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politics + booze = awesome!

The Official 2004 Presidential Debate Drinking Game

By David Martin
Published in the Chicago Tribune
September 29, 2004

Let's face it. The presidential debates are a nuisance (note from nora: i disagree with this). But for whatever reason, most television networks feel obliged to carry them.

So stop your whining and make the best of a bad situation with the Official 2004 Presidential Debate Drinking Game. All you have to do is line up your favorite beverage and pick a candidate. Then let the game begin:

- Every time President Bush says the word "safer," take a drink. If he uses the word "democracy" in the same sentence, make it a double.

- For every John Kerry reference to the UN, have a drink.

- If Bush uses the phrase "compassionate conservative," you must chug your entire beverage.

- Take one drink for every three times Kerry points with his left hand.

- Any previously recorded Bushism, like "misunderestimate" or "subliminable," used by the president during the debate requires one drink.

- If Kerry exceeds the time limit for any response, take a drink.

- Back-to-back offenses require a double shot and a NoDoz.

A reference by your candidate to any of the following requires one drink:

1) Florida

2) North Korea

3) Axis of evil

4) Saddam Hussein

5) The American people

- And for an exciting twist on the game, anytime anybody mentions the word "Vietnam," everybody has to take a drink.

In this game, everyone's a winner. At worst, you'll reach the end of the debate experiencing a warm, pleasant buzz. But if you're really lucky, you'll pass out by 10 o'clock and won't have to listen to the closing statements. Cheers!

posted by n. @ 9/30/2004

"when we were kids we wanted to make a band that combined the mystical lyrics of Dio and Iron Maiden with the experimentation of Viovod"

Okay, observe. In the above picture on the right we have Carlos D. circa 1988. A cropped version of this photo appeared in the latest Rolling Stone feature on the band. (As a side note, this issue also featured THE BRAVERY as one of the ten bands you should watch. Crazy!) I think the hair has really improved since then (though didn't everyone's hair improve after the 80's?), but there's no "badass" gun holster! Did you buy your copy of Antics yet? Get on that shit!

Anyways, I should also mention that the guy all the way on the left in the above photo is DJing @ popfrenzy! on Friday. It's a small world afterall. His name is ALSO Carlos. Dun dun dun....

Also, tonight members of Keane tried to eat popfrenzy! fliers and they said: "Yum!"

posted by n. @ 9/30/2004


her purses aren't even that cute either

"take a chance you stupid ho?" Um... what Gwen Stefani? What is this godawful song you have produced? You can hear this semi-decent quality rip of "What Are You Waiting For?" from a radio station (thanks to Scott Stereogum). All I can assess from this is that it's one of the WORST, practically frightening songs I have heard in a long time, and I am a BIG fan of Gwen/No Doubt. Her voice is so distorted you can barely recognize her except for the Evita-esque opening... she probably should have kept waiting for some decent material.

- On the other side of the spectrum, Le Tigre'scover of "I'm So Excited" is excellent. I'm absolutely spinning it the next time I DJ (this Friday @ Red + Black). I was also invited to DJ my first wedding reception for a friend of mine from college who is tying the knot. Any good recommendations for wedding songs?

- The biggest music related surprise for me came from Green Day. The new album is amazing, half the time I couldn't even conceive that it was Green Day that I was listening to, but it's a big improvement over the downward spiral they were in post-"Time Of Your Life." My current favorite track is "Boulevard of Broken Dreams," but the whole thing is worth a listen.

- My CMJ volunteer schedule is finally confirmed. The line-up is still really overwhelming, but in a good I couldn't be more excited (like the Le Tigre song!) kind of way. I'm sure this years marathon will produce plenty of debaucherous adventures that I may or may not share with you...

