that i want to have its babies and i was not kidding.

the shins - nothing at all

happy new year!!! my "reflections" soon to follow...

posted by n. @ 1/02/2007

probably drunk

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