- Finally, Madison Strays rocked on Friday, despite a few microphone problems, it was a good time. I don't think there was enough ass shaking, but the front two rows of girls seemed to be dancing along for the majority of the time so I guess that was ass shaking enough! Everything after they played gets a bit blurry... when the bartender says the shots she is making for you and your friends is called "Memory Loss", you should really believe her because she isn't kidding. I remember doing one of these shots with Nicole, Danielle, and Greg The Boyfriend, and then I think Danielle had a long conversation with him about female ejaculation videos. I have to remember to get the details on THAT one. Next thing I know, I'm at the Delancey, some how semi-playing bartender, and then I'm on my couch. I guess that's a formula for a good party? OH, and Sex Sells were also really great. Check out some of their songs here.

posted by n. @ 9/27/2004


the force is strong (barring some minor alterations)

So if you're like me or a lot of my friends, you're probably pretty excited about the release this week of the original trilogy on DVD.

But apparently George Lucas just couldn't help himself and had to go change MORE stuff in the movies. WTF. I still have the original versions they put out on VHS way back in the day before he digitally added a bunch of random crapola, but still. WTF Lucas!

One of my favorite websites, The Black Saint, has posted this hilarious entry about the new changes to the movie, which apparently includes a scene in which the Emperor tells Darth Vader that Luke Skywalker is his son. So lame. But go read the imagined conversation because it's fucking hilarious anyways.

OH, and apparently Hayden Christiancrapactor (who plays Anakin Skywalker aka Darth Vader in the new movies) has also been added to Return of the Jedi for some unknown retarded reason.

In any event, check out this trailer for the new dvds.
hi res
low res

posted by n. @ 9/23/2004

the new new wave!

I love this picture. Get Interpol live @ the Black Sessions before the site goes bye bye... Alex Chow said Interpol's cronies would come beat me up but I fear no cronies!

Also, go to Red + Black tonight and see Morning Theft DJ. And then go see them play @ Pianos on Saturday. You know you love it when I tell you what to do...

posted by n. @ 9/23/2004


listen to the wall

This picture was taken of something that someone scrawled across the wall in the DJ booth at Eleven. I can't imagine who possibly would have written it (wasn't me!), but you should heed this message people. Friday, come see Madison Strays in their first (of many I'm sure) headlining shows @ Rothko.

It's going to be a fantastic concert... I can promise you that, and look at the evidence! Belvy shakes his ass and does creative hand motions that Adrian Brody will rip off on his next GQ cover. They have the hottest Asian boys ever on stage together at the same time, and their guitar player just landed a modelling contract (seriously...), plus they are all the nicest guys and make some of the best gloomy dance rock you have heard in a long time. And the openers are great too, especially Sex Sells who have only been together for a couple of months but sound like seasoned rockers.... someone said The Strokes but much much better. I'll go for that....

Here is all the info you require:
FRIDAY, Sept 24th!

Sex Sells (10pm)
Pitty Sing (9pm)
Euphone (8pm)
Love of Everything (7pm)

DOWNSTAIRS OPEN BAR special for $10 from 10pm - 12am (all you can drink -includes
ALL WELL drinks & BUD) or $3 Pabst all night long, otherwise pay as you
drink if you choose not to partake in the bars special.

Spencer Product (We Bite | Happy Endings, UP ! The Delancey)
Claudia Lake (
Alex English (Girls & Boys)

And apparently the official afterparty is @ the Delancey (168 Delancey @ Clinton), where you can "come out and party with the band." Because we all know this band NEVER parties.

Don't miss it!

If you want to hear about how awesome Interpol are, I'll leave it to Sarah to further elaborate on that point...

posted by n. @ 9/22/2004


sucks to be dan rather today

This weekend was kind of a blur. Mostly a blur of awesomeness. I drank a cosmopolitan, something I rarely do. Why that is interesting, I don't know, and it probably isn't. I'm sick today, so give me a break.

Remember how last week I said there was a mosh pit as Misshapes on the dance floor? Okay well this time there actually was a mosh pit. Leigh or Greg or somebody with records played Nirvana and suddenly people were just going completely wacko. It was awesome. Redbull at 3 am or something... not as awesome. Emmy awards? Forgot they were even on, Gary Shandling is a) orange (like sparks) b) not really funny at all c) both. Not awesome either.

Okay, I can't even look @ this computer anymore. Where is my goddamn sudafed. Ugh.

posted by n. @ 9/21/2004


promotional insanity

Last night we had all this ambition to go out and flier for popfrenzy! and be home in bed by midnight. HA ha ha who were we kidding! Somehow Lit turned into a sort of black hole and we were unable to leave for at least three hours (OK, well there was also an open bar for most of that time which I think had a lot to do with it).

Happy belated birthday to Scott of Pilot to Gunner. I'm sorry I bought you a birthday beer and then discovered I had no money. My bad. I believe they are playing a show on the 24th, which I may or may not attend before going to see Madison Strays. Nicole loves Pilot To Gunner. A LOT. It's kind of out of control. She'll tell you why someday.

Then the night got even better and we started taping popfrenzy! fliers to random people, like cab drivers and taco sellers. I ended up with a Bona Roba flier taped to my chest for about five minutes. Walking advertising is awesome. People actually react really well to girls taping fliers to their shirts. We also gave a flier to Jane Pratt. First Vincent Gallo, then Jane Pratt. Hey you two, if you BOTH come to the party you can hang out with each other and be cooler than all of us! Unlikely, I know.

Also, Spencer Product is a kickas DJ. He played Bloc Party's "Banquet" which might be my new favorite song. And he has a really cool name. I wish I had called myself Nora Product now. Well... sometimes.

I think that's about it. I hope everyone comes tonight. It will be fun. I'll be the girl in a Jem t-shirt drinking a LOT of red bull.

posted by n. @ 9/17/2004


adventures in high fashion and high levels of alcohol consumption

Well I guess I can talk about myself for a little bit here, considering all I'm really doing today is watching male models show up for some fashion/advertising shoot. Yeah... my life is really hard. They are all very hot foreign types too. Yum.

I only had one fashion show type thing going on this week, when I went to the Vivianne Tam afterparty @ Cielo. Cielo is practically nextdoor to Pastis, so obviously it's somewhere I never ever would go otherwise. I brought Jed along to take part in the insane two hour open bar, and got to wear one of the designer's tops which probably cost more alone than everything else in my wardrobe. Two hours after drinking more Moet than anyone EVER should in that time period, we were dancing to weird electro music that was really only tolerable after massive alcohol consumption. Regardless, the party was awesome and I ended up sleeping in the really expensive shirt. Oops.

Jed and I also ran into Vincent Gallo on Ludlow, and we invited him to popfrenzy. He was actually nice about it, maybe because everyone else walking down the street who passed him made some comment about "blowjobs." He kind of dug his own grave with that one though.... He looked much better in person than you would expect after seeing certain recent pictures.

There is way too much stuff going on this weekend from what I can tell, and I'm having a house guest so you know I will be out in the thick of it. Time to go back to oogling the models for now though...

posted by n. @ 9/16/2004

nobody searches

"This is a performance video with an added twist--a play on split screens and speed changes, all capturing an intense, private performance by Interpol. The video is all about the juxtaposition of varying speeds and showing how beautiful movement is. Viewers will notice something different each time they watch."

They won't let me watch it at work apparently, but let me know what you think. If it's the same as the rough cut of it that was on that Frenchy website a few weeks ago, I think it's worth it just to see three or four Carloses at once.

posted by n. @ 9/16/2004

best september 17th ever!

double the hotttness this Friday night!

DUTCH KILLS plays Rothko for Social!sm
9pm, 5$
with The GoStation and Children of Logic
All you can drink well & Draft Beer Downstairs From 10-12!! (10 bucks)

Rothko is located at 116 Suffolk St, @ Rivington on the LES

read the band's latest live review @ and you'll see why this show is not to be missed!!!!!

Afterwards you know where to go:

I could not be more excited for the latest popfrenzy!, especially since one of my favorite DJs in NYC, Greg K of Misshapes fame, is spinning. Come early for the drink specials and stay late into the night. Good times people! Now off to work with me... thank god for roommates who make coffee or I would probably die.

posted by n. @ 9/16/2004


a publicists dream come true

today, i'm having a love affair with Cityzen. With the launch of their new design, they have given the world the first live review of Dutch Kills, and it's fan fucking tastic.

Here's a bit:
"From the first ringing notes, this tight five-piece out of Queens, NY began weaving a sound that was both huge yet comfortingly intimate, immersing the audience in a space in which dreams would be shared and hearts would be bared."

Read the rest on the Cityzen site.

posted by n. @ 9/14/2004


a machine gun to blow you away

Last Thursday we kicked off our evening at the Spin offices for another round of Spin House Live. A few weeks ago we saw the Fever play there, and this time around we came to check out singer/songwriter Ben Kweller. We knew we liked Ben Kweller, but we weren't entirely smitten and we wanted him to win us over. Oh, and did he ever.

Ben Kweller is kind of like the younger brother I never had, and if I HAD one I would want him to be... Ben Kweller. He sings sweetly endearing tunes twinged with humor ("I want to kill this man but he turned around and ran. I¹ll kill him with karate that I learned in Japan."- from his new album's title track "On My Way" and covers of "Ice Ice Baby" (up for a limited time here....I couldn't help myself) and romantic earnest ("The Rules") . Most of Kweller's songs tell a story, which worked perfectly in the close quarters setting we were in, and I think at the end of his set everyone in the room felt like they knew Ben at least a little bit better.

Thursday was followed up with a crowded sweaty party at Rothko where we FINALLY saw The Futureheads (has anyone ever heard the remix of The Streets "Fit But You Know It" featuring them? you can hear it on Itunes and it rocks) and totally fell in love with them (and it wasn't just the sparks and pints of vodka tonic either). Nicola still can't get the songs out of her head. I'm not even sure if the boys from Franz Ferdinand ever actually djed anything, but whoever was playing whatever down in the awesome new basement was doing a pretty great job... it also took us half an hour to figure out where they put the basement entrance at but it worked out in the end. I don't really remember much else, but it was a fun evening and I got to have a Jenny Penny slumber party and look at lots of pretty shoes.

Then Saturday we went to see Morning Theft. I love the stage at Tiswas. Everyone sounds great there, and looks even better. Somehow the boys ended up all wearing almost the same outfit, but it worked and worked well (and I don't mean the same outfit like The Hives or anything). Their new song, called "Now," is amazing... but you have to ask Rob what it's about...

Finally just when you thought "HEY maybe Nora needs to got to bed now!", we went to Misshapes. There was Jarvis Cocker, djing to... a mosh pit. I kid you not. You may as well have tried to crowd surf there. Whatever, it was fun anyways, and Audrey just completely owned the dance floor even though I think she only spun a few songs, it was excellent. Brian Molloy is maybe my favorite person to dance with of all time, maybe because he knows all the lyrics to all the songs AND sings them all. Overall, best Misshapes time I've had in a while, mainly because I think they didn't let in as many people so it wasn't always entirely jam packed. It pays to be a regular sometimes.

Phew, okay I think that's all. Tonight go to Atomique... Audrey has all the details. Fun times, and cheap drinks for two hours. This week is going to be insane, esp. with my working @ an advertising agency doing god knows what. Whatever, eat a taco and come along for the ride...

posted by n. @ 9/13/2004

"I am very J. Crew."

OK so Lawrence beat me to this, but I just cannot help myself. She's a "a lady in the light and real freaky in the dark?" Jonny Kaps pulls out Usher lyrics and still gets the girl! Unbelieveable.

You know, I've tried that Williamsburg line before and the response is always something like: "Williamsburg? That's another continent." Jonny Kaps is just way more suave than I am... clearly...

posted by n. @ 9/13/2004


greetings from the other continent

thursday nights = exciting. here's a franz there's a franz. more later.
friday nights = boring!
saturday night = best ever...?

tonight go see .Morning Theft. at Tiswas. It's a celebration of NYC and if you email you can get in for 5 dollars apparently. it's worth it to see Rob's new haircut alone. they play early too.

afterwards if you are feeling brave and somewhat enjoy getting your foot stepped on and drinks spilled on you by numerous people, see if you want to brave Misshapes to see Jarvis Cocker make the hip people dance. i would suggest getting early because there will probably be a line to get in, line for the bar, and don't even get me started on the bathroom line. just try to sweat off all the drinks by dancing a whole lot.

posted by n. @ 9/11/2004


lucky little bastards

Awww I just found out who the band is for the Mystery Concert for NYU. Makes me wish I was still in college... and NOTHING else makes me wish I was still in college EVER. I think the only NYU concerts I ever went to involved Sleater-Kinney and Sonic Youth, but that was pretty cool. I think I'd like this one even better. Maybe it'll motivate the kiddies to stop jumping from tall buildings...

Hint: Nicola and I met this band when we were in London this winter.

posted by n. @ 9/09/2004

choose your own adventure

Music has taken over once again. Since we saw Franz Ferdinand @ Maxwells earlier this year, an experience that may never be duplicated really... we decided to go on over to Rothko tonight instead and see openers The Futureheads. We are v. excited about this. Between seeing Ben Kweller and Futureheads we will consume $1.99 Sparks (no foolin). Expect massive hyperness.

What can YOU do?

Go to a gallery and see artwork inspired by Interpol. I'm sure nothing will be quite as cool as our "this is spinal tap-esque concept video", but we'll let it go...

Stop by the Dark Room and say hi to Aaron the bartender. He's hot. We're not kidding.

Say hi to us too. We'll be the hyper girls on Sparks fighting over the jukebox. Whatever works.

Tomorrow go see The Upwelling rock once more at Mercury Lounge.

Then Saturday... ohhhhh Saturday. I'll tell you later. It's just that good, it needs its own post. I'm working @ a nature magazine today. Nature magazines are boring but they have nice plants in the office...

posted by n. @ 9/09/2004


are you gonna be my talentless girl?

Apparently the drummer from Jet said this in an interview about their next album:

"We want to get Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson to guest on the album — as many talentless people as possible," joked drummer Chris Cester. "We want as many people who don't write their own songs as possible. That's the whole point. What the world needs are more talentless people."

Um... JET said this? Very funny guys.. but aren't there already enough talentless people on your albums? Ha...

posted by n. @ 9/08/2004

brother knows best? or has best gossip?

Lawrence, I have to give you credit, you have done a much better job selling Jonny "Lookin for love" Kaps to the masses than I did. Even if you did call me "cute as a button." When is the post going to get your picture up there, ya charmer?

I've also been racking my brain trying to figure out what band Lawrence could possibly have been referring to in his latest post. That's a toughy.

In other news, there's a new photo gallery up from popfrenzy! and I'm going to get to blog about fashionistas next week. More later....

posted by n. @ 9/08/2004


mr lonelyhearts over here...

According to the ever-reliable news source The New York Post, this guy needs help finding a date. Or the love of his life. Or whatever.

We have our money on school teacher Jocelyn (mostly because of a name bias, but work with me). Danielle was a closer runner up, but doesn't seem like she would be into the staying home and cuddling thing... hmmmm. It's a toughy! Go cast your vote!

posted by n. @ 9/07/2004

and we saw this one coming too...

The faaaaaaaaaabulous Miss Lola Belle is bartender of the month. Hottt!

posted by n. @ 9/07/2004

well we all knew this was coming...

According to Product Shop NYC, The Bravery have been signed to Island Records! Soon you'll be hearing "Stop Drop and Roll" on KROCK...

posted by n. @ 9/07/2004

i will always remember these summer days

It's hard to believe that summer is "officially" over with the ending of Labor Day weekend. We tried hard to remember just what we were doing last Labor Day weekend, and all we came up with was drinking too much and getting sick in the back of a cab. While we're pretty sure there was more to it than that, it is safe to say that this Labor Day weekend was far far better. Friday we celebrated Nicola's birthday at the latest popfrenzy! party @ red + black. Morning Theft DJed a great set, including "Night Fever" and my personal favorite Ace of Base's "The Sign." Alex Chow braved food poisoning to come on and spin "Crazy in Love" with the best of them before he was deemed too sick to DJ any longer - but he made a great effort. Overall, it was a fun night and I loved all the guest DJs (and the red velvet cake.. yum!).

The other obvious highlight of the weekend was Motherfucker. All the usual NYC suspects were gathered in the front row for stellstarr*, who rocked the Roxy with their last live performance of the year... so so much fun. The set was a good mix of old favorites (can you call them OLD yet?) from their debut, and also featured a bunch of new songs, including one called "Damn This Foolish Heart" which they wouldn't say the name of but I could see it on the setlist (which Jed has up here). It's hard to believe it was only my second time seeing this amazing band live, and now I'm going to have to wait until 2005 because they are headed into the studio. It was well worth the trip to Mofo though, and thanks to Michael for sharing the jack and coke (even if he probably didn't mean to).

The rest of the party was pretty eventful, one of the highlights for me being dancing on stage with Brian Molloy to Madonna's "Into The Groove" (the DJ was playing some RANDOM stuff before that, which was fun to dance to but still random!) but somehow I missed out on all of the backstage red bull and vodka. This ended up being a good thing in the end, however, since I got to drive a very cute green bug home and probably wouldn't have been able to do it otherwise.

Relaxing on our rooftop as the sun went down was the perfect way to end things, I'd say. We listened to Benzos and drank coronas.... very nice indeed. So another summer is basically over... even though the warm weather will probably continue for a while now, something always feels different after labor day. Maybe it's the NYU student in me that knows that class should be starting now (although people are apparently already jumping off buildings again...). Luckily this week looks to be filled with great stuff, including a solid weekend of good shows, but more on that later, back to work with me!

posted by n. @ 9/07/2004


this is how i motivate you to go across the street and get me pizza

nora: PIZZA
nora: CAT
nora: let's play word association
george: monkey
george: food
nora: monkey food!
nora: er
nora: banana!
nora: ok i suck at word association
george: food associaton?

and we actually live together

posted by n. @ 9/06/2004

cameras for kids

Help out a really worthy cause. I think this is a fabulous idea, especially considering how many cutbacks are made in arts programs in schools.

Plus your donatation is tax-deductable for Donors Choose, which public school teachers use to get resources for their students which sadly they cannot get otherwise. Thanks to Sarah for pointing this out to me, and if you have a blog, you should spread the word!

More about my crazy/wonderful labor day weekend later on, it's recovery day here at the apartment and boy do I need it...

posted by n. @ 9/06/2004


hoobastank i love you!

one of our djs tonight is the TRL fan of the week!

seriously, i'm curious who picks these things because in the past couple of months at least three peopel i know have been fan of the week. i guess i should send in a profile...

posted by n. @ 9/03/2004

vacation all i ever wanted

don't forget tonight:

Also, Saturday Audrey will be DJing @ Rothko for Crashinin in their new downstairs lounge that opened only a few days ago.

You can listen to The GoStation on the radio here.

Anyone want to go to Coney Island on Monday (post Motherfucker madness)? I need a mini-vacation!

posted by n. @ 9/03/2004


la la la la we should be friends

Last night's Benzos show = so so good. I don't think I've ever loved the song "Warm Road" as much as I did last night, even while someone was flinging me about. I don't know how they fit so many people on stage, but I guess if the Polyphonic Spree can do it, then anyone can. And the sound they produce is more than worth it. I did enjoy Robbers On High Street more this time around then when I first saw them at Southpaw, a lot of their songs just sound very similiar which can get monotonous, but they do sound a lot like Spoon so I enjoyed that. The after party at the Dark Room was great, mostly spent discussing my inability to form coherent sentences when trying to converse with members of my absolute favorite bands. If you are in a band and you render me speechless during attempted conversation, it means I like your band A LOT. But I'm working on it!

Tomorrow night is popfrenzy! I could not be more excited for it, especially because our guest DJs are some of my favorite people, Dan and Rob from Morning Theft and CHOW!!! Seriously, Alex Chow makes every night a party night (even when he tries not to), so come out to Red + Black! (Oh, and about the cupcake picture... well it looks good, right? )

posted by n. @ 9/02/2004


i can sing "c'mon c'mon"

I'm on the phone with Nicole and I just found out about this and her response was "Nora! Get in there!"

Too bad they already found a replacement (and oh... I don't actually play bass... but whatever).

posted by n. @ 9/01/2004

seeing half the world in two days

Last night I got to play an impromtu DJ set at the Alligator Lounge in Williamsburg (ie: walked into the bar and was sent right back home to get my cds and return), and was treated to free pizza and free alcohol all night long. This ruled. I got to play a lot of stuff I never get to play at popfrenzy!, especially stuff I am enamored with from Ladytron and Scissor Sisters to name a few, and I think I played Interpol at least three times but no one complained.

I think my house guest just fell through for the weekend, which is awesome because now I don't have to clean my messy room (although I still SHOULD), but not awesome in that she was my date to Motherfucker. Drat. Who else is going on Sunday??? It's Stellastarr* and free vodka well drinks from 10-11pm. Ooo. Oh well, it's not like I don't go there and see half the world anyways....

Yesterday Kari and I went to see this band play on Last Call With Carson Daly (ugh), but the band was great and considering that the show kind of makes them act like trained monkeys they were good sports. The band is called The Capitol Years from Philadelphia. Philadelphia usually has good exports, ya know like cream cheese and Jacob Surefire. I dunno when the episodes that they are on will air, but I'll try to find out for you.

TONIGHT and TOMORROW there are two great NYC shows happening!

Tonight, the always fantastic BENZOS are headlining Mercury Lounge for the first time, and they are playing with Robbers On High Street. That starts at 9:30, and the after party is at The Dark Room (sweet).

Then TOMORROW, you have to come to this show. Seriously, if we're friends and you want me to ever come see your band play ever again (this isn't exactly a threat, but it would really be appreciated as you appreciate me I would hope... okay well you know what i mean and the band is great!!!!)...

Here is the INFO you need:

This Thursday you can either sit home and watch the RNC on every
freakin channel or you can come to The Delancey to catch Dutch Kills play the
weekly UP party. This is your only choice. There is absolutely NOTHING else
to do that night. NOT exaggerating.

DETAILS: 9:30 at The Delancey. The Delancey is located at 168
Delancey (of all places) between Clinton and Attourney.

Looker - 11 PM
Tiger Mountain - 12 PM

CD Release/listening party for Brit-Pop sensation, The Libertines

ALSO: Go buy the new CD at Recent reviews state:

"The local indie-rockers wowed us a few years back and their new EP is
indeed more of the same"

"Not quite emo, not quite post-rock, not quite indie rock, not quite
anything in particular. Just all them expressed in the most engaging
waypossible. Someday these boys are going to blow up something fierce."

From the anthemic, roaring, Bob Mould-styled rock of "She's A Star"
throughthe pretty strumming and strings of "Semi" all the way to the more orchestral
stylings of "Jupiter" and the jangly melancholia of "Superpowers,"... the band
drags me back to those happy times, and I find myself enjoying the ride.

Read the whole articles at the band website.

posted by n. @ 9/01/2004

probably drunk

This blog is based in NYC! send me some email
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MP3s are posted for sampling purposes ONLY. I do not post entire albums and STRONGLY ENCOURAGE everyone who reads this blog to pursue the bands you discover here and fall as madly in love with them as I am. That being said, if any label/company/whathaveyou would like any of the files here to be removed, PLEASE email me and I will personally do so myself without haste. Thanks!

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